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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  March 14, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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maryland bureau chief brad bell was first to report many of the details and is now live from police headquarters with the latest. brad? brad: the police concluded a gut-wrenching press conference. the police chief himself choked up about what happened here. this car says it all. this is a police agency in mourning for the loss of this young officer as we have told you his name. jacai colson. we can show you his picture. in his uniform. he was working as a narcotics officer and he was killed in the shoot out. what the police revealed to sus more details. including photographs of the suspects that were involved outs here. >> the shooter by the name of michael ford. he apparently had a death wish. he
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police. his brothers named malik and elijah took videotape of the incident. we the show you still frames of the video of michael ford in the middle of the street. his gun raised. pointing at the police officers and firing. another image shows according to police a brother giving a thumbs up as his brother stands in the street the saddest thing today, officer colson was a victim of friendly fire. in the middle of the shoot-out, he was hit by one of his fellow officers. you could see the grief and hear it in the words of the police union
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situation he didn't ask for and he reacted. reacted to protect the fellow prefers and the community. we have individuals videotaping it as if it is a game and something we'll put on youtube to glorify. brad: tremendous disgust on the police. people over and over saying they stood by as the human beings were shot at by their brother. they stood by as they thought their brother was about to be killed. the police revealing they actually recorded a last will and testament statement from michael ford. what this was all about police don't know. we know that michael ford has a history of mental illness and the subject of a warrant in south carolina. allegedly committed domestic violence and beatu
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wife. one of the saddest things today we did not hear from him but the parent of officer colson standing by the chief. officer colson's mother somebodying in her husband's arms, 24 hours of their own son was killed. they stood with the police as details were shared with the public. terrible thing. all caught on videotape. attempted suicide by police. officer killed by friendly fire. prince george's county headquarters, brad bell abc7 news. leon: thank you. you put it perfectly. gut wrenching. that's how the situation played out. the news rocked the pennsylvania community where officer colson grew up. family and the friends there remember the officer as a generous, smart young man who would do anything for anyone they say. staff members at chichester high school where colson graduated described the former high school as a leader and a top student on and off the field. the principal
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letter written about colson at the time at the school, calling him respectful and a courteous student with a great personality. >> a tragic situation. unfortunate for our community for the family, i can't imagine what they are going through right now. >> jacai was the student, or the player that everyone wanted in class. you wanted him in class and wanted him on the filed for you. he walked in a room, the smile was bigger than life. leon: funeral arrangements are not finalized. last month two hartford county maryland deputies shot and killed and responding to a car at panera bread. we go to the fallen officer's memorial and has a look at the incidents like the one in prince george's county are becoming too familiar. >> if you are on the state sacred grounds. >> this is something that is distinctive to maryland. not many states have a
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cemetery that has a burial ground such as this. >> this is where the souls of the maryland fallen heroes now soar. >> you can see here is a baseball fan. >> memories of loved ones who have died in the line of duty. >> right at the top. >> maryland finest. >> below it the badges worn on the uniforms of the 70 emergency responders buried here. just feet from their badges are their names. >> sadly, we are almost out of space. at that point we will create another plaque to continue this on. it's neat. these have been here for a while. these are from the kids of some of the heroes. that is touching in and of itself. we just leave them there. >> police officers killed in the line of duty after being gunned down. >> i thought well, gosh, we have just had one of the hartford county sheriff laid to rest here. you can see that there is no grass even growing on the grave.
