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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  March 13, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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continue toxt, we follow breaking news prince george's county were an officer was shot and killed in an ambush. ahead, who the officer was, the manhunt to catch the gun man, and heavy hearts tonight. the news at 11:00 starts now. >> from abc 7 news, this is a breaking news alert.
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unwarranted, unprovoked attack on our police officers at a police station. absolutely unprecedented and unacceptable. a prince george's county officer is gun down in an ambush at police headquarters, 28-year-old jacai hison, just days away from birthday and a four year veteran of the department. the shooting happened on palmer road. has who the officer was come and cheryl conner with exclusive video just into the newsroom of an arrest in the case. we begin with maryland bureau chief brad bell, who has just learned of a possibly tragic twist. brad: they say
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the district three police station and opening fire on officers at that police station. there was a chaotic scene. we have learned from sources they are investigating the possibility that this young , waser, jacai colson actually hit by friendly fire, gunfire from another officer who is trying to deal with the attack. evening, iunity this have to tell you that one of your defenders, jacai colson, a four-year veteran and 29-year-old man lost his life in defense of this county today. an unprovoked ambush, an attack on the district three station in landover. at about 4:30 p.m., the suspect opening fire on the first officer that he saw. other officers racing to the scene. they also opened fire. >> during the exchange of gunfe,
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wounded. jacai was also shot. brad: the police not able to say what bullets hit who in became a wild shootout. two suspects are in custody. have never had anything like this happen in our family. police say they are also at a loss to explain why. >> it is truly a dark day in prince george's county. an unwarranted, unprovoked attack on one of our police officers at a police station. we want to make it very clear, the police say that is what caused this officer's death, that attack. with regard to the possibility it was friendly fire, it is being investigated. the forensic work will have to be done to confirm if that was the case. with regard to the suspect, one of the injured here at the
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, his injuries not expected to be life-threatening. the other is being held at the police headquarters. now for more on who this young officer was, we have seen the outpouring of support and emotion from his fellow officers, we move over to his our colleague, roz plater. described as having an infectious smile that could light up a room, expecting to celebrate his 29th birthday this week. a four-year veteran working undercover narcotics and his family is heartbroken. >> i have to tell you that one of your defenders, jacai colson, a four-year veteran, 29-year-old man, lost his life in defense of this county today. unprovoked ambush, an attack on the police officers at the district three staon
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about 4:30 p.m., the suspect opening fire on the first officer that he saw. other officers racing to the scene. roz: perhaps because this was such a young officer gunned down, dozens of prince george's county police officers began arriving at the hospital early of themvening, many playing closed officers. it was clear from the beginning they were shocked and devastated. emotional, holding each other up, supporting each other, hoping for the best, even joining hands outside of the hospital entrance and a prayer circle. the young officer did not survive and tonight the president of the fraternal order of police described it this way. >> he was a police officer. he was a top cop. he never shirked his responsibility, was always working. he was always there for his fellow brothers and sisters. personally, he was a very close friend of mine. i miss him dearly.
