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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  March 15, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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front of police district three station here. the person who started this. his two brothers elijah and malik. the allegation is that while ford came here opened fire on the police district station in an attempt to both kill officers and then die in a suicide by cop, the two brothers were in a car videotaping the whole thing. there were screen grabs of what the brothers were looking at. sources tell us the brothers were laughing as this attempted mass shooting was ongoing. then crying as they saw their brother hit by police gunfire. prosecutors believe the brothers, all three should be held accountable for what happened here that led to the friendly fire death of the officer jacai colson. second-degree murder charges were filed against the two brothers. earlier in morning, a commissioner, not a lawyer but someone reviewed by the court
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was no probable cause for the second-degree murder charges. late this afternoon state attorney angela alsobrooks saying she is not giving up. >> we reviewed the fact with the police department and we agree there was probable cause to file second-degree murder charges in this case. brad: second-degree murder charges, and handgun charges because the brothers helped transport michael here with a handgun in the car. state attorney alsobrooks pledging to go to a grand jury to seek indictments and said it's her office which will decide which charges to take to a grand jury and she says the case warrants serious charges. we will back with 5:00 with more on this and more on the video and what we are hearing about what it captured. at police headquarters, brad bell, abc7 news. michelle: thank you. as the ri
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continues in the death of officer colson we are learning more about the man behind a badge. a men that -- man from was a leader that would do anything for anyone. amy aubert spent two days talking to those close to officer colson and joins us live outside the police department. amy: you can see behind me here a growing memorial show what is the officer jacai colson really meant to this community. today they spoke out about the 28. some opening up on camera for the first time. they call the police department a family. saying this is like losing a groar. the team describes colson as the most amazing man you could meet saying he would do anything to help anyone.
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>> he would be here in a minute swinging a hammer to help. he may not be good at it but he'd help. amy: he was young for the position when he started out with the narcotic enforcement division but quickly proved himself and made it a point to stand out. amy aubert, abc7 news. michelle: abc7 is dedicated to follow the case to the conclusion. see what we have learned in the exclusive interview with officer jacai colson's grandparents right now on our website tough new drunk driving laws inspired by the death of a montgomery county police officer are a step closer to being reality. the house passed noah's law and now it goes to the senate. it will require all drivers convicted of a d. u.i. with a .08 or higher blood alcohol level to have ignition interlock installed in the car. those who refuse would lose the licensef
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noah leotta who was part of a task force that targeted drunk drivers. he died in december after being hit by a suspected drunk driver during a traffic stop. jonathan: are a big day in politics. it's super tuesday 2.0 or "survival tuesday." whatever you call it. this could be the day that shapes the entire race for the white house. as dianne gallagher reports it could come down to one word. "ohio." reporter: can anybody stop donald trump? that is the question the billionaire's opponents are asking. he snagged nine delegates today with the win in the northern mariana islands. polls are open in florida, ohio are open. but not just the people weighing in. like john kasich are out casting their ballots, too. >> it's very exciting to come to ohio and cast a vote for me for president of the united states. reporter: trump is leading in the polls in every state except
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america great again. >> the latest polls show marco rubio behind in his home state and hoping for a surprise. >> i hope america chooses opttism over fear and hope other anger. that's what we suffer tomorrow. >> senator cruz second in delegates trying to win over kasich and rubio supporters betting the field could look different after tuesday's results. >> we welcome you with open arms. because only one campaign has beaten donald trump. >> hillary clinton is hoping to add to her delegate count with wins in the midwest, too. >> i want people to turn out to vote in all of the contests today. >> but senator bernie sanders believes it's his message to help pull off another upset. >> i think we are going to win in ohio tomorrow. [applause] in washington, dianne gallagher. jonathan: our chief political correspondent scott thuman jo
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primary is whether donald trump can be blocked from getting the number of delegates he needs to do this? you talk to everybody. it seems ohio is the one place that he may get blocked. scott: the numbers look positive for him in florida. marco rubio is in trouble there. now the attention is on ohio and john kasich. they are neck in neck there, sometimes kasich leading. if john kasich can win his home state, that is a winner take all. 66 delegates in his pocket it prevents donald trump being on a significant path to the 1237. that is the number of the delegates you need to clinch the nomination. it would make it so difficult that then donald trump would essentially need to win 60% of the vote from here until this thing is over to clinch the nomination. that is tough. even for the momentum that he has right now. yes, it could be stopped. jonathan: talk about florida. if the pollsters are bad as what we saw in michigan for the democrats every poll has marco rubio behind. donald trump could beat hm.
