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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  March 14, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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>> police themselves still piecing together the terrible chain of events. it begins at 4:30 yesterday. sources say michael ford, a man wanted in south carolina for an assault on his wife appears here at the district iii station house. he opens fire while two of his brothers, identified as malik and elijah watch and record the action on a cell phone camera. neighbors hear many gunshots. >> frightening that someone would just walk up to them off the street on sunday and shoot them. brad: just then, off-duty officer las colinas a -- officer colson arrives. bringing dinner to his girlfriend. but he is hit by a lull -- bullet they believe was fired from the fellow officer in the heat of the shootout. much remains to be confirmed. through the day the police are gathering evidence, finding
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fragments. but they stress last night that the officer's death is the fault of the suspect. >> he engaged several prince george's county police officers in a gun fight for which they responded heroically. brad: back live now. what you are looking at is one of the crime scene investigator vans in the middle of the shooting scene. as we pull out a little bit to the left, you will see the front of a building, walkway, fence, and a front of a building. that is the district three headquarters. it's where the initial shots were fired. officer colson was hit just about another hundred yards or so down the hill. now we gave you an awful lot of detail in that story about the alleged suspects. how they were videotaping it and how it was a planned suicide by cop and the suspicion, the belief among the police investigators this was a case of friendly fire in the middle of the shoot-out.
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of those details. more information to be coming from the press conference with chief hank stawinski. as we said, that is coming up supposed to be at 5:00. we will bring you those details when we get them. prince george's police headquarters, brad bell, abc7 news. jonathan: all right. thanks. officer colson would have celebrated his 29th birthday this week. now his family is planning his funeral. amy aubert went to his hometown in pennsylvania today where she spoke with his family and joins us live from the high school in upper chichestr. amy: this is where he called home. the high school quarterback and the second vice president of his class was a star both on and off the field. earlier today family and friends gathered at las colinas's grandparent -- gathered at colson's
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they shared memories and stories of jacai. he was the person who would do anyone for anyone. the high school principal tells me his smile lit up the room. news hitting the tight-knit community hard. >> jacai was the greatest grandson you could have. kind, courteous. and he was just wonderful. i will mishim a lot. >> we will sorely miss this young man who gave his life and his time and such a humble human being that just believed he was just all-around good leader. amy: family members say colson's grandfather served in the officer in pennsylvania for 45 years. colson's grandfather called him a very sharp young man. we have more from colson's hometown a
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aubert, abc7 news. jonathan: jacai colson is the first prince george's county police officer shot in the line of duty in 11 years. >> the first two weeks were fuzzy to me. that is how one police widow described the days and the hours following her husband's line of duty desk. for the first time in 11 years since the murder she tells her story. >> it is my job to help people who are falling behind me. to see that you can survive this. suzanne: the widow of the last prince george's police officer shot in line of duty tonight at 5:00. michelle: covering metro today and the investigation into a burning cable that brought the commute to a halt. it happened near the mcpherson square station forcing the blue and line trains to single track for hours. the silver line limited operation in virginia. brianne carter is live at the mcpherson square statn.