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has lost a man who dedicated himself to protecting every one of them. and it's a shame. condolences are pouring in from police departments around the country and locally. this is the second time in a couple weeks a police department is mourning the loss of one of its own. roz plater, back to you, kimberly. kimberly: this exclusive cell phone video is just into the newsroom of the arrest of one of the suspects. it happened at the popeyes chicken on dodge park road. cheryl conner picks up the story from there. you, wewe want to show are closer now to the district three police headquarters. we will zoom in to show you that officers are still out here investigating what happened just outside their front doors. while the
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palmer park area was lit up with flashing lights, we bumped into a bystander who showed us a cell phone video of a suspect captured. exclusive video of prince george's county police taking down a suspect in the killing of an officer. he is held to the ground as an armored vehicle pulls into the , justs on landover road south of district three m palmer park for the shooting happened. cell phone video from a bystander shows patrons walking out of the restaurant with their hands held high. as reported, two suspects are in custody, one injured. park ine in palmer landover, cruiser after cruiser, roads blocked, and a huge police presence on martin luther king jr. highway is the first suspect was arrested. dexter kelly talked to was after he was released. >> i was laying down, they handcuffed me, and they had us lay on the sidewalk for a
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identify us. then they searched are things. cheryl: he and his brother were held for a few hours. >> they apologized. they were not sure who the suspects look like, and they assume we were the ones. cheryl: no hurt feelings after they learned officer was shot and killed. >> we feel sorry for the officer. as a humanity as a whole, it community as a whole, it's sad. cheryl: the investigation continues. one of the suspects was shot. he was taken to a local hospital, where he is being held in police custody. the other suspect was not injured. he was taken in for questioning. cheryl conner, abc 7 news. kimberly: maryland governor larry hogan issued a statement. he says he is
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saddened by the death of jacai colson. "the first lady and i send our sincere prayers to the friends and family of officer colson, who made the ultimate sacrifice and service to the citizens and its community." it was just two weeks ago that ndon was shoty guinf and killed in virginia. the officers were responding to a domestic violence call. two other officers survived the shooting. ronald hamilton is in jail, charged with capital murder and first-degree murder. be the first learn when breaking news happens. sign up for text alerts at we will send update straight from our newsroom. up next -- >> is very hurtful
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kimberly: a rally to stop the violence in the district. the shootings that sparked this demonstration. and the reason for this drill from metro that shut down part of a line. plus, a disturbing and deadly attack at the iditarod race. the excuse a snowmobiler gave for killing a dog. tracking rain tonight. how that affects your morning commute coming up.
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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] man suspected of plowing a snowmobile into two iditarod teams apologized. are ok, but one dog was killed and three others injured. the attacker said he was drunk at the time and did not know what he had done until he sobered up. >>
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when thousands of people, 35,000 people a few weeks ago in alabama, how many people have been injured at my rallies? zero. donald trump took to the sunday morning talk shows to discuss criticism he is fueling the violence at campaign rallies. this as those running against him say he is creating a toxic atmosphere on the campaign trail. gloria riviera has the war of words between the candidates and a look ahead to tuesday's primaries. >> get them out of here, please. get them out. get them out of here. calmer crowds, but plenty of protests against donald trump. >> right in front of the cameras, see that? the gop front-runner continuing to take heat after violence at rallies. >> it's not beneficial when you have a candidate
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trump telling protesters to punch a guy in the face. gloria: this video shows a trump supporter punching a protester. now the billionaire is considering paying the man's legal fees. >> he got carried away. 78 years old, loves his country. i don't condone the violence. even after canceling a campaign appearance in chicago, trump keeps taunting protesters. accusing them of being from the bernie sanders campaign. sanders is fighting back. he says our campaign is organizing disruptions of his rallies. that is a lie. democratic front runner hillary clinton in ohio sunday not calling out trump by name. but his own republican rivals are, some wavering on their pledge to back the nominee if it is trump. >> it gets harder every day.
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he will lose. >> you will not get into to answer a yes or no question. i hope that he changes his rhetoric. sign of thatr, no just two days ahead of the next primary. residencesome d.c. say they have had enough. now they are demanding it ian end to the violence plaguing their communities come activist taking to the streets for a large rally against violence. they march from east washington heights baptist church to a bus stop on naylor avenue. the bus stop is where a woman was killed and a man injured in a shooting last week. >> i don't know if you can point to just one event or one person. i think it is devaluing things that happened. kimberly: the group is asking for more police presence in and near east washington heights baptist church.