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would marco rubio leave the race if he loses florida or would he stay in just to become a thorn in the side of trump? scott: there is chatter if he loses florida he will stay in the race. mathematically it's awful for him in that scenario. but some believe he could draw away some numbers from trump. but the problem many states are winner take all his draw isn't coming from anyone that will support trump. he'd take numbers from cruz or maybe even kasich who might be more formidable in one-on-one challenges against donald trump in the particular states. so it might backfire. hurt his legacy as a politician. jonathan: he would be a spoiler. scott: he is trying to do but i don't know if it's effective as others. kasich could peel off other states. even though he is further down. and that would prevent trump getting the states he needs. jonathan: it takes money to stay on the campaign trail. scott: it does. that is why bernie sanders has the longevity he does. he fundraises well.
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and fundraising. >> tonight, especially the hillary supporters say she could lock it up. not a guarantee. a couple of states that bernie might take. scott: illinois, hillary clinton may be a year ago would have had no problem in illinois. she is closely aligned perspective wise with the mayor rahm emanuel in chicago. he is unpopular among black voters. 70% disapprove of his work there. that could hurt hillary clinton. look, there is a chance that bernie sanders will do well in the rust belt state where the industry tied states. he is talking about the globalization, the bad trade deals, nafta have hurt people on the assembly line jobs and wants to bring them back and claims that hillary clinton policies hurt them over the years. that resonates. see if it resonates in the poll. jonathan: much to keep an eye on and moving parts. scott thuman will be leading the coverage as the results roll in. join him on the cyst e station news channel 8 at 9:00 for in-depth analysis on the race
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from every state voting and tell you what comes next for the race in the white house. i should be exciting. michelle: after dreary start to the day, things are clearing out. team meteorologist doug hill is telling us that sunshine is on the way. i saw peeks of it through the clouds on the way in. doug: we have some out there. warmer temperatures tomorrow. let's get you a view from arlington across the river to the capitol. you are seeing clouds. but patches of blue. that is warming it up. stanton is 71. they have had several hours of sunshine. charlottesville is 67. the more sun, the warmer the temperatures. we may go up a degree or two this afternoon. the forecast later tonight is clear to partly cloudy. mild. 43 to 50 degrees by morning. they have the daym to. high pressure hangs tough. we have a partly sunny day. lower 70's. a cold front you don't see on the map yet. that could be showers by
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the week and the weekend coming up. michelle? michelle: a plan to rename a school in prince william county has taken a ugly turn after they voted to rename the school in honor of black community leader. one of the board's member got a message of hate. jeanette reyes details the alarming message. jeanette: the plan to rename mills e. godwin middle school goes to early january. prince william county public school board members face a tough decision as some want it named after fallen firefighter kyle wilson and other wanted it named after the long-time african-american community leader george hampton. some didn't want to change at all. if board chose to compromise and name a newer school after wilson and godwin middle school after hatchton. but things took an ugly turn after one of board member wife found confederate flag in the mailbox with a racial slur on it. >> a lot of people recognize the individu
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here deserve the honors. this something where that is someone's idea of sending a message in a way that was inappropriate and unfortunate. we are hoping it's not something that colors the rest of the debate. >> a board meeting was scheduled for tomorrow evening. they expect this to come up. jonathan: crime alert to tell you about at one of the popular museums in the country. u.s. park police release video showing two people looking for an attempted abduction. police say a man grabbed a child's hand and tried to walk away from the smithsonian air and space museum on march 3. a chaperon saw the guy and yelled at him and he left. they are asking witnesses or bus companies or anybody that might have seen something to give them a call. michelle: just in, police are looking for three suspects in a drugstore robbery spree in bowie. the first hapne
