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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  March 14, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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>> detective colson drew fire to himself and in doing so was mortally wounded. >> jacai colson. son, brother, friend, police officer, and a hero. community devastated, a
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death. the bullet came from friendly fire. emotional police chief said it is the fault of these three men and their reckless actions outside of the police station. leon: we are learning more about what killed officer jacai colson . roz plater has been covering the story since it broke last night and she has new information. what we know about the suspects this evening? roz: we have new information. bell startlingad suspect you before the shooting. they rolled up to the third district station, the brothers make a u-turn, get their cell phone video ready, and start laughing while he is shooting but crying when his shot. 4:30 p.m., suspect michael ford opened fire on the police station in a suicide by co
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investigators have concluded that michael ford, the shooter in this instance, did not expect to survive the engagement. roz: ford may have a history of mental illness, and before the shoot out recorded his last will and testament. at passing cars, an ambulance, and that prince george's county police officers. his two brothers, malik and wereh ford, videotaping. >> they were taping it as if it was a game come as if this is something to put on youtube and glorify. roz: during the shootout, was shotacai colson and killed, likely by friendly fire. >> we believe that it was fired by one of his fellow prince george's county police officers, reacting to this. roz: colson's
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were alongside officers. >> he made the difference saving lives yesterday, and we thank god that he was allowed into our lives and became part of the community and we are ever so grateful that his family has shared them with us. brothers face a total of 21 charges, including conspiracy and second degree murder. the six officers involved in the firefight have been named, but until forensic testing, they will not know the officer who fired the fatal round. shall: officer -- michelle: officer jacai colson would have turned 29 this week. pennsylvania, tears. he was being called a smart, friendly man, quarterback on his high school football team, and vice president of his glass. >> jacai
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was the greatest grandson you could ever have. he was kind, caring, a just wonderful. we will miss him a lot. >> my heart just drop through the floor. i could not think of anything else. grandfatherlson's spent 45 years as a police officer in pennsylvania. the heartbreaking investigation will continue and we will stay on top of it through the investigation as a continues, as well as with the community as the remember officer jacai colson." leon: making repairs to smooth out your commute on metro, stations being bypassed by trains. say enough is enough, but is this the new normal? jay korff has what is being done now by the agency. jay: right now, the chaos involves total shutdowns in both
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way to federal triangle. folks are having to get off, hop on to the metro buses, free shuttle buses, so they can go to a destination that is shut down. folks are upset, frustrated, and fear this is the new normal. >> i was coming down the escalator, i was like my goodness. jay: the metro center station with evening rush was frustration. ers said their normal 30 minute commute took two hours of monday morning. he expect the trip home to last just as long. they were single tracking the blue, orange, and silver lines. tunnel at a fire in a the mcpherson square metro station damaged cables that must be replaced. the transit giant has faced scrutiny of her reliability and
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november to turn the agency around. >> we have to anticipate, beep corrective so we don't -- -- be proactive so we don't get into the situation. the he said, "if you have ability to consider alternate travel options, i encourage you to do so." traffic in both directions was shut down on the blue, orange, and silver lines for repairs. shuttle buses were provided for those who needed to get around the closures. >> they are trying to work on it, but not fast enough. when they shuttle bus fills, there is another behind it that will take moreeople. pulled up withus more people trying to get here to foggy bottom, to go west into virginia. even later at night, it is
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folks are trying to get around as best as they can. -- system is a bit critical the system is a bit crippled at the moment. jay korff, abc 7 news. michelle: a long night for those folks. app caused a robbery. a to when he got there, two men with guns stole his cell phone and money. if you have information, call the police. leon: we are on storm watch with widespread rain with showers lingering into the morning. steve rudin says there is good news in the outlook? if youthere is come suffer from allergy, the rain will watch the air. the satellite and radar, it is dry right now. however, as we move past midnight,
