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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  March 10, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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we have breaking news in germantown. crews on the scene of a big fire along aspen dale court. everyone got out safely but it caused serious damage. no word on the cause. alison: also breaking out, top leaders at the wounded warrior project
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news. are out as coo the veteran support organization faces controversy over wasteful spending. million on$26 conferences in 2014, up from less than $2 million in 2010. stay with abc 7 news for new developments. leon: a former aide to russian president vladimir putin was found dead in a washington hotel. alison: tonight, word that he force from a, but the circumstances are still a high-profile mystery. leon: tom roussey has a look at the investigation. moment thisince the happened, there has been speculation as to what happened. it was on the ninth floor of what is described as a luxury suite at the dupont circle hotel where mikhail lesin
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dead. we have new information, but that has led to new questions. november 5 is the morning that d.c. police were called to the dupont circle hotel. ever since they found the body of russian mikhail lesin, it has been a mystery what happened to him. ties with russian president vladimir putin have led to wild speculation. in a press release from the d.c. medical examiner's office, blunt force injuries of they head are listed as the cause of death. there were also injuries to lesin's no, torso, and operate lower extremities. is stillr of death undetermined. that means the medical examiner did not rule this an accident or on perp us. -- that means the medical examiner did not rule this an accident or on purpose. credited with helping create the russian-
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channel. russian media had previously reported that his family thought he had a heart attack for stop the russian embassy has not been able to get "substantive information from u.s. authorities," according to their facebook page. leon: on the campaign trail, we await the next round of primaries, the candidates making their passionate pages. last night, hillary clinton and bernie sanders faced off in miami. tonight, the gop debate. who came out on top tonight? chief political correspondent scott thuman is live in miami to tell us. scott? scott: leon come it just wrapped up. -- leon, it just wrapped up. a bit of a departure from the norm, th
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retirement, worker visa programs, common core. there were also observations andwed from the candidates it was rather friendly, much more civil than in the past. they talked about an issue that is concerning some of the violence we have seen that political rallies. february 23, i would like to punch him in the face, referring to a protester. february 27, in the good old days, they would have ripped him out of the seat so fast. >> we have some protesters that are swinging and dangerous. at donalds rallies, he asked taken to asking people in the crowd to raise their hand and pledge their support to him. i have to say, to me, i think that is backwards. >> do me a favor, raise your right hand.
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having a good time for stop that is why i have much bigger crowds because we have a good time. scott: some light moments mixed in as, but a very docile debate for the most part, especially compared with those of the past. it will be interesting to see what effect it has moving forward. campaignmarco rubio's may be on the line with the state of florida, whether people pulls out the victory here. the political junkets continue to analyze what happened tonight and will have more on "good morning washington." leon: former candidate ben carson reportedly is ready now to endorse donald trump. abc 7 is is your headquarters for campaign coverage. live reports from the campaign trail and primary results right here on abc 7 and alison: near record-breaking warmth has b
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tomorrow, a drop in the temperatures. still above average. steve rudin is here with what can expect. that sounds ok. steve: it will be a little cooler than today, breaking records at all three major airports. a little past 11:00, 70 degrees winchester, fredericksburg 70, 66 reagan national. the satellite and radar come off to the north, along the mason-dixon line, some showers creeping in. not amounting to a lot, mainly falling overnight. by the rush hour morning, most of it will be gone. highs in the middle to upper 60's. we will talk about the weekend and the pollen count coming up. leon: terrifying moments in prince george's county, a construction worker killed by a falling tree in capitol hill. they were fixing damage from a sinkhole. jay is live on the scene with the latest. jay:
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crews have been working for months to shore up and stabilize the land which had been significantly damaged from the massive sinkhole. , a treehose crewmembers fell and killed them. land across the street from his home in trouble hills, maryland, has been a -- in temple hills, maryland, has been a sore subject for years. >> total catastrophe. jay: the authorities say a falling tree hit and killed a worker in a project to stabilize the ground. james has been documenting the progress. sunk 25 feetkyard down. slope failurea damaged five homes
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where the property owners had to be moved, their homes demolished. >> the backs were falling into the sink holes. jay: she is grateful her home was not damaged. they turn to the human tragedy, a more sobering matter. as for the human tragedy, the person who died, at this hour, the authorities have not released his identity. live in temple hills, jay korff, abc 7 news. leon: a 17-year-old has been charged with making a bomb threat to mclean high school last wednesday. the suspect is not being identified, but is facing prison time. manassas middle school volunteer convicted on child pornography charges. battle-old david convicted of producing child pornography. he will spend at least 15 years behind bars. he volunteered for the middle school program. prosecutors say he would pose
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online as a young girl to entice young boys to send sexually explicit images. story weopments in a told you about last night, a firefighter seriously injured while rescuing people from a burning home in southeast d.c. account fromamatic the granddaughter of one of the victims. richard reeve has what she is saying and the investigation happening now. rich? richard: this is such an inspiring story. this is some of the debris left from the fire, the stuff firefighters tossed out the windows while the building was burning. this is the building now, completely enclosed. imagine that building filled with fire and smoke, then a dramatic rescue. this person return to the fire scene. this third floor apartment where her 65-y
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it was 3:30 p.m. minnesota avenue. she was among the 12 to 15 people who could not get out. >> she wanted to jump off the latter, but they told her to wait. richard: that is when a d.c. firefighter sprang into action, climbing the fire ladder, talking to the woman, keeping her calm. >> he held her so she would not jump. after a while, they came down. he gave her his oxygen mask. even before the fire, she had breathing issues. >> she has fluid in her lungs, so it's hard for her to breathe. richard: other firefighters walk the woman down the ladder. >> it can be devastating to inhale the combustion material. richard: two
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people who likely would never have met except for the firefox. >. >> he is a hero. her hero, my hero. richard: both folks will be in the hospital for a couple of days. the family said they would like to meet the firefighter at some point to simply say thank you. leon: paying final respects to former first lady nancy reagan. tonight in california, thousands showed up to honor her memory. she passed away over the weekend for stop her funeral is tomorrow. watch the entire service live tomorrow at 2:00 on our sister station, news channel 8. -- an: still to come recall of frozen pizza and other entrées. we will check and
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o that. cable just can't. switch to better. switch to fios leon: we have a happy update. remember violet?
