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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  March 16, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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leon: three big stories at this hour. a man found with gunshot wounds in his car after a shooting. alison: in temple hills, a massive apartment fire. leon: plus, breaking news from metro. new information about its plans to reopen tomorrow. the
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the morning rush. however, safety inspectors found damaged cables have to be replaced, three of them called "showstoppers." red, yellow, and green lines will be running normally tomorrow. blue, yellow, it's over lines are still being evaluated. that could lead to couple occasions in the morning. -- blue, yellow, and silver lines are still being evaluated. this,d: take a look at perhaps a symbol of what is going on. the escalators at the clarendon station, but the gates are closed. he hope to open all the stations by 5:00 a.m. for the first time, in a close look at what the metro inspection teams are finding. >> this is why the system shutdown. richard:
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jumper cable. 26 damaged cables or connectors that need repair or replacement. clearly, these are dangerous conditions that we should not accept. 600 jumper cables located in 100 miles of tunnels are the focus of the inspection teams. 29-hour real server shutdown. >> i cannot imagine there was a reason so urgent they cannot have waited until this weekend. >> two hours because of the stoppage. it's ridiculous. among the fix is, what metro calls showstoppers, where trains would not be allowed to run if the problems were found. mcpherson square, foggy bottom, and potomac avenue. >> this is a wake-up call that we need to invest in our system once and for all.
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dedicated funding source. confidentetro sounds that the blue, orange, and silver lines will be back up. they are working on service adjustments to the foggy bottom area. they say they are issues, but they can complete these by 5:00 a.m. ory will either single track have shuttle buses available. there are hoping for that 5:00 a.m. open. richard reeve, abc 7 news. alison: as metro prepares to reopen, we will be watching the situation. tune in to "good morning washington" for updates with julie wright. leon: this just coming in, gunshots on a busy highway. a man critically wounded in his car. north ofened on 295 pennsylvania avenue in east capitol street in northeast. that is where tom roussey is with the latest. tom: we are near where it happened.
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the right. 295 north shut down from about howard road to north of benning road. there is a police investigation going on. here is video that we took earlier at the scene. this has been going on since about 9 p.m. a man was found dead in a vehicle they gunshot wound. the d.c. police are not confirming he died, but we have seen he is deceased and the vehicle and they are still investigating. that is going on right now. north, shuty, 295 down for the investigation after the man was found dead from a gunshot wound. we are not sure what lead up to this, whether this was a suicide or something else. we will get more information and bring that to you as we get it. live in northeast washington, tom roussey, abc 7 news. massivenew at 11:00, a response to way to re-alarm apartment fire in prince ge
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it was so bad that people jumped from their balconies to safety. matt jablow has the investigation happening now. the top floor of this apartment building was almost completely destroyed tonight. everybody here in temple hills agrees it could have been a whole lot worse. >> firefighters found a large quantity of fire on the top floor, burning through the roof. matt: a frightening and chaotic scene earlier tonight in temple three alarm fire tour through the top floor of the three-story apartment building. >> it was a horrific fire. matt: forcing some terrified residents to jump from their balconies to get away from the fast approaching flames and smoke. >> we never encourage anybody to jump. they did what they needed to do. >>
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i was yelling, anybody in here? at a this person was nearby playground with his young daughter and a friend when the blaze began. >> little kids were running down sing the building is on fire. matt: at which point they ran into the burning building to get people out. was knocking on doors, kicking doors, telling people to come out. about 100ook firefighters from several departments to get the fire under control. >> it was scary. nobody wasdibly, injured, although several families tonight are without homes and shaken up. >> it was surreal. matt: the cause of the fire is still under investigation. alison: new developments now come a step forward for a maryland bill that looks to punish adults who host underage drinking parties o
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it would impose criminal charges against those offenders. tonight it was approved by the house judiciary committee, 23-1. the senate version is being debated. leon: a teenager allegedly tied to his bed with a chain and rope. now a relative is under arrest. they are charged with abduction and neglect. the police found the teenager on the 15,000 block of wood street in woodbridge. up, theager was tied windows boarded up, and the teenager is now with other family. alison: meanwhile, multiple developments in the ambush that ended with a prince george's county police officer dead. the police said the officer who shot and killed officer jacai colson was aiming for the plainclothes officer that he thought was the suspect. >> i believe that a police officer fired at an armed
