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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  March 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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leon: up first, bold speeches inside as protesters agitate outside the verizon center. presidential candidates including donald trump addressing the american israel public affairs commission. alison: roz plater has both sides of the controversy tonight. roz? roz:
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four of the remaining five presidential candidates came here to speak with the group, but donald trump drew the protesters on the streets. it was all very peaceful. there was one disruption inside, carried out by a lone rabbi. dozens of protesters gathered outside of the verizon center where presidential front runner donald trump will be speaking. they were not fans it were not shy about saying so. is theld trump consummate bully. he is a buffoon. >> the america he is talking about is not the america that we love. roz: on the inside, a somewhat more subdued trump that took the stage to a packed house at the conference. >> i speak to you today as a lifelong supporter and true friend of israel.
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i'm a newcomer to politics, but not to backing the jewish state. roz: a speech that got him a standing ovation. >> he is impressive as a character. this rabbi said when he began shouting his own protest, security caret him out -- security carried him out. >> i felt the need to raise my hands up high and declare this man is wicked, do not listen to him. expect aere told to large group of rabbis walking out during the speech. we did not see that. there are some reports that some of them headed for the exits before the trip speech began. roz plater, abc 7 news. leon: more primaries ahead. in arizona, utah, and idaho, making their decisions tomorrow. stay with abc 7
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the results and analysis through the day. alison: crews on the scene of a big house fire in montgomery county. flew over the scene on primrose view court in damascus. the building was evacuated because of concerns it could collapse. responders called for additional firefighters, but there were no injuries. three people made it out safely. also responded to a high-rise condo fire in northwest. no one enjoys in this fire along scott circle. there is significant damage to the apartment where it started. it is still under investigation. leon: new developments in the metro safety saga. it is not over. if it are and agency says that metro is failing to address what is causing equipment problems. tom roussey has with the federal transit administration is saying. tom? tom:
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was a fire near the mcpherson square metro station that led to the decision to shut metro down for a day for safety inspections last week. because of that and a host of other issues, the federal transit administration is beginning a safety blitz of --ro, looking in so-so looking into some long-standing problems. one of the things the fda will take a hard look over the next few weeks is the integrity of the tracks, something that has been in the news after an insulator fire last week. the entiredown system for a day for safety inspections, inconveniencing many. fta says the problems go far deeper, saying that it sent an last august back to metro because metro do not get to the root cause. another thing they say they will look into in the next few weeks, trains that go through red sign
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says it has happened 50 time since 2012. they will also look into how employees parked the trains when they are not being used. says at times metro workers do not follow the rules and trains have broken free and rolled. fta says it will do this safety blitz for the next few weeks, then we'll put together a final report with recommendations that should be done by early summer. the metro spokesperson said that metro welcomes any and all oversight, but does not really have anything to say beyond that about what the fta is doing. tom roussey, abc 7 news. alison: tom, thank you. winter to spring, a just a matter of days, it has been a weather roller coaster. now it looks like a warming trend. here is brian van de graaff with a look at tomorrow. brian:
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will be brisk early in the morning. don't be surprised with the chilly numbers, but through the day we will have some warming. through the evening, we are seeing 30's. 30's in fredericksburg, martinsburg. a crisp evening, 30's and 20's. by midday, scattered clouds, lower 50's. tomorrow afternoon we are pushing 60 degrees. it be even warmer thursday and friday. the next chance of rain and a look ahead to the weekend just around the corner. see you soon, brian, thank you for stop developing now, a search for suspects after a robbery and sex assault in southeast that happened early friday in the 2600 block of martin luther king jr. avenue southeast. the suspect showed a handgun and forced the