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was rescued and clinton last month. at that time, she weighed 56 pounds. she should be about 150. sores are healing and she is now able to go out for walks and enjoy the weather. investigators are still searching for who neglected her. family members of a montgomery county police officer killed by suspected drunk driver were in annapolis today. family is askingtta them to strengthen noah's law, which would require interlock devices for anyone convicted of drunk driving for stop a argued that amendments loosen restrictions. they have asked it to be tough and before sending it back to the house. leon: 7 on your side with consumer alert about small pieces of glass in some frozen pizzas
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stouffer's lasagna. was anrce of the glass item common to the brand. they do not explain the connection between the spinach and the glass. alison: americans will lose nearly $1 billion in tax returns if you have not filed year 2012 income taxes. that money will soon disappear. million going back into the government's pocket on april 18. about one million americans have refund checks of at least $600 waiting for them. metro is changing the way that you pay. ass programx p alleged to pay for 18 trips, then you get the rest of your trips that month for free. you can start signing up march 16 for the pilot program. it will be tested for
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months before the board decides if they will keep it. alison: families no longer allowed to send photos to inmates at a jail in roanoke, this after the police found pictures that were soaked in a drug. it happened at the western virginia regional jail. the chemical is used to treat narcotics addiction, but is commonly abused as well. a virginia is fighting back, saying blocking access to photos could be a violation of first amendment rights. leon: incredible video from the louisiana, where the flooding is so bad there are fish swimming in the streets. dodge fish ond to the sidewalks. alison: that's crazy. flooding, if you think about it, where with the fish be? in school. alison:
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steve: we have been so lucky with our weather. a little bit of rain right now, but it's not going to amount to a lot. for those of you with allergy problems, it will not wash away the pollen very much. records at all three major airports, 79 reagan national, 80 at dulles airport and bwi for stop the old records were set in 2006. a little trend there. the pollen is moderate to high for trees. grass is beginning to show up on the level map. hard to believe that here we are this late at night and we are still in the lower 70's leesburg and manassas and fredericksburg. 70 bwi marshall, annapolis 72. a cold front is on the way, the wind still out of the south, southwest, keeping us mild for the time being. this is where the cold front is located.
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radar. all of the moisture is located across the keystone state. this slowly drifts to the south, hagerstown right now looking at light showers. once again, nothing that will cause a lot of problems overnight. most of this will be out of here by the morning rush tomorrow. 60 overnight, mostly cloudy skies, isolated showers. ,he futurecast, about midnight but notice at about 5 a.m., scattered showers break apart as they continue to drift to the south. the skies begin to clear, so calling for sunshine by the afternoon into early evening. then we look for mainly clear skies late tomorrow night, then the clouds increase again moving into the day saturday. it will not be a washout, but cannot rule out showers. baseball games for the high schools, be on the lookout for scattered showers
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at about 1:00, 3:00 in the afternoon. cooler tomorrow, highs in the middle to upper 60's. more sunshine through the midday and late afternoon. the next seven days, we have showers in the forecast for sunday. not a washout. that will be the first day of daylight saving time, when we spring ahead one hour. the cooldown will be brief, if you want to call it a cooldown. we will be back into the 70's the middle of next week. alison: really nice. we will take it. look who survived. malcolmvirginia's brogdon has a night to remember.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. acc tournament, uva-georgia tech. the yellow jackets hungry for an upset. malcolm brogdon put on a shooting clinic tonight. 6 fromished with 26, 3- three-point land. uva wins 72-52. second round of the big east tournament, georgetown taking on villanova. georgetown had this in the bag until nova went small. seasonins, comes to an end.
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colonials, gw wins 73-65. they will face st. joe's tomorrow. the nationals and bryce harper taking on the unwritten rule. in "espn the magazine," harper says "baseball is tired. you cannot express yourself. the emotion other athletes are able to show when their sports is what makes the game fun." are notharper's peers happy with it. surge your of the giants says that harbor should -- sergio romero of the giants is that harbor should shut up. bottom of the seventh, jonathan solano with a single to left. that score stephen drew, 4-3 astros. that is as close as the national
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yankees-blue jays, russell martin smacks a fly ball into deep center. tracking it down, makes the catch. you could do a dance right there. it's only spring training, that was midseason form. yanks lost 11-4. are you ready for more football? i hope so. there will be arena football games at the verizon center. leon: what will they be called? robert: we don't know yet. leon: interesting. alison: thank you, robert. an amazing catch to tell you about.
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leon: a 2500-pound great white shark was caught at hilton head. at 14 feet, this is one of the biggest on record. it was not easy, the fishermen had to call for backup.
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they did not get the shark to the boat until almost five hours later. they tagged him with a tracker and set him free. named him "wildcat." alison: that's unbelievable. people lovelots of to go swimming for summe
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alison: a cool down, but still warm? record-breaking warmth, but will above average. scattered showers saturday. middle 60's on sunday. back into the 70's next week. i have a feeling the national park service will revise the peak bloom time again and i would not be surprised to see it moved up earlier. leon: jimmy kimmel live is next. alison:
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and now, abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, viola davis, from "the brothers grimsby," isla fisher, "this week in unnecessary censorship" -- and music from the suffers with cleto and the cletones. and now, if i'm not mistaken, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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