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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  March 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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kimberly: right now, a child rescued from a 30 foot pit. actions that may have saved his life. plus -- an emotional day as a team and he mourns the loss of a police officer. how jacai colson is being remembered.
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we're threatening to walk out when trump speaks at a major event in d.c. tomorrow. 11:00, abc seven news at on your side. >> we love our protesters, don't we? now, the right lightning rod of the presidential race is headed to the nations capital. after a more than week -- after more than a week of protests, to host is preparing him at a significant event. he is scheduled to speak conference the apac along with three other presidential contenders. at theconner is live verizon center to explain. it has been a busy night. : it has, and there are concerns about protests tomorrow. as donald trump takes the stage,
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plan to walk out. there are barriers set up. vice president joe biden spoke here tonight to a crowd of about 18,000. the hustle around the convention dayer, thousands attending one of the largest pro-israel policy gathering. c, the american-israel presidential affairs committee, will bring in the presidential candidates monday. donald trump is scheduled to speak in the evening and are plans for some jewish leaders to walk out. >> to demean immigrants, women, muslims, to speak in harsh terms about people with disabilities, these are unacceptable. >> he is anti-black, pro-violence. cheryl: this past week, violence and disruptions at trump rallies.
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has a mission of strengthening the u.s.-israel relationship. other attendees say they are willing to listen. >> i will listen to what they have to say, draw your own opinion. : republican candidate says his relationship with israel runs deep, including his jewish family. >> i happen to have a son-in-law and daughter who were jewish. cheryl: hundreds plan to walk out monday evening. way of saying we are deeply uncomfortable, disturbed by the tone and content of this election. : hillary clinton is scheduled to speak in the morning. bernie sanders will not be here. he is the only jewish candidate, but we are told he has a campaign conflict. reporters have an opportunity with donald trump tomorrow afternoon at the old post office, the site of the trump international
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september. cheryl conner, abc 7 news. will not while sanders speak, hillary clinton will address the conference, and she is doing it with a fresh message. >> she will stand up to the gun lobby. that's why am voting for hillary. that is former arizona congresswoman gabby giffords, giving her support to clinton during a rally hosted by former president bill clinton. gabby giffords has been an advocate for gun control after being shot at a constituent meeting in 2011. today, and cuba president obama becoming the first sitting u.s. president to visit the country since calvin coolidge in 1928 by boat. marci gonzales has a look at the historic first moments. marci: a warm welcome to cuba.
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storage step forward in trying to mend -- an historic step forward and trying to mend the divide. has been obama: it nearly 90 years since a u.s. president set foot in cuba. it is wonderful to be here. the president visiting with u.s. embassy staff, playing along with the first family and old havana, past the vintage cars and weathered building, before sitting down with president raul castro. we are building .ies between our people and i'm laying out my vision for a brighter tomorrow. marci: problems of the present in full view. just before president obama's arrival, outspoken opponents to the regime arrested, part of the human rights concerns the president plans tois
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dissidents. >> he needs to challenge the regime come if you want to move forward at thus, you have to do this. marci: while there are plenty of critics of this visit, in havana we have seen excitement about the possibility of change. marci gonzales, abc news. kimberly: president obama brought another connection to history. on board air force one was jackie robinson's widow and daughter. he played in cuba in 1947 during the dodgers spring training. that is the same year that he broke the major league baseball color barrier. a couple weeks away, but you cannot tell from the weather. devon lucie is here. any chance we will feel more of a warm-up tomorrow? the wind,h unfortunately will feel as cold as today. today, right
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now, the last of the precipitation coming through. that is good news. we will have sunshine earlier in the day, stronger when will clear. will clear.wind we only hit 45 today. upper 30's right now real-time temps. precipitation coming you may be seeing some flakes northwest d.c., georgia avenue, tenleytown, gallaudet, chevy chase, columbia. it is going rain la plata, waldorf, fort washington, accokeek, stafford, fredericksburg, spotsylvania counties. the last of the precipitation pushing to the east. the bus stop forecast, a little sun in the morning, and be it cold. by recess, midday in the afternoon, 52 will be the high. it will not feel anything like that. thereafter, a big warm-up.
