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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  March 17, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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prominent d.c. school. leon: up first, allegations of rape at one of d.c.'s most prestigious schools. the police confirm they are looking to way possible incident at the sidwell friends school. alison: the alleged victim, a female student. tom roussey has the investigation. tom: write off busy wisconsin avenue is where sidwl
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this is very exclusive, costing more than $36,000 per year to go here. the president's daughters go here. they are dealing within alleged rape that happened yesterday afternoon. about 2:30 p.m. yesterday, a 17-year-old female student aleges she was raped by 16-year-old boy. the police confirm they are investigating the allegation. the police report says in the past, the two had had a sexual relationship. they also say what allegedly happened yesterday was not consensual. that is right off the d.c. police report. they are investigating. broughtes have been yet. reporting live in northwest, tom roussey, abc 7 news. leon: we will stay on top of that story and watch the developments. a young mother of two dead
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heroin overdose, allegedly at the hands of her husband. he is now charged with murder. the tragic developments playing out as abc 7 has has spent months investigating heroin's stronghold on our region. richard reeve has the story. richard: a heartbreaking story, the father charged with murder. his wife, the mother, is now dead of a drug overdose, and their two children have essentially lost both parents. from the outside, this house looks like any other. >> there is so much heroin in this place. richard: what happened behind the store has were five neighbors. >> nobody knew they were into drugs. family: outwardly a nice , 39-year-old william moore lived here with his wife, ashley and their children. >> her husband looked so clean-cut and nice. richard:
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different. addicts,were heroin a using every day, multiple times per day. moore called 911, saying his wife had overdosed. he later admitted to the police that he gave her a federal shot of heroin. >> they worked on her for 90 minutes. they cannot get her back. richard: worse, the children witnessed much of what went on beyond the closed doors. >> it was apparent with all the paraphernalia in front of the children. richard: ashley moore was pronounced dead on her daughter's 10th birthday. >> i think he deserves what he gets. richard: detectives were so shaken by this case that they bought birthday presidents for the little girl. there was nothing for her in
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grandparents. moore faces murder and drug charges. richard reeve, abc 7 news. alison: developing now, a former federal judge in the district facing accusations he sexually abused a 16-year-old girl. judge richard roberts resigned yesterday after being named in a civil lawsuit. according to the suit, roberts forced terry mitchell into having sex with him while she was a witness at a murder trial in 1981. at that time, roberts was a federal prosecutor in utah. .> he groomed her he was taking her out to dinner, and then coerces her into sex. a 16-year-old girl. michel approached prosecutors with a tape of a phone conversation in which roberts admitted having sex with her. afterled the suit prosecutors refused to pursue criminal charges back then. at the time, having sex with a
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a minor was a misdemeanor in utah. leon: officer jacai colson would have been 29 today. service andmorial funeral will follow. jacai colson will be laid to rest in his home state of pennsylvania. he died in a shootout sunday. there is more information about the memorial events on alison: switching gears now to the weather. the rain is leaving, skies are clearing, but the temperatures will be taking a dip. let's get the outlook from meteorologist brian van de graaff. always nice to see you. brian: nice to see you. let's talk about this. downtown.ow heading through the evening, once the
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of the cooler air will fill in. right now, comfortable. winchester, 54 leesburg. overnight towards dawn, 40's downtown, 30's in the suburbs. a cool start tomorrow. another nice day. highs back into the 60's. enjoy it because we are talking snow saturday evening. police right now, the are out to stop drunk driving. set upckpoints are through the region, including in college park. a renewed energy for shutting down dui in maryland last year. last year, montgomery county police officer noah leotta died after being struck by a suspected impaired driver. aon: new questions about mysterious townhome fire in woodbridge.