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the screen, that is what is overhead. through the early morning rush-hour commute, probably going to dodge raindrops. showers 8 a.m., upper 40's, 5311:00. highs near 60. a warm-up and the upcoming weekend. more on that coming up. leon: developing at this hour, the pentagon and the state department are looking to confirm the identity of an isis kurdishcaptured by forces. he claims to be an american. virginia drivers license with an alexandria address on it. he is not yet in u.s. custody. the u.s. has identified more than 80 american is trying to help the islamic state. five states hold primaries tomorrow, and the results could deliver a final blow to some candidates. one of the key states, florida. tom roussey has the road ahead. tom: call th s
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2.0. the five states that are voting tomorrow have a lot of population, including illinois, neighboring missouri, and north carolina. everyone will mainly be watching to states. one of them is florida, but this time especially ohio. polls show donald trump could win all five states tomorrow for if he does -- kasich would basically have no choice but to drop out. if trump sweeps tomorrow, he has to be considered the presumptive nominee because the math dictates that. lookslthough the road difficult for the florida native marco rubio in his home state, ohio governor john kasich is putting up a huge fight to win his. >> if john
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in, and possibly until the convention if he has enough money. says,o matter what, he ted cruz is likely to stay in the race. on the democratic side, he says bernie sanders' recent upset win over hillary clinton in michigan makes ohio a big one to watch. >> if she were to lose ohio, i think it would raise more yellow flags about her appeal in the democratic party. tom: on the republican side, 1,237 delegates is the number donald trump needs. the candidates are trying to deny him because then there would be a convention fight. if he wins all five states tomorrow, it will be tough to deny him getting to that number. live in the newsroom, tom roussey, abc 7 news. 8on: abc 7 and ms. channel have you covered -- news channel 8 have you covered. scott thuman will be holding
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half hour special on news channel 8. still ahead -- devastating flooding in the louisiana. drowning in as much as 14 inches of rain. michelle: and a consumer alert about airbnb.
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>> you are watching abc seven news at 11:00, on your side. inhelle: a mess gainesville, water rushing into the air and along the streets. crews say that a hydrant valve failed. the water sprayed into the front of a petco location, but there was no damage. and multiply it by about a million. folks down south have incredible flooding. to get aroundats because 14 inches of rain fell on louisiana. there is a curfew in effect tonight to keep people safe. jonathan elias is watching that and has video from the south. hard to believe. jonathan:
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and you cannot believe it's happening. cities looking like lakes. town, they have a mandatory evacuation. some people are ignoring it. the police are having to move into try to get people to safety. rescues are going on as we speak. >> decided the water is 2-d. jonathan: and this follows a system that created tornadoes in arkansas and flood damage to 5000 homes in louisiana. the scary a reality is the water may go up a few more feet before it begins to recede. michelle: more severe weather, this time in ohio, a tornado caught on camera. montgomery county, just north of dayton, a funnel cloud ripping through. no injuries reported, but there is damage to homes
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and property. founately, the areas not heavily populated. leon: new developments in the derailment of an amtrak train where 30 people were hurt on a chicago-bound train. they want off the tracks around midnight. two people are in critical condition. investigators say they are looking at the condition of the rails. the engineer said he hit the brakes after seeing a deformity in the tracks ahead. michelle: 7 on your side with a consumer alert about airbnb. people who live next to the property that you write will soon be able to give you a report card. the company's website will allow you to submit comments online. the goal is to help combat issues to make sure travelers are respectful. more details are coming. leon: an injured bald eagle is getting better. trust was found age or in montgomery county earlier this month, believe that he was hit by a car. trust is going through physical therapy on his wing.