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basement, where she was sexually assaulted and robbed. if you have any information about the incident, call the police right away. leon: prince george's county police officer jacai colson will be laid to rest next week for stop he was shot to death earlier this month during an ambush. the departments of the funeral will be open to the public because of the outpouring of support. the funeral is set for friday morning at the first baptist church in glenarden. beublic viewing will thursday. for a full list of the events, go to aison: learning english as top priority for a growing population of students in montgomery county, but the division isict esol being restructured and thousands are wondering what's next. there was a protest at a board of education meeting. mike carter-conneen has the story. mike? mike: montgomery county
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schools expects 2500 many new students next year, many of them english language learners. the county has seen a 32% increase in the number of esol students, currently at 21,000. tonight, many parents and teachers expressed concerns about resources and funding for the program. board ofomery county education meeting was delayed because of the large crowd. many moved into the overflow room. board members were hearing concerns about resources for english of spiegel's of other languages program. kindergartenf esol students are proficient. mike: the esol will be decentralized with staff spread across the country. >> that is fine, but we want to make sure there is funding and accountability. mike: teachers need more help with the
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of students. >> we welcome them, but for a teacher, a new student every day becomes 25 very quickly. >> the lack of resources, technology, and supports the teachers need for the students. academic officer says many arrive in january, february, even as late as may, and in large numbers. >> it's difficult to get the staff first-come, and then get them in the middle of the year issue andng truly an it affects our students. we want to get much better at doing that. is adding five new parent community coordinators and 36 additional full-time employees for the esol program next year. based on the current rate of growth, many advocates say it is not enough. mike carter-conneen, abc 7 news. leon:
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the first lady are the guests of honor at a state dinner in havana tonight. this cap their first full day of the historic visit to cuba, the first by a sitting president in a most 90 years. today he met with the cuban president raul castro and then they held a joint news conference. once again says he wants cuba to improve their human rights record, but acknowledges it may not happen quickly. president obama: i do not believe that he wants to up in the ruling party your system they have. tomorrow, mr. obama will talk directly to the cuban people in a nationally televised speech. we will have continuing coverage. alison: a new chapter in the battle between apple and the fbi. the justice department says it may not need the tech giant after all to get into the iphone of a suspected terrorist. has been pressuring apple to help it gain access to
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wants to cancel a hearing set for tomorrow. no details on the source of the help. apple has been fighting against unlocking the phone, saying that could create a slippery slope. leon: still ahead -- he already lawsuit, so why is whole cogan getting even more money? -- why is whole cogan getting even more money? alison: a d.c. teenager wins a
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leon: a tagteam victory of sorts, another payout for hulk hogan. awarded him $25 million of punitive damages, in addition to the $115 million he was already granted. last week, he won a decision against gawker media for posting a sex tape that featured him and his wife. alison:
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, a d.c. teenager's artwork won a national contest hosted by google. as tom roussey reports, she hopes that it sends a meaningful message. today, if you went to the google homepage come you may have noticed something unusual, this artwork featured nationwide. the artist is a d.c. teenager. we spoke on face time with the teenager while she was at google headquarters in mountain view, california. while there, she learned that she had one the google contest. >> it was a long process. she's a sophomore at eastern high school, where her art teacher urged her to enter. beat entries from all 50 states. it features black history as well as curren
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she hopes that it sends a message. person thatpe of not only turns heads but -- she said the woman is his or her mom, who went on the trip with her. millions are getting the chance to see the drawing. >> i do think it really hit me. tom: tom roussey, abc 7 news. alison: impressive. besides the trip to california, she won a 30,000 other college scholarship. eastern high school, where she goes as a sophomore, will receive a $50,000 google for education grant. leon: way to go. she has some talent. 7 on your side with a consumer alert about new apple products coming out. the tech giant rolled out its e, and a smaller package. it also has a better camera and upgraded security. they also introduced the ipad
