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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  March 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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sites across the u.s. >> we begin the team coverage with jonathan elias. what do you have on this? jonathan: we're just getting information and we learned nine americans were injuredded in the attack. including a u.s. air force member. five members of his family. three mormon missionaries from utah. >> police on rooftops. soldiers on the ground. hunting for suspected terrorist. these images on twitter showing brussels at the highest state of alert. with the officials now revealing they did discover a third bomb at the airport which did not go off. police are confirming they are searching for the man on the right in this picture, identifying him as a suspect in the brussels airport attack. >> so many people panicked. so many people cried. >> scared. they were on the run. >> hundreds of terrifieded passengers ran for their lives after two explosions. first ripped through the airport. then inside a subway station
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the attacks coming days after the arrest of the major suspect in the november paris terror attacks. >> we all stand together with our allies. belgium, on this dark day. >> a show of solidarity and defiance streets of brussels are covered with messages of hope and prayers if for victims. president obama vowing support condemn the attacks from havana, cuba. >> he with will do -- we will do whatever is necessary to support our friend belgium to bring to justice those responsible. >> president obama ordered all u.s. flags flown at half staff through saturday for sign of respect for victims in brussels. maureen? maureen: there is increased security at our airports tonight, visible and invisible. you will notice added patrols and checkpoints. united airlines canceled tonight's flight from dulles to brussels leaving some passengers stranded and
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travel. abc7 spoke to a group of missionaries who just returned from brussels. some shaken by the thought they walk through the airport there just hours before the bombing. >> there are increasing security on metro. metro saying there is no known credible threat but you can expect to see extra patrols working the area as a precaution. brianne carter live with a look at the measures in place. and put in place. >> we have seen the metro transit police out in front of the station. they are getting out from just above the station. onto trains as well.
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after the deadly terror attacks targeting transit. >> i notice there were more in the system where i'm coming from. coming from virginia going to washington. >> metro transit police say there is no known credible threat against the system. k9 and stepped up patrols are added as a precaution. letter to metro employees transit police chief says he is in constant communication with federal law enforcement. adding to protect the system all 13,000 employees need to remain alert and report anything suspicious. meanwhile, police departments say they are increasing their presence at the metro stations and the transit hubs. many say they refuse to letterrism change their habits. >> i do it every day. i can't let it scare me. >> i don't feel about worrying about something beyond my control. it's not the way to live.
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>> it's not just here on metro. we reached out to amtrak as well. they say they are in constant communication with the state, federal and the local partners as well. increasing the patrols there. both agencies tonight saying if you see something, say something. maureen: belgian's ambassador spoke to reporter today and said for the past several days authorities have been anticipating something of this nature. >> people were at the highest levels of awareness in terms of being aware. that something might have been in the offing. that was the mind set of the security people in the last few days. that mind set, the preventative action taken. this occurred. leon: flights across the world
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brussels. the scene you see in france and paris. the eiffel tower lit up to show support of belgium. lit up in the colors of the flag of belgium. other landmarks lit up in red, white, green. maureen: we're still monitoring the bombing investigation in brussels. stay with abc7 throughout our newscast and through the evening for updates as police search for suspects. more up to the minute information about the brussels terror attacks and to weigh in on our poll visit leon: still ahead on "abc7 news at 6:00" -- president obama continuing his historic visit to cuba and the address to the people there. what it means for relations going forward maureen: a lot at stake for the race in the white house. three states holding primaries today and how it could shrink the field. >> controversial debate gets a new chapter. offering to unlock a terrorist iphone against apple's wishes now. that is just ahead.