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feisty and getting a better appetite. michelle: this is a live look at the eagle cam near the national arboretum. the name mr. president and first lady, they are expecting. we are watching closely, and you can, too. there is a link at just search "eagle cam." looks like one of them is taking a net. leon: instead of a baby shower, they are going to get real showers. michelle: that's a good one, leon. steve: most of the rain will be gone by midmorning, perhaps sunshine in the afternoon and evening. it is so nice that the daylight hours are longer. michelle: makes a difference. degrees right now, just a few sprinkles at reagan national, but most of the rain will hold off until about midnight if not later around the capital beltway. loin
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where the showers are beginning toharrisonburg, light rain woodstock. winchester is dried now, but that will change over the next hour or so. the moisture associated with the low pressure will scoot to the east. some of you will see hardly anything at all, others will see a good amount of rain later tonight, especially the further south that you go from the d.c. metro. temperatures on the cool side. today the high was only 52. cooling down to 48, 46 philadelphia. a further west and south that you go, the temperatures are in the 50's and 60's. that wedge of cool air sticks around overnight. tomorrow it begins to modify a bit, with the daytime highs near 60 degrees. 46 bwi marshall, frederick 45, winchester, cumberland l,uray 46. the further south you go, milder. for
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tonight, 44 to 50, rain developing. most will be to the south and west, at least early on. then a few showers remain through the rush hour. futurecast, freshly updated, the rain just off to the west. as we advance to the early morning, notice the showers beginning to really break up. it will not be a steady rain for the rush-hour commute, but just keep the pavement wet. leave a few extra minutes. if you have lunch plans outside, outdoor recess for the kids, more than likely it will be a go because the showers and clouds will begin to clear out a little bit towards the late afternoon and into the early evening. most of you will see a nice sunset. wednesday, the warmest of the next seven, daytime highs near 70. yes, 70 degrees. tomorrow, not so
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sunshine. the next seven days, another batch of showers midweek. st. patrick's day, not going to weather,st of the showers here and there. 60 friday. the week and will not be a washout. however, showers late saturday and then some rain early sunday morning. michelle: showers will not stop those who want to celebrate st. patrick's day. leon: speaking of st. patrick's day, the wizards need some luck. erin: they may have gotten some early. the wizards end their losing streak in a big way. sports is coming up. what if one piece of kale could protect you from diabetes? what if one sit-up could prevent heart disease? one.
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local toyota dealers. are finallyzards back home after the west coast swing, losing five straight, hoping to get back on track tonight at the verizon center against the pistons. the wiz put this away quickly. john wall with the alley you. -- with the alley-uoop. john wall with the drive in contact. nene running the floor like a two guard tonight. the steel, the finish, he had 20. the wizards win huge, 124-81. where has that been? [cheers] erin: i love it. fresend head coach brenda , her kids there, and the terps cheer as they learn they will be a two seed in the ncaa. it is not hard to look down the road and see a possible
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against uconn for the national title. the huskiesayed once the season and would welcome a second chance. coach: you always want to have that match up again. we gained a lot from that game, it helped propel our team in the season. as a competitor, you want to face them and see that game, but in order for us do that, we have a lot of work in between. erin: george washington women's , a number eight seed. they will head to south carolina to face number nine seed kansas state friday. champions may get overlooked by a lot of people, but that suits their head coach just fine. coach: through the adversity of injury, the group has grown. even from the beginning of the year when we lost a couple of games.
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with a chip on their shoulder. erin: the nationals and astros played to a 1-1 tie in florida. are retiring their chocolate sauce celebrations. pitcher max scherzer said the nats will not be pouring chocolate syrup on each other after game winners and amazing performances saying, "that was last year. we will look for a new way to have fun in 2016." i'm looking forward to seeing what they come up with. i like it. leon: something easier to clean up. allegedly blackmon signed a deal with the redskins. junkies, weline have something for you coming up.
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this month. it is actually on april the that is 38 years old. 38, but thelf is headset makes it feel like a brand-new experience. michelle: that's a good idea. are you into roller coasters? leon: eh, i am. michelle: a little hesitation.
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michelle: tomorrow, more rain in the morning? steve: a little tonight, in the morning, just enough to get the roadways wet. take it easy in the morning. 60 degrees the daytime high. near 70 wednesday. lower 60 st. patrick's day. cooler for the weekend. leon: jimmy kimmel live is next.
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