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entire forecast coming up. kimberly: a good week to have spring break off if you were somewhere else. even though today was the first day of spring, it didn't feel like it. some people are concerned about the impact on the cherry blossoms. those who visited the title in found cherry blossom still short of peak bloom, which is good news. despite the chilly temperatures, the peak bloom dates are still set for wednesday and thursday. >> we are surprised there are this many people here because of the weather forecast. >> i'm shocked how many people are coming to see this. kimberly: we have not seen anything yet. or 7 and news channel 8 official sponsors of the cherry blossom festival. stay with us for coverage of all of those events. an emotional day in prince george's county as the community gathered to honor a police officer, son,
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tribute to officer jacai colson, killed one week ago in a shoot out in front of his police station. roz plater was at the vigil marking the grim milestone. >> i know that you miss him dearly. as to why. -- as do i. so i ask you please join me for the next minute of silence. [bagpipes play] at the exact time and the exact place where prince george's county detective jacai colson lost his life, a crowd hisered to mourn him, family, his police family, and community he served. >> we are appalled by the situation. this was a young man doing his job. >> he was a fantastic grandson. he is what i call my man. he is in a better
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is at peace with all of it. roz: one week ago in front of the third district police station, investigators say that suspected shooter michael ford opened fire in an attempted suicide by a police officer. nearby, his two brothers recorded. arrivedrcover officer at the firefight dressed in plain clothing and the police chief said another officer shot and killed colson, thinking he was a suspect. >> i want to understand what happens what does not happen again, but i'm very proud the way the key minute he has responded -- the way the community has responded. >> wrap your arms around one another. we will get through this. is a memorial service planned for friday morning and upper marlboro. he will be buried monday in his home state of pennsylvania. the details are on our website, roz plater, abc 7 news. kimberly: no another trag
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hunters of people turned out for princeaiser for two william county officers were wounded in the line of duty. were wounded last month in a shooting that left officer ashley guindon dead. 1681 restaurant in woodbridge held a fundraiser that included live music and a raffle. paid $30 per head, with 100% of the proceeds going to the wounded officers. workouteo is from a yesterday where they also raised money for all three families. >> to be able to take it one step further, one day further, everyday going forward, it only happens because of the support. kimberly: the money raised tonight will help take your of expenses that are not covered by insurance or workmen's comp. for the wounded officers. coming up --
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what it took to save a child's stuck in a 30-foot deep hole. what his friend did that may have saved his life. new details in a heartbreaking missing children's case. what we are learning about life in custody for the mother of jacob and sarah hogle. milesdisturbing discovery from where 13 bald eagles were found dead.