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doug: peak bloom tomorrow and thursday. warmest temperatures in a few weeks. happy to share those numbers still ahead at "abc7 news at 6:00". leon: happening right now d.c. mayor muriel bowser giving her state of the district address. you can watch it in the entirety on sister station newschannel8. "abc7 news at 6:00" rig
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leon: isis took responsibility for the brussels attack. u.s. sites increased security for the response. we'll bring updates as we get more here. alison: president obama is closing the three-day threat to cuba. but the address shifted to terror in brussels today. as he addressed the thought and prayer to the victims. he touched on the hopes of friendship and prosperity to the people of cuba. president obama: i have come here to bury the last remnant of the cold war in the americas. i have come here to extend the hand of friendship to the cuban people. maureen:
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with the dissidents and many in prison for speaking out against the castro regime. he acknowledged a long road to restore full human rights in cuba. leon: it's a new tuesday. that means new primaries. three western states head to the polls. arizona, idaho and utah have decisions scheduled. today front runners hillary clinton and donald trump sparring over foreign policy. clinton accusing trump being indecisive. trump calls clinton weak on israel. stay with us on abc7 for primary results. we'll have it for this everything. the latest for the races tonight at 11:00. maureen: still ahead at "abc7 news at 6:00" -- new information about the man suspected of shooting a prince william county police officer to death. what the lawyer is saying about the mental state ahead. >> warmer weather ahead. chief meteorologist doug hill with a look at temperatures next. erin: i'm erin
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maureen: this is a life picture of a memorial dedicated to the victims of today's terror attacks in brussels. we are tracking the latest out of that city. at least 31 people are dead. and 230 wounded after terrorist bomb struck the heart of belgian capital. the explosion happened at the busy airport and the subway station. they released the image of two alleged bomber and suspect. investigation is underway. stay with abc7 for continuing coverage of the brussel attack. leon: tonight, researchers in baltimore say they have hacked their way to apple secure messaging system. this coming as the department of justice is asking apple to help unlock terrorist phone and express willingness to go to court to get it done. paul gessler introduce us to
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break encryption. >> inside room 307 of the malone hall, they are attacking apple encryption. >> on one level we are curious and we like to look at things and poke them. and the other thing to show it's harder than people think it is. >> we are at 36 hours. the attack is still running. >> they found a hole in apple encryption that went past the imessage. >> we are trying to do, is to show that is there a vulnerability and can it be done better? >> f.b.i. thinks it's vulnerable, too. it canceled the hearing against the tech giant scheduled for tuesday saying they believe they might have a way in syed farook's phone. apple ceo monday said he didn't expect to be in this position. >> we have a responsibility to help you protect your data and protect your privacy. >> this hopkins research will be
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security papers once apple finds a way to patch that hole that the research team found. is there what we are looking for to sea if it happens. we know that it happens if we see a particular link. this link here. >> the f.b.i. battle with apple unrelated to the hopkins research but the students say this proves even the good encryption can be exploited. >> apple has some of the best in the business and they still messed up. maunders new details about the man suspected of shooting a virginia police officer to death. ronald hamilton says he is mentally impaired after serving two tours in iraq. he is an army staff sergeant from wood bridge. charged with capitol murder for shooting ashley guindon february 27. it was her first day on the job. at a pretrial hearing in manassas what pill top's lawyer says
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client's state of mind to be an issue moving forward. stay with abc7 news for continuing coverage. leon: tonight us a spended prince george -- a suspended prince george's police officer and her husband is facing theft and for charges. the grand jury today indicted officer jennifer sims and her husband harold sims. prosecutors say jennifer sims filed false time sheets for two years and racked up $2,000 in overtime. maureen: thousands of people will attend the tidal basin in the coming days. tomorrow, the cherry blossom will reach predicted peak bloom. we will be peeking at the peak blooms. prediction was altered a few times because of the wild swings in temperatures but you can already see some pink blossoms on the chiry trees. some of the trees are more than a hundred years old. leon: that is more than twice the normal life span from what we lear