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later found dead inside. the circumstances are under inquiry. roz plater, what can you tell us? roz: because this is still a mystery and until there are some answers, the police are still on the scene tonight trying to figure out what caused this massive fire. the front of the home is just a shell. gone,completely destroyed. homes on either side are also damaged. what caused the fire and why the person inside cannot get out, those are the answers agencies are trying to find out -- prince william county police, the fire marshal, and the medical examiner. fire investigators had to use a crane and large beam to shore up the roof so they could get inside of the burned-out townhouse. late thursday, they made the discovery. >> we got inside and found the remains. roz:
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flames trip through the townhome early wednesday morning and neighbors on either side escaped and tried to war the man inside. >> my daughter went next-door door to pound on the door, but it was fully engulfed. roz: the fire so intense, even firefighters cannot get inside. heartbreak as the man's son arrived. >> he wanted to rush in to save his dad, but the house was totally engulfed. we had to hold him back, screaming for his father. it was just -- it was tough. roz: investigators have not identified the victim. this man says he is a coworker. >> i'm shocked still. some guys are crying for him. roz: investigators have to figure out how the devastating fire got started. the backimary focus is of the house where there is significant damage, significant structural damage. roz: about 8 a.m. tomorrow, the massive crane will be
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in place to hold the roof so investigators can go back inside, focusing tomorrow on finding the cause. roz plater, abc 7 news. for suspectsearching who got away with him a $60,000 worth of cell phones at a sprint store. this surveillance videos from yesterday morning from the store in aspen hill. they pry open a safe and snatch phones. they also stole cash. the police believe they may also be responsible for a similar crime in beltsville. if you have information, call the police. new developments, president obama has a supreme court justice pick spending the day in meetings on capitol hill. tonight we are learning more ties torrick garland's our area, including mentoring children for several years. tom roussey introduces us to a few of them. tom: at wilson elementary in northeast, wednesday was not a normal day. >>
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tutor was nominated for the supreme court. their tutor, saw merrick garland, on national tv. it was soike, wow, exciting seeing him next to president obama. tom: garland has volunteered at wilson for 18 years. >> he inspired me to become a lawyer or become a judge. tom: he has tutor jennifer since last school year. >> when i did not understand something, homework, he would tell us again until we got it. >> it's really powerful for both of them. tom: the principles has said that garland made a big impact. >> it's very powerful for a child to have an adult who was important and that shows them they are important. >> it means a lot to me. tom:
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daughters grades have gone up thinks to garland, who may not even get a confirmation vote in the senate. >> i don't know anything about politics. i just know what he did for my daughter. >> i got a lot of good grades and i never give up. he really helped me a lot. tom: in northeast, tom roussey, abc 7 news. leon: makes me want to vote for him. alison: unfortunately, we cannot. what a nice story. leon: love that. still ahead -- >> you know what, you failed. leon: raised voices on the hill, angry arguments about the flint water crisis. alison: and this is exciting, tonight the first peak at the little eaglet's beak on the d.c. eagle
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♪ ♪ is so wholesome... and it doesn't take the whole paycheck. giant's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less. my giant. you are watching abc 7 news at 11:00, on your side. leon: lawmakers downright furious at a hearing on the flint
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the water was contaminated with lead after city officials decided to switch water sources to save money, but now those officials are facing tough questions. jonathan elias has the contentious moments. jonathan: there was fireworks on the hill. governor of michigan was world today, the oversight committee pulling no punches. >> you have the authority come you had the backing of the federal government, and you did not act when you had the chance. you should step down. >> people who put dollars over a fundamental safety of people do not belong in government. you need to resign, too. jonathan: flint has been in crisis mode now four months. high lead levels and legionnaires disease has set off a public emergency, the epa and government admitting to fa ults. >>
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levels. jonathan: while accepting blame, they were also pointing fingers. the governor said that the michigan state agency left them in the dark about the magnitude of this problem. this is not going away anytime soon. for now, live in the satellite center, jonathan elias. back to you. alison: jonathan, thank you. 7 on your side helping a theft victim get back tuition money. one donation from all the way across the country. ofeves swiped $10,000 tuition money at a dunkin' donuts in falls church in january. tonight, two donors have officially deposited money into her account. viewer gave $5,000, and a viewer from our sister station in oregon donated another five grand. fairfax county police are still searching for the thief. leon:
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viewers on earth. way to go. love that. tonight, we got our first look at d.c.'s newest a lit. -- newest eaglet. it could still be several hours before the eaglet completely emerges. the parents are still tending to the eggs. this is a live look. they're getting some much-needed rest right now. they will need all the rest they can get. alison: good luck. it's sweet to see them watching patiently. talking pieces of grass and straw, nesting. leon: we saw a fish out there earlier. brian: it's fun. alison: it's good to see you. is it going to snow? brian: a little bit late saturday
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but not cold enough. the 60's.s still in let's talk about the pollen. wasss the area, the pollen not so good in some locations, including towards the north and west. the tree pollen is on the high boxwood among the biggest offenders, but the grass and mold is on the low side. weeds were absent, but they will be creeping back in. the precipitation over the weekend could drop down some of the pollen. today we got to 69. at 7:50 a.m.,ow almost 12 hours of daylight for we are getting close. 57 right now in manassas. wee the wind starts to calm, will fall into the 40's come even 30's across the area. the wind coming out of the
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is when the temperatures will respond. we may even have opera 30's in the western suburbs later tonight. be in the upper 30's in the western suburbs later tonight. still mid 60's friday, a little bit of a breeze pushing through the cold front. that brings colder air for the weekend. saturday, middle and upper 40's. saturday through the nighttime come early sunday, the moisture starts to stir up the coast. we may pick up some rain and snow. how long, that is the question. path, it could be prolonged or brief, a mixture. slushy accumulations. it is not out of the question, last year our last know was march 5. most of the snows have been minimal this time of year. mid 60's,ouple days, enjoy tomorrow
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little breeze at times. saturday come into the evening the precipitation develops. sunday, rain and snow mixed together. it will be cool, raw, maybe not so nice. stay inside and watch some basketball. i run a, by next week we are back into the upper 60's, near 70. areronic, by next week we back into the upper 60's, near 70. alison: speaking of basketball, robert is in the middle of it. hey, robert. leon: robert burton live in raleigh, north carolina. robert: yeah, do i look like a "bubba"? we are live at the ncaa tournament. virginia has butler saturday.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. robert: welcome back to raleigh, north carolina, were you have to have a short memory. uva wins, the coach collapses come all the drama. you have to forget about that because you have butler saturday. for uva, but not the scare that you would expect. virginia head coach tony bennett collapsing 40 seconds before the half. thenwas dehydrated, and when you squat down and get up quick, i just blacked out. >> i was praying to mature he was ok. -- i was praying to make sure he was ok. robert: as for the game, it was the prayer warrior from north carolina who would lead all
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and help motivate me to play the best i can play, i think that really gets me going. anotherfor round two, possible scare, this one upset related. >> they will not beat themselves. they will be ready to play. robert: as for maryland, they are preparing for south dakota state friday. scott abraham is in spokane with more. scott: the practice and preparation is finished. the next time maryland takes the floor, it's gametime. >> it does not matter if you are playing a 16 seed or one seed, once you're on the court, you have to be ready to play. >> we have to be ready to beat anyone. tomorrow and into just play. >> anything in happened
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it's shocking. we have to come out and handle our business and compete. in this tournament, anything can happen. scott: tomorrow's opening tip is set for 4:30 p.m. east coast time. scott abraham, abc 7 sports. robert: thanks, scott. in the pros, the was her's might make the playoffs. -- the wizards might make the playoffs with their third secondt win, john wall's straight triple-double. , ninth seeded butler has been known to have big upsets in the past. just cross your fingers they don't do that this year. back to you guys. alison: thank you, robert. coming up, green beer is not just forcing patrick's day. we will talk about this fundraiser in wisconsin.
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day, an st. patrick's lot of things go green. how about your face or follicles? today, wisconsin public service beards,dyed their hair, and eyebrows. it was all pledging money towards honor
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veterans to take trips to washington, d.c. last year they sent 40 veterans to d.c. alison: they seem to be enjoying it. brian: how long does it last? alison: good question. leon: they look like human highlighters.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- henry cavill. from "empire," gabourey sidibe. snapchatting with dj khaled. and music from flogging molly. with cleto and the cletones. and now, good luck, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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