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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  March 23, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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lead. more than 36 hours after the deadly attacks. turkey detained one of the suspects but then deported him. that is according to the turkish president. he slipped through the system last year, making his way from the syrian border to belgium. so far the belgium prosecutor identified two of the suicide bombers. brothers khalid and brahim el bakraoui. khalid killed in the metro explosion. brahim in the airport attack leaving behind this message. >> he says i don't know what to do. people are looking for never where. if i get caught i'll end up in a cell. leon: they had criminal records but nothing related to terrorism. they say they want to track down the fugitive after leaving behind the powerful bag of explosives at the airport which which only detonated after the bomb squad arrives. tribute and prayers continue ac
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the world. president obama weighing in from argentina. >> you do not have power over us. we are strong. our values are right. you offer nothing. except death. leon: so far the state department has not been able to confirm whether any americans are among those killed. there are several americans unaccounted for in brussels at the moment. secretary of state john kerry will be traveling to brussels on friday. alison? alison: there is a visible outpouring of support at the embassy of belgium today. for the past day and a half, actually. people have delivered flowers to the embassy where flags are flying at half staff. today, vice president joe biden stopped by to pay respects, signing the condolence book there. the vice president says the u.s. is ready to give belgium any help that hay be needed -- that may be needed. in the hours following the attack in belgium security increased at home. the biggest focus was public transit an
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people will be gathering. right now in d.c. that means anything that gets people to and from the cherry blossoms. brianne carter on the national mall now with the security precautions. >> the museums, we had a white house photo op. brianne: from spring school trip to checking out the spring cherry blossoms, this is one of the busiest times of the year in the nation capital. but this year's uptick in visitors coming on the heels of a terrorist attack overseas and stepped up security in d.c. today an increased police presence on metro and other transit systems continue. all across the region. police and transit agencies working out front and behind the scenes. to protect the influx of people downtown. while many say they won't let what happened in brussels alter their plans. >> no, i mean we have been here for 15 years. you get used to it. brianne: or change how they plan to get around. >> my nephew goes to george mason and he is coming in on the metro. we may end up on the me
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well. >> no concerns? >> you have to keep going. brianne: other visitors say even though there is no known threat to d.c. it still raises concerns. >> it gets in people's minds. they stop to do things. it's a domino effect. i wouldn't trust it for a while. brianne: it is important to know stepped up security like this is out of an abundance of caution. officials here in washington saying at this point there is no known credible threat against metro or against the legion. in southwest washington, brianne carter, abc7 news. alison: thank you very much. so, now while we are on guard here, in europe the state department is warning americans to stay away from large crowds there, too. at 6:00 tonight we'll hear from a local family who says they are now reconsidering their vacation plans. we'll also continue monitoring the developments from brussels. stay with us for a live report in 15 minutes. leon: let's switch gears right now and take a live look here at d.c. cherry blossoms. they are now at the beginning of the expected peak for
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cherry trees around the tidal basin. live look now. not looking bad. doug hill standing by. we couldn't even ask for better weather than this. this is awesome. doug: we will take it. look at the alexandria, virginia, belle haven country club. 74 there. delightful afternoon and everything. we will see mild temperatures continue. we are seeing the numbers in the low to the mid-70's across the region. 73 in winchester. 75 in leesburg and manassas. 75 in baltimore. 72 at the reagan national airport. through the everything hours the temperatures will drop from the upper 60's to the lower 60's late tonight. with the southerly winds the mild temperatures will continue. tomorrow a perfect day for watching the blossoms. plenty of sunshine. breezy and warm. highs near 75 degrees. look ahead to the weekend in a couple of minutes. leon: sound good.