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10:00. the second happened less than 15 minutes later at the walgreens at hilltop plaza. both cases, the officers say two men jumped the counter and stuffed duffel bags with the prescription cough syrup. a third suspect stood watch. they got away in a dark chevyca mario. the f.b.i. is assisting in the investigation. jonathan: coming up for us on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- raccoons literally falling from the ceiling in a controversial d.c. building. one fell in the same spot that the mayor had been days before. so what is being done about this? michelle: should we start thinking of baby names? we are on eaglet watch near the national arboretum. jonathan: first, dangers on the athletic field. what experts are saying has to be done to protect the children after dozens of deaths
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the rich are getting richer.rse. the nation's top c.e.o.s made a lot of money last year. i think verizon is the worst of all. according to bloomberg news, verizon's c.e.o. makes more than 200 times as much
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while trying to take away job and retirement security from its workers. ♪ this company is the poster child for corporate greed. jonathan: beaking news in the newsroom about metro. get it out to leon harris with the newsroom about this. leon: this in a word is stunning. in all the years we covered metro and the issues that surrounded it and plagued them over the years we have never seen what we just heard in the
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literally in a matter of minutes we have gotten word that metro is planning to shut down the entire metro rail system as of midnight tonight. the word we are getting is the system will be shut down for 29 hours at least because they are looking at cables. there is an issue with the faulty cables somewhere in the system. we don't know where. we don't know exactly what may have been seen or what may have been discovered that would indicate that the risk was so high that metro has to make this extraordinary move. but the word we are getting is that metro is going to be shutting the entire system down for 29 hours. you are looking at the headquarters at metro. we expect metro director paul wiedefeld tom come out any minute now. excuse me, coming out at 4:30. briefing us on what is the plan going forward and what happened to tip him off that the risk was so high they have to schult down the entire system. so again, the word we are getting is that me
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system. every single line of midnight tonight. you can just imagine what it will mean for travel. whatever way you get around town will be ridiculous because of the move. we also have mike carter-conneen out there to see what people will do to get through and around town tomorrow once metro shuts down tonight at midnight. we will keep you posted as we learn more. back to you. michelle: thank you. for the first time the nfl is acknowledging a link between football and c.t.e. a type of traumatic brain injury. the senior vice president for health and safety made the admission in a congressional hearing. he said to date, c.t .e. has been found in the brains of
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deceased former pro players. c.t.e. has been linked to memory loss, depression and dementia. ahead, injuries and concussions are part of the potential risk that come on the athletic field. jonathan: right now experts gathered in alexandria to discuss catastrophic injuries in the sport. and suzanne kennedy found biggest injuries come in the culture of some of the sports. >> with the 50 sports related death of athletes, doctors, parents and the athletic trainers are trying to figure out how to make the youth sports safer. large group of the experts meet in washington to discuss preventing catastrophic injuries. laura friend's 12-year-old daughter died in 2004 after suffering cardiac arrest taking a lifeguarding course. friends now advocate for better awareness and training about cardiac arrest in youth sports.
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>> the coacheses need to be c.p.r. certified. it affects every three days a student athlete. we lose a school athlete on school property. it's important they have it on the side. jonathan: coming up at 5:00 -- suzanne: concerns about concussions and overuse injuries and how they may be permanently impacting student athletes. in arlington, suzanne kennedy, abc7 news. jonathan: it could soon be illegal to smoke cigarettes in a car with young children. threes this virginia -- at least? virginia. i applies to anyone under 8 is in a vehicle. you could face $100 fine if you are caught. the house voted in february and the senate passed it march 3. now it goes to the governor mcauliffe's desk. if he signs it, it will go into effect july 1. time for a check of the traffic situation. jamie sullivan is joining us with the details. that look like a mess. jamie: you c
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here, a bit of activity. this is 66 right here 123. the issue we have had is an earlier accident which just added to this delay. you will be in the traffic at this point to outbound and the beltway and past the point. if you have to get into d.c. or leave d.c. we have volume on the southeast/southwest freeway. getting there from 395 to north third street tunnel approaching the 11th street bridge. we are clear southbound 295. heading north on kemworth avenue. typical volume.