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i understand that service is going to be suspended tonight for some repairs. brianne: that is correct. some confusion right now as the trains are skipping the station here in mcpherson square for eastbound travelers. not just here at this station but at faragatte west as well. in hopes to ease delays delays e rush hour. there are still expected to be delays and the single tracking after the fire on the tracks outside the mcpherson square station. some riders describing to us it took them more than two hours to get to work this morning. after that fire on the tracks. some opting to ditch the system altogether. some saying they took a cab or other services to be able to get to work. instead of using metro. it was the result of the fire in a tunnel outside mcpherson square. which metro officials say damaged several cables on the tracks. repairs to fix the issues will begin at 9:00 tonight. at that time, we do understand metro will suspend serve
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federal triangle and have buses to replace that service. now tonight, metro general manager answering the question whether it's the new reality of an aging 40-year-old system. >> we have to anticipate and be proactively working on these things so we don't get in the situation. things will always occur. we have to minimize it from happening. brianne: so we said they have to be proactive. metro worked over the last couple of months. certainly on the customer service side to ease things for riders. also metro general manager paul wiedefeld issuing a letters to riders apologizing for the inconvenience and the delays delays that are expected to continue tonight. reporting live, brianne carter, abc7 news. >> oh, oh! jonathan: really tense moments in germantown this morning. you are looking at it there. the wall of the townhouse collapsed. trapping several firefighters in the
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along churro busco lane. diane cho is live with the investigation. diane: fire investigators were out here for several hours today combing through the debris and trying to figure out what caused the fire this morning. we want to show you how dangerous this was for the firefighters as they were working to put out the flames. they started recording the video on the cell phone after he heard the commotion. within seconds you see the front wall collapse on the firefighters. we are told other firefighters were trapped inside the home. the second floor collapse. the first floor collapsed first. the second floor collapse only the first floor. firefighters say the residents in the three homes were all able to get out safely. eight firefighters had to be taken to the area hospitals for injures minor to serious. one neighbor said he is glad he woke up before the smoke detectors went off. >> i open the doors. smoke coming out. i went out to the back. i
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is open. diane: the fire is under investigation. one fifty is in the hospital now. the -- one firefighter is in the hospital now and the other seven have been treated and released. diane cho, abc7 news. jonathan: a chill in the air to start the work week. did you see outside? it was foggy. michelle: winter is trying to get the last punch in. jonathan: not going to get it. michelle: a lot of folks wondering when will the sun be back? check in with chief meteorologist doug hill for a look at the forecast. doug: it works out by tomorrow afternoon we'll have sunshine around the area. but trapped in a wedge. chilly and damp air. that may change tonight. 52 at reagan national airport. winds from the north/northeast at 12 miles per hour. chilly wind direction this time of year. 55 in fredericksburg. 50 in frederick and baltimore. 51 in andrews. in the evening we expect things to change. storm system and the gold front to the west.
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the 70's. but that is not coming soon here. we are going to see the temperatures in the mid-40's. we think by tomorrow afternoon sunshine may break through and warmer air later in the week. we will highlight the updates in the seven-day forecast a few minutes from now. michelle? michelle: doug, thank you. new developments in the war on terror. a member of isis who may be from northern virginia has surrendered to kurdish forces in iraq. officials say he had three forms of identification including a driver's license identifying him as 27-year-old
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mohammed jamal. jonathan: there is confusion and fear on the ivory coast as the terrorists opened fire at three beach front resorts yesterday. >> i shouted. "allahu akbar." the violence in front of me. jonathan: african al-qaeda affiliate claiming responsibility for what has become a disturbing pattern by the terrorists. this is the third major attack on a tourism center on west africa since november. michelle: a local hospital says it may need to start making cuts to make ends meet. jonathan: we take a closer look at that. plus -- >> when is it going to recede? when am i going to get back to normal? jonathan: drying out. look at damage after days of rain along the gulf
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marion berry's death, the grave is unmarked. we look at the efforts to give him a proper headstone. but first -- >> raining down on them. jonathan: the w