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thanks, doug. warning for anyone planning to visit a popular park. last night two men attacked a woman outside of lubber run park in north arlington. our northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg is there tonight. he has a look at what we should know about the attack and those responsible. evening, jeff. what is the story here? jeff: well, leon, at the moment, still no exact word on the suspects. the description of them was a little vague. two men, not much more than that. this attack happening last night. this is at the corner of north columbus and 2nd street in arlington right outside of the entrance of lubber run park. that is where this happened last night. arlington police have stepped up patrols in this area. they will continue to have that. to be the situation later tonight in an effort ideally to capture these two men and of course to keep this area safe. it is the kind of street where very little often happens. let alone a violent attack. >> it's surprising because this is usually a really quiet
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here on north columbus for 30 years. it wasn't until today they heard about the crime. arlington police say at 8:30 last night a 54-year-old woman was walking by the entrance of lubber run park. two men attacked her from behind. one attempting to play some kind of -- place an object, bag or a piece of clothing over the woman's head. the other man trying to cover her mouth to prevent her from screaming. the woman did scream and fought back. successfully breaking free. >> walk in the park during the day. i won't go out at night. >> i'm in shock. i'm shaking, actually. jeff: police say the two suspects took off on foot. and canvass of the area last night turned up nothing. the motive robbery, sex assault, abduction remains unclear. >> we take this very seriously. jeff: ashley savage with the arlington police say detectives are continuing to speak with the victim. >> naturally, she is afraid. but she is fully cooperating with the police. >> putting something over somebody's head is beyond what you usually
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lubber run park all the time. that won't change but her perspective will. >> i will be more cautious around here. how could i not be? jeff: no question about that. you may remember last summer arlington police investigated a series of sexual assaults across the county. now, two men were arrested for those crimes. they remain in custody. arlington police want to make clear that the crimes from 2015 are not connected to what happened here last night. nevertheless, there is a lot of urgency to deal with the crime that happened here last night. to solve it as quickly as possible. live in arlington, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. alison: meanwhile, the u.s. park police identified a person of interest in an attempted child abduction. this was right outside the smithsonian air and space museum. police now are looking for bernard drai. also known as bernard derei. he is one of two men police are searching for in the march 3 incident. that day police say a man grabbed a child right as he
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a chaperon saw what was happening, yelled at that man to leave. police say the man got on to a white shuttle bus and disappeared. leon: we are learning more about the officer-involved shooting in fredericksburg that eventually led to a man's death there. this happened yesterday after 1:00 p.m. virginia state police say a fredericksburg officer pulled over 33-year-old travis blair. he was wanted on a warrant it turned out. during the traffic stop, police say that blair drove off, dragging the officer for nearly 600 feet. then he crashed the car. but after that, blair ran off. the officer, however, caught him and in the struggle that followed the officer's gun fired hitting blair in the leg. blair died later at a hospital. the investigation is stillgoing. a man who spent more than 30 years working in public safety in the district has died. d.c. councilmembers say that former deputy mayor paul quander died last night after an illness. you may remember he was deputy mayor under vincent gr
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he was tasked with answering for many of the problems that plagued d.c. fire and e.m.s. prior to that he worked in d.c.'s department of corrections and as a u.s. attorney for d.c. alison: well, after months of back-and-forth and will they or won't they moments, the pepco/exelon merger is moving forward. this despite objections from d.c. mayor muriel bowser who released a statement denouncing the deal, warning residents to expect a rate hike as soon as this summer. d.c. bureau chief sam ford explains what the deal means. sam: d.c. public service commission met again today four weeks after the decision that mayor bowser decried as hurting residential customers and the poor. >> gutted by the public service commission to favor corporations. >> indicate by stating yes. >> yes. sam: the commission this afternoon approved the exact same thing. the people's council. >> this has been a protracted, expensive,dy viceive case -- divisive
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sam: she says it does not guarantee aid to the poor as the mayor plan's did. >> i didn't expect this. but as i said before i didn't expect any aspect or any decision that the commission made in the course of this proceeding. sam: pepco was playing it low key. the board of trade loved the deal citing when there are damaging storms -- >> we get closer resources. i don't have to wait on tennessee and texas to help turn the lights back on. i have people in the region and up and down the east coast that are now available no this region. sam: of course, there are those who hate any deal. >> i will tell you who the beneficiaries are. plainly it's exelon and the shareholders of pepco who get a big windfall from this. those are the people who won today. the rest of us, we lost. sam: after many complaints from the mayor and the people's council the deal goes ahead anyway, unless in the next 30 days either pepco or exelon should object. reporting from northwest washington, sam ford, abc7 news. leon: as arguments were being made inside the supreme court,