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doug: tomorrow is the best day of the week weather wise. sunshine, 72 or 73. showers and then cooler again. get started. the farther south and southwest you are from washington as we speak, well, we are not speaking. i'm speaking. as i speak we see temperatures warmer like 71 last check. 63 in fredericksburg. d.c. metro and north and east are cooler at this hour. the clouds ar
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there is still cloudiness but breaks in the overcast to get the sunshine in. our weather coming from the southwest/west tomorrow. we have a lot of sun until we hit the mid-to-late afternoon. cold front is swinging through overnight. that front will approach in the afternoon. give us chance for showers around the area. we are watching the showers and the storms across wisconsin. this is going to turn clearer. 72 in the afternoon. scattered showers, maybe isolated thunderstorm. it will cool down for st. patrick's day a bit.
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next week we are sitting pretty weather wise. this weather is perfect for a baby eaglet. jonathan: i don't know if that is mom or dad. they look the same. but any moment the d.c. newest bald eagle could make its debut. the mom will come and bring food and the dad sits on the eggs and they swatch. michelle: it looks like they are smiling at us. one of the two eggs will hatch today. the bald eagles are the first to nest at the arboretum in 70 years. you can catch an eye on them on the website. shoot us suggestions about the names as well.
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look at the size of it. big eagle, biggest inest in. coming up next at 4:00 -- michelle: raccoons riding the elevator. just part of the problem reported at the d.c. building at the center of controversy.
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jonathan: we are over a month from tax day. this year is april 18. a lot of you have tax questions. we do every year. michelle: get a little extra time. don't take it as a long grace period. jonathan: don't procrastinate. michelle: "7 on your side" is helping you get answers. joce sterman is live in the help center tonight. jose we have all the right people. these are the virginia society of the certified public accountant at 4:30. 703-236-9220. these are the people who can answer them. what are the typical questions you get? >> whether or not you claim deduction for depep don'ts that live with you, whether you -- depent don'ts that live with -- dependents that live with you, fire jointly or separately, when do you itemize and
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throughout the year. joce: those are the questions you will get today. is this fun? >> we are ready for it. a number of good people to answer your questions. have them give us a call. >> the phones open at 4:30 and speak to c.p.a. with the tax questions. they know what they are doing. 703-236-9220. back upstairs. jonathan: thank you. we're getting our first look at o.j. simpson life behind bars. >> he says if the knife is rusted i can't be busted. michelle: that is just the start. hear how simpson reacted when a prison guard implied the real killer of nicole brown simpson and ron goldman had been found. jonathan: the move in elevating sister
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we need women in congress. if we want to be heard, it was the women who forced republicans to include women's health and contraceptive coverage in the affordable care act. in congress, i'll fight for pay equity, family leave and tougher gun safety laws. and, as an environmentalist, i'll work combat climate change. i know as a journalist and as a senior executive in business
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we get things done. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message. jonathan: this is crazy. raccoons -- actually what we're doing here is waiting for a press conference going on here. michelle: we are standing by for the news conference from the metro system. as soon as it takes place we will bring it to you live. again, this is in regard to the major
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they plan to shut down the rail system all day tomorrow. something we haven't seen. so we expect to get some more details on the major headline as soon as someone takes a foot in front of that podium we'll bring it to you live. jonathan: 2 to 29 hours -- 24 to 29 hours without the metro. no trains will be running tomorrow because of faulty cables. that is something they will address in the news conference in a couple of minutes. when it happens we'll cut to it. in the meantime, have you heard of a raccoon in an elevator? that is one example of a resident says of how rampant the problem has become in the d.c. general homeless shelter. d.c. bureau chief sam ford is live for us. this sounds like a punch line waiting at the end of this and there isn't. sam: well, it has been a matter of calling someone to have the raccoons removed. like when you are dealing with an exterminator. in this case, they are going in the building in d.c. general a