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jonathan: two people are dead and a third injured after overnight crash. it slammed in a tree on burke commons road. the driver was christian dominquez and the front seat passenger as christian morino. preliminary information do suggest speed and alcohol were factors in the crash. in the last hour, the montgomery county council wrapped up a discussion over what they call a deadly intersection. three members of the same family died at river road and pyle road in bethesda. the residents have petitioned in the past, they want a traffic light there. that was a decade ago. now there is a new push on to they have 4200 signatures to get a light
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hurt in a series of crashes along a six-mile stretch of i-85 in north carolina this weekend. mo near burlington. more than 130 vehicles were involved and only minor injuries were reported. jonathan: the engineer on the train that derailed in kansas said he saw a significant bend in the tracks and that is when he hit emergency brakes. the train left the tracks in cimarron, 150 miles west of wichita. we have more. reporter: the national transportation safety board is investigating the latest train derailment. this one in rural kansas. where the local teams have been the first on the scene. >> we found amtrak overturned two and a half miles west of cimarron. reporter: the frightening reports coming in just after the midnight. >> a train derailment. unknown patients at this time. reporter: now we know at least seven train cars jumped the
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29 people reporting injuries. a medical chopper team airlifting a patient. there were a total of 142 patients on board. most at the makeshift evacuation shelter. many shaken by what they experienced. >> a gentleman stopped me in the darkness of the field. >> friends, friends. >> are there any blood? the fate was bloody. >> they are optimistic there won't be fatalities. we don't know the cause of the accident. michelle: gas prices start to go up. a.a.a. puts the national average for gallon of regular unleaded at $1.93 today up 12 cents in the last week. 26 cents in the last
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but still 50 cents lower than this time last year. d.c. area we are paying $1.93. jonathan: a lot of folks burning fuel now trying to get home. let's check on the traffic situation with jamie sullivan. jamie: they are burning fuel, especially in you are traveling on the roads. we have issue on metro. that's what i want to begin with. single tracking will be in place throughout the evening rush. federal triangle and foggy bottom. heading eastbound on the blue and the orange lines, they are bypassing farragate west and mcpherson squares. the service will be suspended at 9:00 this evening. this is between federal triangle and foggy bottom. a fire in northwest d.c. closing down 14th street northwest between irving and
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slowing trying to head out of if city crossing the 11th street bridge at 11 miles per hour. 66. i want to take a live look. we are seeing heavy traffic. earlier accident added to the congestion. delays remain. michelle: people in louisiana are cleaning up and drying off after the record-setting floods. the video from baton rouge. the boats are needed to go through the high waters. floodwaters expected to stick around through the end of the week. this is a gas station in lake tahoe that look like an assembly
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they were gassing up before hitting the roads. some people are enjoying this with snowballs. michelle: that is mind blowing. jonathan: doing well. doug: long overdue. you don't have to go south or west. south of washington you are in the sunshine and the 70's. close to 80. michelle: heading our way. doug: let's get this started from time lapse from damascus elementary school. there are patches of fog androidsal. i don't expect much will change today.
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soaked. temperatures throughout the area are cool. 49 in me nap his. 80 in raleigh. cold air. get south to break in sunshine. warmer temperatures are farther west to warm up more. we have a day of the warm temperatures. we have a disturbance that will move right at us. we get through tomorrow it will improve. pulling out in the morning
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we get through the day on wednesday. high of 71. rain likely on thursday with another front. clearing out on friday. weekend is split decision. 51 on saturday. sunday might turn out to be a plain old fashioned rainy day. michelle: okay. coming up at 4:00 -- keeping it clean and a look at germs that could be lurking in your humidifier if you don't clean it out. >> what are you eating? >> oranges and chocolate milk. kellye: i'm kellye lynn. i'll tell you why more students are having breakfast at school. that is coming number spotlight on education. [singi
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did you see dancing with the globetrotters on "good morning washington"? you can watch the video on the facebook page. back after this. michelle: tune in to "good morning washington" next monday for a chance to win tickets to the "jeopardy" power player tournament. it will be
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for a cup of coffee just because you're a woman. so why does congress think it's ok that women get paid 20% less than a man for doing the same job? i'll fight for pay equity, to protect planned parenthood, choice for women, and expand paid and family leave. now some politicians will belittle this
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more proof that we just need more women in congress. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message.