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could help. a simulated train derailment was the focus of a major emergency drill involving metro and alexandria emergency crews. ashley coleman watch the response. -- watched the response. like somethinged had gone terribly wrong, fire trucks and ambulances rushing in, dozens of emergency headed to what appeared to be a derailed metro train. world, we have to think the worst, unfortunately. luckily, metro was planning for what could happen. audible agencies were put to the test, working together, trying to safely evacuate riders from the derailed train while helping the injured. >>
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we are showing that we can handle real-world emergency situations. ashley: metro used to do one large emergency journal every year, but the ntsb requires them to do them quarterly after the incident last year at l'enfant plaza when the tunnel filled with smoke. one person died, 80 others were sickened. >> it's nice they are being corrective. riders an emergency test say is necessary. >> it can never be undervalued. ashley: the metro general manager said this is a learning experience and they will figure out through review where to make improvements. ashley coleman, abc 7 news. ♪ kimberly: a d.c. tradition that dates back decades, the city holding its 45th annual st. patrick's day
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lined the parade route on constitution avenue between seventh and 17th streets. more than 100 marching bands, , floats, dance troupes and other groups took part. this your past grand marshal was catholic university's president. grand was cap and universities president. looks like they managed to avoid the rain. devon: there is a chance on saint patty's day. the kids were the cutest part of that parade. i just looked at the latest information coming in. the rain is out of here well before rush hour. however, not a love opportunity -- not a lot of opportunity for to evaporate from the roads. upper marlboro, clinton, anacostia, galyon debt -- gallaudet
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fairfax, leesburg as well. the package of the rain extends towards winchester. martinsburg, charles town getting that as well. the rain will continue off and on through the night time. i hope that you change the clock. andou do not set it ahead our come you will be late for everything tomorrow. those are thunderstorms down to the south. what we have is round one of this warm front coming in. the system is centered over chicago. over the next two days, a secondary front fills in with cloud cover tomorrow. we get more rain. the latest is more rain tuesday. the information supports overnight monday into tuesday. the afternoon tuesday finally getting some sunshine. in much closer, the
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exact same outlook, tracking the rain tonight. it is not fully out of here until about 4 a.m., so steady rain all-night, scattered showers. it could be wet roadways. the height of rush-hour tomorrow morning, 7:00, 8:00, the roads should be drieier. upper 40's the lows tomorrow morning. the sunshine pops out tuesday. we do not get it tomorrow, locking us into the 50's for the highs. the latest interest, rain tuesday morning, very early, ,:00 a.m. until 10 a.m. sunshine in the afternoon, into the 60's. does really well, holding onto the morning cloud cover. overnight rain leading up before sunrise, 49 degrees. by the afternoon, lots of cloud cover, holding the high to
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intolate overnight monday tuesday, 70%, lingering tuesday morning. there is a rain chance on saint patty's day. warm, 73 wednesday. next weekend, a very slim chance , less than 2% chance with the colder air that it turns into a coastal storm. old man winter is not completely gone, but it's a long ways away, so minimal chance. kimberly: we have gotten march snowstorms. devon: could happen, but less than 2% chance. kimberly: have you worked at your bracket? robert: no, i never fill out a bracket. kimberly: me neither. robert: i will never get it right. maryland has to travel to spokane, washington.
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and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. robert: another selection sunday in the books. we know who the terps will play in the ncaa tournament. inis south dakota state spokane, washington. they were 26-7. maryland was a five seed, but the trip to spokane is beautiful. here is mark turgeon. sometimes it's good to get away from home. i feel bad for fans and families. it's a long ways away on friday. but it might be good for us to get away and just concentrate. we will leave wednesday. it's a six-hour flight. two days to recover, time change come all the kind of stuff. we will be fine.
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one seed. they will take on hampton in the midwest region. location is probably north carolina, thursday game. to finished 26-7, losing unc in the acc final. coming up after this, abc 7 "sports sunday," starting at 11:35. burroughs and redskins insider lake lewis will join us as well. kimberly: that is coming up in just a few minutes. up next, the unique way that one town is handling people that don't pick up after their pets.
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kimberly: is there anything less neighborly than not cleaning up after your pets? -- tookily took signs things into their own hands, leaving signs next to every dog dropping on the lawn. before they knew it, they were close to 300 signs. the neighbors say it was about time somebody took action and fought back. that is just gross.
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