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but the same size come as well is an updated mobile operating system and new wristbands for the apple watch. preorders begin this week. it feels like we had all the seasons in the past week, but now we are just a couple days away from the predicted peak blooms of the cherry blossoms at the tidal basin. the predicted peak bloom starts wednesday, as previously predicted and scheduled. are channel 8 and abc 7 proud sponsors of the cherry blossom festival. we will be going to the parade in a few weeks. the blossoms are going to be ok despite the cold snap. brian: we are still in the pre-bloom phase. alison: we will take your word for it. brian: it is a real phrase. a shot from
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tidal basin from last year, to give you a preview. 53 was the high today. we were a little short of 58, and the wind was howling. the wind has called down, allowing temperatures to drop back as well. 31 culpeper, leesburg 36, 37 fredericksburg. the temperatures continue to drop with a clear skies and very light wind. i think a lot of of us tomorrow will wake up in the 30's. could be a little frost in some locations. tomorrow morning will be brisk. through the day, some improvements. light wind, clear skies, a little bit of chill across the area. the chill will finally start to break up tomorrow. the wind out of the west, southwest, and the warmer air live sin tomorrow. in
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wednesday, pushing low 70's. thursday could be in the mid-70's. we will see the trend heading in that direction. breezy tomorrow, but it will be warmer, partly to mostly sunny through the afternoon. the average this time of year, 58 degrees. a nice feel tomorrow. the extended outlook, breaking down the next few days, the warming trend wednesday into thursday. thursday night, clouds roll in. friday morning, we could have a shower, but i think the bulk of the day is drive. saturday looking good. sunday, easter, there is the slightest chance of a shower. stay of us we will be in the 60's, above average this time of year. good, not as sunny as i would like, but still early in the forecast.
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through the week. hopefully still looking good. long-term, each day is above where we should be this time of year. alison: that's good. we will take it. leon: we need some good news with the local sports teams. erin: the weather is getting warmer, the wizards are heating up. they hope to extend their win streak tonight, but it was a tough night.
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[000:22:12;00] ♪ as long as you love me, it's alright. ♪ shape the best sleep of your life. sleep number beds with sleepiq technology adjust any way you want it. the bed that moves you. only at a sleep number store. >> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. on a the was words are five-game winning streak after beating the hawks tonight. all the starters were in double figures tonight. they're playing like a team with
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something to prove now. bradley beal slams it home. wiz up by 8. the nail in the coffin, john wall puts up the three, it goes. wall with 27. wiz win 117-102. a tough night for brenda frese and the maryland women's team after they were upset by the seventh-seeded washington huskies. that went down in college park. maryland was battling all night. , she getsbrough three. maryland up by five at the half. the terps only scored eight points in the third quarter. three, putting the game out of reach. the huskies upset maryland, 75 4-65. maryland's season is done.
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>> you never want to go out like this, but we l think right now, there is a lot of disappointment for how we are sending the seniors out. maybe tomorrow we look to the future, but for now it's hardest for the seniors. erin: how sweet it is, the terps are still celebrating their first sweet 16 appearance since 2003. they received a warm welcome from fans today in college park, maryland. the last time kansas and maryland faced off in the tournament, the team did so in the 2002 final four and maryland won that match up in the national championship. nit, george washington taking on monmouth. the colonials in control. he shoots come it's good. later, looking like steph curry.
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nitoves on to the quarterfinals. to selling the naming rights to nationals park. teams have sold naming rights to their stadium, so looks like the nats will join them. leon: cannot walk away from the money. nobody wants to. speaking of naming rights, there is one that everybody is talking about. the majestic ship that should have a majestic name the--list -- the
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eat well for less. only at my giant. alison: warming trend? brian: be cold in the morning. there could be some frost. 60's by the afternoon. we push near 70 wednesday, mid-70's thursday. a chance of a shower friday morning, but should clear out. sunday, could be an isolated shower. at least we are in the mid-60's, not bad for easter sunday.
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leon: jimmy kimmel live is next. alison: have a good night. and now abc's jimmy kimmel live. >> dicky: from hollywood - it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- harrison ford, elizabeth olsen, and music from cam. with cleto and the cletones! and now, moving right along, here's jimmy kimmel!


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