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another burial here. >> according to the national law enforcement, officers memorial fund so far this year maryland and colorado have seen the highest number of the law enforcement fatalities. >> we will continue to bring you the latest on how the prince george's county police force and others are remembering and -- officer colson. moving on to the race for the white house. voters head to the polls tomorrow in five key contests. the polls show hillary clinton with a double digit lead over bernie sanders in florida and north carolina. the race is much tighter in ohio, illinois, and missouri. because of the way the delegates are awarded in the democratic party, clinton are expected to widen the lead over sanders no matter which candidate wins tomorrow. the subject of violence at the donald trump events is dominating the republican race. while trum
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he is responsible, john kasich and ted cruz say they need to tone down the retrick they are using. mitt romney campaigned with kasich in ohio. polls show trump ahead in florida but trailing kasich in ohio. join the chief political correspondent scott thuman tomorrow night at 9:00 with the complete coverage of super tuesday. he will host an hour-long special on the sister station. another tough commute for the metro riders specifically those on orange, blue and silver line. they are working a cable fire. in the tunnel from mcpherson square station. they are single tracking between federal triangle and foggy bottom. they are operating between whiel and boston only. amazing
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tracked a group of firefighters. tonight the word on their condition and what happened once they were rescued. and why neighbors are complaining about pothole on a highly traveled d.c. road. >> cloudy and chilly most of the day. we have rain coming. give you the timing to let you know if it affects the commute. z+oking ahead for the weekend
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leon: scary moments for firefighters battling a townhouse fire in germantown this morning. look at this scene. neighbors reported the video. the moment a wall collapsed on top of the crews battling the three-alarm blaze. other firefighters and police ran into help. >> while searching the first floor and the second floor collapsed on one another. the front wall also fell away from the building. >> eight firefighters were hurt. although none of their injuries are life threatening we understand. several families were displaced by this. investigators are looking for what sparkled the fire -- sparked the fire. a judge sentenced a man to 50 years in prison for killing a woodbridge high school student. smalls pleaded guilty to killing 16-year-old brendan wellson in 2014. they say smalls confronted wilson because of an incident involving wilson and s
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brother. he claims that wilson reached for a gun. four others are facing charges in connection with the shooting. overseas now, we turn to a developing story out of syria where russian president vladimir putin ordered russian forces to withdraw from syria. they started the airstrikes in september to support the syrian government in the civil war plaguing that country. member of isis may be from northern virginia surrendered to kurdish forces in iraq. officials say he had three forms of identification on him including a driver's license identifying him as 27-year-old veronika weiss -- muhammad jamal khweis. coming up, car ends up on the top. hear what happened in this scene. we will tell you how the driver managed to survivor. >> combination of potholes and fast cars has r
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leon: check this out. this video from in front of petco store on wellington road. water pooled around the front door of the store but we hear that is not what is causing the damage there. the prince william county service authority considers this insulated and it is -- isolated and likely due to core rose around the valve, which is rare. this is not system wide problem. look at this. the car fell from the fourth floor of the parking garage in maryland. what is more amazing is that the driver of the audi q-5 wasn't seriously hurt. there is no word what caused the car to crash through the wall and end up on the top on the ground. baltimore county police are investigating. residents of a district neighborhood say it feels like they are living on the edge of an express way. but this is a pothole pitted 25-mile-per-hour street. this is a section of park road in northwest washington. stephen tschida explains what neighbors are now asking
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they go up and down. >> they are coming at the speed of lightning. >> this is fairly constant traffic. the people who live across the street say they complain for years about the vehicles racing through their neighborhood. this is how they sum up the city's response. >> they don't realize that it is residential and come flying through here. >> they have said they are looking for the speed hump or bump and the speed camera. they say the drivers swerve to the oncoming lane. >> it's a matter of time before somebody really gets hurt. stephen tschida, abc7 news. leon: in the past hour the d.c. department of transportation responded to the question, a spokesperson tells us that ddot coordinated with the community on the numerous occasion with regard to the request for traffic.