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michelle: the loudoun county school system seeing a surge in the breakfast program. kellye lynn went to leesburg to find out why breakfast is booming. >> do you want your fruit and your juice? >> this school year there is new approach to breakfast in leesburg. >> they have a grab-and-gro breakfast. the kids come in, pick up breakfast and they can go back to the classroom. kellye: the students are embracing the concept. >> this boosts our energy. it gets us ready. we do the morning work. >> another benefit, having breakfast outside the cafeteria allows the students to eat without fear of being late for class. >> it creates a relaxed start to the day where they can focus and not be stressed.
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this has gone up 117%. >> the students' bellies are full. ready for school. kellye: the next step is to see if it results in increase in the academic performance. jonathan: coming up for us at 4:00, the weekend violence didn't dissuade these folks from lining up for raldy today. we take you to the campaign trail. >> big question for united medical center hemorrhaging cash. there seems to be no end of that in sight. i'm sam ford. the story is
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jonathan: the district only hospital east of the anacostia is having troubles. d.c. bureau chief sam ford reports that the united medical center may cut back on care. sam: 10% is being cut friday or in the future. 112 people in all are handed pink slips. >> we had to reduce the cost by $10
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we had to lay people off. sam: he insists it won't affect the nursing care. they have had financial weapons in past to the point that the d.c. government ended up owning the hospital to keep it open. the only hospital east of the anacostia river. >> since i have been coming here, the treatment is well. >> you'resantfied? >> very satisfied. sam: they are eager for a plan to have the california based healthcare partner, a private company take over here but so far no deal. the head of d.c. healthcare finance told the hospital they are losing $1 million a month. they are keeping it afloat. but how long will they continue to do that? sam ford, abc7 news. michelle: criminal investiga
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surfacedded online showing a man urinating on kellogg assembly line. they learned of the video friday and alerted the authorities. f.d.a. is conducting an investigation. kellogg's own investigation determined it was recorded at the memphis tennessee factory in 2014. the video is posted on our facebook page. jonathan: the first ever dissolved stent. they are looking into this but the f.d.a. has the questions about the safety and the effectiveness. they are highlighting how important is it to clean
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humidityfiers. they tested the water and found all the humidifiers had bacteria in the tank. two had heavy bacteria inside. and in the vapor. three had mold. >> i was surprised by the growth in the devices. mold can cause nation congestion or chest tightness or wheezing. >> you have to clean the humidifier every day to let it air dry before refilling it. jonathan: there is not much needed for the humidifiers with the moisture in the air today. doug hill is in the storm watch zer center with a check of the forecast.
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the current temperature, everybody is the same. the warm spot is manassas and dale city. the temperatures will fall tonight but only in the 40's. a cool and a damp air mass here. look at the line of showers. it's headed northwest tonight. the timing is 60:00 a.m. our model suggests clearing skies in the late afternoon and maybe sunshine. milder tomorrow. the best news comes wednesday when we hit lower 70's. for tomorrow, showers early with the showers high. winds turning north.
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forecast. you see him in a few minutes. >> all the talk today is about donald trump after violent protest shut down the chicago rally over the weekend. that didn't stop these folks. the voters will head to the state in florida tomorrow and make-or-break for marco rubio who held a meet-and-greet in jacksonville today. scott thuman is joining us. is this rubio's last stand? and if kasich loses ohio how does it change the race? >> i could go from a four-man to a two-man race. the polls look bad for rubio. in ohio, john kasich tied in a poll but he had a slim lead. there is
4:35 pm
will lead ohio. if kasich wins ohio or rubio wins florida it elongates the race to make it difficult for trump to clinch the nomination with the amount of the delegates he needs. we could go to july. michelle: and have contested con investigation. >> that is why you see mid-romney stumping for john kasich today in ohio. he loves anyone who could dethrone donald trump. we saw sarah palin on the campaign trail. scott: she said she wasn't going to the vent but we did see her today. it's a
4:36 pm
michelle: bernie sanders/hillary clinton, they are fighting high over ohio. >> we tend to ignore and we shouldn't. they are campaigning and there are candidates in the election states as well. but bernie sanders said regardless of what happens he is staying in it all the way he has the fundraising ability to do this. he has an amazing 24 hours of gathering funds. hillary clinton is still in the lead. michelle: watching super tuesday. scott: they added a g.o.p. debate next week. monday in salt lake city. we'll be there. >> he will anchor our coverage tomorrow night at 9:00.