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raccoons. we understand they have done this 32 times since 2013. a resident said the place is infested with raccoons. these are the photos they sent us of raccoons trapped in the d.c. homeless shelter for families. residents say they have seen them wandering the building. one woman claims she saw one on an elevator. they are frightening people in the building where there are more than 200 adults, more than 300 children in the home of last resort. animal trappers from the company were back at the shelter today. they did not find the raccoons they came for. residents, including one who did not want to be seen said they are afraid. >> they have been catching
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week. 11 in total. >> we are children here. this is horrible. raccoons carry a lot of diseases. sam: since 2013, the city, the department of human services tells me they have had the animal control people here 32 times. 23 times they have come out with raccoons. no word on how many times they have come but there is a big problem with the animals at the d.c. general homeless shelter. reporting live from southeast washington, i'm sam ford. michelle: thank you. woman who has become synonymous being a saint will finally get that honor. pope francis scheduled a september 4 canonization mass for mother teresa. she was best known for the work with the poor in the slums of india. joining us now i
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charities of washington. thank you for joining us. >> it's a pleasure to be here. thank you for asking. michelle: you had a chance to meet with mother teresa on more than one occasion. what was it like? >> i met her twice. friends of my parents went to calcutta with the state department had a station wagon and she asked them to help pick people up off the streets who were dying. so they came back to washington and invited me to the house when she came. i met her a second time putting a house together by chevy chase. michelle: forgive me, i am just getting word that the news conference is beginning with metro in regard to the major announcement. shutting down the rail system tomorrow. let's listen in. >> this afternoon, on the investigation in yesterday cable fire that shut down service on the orange, blue and the silver lines. while the investigation is ongoing the preliminary findings show commonality with the fire at the l'enfant
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while the risk to public is low , i cannot rule out a potential life safety issue here and this is why we must take the action immediately. when i say "safety is our highest priority," i mean it. that sometimes means making tough unpopular decisions. this is one of those for sure. i fully recognize the hardship this causes to the region and the community. i am announcing we will suspend the rail service for 24 hours to inspect 600 underground what we call jumper cables. that means the entire rail system will be closed until 5:00 a.m. thursday. if we find any additional cables that require replacement, we will announce those to the public as soon as possible. what additional track outages will be needed and impacts or the service to the customers beyond the next 24 hours. with that i'll take any questions. >> shut down when?
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[inaudible question] >> we are working with the federal government. they will make their decisions. [inaudible question] >> we will provide our bus system as normal and we will increase the buses for the school system in the district. [inaudible question] what we intend to find out where we have potentially any issues. we will street them just like we did with the mcpherson square situation. which is if we have a situation where it will be located, locally, we will single-track around that. that evening we will shut down at 9:00 p.m. we need to shut down the power on both rails to deal with the issue. we will replace the cabling. reopen in that morning just like yesterday. [inaudible question] >> we reached to out to them. they are
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>> there is no way this can be held off to the weekend? it has to happen tonight? >> from where i sit, you know, the safety of the public and my employees paramount. so to risk that i just cannot do it. >> you say parasafety -- [inaudible question] >> because we brought people in and we want to give them the choice of what they want to do. we provide the service until midnight. we have to get trains back in and all that. there are issues to deal with. i think it the most rational way to do it. hundreds of thousands of people on the system today. again, this is very, very low. but until i know that we have the 600 inspected and i'm comfortable with them, i want to make sure i do it as soon as i can. that starts tonight at midnight. [inaudible question]
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the life safety and the safety of the operation, it's something i have chosen to be do. >> do you believe -- >> i do believe i have the authority. [inaudible question] >> we have what is called jumper cables. third rail. and it comes and there is a gap between it occasionally. 600 times underground for instance. there are four large cables that basically connect the power from one end to the other. in this case, there was potential metal on metal, which is similar to the l'enfant plaza situation where you had a metal rib tum and issues there. so similarities there are concerning to me. there are other issues with the cable. if there is any friction on the cable, that could cause deteriorate. the moisture gets in there. then you have a situation that
4:40 pm