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be a threat to them. i do not for a second believe that this was a police officer intentionally firing at another police officer. alison: the officer who fired the fatal shot has not made a statement. the announcement came as we learn michael ford, accused of starting the deadly shootout, will face 25 charges, including murder. his brothers also appeared in court on separate charges and held without bond. , fainteder, malik ford in the courtroom. leon: pleasant weather coming in, but we are looking at a temperature drop before the end of the week. no irish weather for st. patrick's day? steve: big changes are on the way, the bigger changes for the upcoming weekend. right now, not so bad, waiting for the cold front to move through. that eventually will bring cooler air, still in the 60's 50chester, leesburg, luray, manassas,
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earlier this evening, a few showers, not amounting to a lot. that has dissipated. the skies have rapidly cleared, meaning we are looking for sunshine as we start the day early tomorrow morning. 50 degrees. quickly rebound into the low 60's by midday. a few passing showers late tomorrow afternoon. talking about the upcoming weekend. you may have heard of the chances of snow? i will tell you all about a coming up. leon: now turning to the race for the white house and more comments from donald trump. warns ofn front runner riots if he is denied the party nomination at this summer's convention. he leads in the delegate race, but many believe he will not have the number he needs to secure the nomination heading to the convention. on the democratic side, hillary clinton and bernie sanders say their party will have an easier time in coming together afr
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five primaries yesterday, adding to her lead over the vermont senator. alison: 7 on your side with health matters and a late surge in flu cases in maryland. for the activity ramped up in recent weeks. doctors say that this year's vaccine will likely protect you from the most prominent strains. you should take steps to protect yourself and stay home if you think you may have the flu. we are watching
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replace antonin scalia, his ties to our area and why religions already are saying no way. alison: --and why republicans are already saying no way. alison: and dangerous weather across the country.
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leon: a political battle is brewing in the nation's capital, but it has nothing to do with the election. merrickt obama selected garland as his supreme court nominee. senate republicans are already refusing to hold hearings on the nomination. delay filling vacancy until after the november election. we are learning more about the 63-year-old that is being nominated and his local ties. he is the chief of the d.c. political -- d.c. appeals court. he was nominated with bipartisan support. mcveigh ined timothy the death penalty case. he has more federal judicial experience than
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history. he is widelyma: recognized as not only one of america's sharpest legal minds, but has a spirit of decency, modesty, integrity, evenhandedness, and excellence. there is a long road confirmation and he will not get it without cooperation from republicans. late today, early signs of it. senate leader mitch mcconnell will not meet with garland, but he spoke with him over the phone. jonathan elias in the satellite center. back to you. the: tell us what you think stop the should the president's nominee? the question is on our website, and we want you to cast your vote. vote.o to and alison: 7 on your side with a consumer alert. your next car may come standard with automatic
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according to "the wall street carmakersnearly all pledge the brakes to be standard in the next six years. the deadline for the standard will be the year 2020. leon: tickets for the upcoming taping of "jeopardy1" are on sale on websites, but real tickets are only available on ticketmaster. it are concerns about forgeries. "jeopardy" does not charge for tickets to the show. unless you get your tickets through ticketmaster, they could be fit. alison: in the midwest, it feels like winter. not far away at feels like spring, but severe weather, snow falling in northern minnesota and wisconsin. .here are a power outages to the south, people are cleaning up after severe weather and possible tornadoes. in iowa,
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at a private college, but nobody was injured. leon: if you are going to have your system shutdown, you want to have a weather day like today. alison: people could walk and take their bikes. 70 fournd it was nice, degrees today, about 20 degrees above average. we are now 56. the showers earlier this evening. now the temperatures, just waiting for the cold front, the cool front to move through. that will drop the temperatures later tonight. still in the 60's hagerstown and winchester, luray, 70 charlottesville, where they were in the lower 80's today. the wind speed beginning to pick up out of the west. the cold front is approaching. cold front is the not super cold, but it is cooler , with 50's across western pennsylvania, ohio, michigan. upper 40's in chicago. satellite and radar, not a lot going on right now, the skies have cle