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just added ben carson to the guest line-up. >> he will join us to talk about what he sees. michelle: back to you. jonathan: thanks. coming up for us at 4:00 -- the man accused. >> i woke up and heard about it. the guy who went snowmobiling in idodd rod talks about -- iditarod talks about what he did. >> tying for knot for piece of the pie. that's next.
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ja we told you a few weeks ago the pumpkin chunking would be back. they have reached an agreement with the bridgeville farm where the event was held for years. get ready to dispose of the halloween leftovers in style. between november 4 and 6. jonathan: there is nothing better than that. good stuff. this is
4:41 pm
they are using it to show the love of pizza and marriage. >> everyone is celebrating. look at that! >> transformed to a vegas style wedding couple for the nuptials or the vow renewals. >> this celebrating the oneness. there is no greater celebration of the connection to pizza an marriage. jonathan: they held the first pop-up chapel this year. nothing says love or marriage more than pizza. michelle: all the guests have personal pies. jonathan: whatever you want. michelle: yes. coming up on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- just
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see what the sea lion decided to do before the rescue crews could catch up with it. >> new development in the quest to get marion berry a
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it's about taking a stand. for too long, wall street banks had their way. they crashed our economy. but democrat donna edwards won't take their money because she stands up for us. as a single mom, she knows the challenges our families face. she'll be our voice. tightening regulations on the big banks and fighting to keep dark money out of politics. democrat donna edwards, maryland's next senator.
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michelle: breaking news out of michigan where the man accused of going on a shooting spree in kalamazoo said he was being controlled by the uber app on his phone. jayon brian dalton is accused of killing six people in the month and worked as a driver for the ride sharing site uber. jonathan: new information about the final resting place of marion barry who died in 2014. the only marker is plastic covered by paper. stephen tschida fills us in on proposed head stone. is stephen: among the grand head stone far less prominent marker for the former mayor of the capitol. jonathan: that is pitiful. i wouldn't believe you. stephen: barry died in
4:46 pm
>> he made sure we had what we needed. >> it shouldn't be taken this. this should have been done. >> we receive rendering of the tombstone. they plan to unveil on the second anniversary of his death. >> he means so much to us. >> why it took so long? cora barry representative said it took time to get the tombstone just right and adhere to the congressional cemetery's requirements.
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michelle: people are talking about march madness and that someone leaked the breakdown online. ncaa is looking how the information came out in the extended selection show. people on twitter were happy for the leak saying two hours to learn the 64 teams is too long. jonathan: "bachelor" tonight season finale. many fans are weighing in. kidd o'shea has a preview. kidd: tonight bachelor ben must choose. is it jojo? >> i'm scared to see he doesn't know who he wants to propose to. >> or lauren. >> he is thinking about something. i don't know what. >> it explai
4:48 pm
overwhelmed when we talked to him in january after filming ended. >> there are situations i am sitting with my head between my hands going i can't do this anymore. >> i can't help how i feel. how do i propose to a woman when i'm in love with somebody else. it's impossible for me to imagine saying goodbye to either. >> i'm kidd o'shea. abc7 news. jonathan: edge of your seat stuff. watch the finale that starts at 8:00 on abc7. stop making fun of me. i like it. michelle: i know. one of your favorite shows. hulk hogan's lawyers spent a week to convince a florida jury the gossip website posting the sex tape was invasion of
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jonathan: the man accused of driving a snowmobile through the iditarod is talking about what he did. we know a dog was killed and other teams were injured when he hit them ten miles outside. he said he had been drinking and never driving. he hit one sled team and think he hit the second trying to help but he is not sure. >> i felt bad. >> he didn't realize what happened. he is facing several charges including reckless driving, i salt and reckless endangerment. he hopes they can forgive him. michelle: we are keeping an eye on the eagle nest at the
4:50 pm
arboretum. the two eggs could hatch tomorrow. really close. jonathan: this gets crazy. the sea lion wasn't in any hurry to leave. he even jumped in a car and played with radio. he was listening to country, of course. michelle: i was thinking the beach boys. steve: this is monday and we need something to look forward to.