[inaudible question] deterioration of the metal, could be the issue. again, that is why we are looking at what happened. there is insulation that is covering the cable. if that touches metal and rubs it can get. you have a direct connection. >> i don't have all the numbers. we reached out to other properties. the con suspecting community and our own resources to do this. [inaudible question]
4:41 pm
>> that is why we are doing assessment of all 600. i want to make sure i know what i've got with all 600 of them. this was inspected last year as you mentioned. basically, it was found to be okay. we had a situation there. find out what is driving the situation. i know some of the similarities. >> these 600 plus -- [inaudible question] >> no. if you recall on the ntsb recommendations we had to replace all of what we call the sleeves of the boots, we are 50% there. that is a program we laid out. some of the things we have committed to do. this is a situation, it happened once, okay, what happened? , right? it has happened twice in a year. i can't wait for the third time. [inaudible question]
4:42 pm
>> i'm looking into that. this is an active investigation. 30 hours. that is taking its own course. [inaudible question] it's cable and boots. that were impacted. [inaudible question] right. [inaudible question] martin, i'm not sure right now. that is a separate investigation. with that uncertainty, that is
4:43 pm
why i am doing the inspection. >> who was actually doing the inspection? are they paying you more to do the inspection on the cable support? >> it's a different -- some of the same could be, yes. but we have outside help consultant wise and other properties to help with us. >> beyond the track? >> excuse me. >> help beyond the track? >> yes, yes, yes. [inaudible] >> i have spoken to secretary fox, ntsb has been out already and f.t.a. has been out. we are coordinating with them as well. [inaudible question] >> jack evans is the board of metro. it will affect the metropolitan region. no doubt. without metro it will have congestion and it will be difficult. we recognize peopl
4:44 pm
work, children to get to school. everyone who relies on metro. safety is paramount. we need to get to the bottom of this. we had a conference call at 2:00 with ball and board members discuss it thoroughly. we support the general manager's decision to close this down for 24 hours and see what we are dealing with. [inaudible question] >> i spoke with the mayor after our 2:00 conference call. so probably around 2:30, 3:00. about 3:00 it was. so i informed the mayor. i know paul you reached out to number. he can speak for himself who he reached out to. we reached out to everyone we can. [inaudible question] >> that is not my decision. it's the decision of the mayor and
4:45 pm
i don't know what they will do. [inaudible question] >> yes. that is why we are making the decision we made. again with paul, myself and the board members talked about this at 2:00. the information we had, we have 600 of these. they were inspected a year ago. we do not know the condition they are in. we may find one or two or them are bad or 50 are bad. in good conscience, as the administrators of the system cannot send trains out in this system, into the tunnels knowing full well that something can go wrong. so we could inform the public, which we are
4:46 pm
but we believe the prudent thing is to close down the system. find out what we are dealing with and fix it. that safety is paramount. the lives of people who ride the system are paramount. i am not, nor paul or my board members willing to take a chance. [inaudible question] >> i asked that same question. my understanding is that other than weather conditions where we have closed down metro before, this is the first time it has been closed down for non-weather conditions. [inaudible question] >> this is one that was inspected.
4:47 pm
came from the inspection. based with this particular location. >> in this case, there is potential metal to metal. i want to know why it would have been, that would have passed inspection at that time. >> that is my understanding. [inaudible question] >> we are looking for the cable with potential deterioration. that's what we'll do. [inaudible
4:48 pm
>> i want to see all 600 of them. >> i can only see what is in front of me. i have this in front of me. [inaudible question] >> leave 125. >> how long do they have -- >> annually. [inaudible question]
4:49 pm
[inaudible question] >> let us see what we got. the reason to shut it down is literally you have people crawling around third rail. that is what you are doing. we have to get as many people out there. we do it piecemeal it will take weeks. we have to get out there and get the people saturate the system at the 600 locations. [inaudible question] >> we have. i don't have the latest report on that. we are dealing with two governor, mayor, a lot of people right now on this. all those issues. obviously congress we are dealing with all of those things at one time. it's eking as -- eking as
4:50 pm
speak. [inaudible question] >> i have to make sure i am comfortable going forward with the system. it is the safety of the customers. >> thank you, everyone. >> thank you. >> we have been listening to a press conference and this is huge news. at midnight tonight all metro will cease operations and not resume until 5:00 thursday morning. paul wiedefeld the general manager said they are taking an unprecedented step because they have 600 cables underground that need to be inspected because they have had two malfunctions in ten or 12 months that resulted in fire and disruption.