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to 50, with skies mainly clear. this will happen from now until early tomorrow morning. when you wake up, grabbed the sunglasses. also grabbed the umbrella, scattered showers in the forecast just in time for st. patrick's day. noontime tomorrow, if you have outdoor lunch plans or outdoor recess, it will be a go. through the late afternoon, the showers begin to dot radar. it will not be a washout. they will only last 15, 20, 30 minutes, then quickly move out. umbrella may be necessary late in the afternoon, early evening. skies clear again, and cooler temperatures on the way friday. then a bigger cooldown for the end of the upcoming weekend. the low-pressure moves off towards the north, but a coastal low is expected to develop,
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the high temperatures saturday only in the lower 50's. sunday, talking 40's. cold, but not cold enough for snow. some computer simulations show snow sunday. at this point, strongly believe if we have any accumulation, it will be on the grassy areas and will not amount to a lot, more something to talk about than worry about. tomorrow, upper 60's, near 70. enjoy it. isolated showers late in the day. 53 degrees friday, cooling down for the weekend. the farmers market early in the morning saturday, you will need the jacket. we will see temperatures only in the upper 40's sunday. i will stay inside that day. 50 degrees monday, back into the 60's on wednesday. alison: i always see you at the
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alison: you go to the same farmers market? steve: there arefour, but one is closed for remodeling. leon: coming up next, robert burton and sports. ♪ (vo) you can check on them. you can worry about them. you can even choose a car for them. (mom) honey, are you ok? (child) i'm ok.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. leon: who are these guys? for the second straight game, the wizards are on the right side of a blowout. john wall had a triple-double. that is two in a row for the wizards. monday night, they blew out the pistons. they are pulling for
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the eighth spot in the eastern conference playoffs. is inile, robert burton raleigh, north carolina, as the virginia cavaliers get ready for what they hope will be a long run in the ncaa tournament. robert: everyone knows when it comes to the attorney -- to the tournament coming you want to take it one game at a time. tomorrow virginia cavaliers have hampton, but they are looking at michigan state as well. last season, they eliminated the cavaliers of the second round, two years ago in the regional semis. through asking players today about that. >> they are obviously a great team, but we are a good team. right now we have to focus on hampton. >> we just have to play hampton thursday. that is the biggest thing right now, pulling hampton, watching film, getting ready. robert: the six seed
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has never beat a one seed. still, you have to be on your toes. >> absolutely. years ago we were a one seed blank 04 carolina were down at the half. robert: for the seniors, being here is not just enough. >> this is their last run. we have to the best for them and play hard for each other. hamptongametime against tomorrow is 3 p.m. we are also across the country in spokane, washington, where scott abraham is with the terps. let's check in with scott. scott: the maryland men's basketball team arrived at their hotel a little after 6 p.m. local time. the terps had a long journey from college park, but they are here safe and sound. they will hit the practice court forrrow in preparation their first round game friday and south dakota state. >> that is dealing team we're worried about right now.
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scott: scott abraham, abc 7 sports. alison: good job of the sports, leon. leon: hey, you know. alison: you should do it next time. steve: oh, yeah. leon: that would be worth tuning in. [laughter] alison: still coming up, a wedding ring lost. >> jumpsuits, helmets, masks. the couple who sifted through tons of trash to get it act. -- to get it back.
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leon: hey, "nashville" fans, what did see the show live? tune in next week to win tickets, and you can also purchase them now at alison: it's like finding a needle in a haystack. a 12souri couple lost caret diamond ring in eight tons of trash. it fell into the trash after she took it off to wash her hands d
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truck. they put on a mask, goggles, and started digging. they found the precious ring. leon: they can afford a ring that big, but they cannot get somebody to dig for them? alison: apparently not. steve: 12 carats. that is a rock. alison: i would say so.
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alison: final look at the weather? steve: tomorrow, st. patrick's day, are you ready? brian van de graaff made this. lovely graphics. near 70 degrees. alison: what is going on with that leprechaun? steve: i don't know, he has the moves. we cooldown for the weekend, 50
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we want them to grow up stronger. and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- harry connick jr. from "dancing with the stars," erin andrews. and music from 2 chainz and lil wayne in austin, texas. with cleto and the cletones. and now, as far as i know,


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