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temperatures are in 50's in town. further west, 52 in leesburg. 50 in winchester. the action to the west of us. this will move our way through the overnight hours. low temperatures 43 to 49. be on the lookout for period of rain. the winds out of the north.
4:52 pm
to 53. check on traffic with jamie sullivan. james it's rough, especially if you travel on metro. blue and the orange line the single tracking from federal triangle to foggy bottom. plan for single tracking. blue and orange line, bypassing farragut west and mcpherson square. it's suspended from federal triangle and foggy bottom. we are okay through prince george's county.
4:53 pm
in northwest 14, fire with all lanes blocked. that is a look at traffic. back to you. jonathan: breaking news. they are looking for the fire. michelle: complaints about a major retailer website. find out what it plans to do for what call clunky and out of date so you don't waste money. jonathan: at 5:00, you know the t-rex but do you know what came before it? the new discovery from the scientists at the museum to help explain the evolution. michelle: at
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john: shoppers in the d.c. area love target for clean stores, designer brands and customer-friendly shopping experience but some hate the website. they hate it so much the store announcerred the major changes to bring you back. >> something i ordered november 30 to not have my money refunded until january 15. john: it took two months to get a refund for toys she ordered with her boys that never arrived in time. >> my boys could have received the presents i intended them to. >> but it's not an isolated
4:58 pm
complaint. so many shoppers complained about the target website the stores are making changes. >> according to "usa today" target in 2016 is reorganizing the app and the website for an easier shopping experience. you will place an order, get a text when the item is ready for store pickup. stores will have the special pickup desks for online orders. stores make it easier to return purchases. >> i spoke to a nice manager but told me target store and tar were two separate enty in theties -- entities, her words. john: that should change soon. the goal is to bring more young mom like amy to store. the changes will be rolled out gradually. they hope to have a better experience for sales this holiday season. so you don't waste your money.
4:59 pm
>> a sharp young man. very sharp. leon: a grandfather grieves while friends and neighbors offer comfort for the family of a local officer caught in an ambush. the motive and why the shooter's brother came to watch. dropping in. amazing outcome as a driver takes a tumble from unbelievable height. plus major dino discovery that explain how t-rex became the baddest of them all. >> now "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. leon: right now at 5:00, we are awaiting a news conference to update the ambush that cost a young prince george's county police officer his life. we will take you there when it begins. three people are facing criminal charges in officer jacai colson's death. we have team coverage for you tonight. amy aubert is in chichester, pennsylvania, where she spoke to officer colson's grandparents and childhood friends as well. we'll begin with maryland bureau chief brad bell in palmer park.
5:00 pm
where does the investigation stand? brad: we learned a lot today and we expect to get confirmation much to tell you about at the press conference. everybody is set up and we expect it to start at 5:15. first and foremost, this is a police agency in mourning. for a you can officer, jacai colson. been with the agency for four years. narcotics officer. he was gunned down yesterday. in a shoot-out. now, what we can tell you about this shoot-out, what we have learned today. it's a bizarre, bizarre story. a man showed up here at 4:30 in the afternoon. he is local to prince george's county. his name is michael ford. but there is a warrant for his arrest in south carolina. it is alleged that he beat his wife. it's a domestic violence charge, south carolina. what we are told by multiple sources is that mr. ford showed up here a


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