4:51 pm
prucations to shut the -- precautions and shut down the lines. michelle: why not do it in segments was raised but he said that this is something they want to get in and saturate. exam the cables at once to make sure they are safe. this is a huge concern. a lot of people are trying to figure out what to do. so many rely on metro. we want to go to mike carter-conneen at the rosslyn metro station with the passenger reaction. i know a lot of the passengers hearing this news for the first time from you, mike. mike: in fact, some of them not believing what i'm telling them. they think i'm joking. it takes a few minutes for the news to absorb. they are shocked that the metro system will shut down for 24 hours starting at midnight. look behind me. on the messaging board there is a wa
4:52 pm
folks. i just switched to alternative message. every fourth message on the arlington county electronic signage is warning metro riders about this system shut down tomorrow. it will get to in a few more seconds. that is the only way that folks arriving to the metro rail would know about this unless they are checking for alerts on the smart phone or following twitter or hearing about this from the friends and family watching our coverage. so far as i said many people are shocked by this. unprecedented. to have this happen. now we are talking about hundreds of thousands of people who have to find an alternate way to get to work or school. 700,000 people ride metro rail each weekday. this is a busy travel season for spring break. many people
4:53 pm
metrobus. i spoke to a bus rider who said that's too bad for folks riding metrorail and he came full circle in the span of 30 seconds when he gave me the first gut reaction realizing that not only metrorail people are impacted but the metrobus will be overflowing with riders for people looking for other ways to get to work. it will have an impact on the roads as many people get rides from the spouses or members or friends. some people telling me they are planning to start ideas for carpooling. other people working for the federal government telling me the first reaction is hopefully they will be able to telework. and they will make other accommodations for the massive shutdown. let's get live reaction to folks to this news. are you visiting from out of town? >> we are. mike: where are you from?
4:54 pm
we are hearing live on abc7 in washington that they will be shutting down the metro system the subway hear for 24 hours starting at midnight tonight. does it impact your plans? >> it does. >> how does it impact your plans? >> a lot of walking. >> we don't know where we are going. >> it will be tough to find a cab i think. a lot of people will be using alternate mode of transportation. >> i imagine, yeah. >> enjoy your visit. are you a metro rider? live on channel 7. announcing metro officials shutting down the system, the entire metrorail system for 24 hours starting at midnight. >> why? mike: they are checking the jumper cables. safety concern. they want to make sure that the metrorail system is safe. what is your thought on that? >> it will be an inconvenience. if it makes the city safer, what can you do? mike: how would you get to work? >> i'd have to take a cab. mike: there might be a lot of demand for that. >> good luck. mike: good luck to
4:55 pm
we are live. they are shutting down the metrorail system for 24 hours tomorrow. what do you think? >> it's ridiculous. mike: does it frustrate you? >> yes. we need to get the operation straightened out. mike: they say it's for safety. many people saying it's better safe than sorry to do the checks. but a major inconvenience. >> yeah, but i guess if they maintain the infrastructure they wouldn't come to this point. mike: thank you, ma'am. sir, let me talk to you quickly. another rider. what do you think of metrorail shutting down for 24 hours here the entire system at midnight? >> what about us and getting home from work? i don't get off until 11:30. what does it mean? i don't appreciate it. mike: they say it is for safety. they want to ensure the incident for monday and what happened at the l'enfant plaza doesn't happen again. >> it's still inconveniencing us. they are not telling us whether we hav
4:56 pm
you get to work? >> i'll have to call someone to go get me. mike: a lot of people absorbing the news. developing story. stay with abc7 for up to the minute coverage of the alternate ideas to get around the massive shutdown tomorrow. back to you. jonathan: all right. metro shutting down.
4:57 pm
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4:59 pm
announcer: from abc7 news this is a breaking news alert. alison: this breaking news from metro is big. metro announced in the last half hour the entire rail system will be closed tomorrow. our richard reeve was there at the announcement today and joins us live from metro headquarters to explain what is a drastic step here. rich, tell us about it. richard: metro general manager paul wiedefeld making that announcement saying he will close or order the entire
5:00 pm
reopen we're told at 5:00 a.m. on thursday. here is the situation. in the wake of yesterday's fire they said they felt it had similarities to the fire at l'enfant plaza in january. they feel they need to look at the components the connectors to connect the electricity between the rail. there seem to be concerned that the it deteriorated. the ntsb in the wake of the ntsb accident called for inspection of the connectors. half of them have been repaired so it seems strange and we are asking if they have been looked at, is there a new problem? the general manager says it is a continuing investigation. we are


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