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abc7 and nans nans proud sponsors of the cherry blossom festival. we want to see the photos that you take when you go to the tidal basin to see the blossoms. take the shot and send them to us at dalles nice day -- doug: nice day today and nicer tomorrow. we hope the warm weather would coincide with the peak bloom. weather story. first, after 6:00. 62 at reagan national airport. live shot. view from the national harbor along the potomac. looking northward to downtown washington. south/southwesterly winds at 14. dry air. breezy. the winds are important to warms up. they will. 62 and 35. the high and the low today. 58 and 39 are the average. we are as hot here in this part of march we did 90 degrees in 18907. back the other way, too. cold as 17. happy to say the temperatures will b
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for the foreseeable future. if you are around taking beautiful weather pictures of the cherry blossom. send it to us at we'll share them on-air, online, many as we can. lower 60's across the region. 64 in fredericksburg and charlottesville. it's 61 in baltimore. 61 in lexington park. clear to partly cloudy. overnight lows are averaging ten degrees warmer than last night and the night before. cool and comfortable in the morning. we have an area of pressure building for the north carolina coastline. the more pronounced the winds will get in the next 48 hours to transport in the warmer temperatures. we are looking for highs in the 70's tomorrow. 72 with the sunshine. 75 on thursda
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morning on friday to give us 60% chance of rain. look for clearing through the day. friday afternoon is cooler. 65. that is pleasant with partly sunny skies. seven-day outlook. see the temperatures go up. early morning rain with cold front on friday. clearing in the afternoon and 65. 62 degrees on saturday. 65 easter sunday with the partly sunny skies. the clouds will increase ahead of the next frontal system but rain will hold off until late at night or monday morning for the rain to arrive. 67. turning cooler by tuesday. nighttime temperatures are well above freezing. back to you. leon: erin is watching the process looking for skins who are looking for a place to call home. erin: rgiii is one of them. the cleveland browns find like a perfect fit for me. maybe not for leon. leon: hey! erin: hear why the terps are breezing easy before the
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erin: after four years as the featured running back for the redskins, morris jones is a dallas cowboy. he signed a two-year deal with dallas so the skin fans will see him twice a
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a former skin that still doesn't have a landing spot is rgiii. he met with the browns over the weekend and hugh jackson said he left a strong impression. >> i can run a football. last year he didn't play. he humblinged himself. he knows he has work to do to get back where he was. erin: it's been an up and down season for the men's team but they are celebrating the first trip to the ncaa tournament since 2003. the road doesn't get easier as they have to face kansas thursday in louisville.
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>> i want them to play well and enjoy the moment. there are only 16 left. we will be on the national stage. want to enjoy the moment. robert burton is traveling with virginia as they take on iowa state. and scott abraham with terps in louisville. in the mood for burgizza? it's a burger between pizza. if this is appetizing go to the nats opener in atlanta because the braves are serving that every game this season. it gives meat loves salivating after that. but bring your tums. opening day is april 4. leon: the best thing to happen
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eat one of those before they play. >> will alison: beautiful night. doug: comfortable. drop to 40's but the high pressure south. to draw on the warmer air tomorrow and thursday. tomorrow afternoon high of 72 degrees. partly sunny on thursday. 75 degrees. friday will roll around and showers with the cold front and high of 65. that is easter weekend that looks fine. partly cloudy. 62 on saturday. 65 on easter sunday. brian van de graaff in for steve tonight at 11:00 to give you update on the wake-up forecast and the easter weekend, too. maureen: special "world news tonight" will focus on the brussels terror attack next. leon: we will have continuing coverage on abc7 news at 10:00 and here at 11:00.
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it because we're family too. tonight, a special edition of "world news tonight." the deadly terror attacks in brussels. at the airport. >> stay down. >> and in the subway. the americans caught in the middle of it all. three deadly explosions rocketing the city. tonight, isis reportedly claiming responsibility. dozens killed. more than 200 hurt. this image leading to an urgent manhunt at this hour. what authorities have spotted in the surveillance photo. passengers escaping the subway in the dark and smoke. i talk with the american man who pried the door open. >> it was a nightmare. >> and the virginia woman who hid behind the counter at the airport with the ticketing agent. while here at home tonight, images from the subway in new york city. amid questions about our own security. the tense moment at an american airport, the passenger jet met by authorities. and the fbi tonight.


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