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kimberly: one of the eagle families in the country got a little bigger this morning. president andmr. the first lady welcome the nest. eaglet to their we have all been glued to the live webcam. the live picture is on the right. there is a link to the eagle cam on
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mysterious bald eagle deaths, bald eagles in delaware, 35 miles east of federals berg, maryland, -- maryland, the distance may be significant because 13 bald ingles were found dead last month. maryland officials believe it may have been a criminal act. a reward is being offered in the case. so far, the cause of death in delaware is not known. new information about a montgomery county mother accused and the disappearance of her young children. hogle is accused of repeatedly trying to escape the maximum-security psychiatric hospital where she is being held. she has been ruled not cap a tent --
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not competent to stand trial. they are safe.t there were last seen with their mother 18 months ago. dead followinge a bizarre hold at a toll plaza on the pennsylvania turnpike. this happened this morning, 65 miles northwest of harrisburg. a retired state trooper shot and killed a toll collector during a robbery. thepers arrived and killed retired state trooper during a shootout. in 11-year-oldy, maryland boy is in serious condition after being rescued from a deep hole in the ground. happened in rosedale, outside of baltimore. firefighters had to use a rope and harnessed to pull the boy from the 30-foot deep hole. a second 11-year-old boy was able to climb out on his own and flag down somebody to help. both are in serious but stable condition. it is not known whether the boys fell into the
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role-playing and got stuck. holy week is underway around the world tonight. ♪ kimberly: what a beautiful site. held mass atrancis the vatican to mark palm sunday, marking jesus' entrance into jerusalem before his crucifixion. the pontiff focused on doing more to help refugees from war-torn syria and iraq. in washington, cardinal donald worrall celebrated at st. matthew's cathedral, beginning with the traditional blessing of the palm branches. many are calling it a case of divine intervention at this beginning of holy week. in corpus christi, a massive tree toppled. inches.t it missed by
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the homeowner says it is a miracle the tree fell exactly where it did, leaving the statue and, more portly, their house. that is remarkable. devon: mother nature made a mess. kimberly: what's going on here? devon: the good news, this will be the last of the precipitation for this round. road, past down the the seven-day forecast, and we are not completely done with winter coming at least the cold temperatures about 10 days from now. the real-time temperatures come into the 30's. these are low temperatures. flying, howard, montgomery, northern prince george's come in the district. tenleytown, georgetown, downtown, northwest, southeast getting snow, gallaudet,
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clinton, raindrop activity, bowie. to rateth and turns in activity, northern virginia, fredericksburg, spotsylvania county, stafford, it is ending. najemoy, la plata, waldorf, a little bit of rain. once the back edge is gone, we are done. tomorrow morning, a little bit of sunshine. the upper-level system digging in, going down further south. that is adding energy. they are combining to push the system away, the northeast wind influence. more of a breezy, chilly day. tuesday will be the best day before the big warm-up. that is wednesday and thursday. that is the big picture. a more highly defined forecast, much more specific, the last of the precipitation pushing
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sunshine breaking out tomorrow morning. cold. gloves, coat, ready to go. on the top end, mid 30's, possibly freezing tomorrow morning. plenty of sunshine. 51, 52 in the afternoon. the wind is 15, possibly 25 miles per hour sustained. feel more like 43 tomorrow. better, 60ch degrees. ast is doing an excellent job, cloud cover tonight breaks away tomorrow morning at sunrise. a little peak of sunshine coming in. the rest of the day, sunshine, blue skies, 52. unfortunate, feels like 43. 60 tuesday. you know what is going to pop tuesday?
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the peak forecast wednesday, thursday is dead money, 71, 75, the be the best days. the cold front thursday, friday will bring in some rain, maybe some wind, maybe causing the blossoms to go away. kimberly: you know who will be out there on her day off. absolutely. first, sports. fear the turtle. maryland fans very happy tonight. sports is coming up.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. ton: maryland is headed back the sweet 16 for the first time since 2003. mark turgeon will face his alma mater, kansas. with the victory, they claim day spot in the ee
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louisville. it was not easy for the terps, facing number 13 hawaii. to pulls used a big run away for a 73-60 second round victory. with the victory, they will play in louisville. >> really happy for these guys. this is a big step. final four not the or the national championship but to be part of the sweet 16, it's a big thing and i'm happy for the players. >> it will be an enjoyable night. at the same time, we still have business to take care of. we are not going to get too crazy. erin: caps and penguins. this was physical. in the second, traffic in front. taking a poke at braden holtby, don't what to do that. the caps don't like it, a scrum ensues. sid the kid taken down by tj hosiery
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but that fires up the penguins. the caps lose, 6-2. tournamentn the ncaa and an in-depth look at maryland and virginia, with george mason standout butler. join robert burton in me coming up
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picture, and now it is reality. that is a chopper lifting into place a glass slide that will sit 1000 feet up, part of an observation deck being built at the los angeles u.s. bank tower. the slide is supposed to open in june. tickets are on sale. $27 for the view.
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