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awaiting consensus to discuss path forward and come up with the recommended solutions. we'll keep an eye on it. doug hill is keeping an eye on the rain forest. >> with cloud covers, it will drop a few degrees. four or five degrees. 7:31 by the end of april and then up to
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first day of summer it's 2:37. the temperatures haven't budged much during the day. they are holding around the 50 degree mark. warmer spots include 54 now in manassas. 54 in charlottesville. 49 in baltimore. 50 in andrews. warm day through carolinas. they have a wedge of cold air down the coast. from boston to 40 degrees. 41 in new york. break south of the carolina line you get to 70's. we are keeping separated. the warm air from the cool. storm system that is pushing now across the portion of kentucky. and west virginia. line of
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we will see the rain tonight. move in overnight. hanging around for morning commute. future cast shows rain across the melt row and beyond at 6:30 in the morning. late morning to finally show signs of moving out. we may get sunshine before the sun goes down. one of the average of the later sunset times we will break in sun before it goes down tomorrow evening. all we are left with is a real up and down pattern for seven days. check out the numbers. 61 tomorrow. wednesday we could see the evening shower late in the day. before that partly cloudy and 71. showers and the partly sunny skies. 62 on st. patrick day. clear and cool. saturday is a great outdoor day. cool. sunday not so much. rain isk looing likely for sunday. that is it for now. leon: speaking of not so much, that is what the wizards look like on the road. now they are finally home. crunch time. erin: it could be playoff type of atmosphere with the wizards
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facing detroit. what are the terps' chances of winning it all? mark turgeon candid answer when we come back.
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announcer: now the toyota sports desk brought to you by the local toyota dealer. erin: tonight the wizar
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three-game road trip. big home game for wizards who have lost five in a row. they are 3-1/2 games behind detroit for the final playoff spot. bradley beal who missed three games with a sprained pelvis is game-time decision. wizards are 10-14 without beal. they could use him tonight if he is healthy. meantime, it's march so less madness begins. maryland will play friday. this is head coach turgeon take on the tournament and maryland's chances in the tourney. >> you have five or six teams that are really, really good. everybody will say these are the five or six to win the national championship. you have teams like us to get hot and are talented enough to get it done. it is what it is. it will be a great tournament for the fans. i hope we stick around and be part of it for a long time.
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women and g.w. gathering to watch the selection show tonight at 7:00. the terps look to make the third straight final four appearance. for g.w., this will be their second straight appearance 17th overall. the washington nationals and the houston as#ñtros played to a 1-1 tie today. the nats batters struck out a whopping 11 times today. more string training action. rays and the braves. reed briniac with a long fly ball but the rays decker reached up to grab it and crashes to the wall and hangs on for the out. table another look. that is the best catch of spring so far. braves win it 5-0. bruce allen expects kirk 'cuzzings contract talk to continue after the free agency dies down. just to get a long-term deal done. leon: i think a lot of fans
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marriage between the two. erin: i think so, too. doug: our stair is we have rain tonight. chilly. 43. rain in the morning. i think we get afternoon sunshine. milder to 6 of 1 degrees. coming up tonight at 11:00, steve has more of the timing of the rain for the morning. we talk about the next cooldown coming. unsettled pattern. leon: okay. you got it. today is march 14. pi day. 3:14. mathematicians think of the formula to figure out the circumference of a circle. for pizza lovers we see it differently. the local pizza chains and the pizza transformed the columbia heights location to vegas style wedding chapel for 13 lucky couples to get married or review the vows. they held the first one last year and obviously a success. that's it for us. "world news tonight" is up next with david muir.
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several breaking stories this monday night. on the eve of the make or break showdown, donald trump now defending himself tonight. after the fights and after the scare onstage. >> this is a love fest. >> and this question tonight. could the republican nomination be nearly wrapped up tomorrow? plus, sarah palin, and the emergency. and hillary clinton and former president bush. what led to this moment? the young officer ambushed, shot and killed. tonight, the suspect who allegedly started it all. police say his brothers recording the whole thing. and was it a fellow officer who fired the fatal shot by mistake? the severe storms. the tornado in ohio. historic flooding in the south. and the pileup in the east. more than 100 cars. the amtrak train derailing. passengers screaming for help. what the


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