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outside. faith-based groups oppose part of the affordable care act that requires them to provide free birth control or insurance for the employees. women rights groups showed support for that law. it is the fourth time that the 2010 law has been reviewed by scotus. and now with only eight justices sitting, even split would end up with different rules applying to different parts of the country. alison: still ahead on "abc7 news at 5:00" -- the hunt for a killer. after a man is set on fire in front of a prince george's county home. leon: plus, we are tracking the rapidly developing story in belgium where there is a manhunt underway for a fugitive suspected of helping carry out a terror attack. alison: security stepped up as thousands flock to d.c. famed cherry blossoms. what you need to know before you go. leon: "7 on your side" help center is open tonight with help for those dealing with eating disorders. or fighting for insurance coverage. call
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leon: right now president obama and the first lady are preparing for a state
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in buenos aires. this comes at the end of a busy day for both of them. michelle obama spoke with hundreds of an girls at an event promoting education, the president met with argentina's president. at news conference the president vowed to destroy isis in the wake of the attack in belgium. alison: a massive manhunt is on tonight there in belgium for those on the run following yesterday's terror attack. this as the country mourns the attack that killed 31. injured more than 200. and really rattled the world. molly hunter joins us live from brussels with the latest situation. molly, what is the latest on the investigation, first of all? molly: alison, good evening. we are just finding out right now moments ago from belgium law enforcement that the man believed to be the bomb-maker in yesterday's attack was killed in the airport. now that manhunt is still on for the man in white seen in the surveillance video in the airport. but we have just learned again that the man believed to be the bomb-maker was
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alison: molly, i see obviously a huge memorial there behind you. can you describe the scene for us today? molly: alison, the crowd here just keeps growing. last night this city was on lockdown. police at every road, at every entrance, surrounding every public building. today the police presence is far less. here the crowds just keep going. people lighting candles, putting down flowers. clearly want to mourn in company, find comfort in the crowds at such a tough time for the city. alison: okay. the developments keep coming in. we appreciate the latest there from belgium. molly hunter. leon: in part because of the scenes like you are seeing there in belgium, earlier this evening brianne carter was showing you the way that security is being stepped up around the national mall here. in part, though, as well because we are hitting peak season for cherry blossoms around here. kellye lynn joins us now from along the tidal basin. she has a look at how things are shaping up there this evenin
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kellye: oh, my gosh. a really good size crowd out here. so many people taking in the gorgeous blossoms. and most of them have their cameras in hand. you can see some of the people behind me who are capturing what their are hoping will be the perfect shot. i have someone here with me right now who is trying to do exactly that. this is stephen. he is from lunchburg, virginia. i see you -- lynchburg, virginia. you brought two cameras. why two? >> i have a wide-angled that i photograph people with and item photo zoom lens i photograph the landscape. i can switch back and forth, the cameras. kellye: good to have options, isn't it? >> sure. absolutely. kellye: you tell me this is the first time you have been down here even though you are so close to the area. why has it taken you so long? >> just the timing. i don't know. this year i thought about it ahead of time and i had a couple of days off to come and photograph. kellye: how are you apoa
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>> i'm mostly a people photographer. i just follow the light and the shapes and the forms and color. and frame my subjects. i usually like to pick up a stage to photograph from. i put the monuments, the trees and i'll wait for people to come in the space and photograph. kellye: have the crowds interrupted your ability to really get the best shots? are they getting in the way a little bit? >> i love the people. it's what i photograph. they are part of the scene. kellye: so even when they have their cameras that doesn't mess up your photo? >> it's part of it. kellye: i want to share tips from the professionals quickly. frame your memorial inside the blossom. find one clear subject matter, not too much clutter in your frame. then why not shoot the blossoms at sunrise or at night? because a lot of the memorials can provide really nice lighting against that nighttime sky. leon, back to you. leon: all right. thanks. thanks for giving us that. we have been a
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send us pictures you do take out there. now that she has told you how to do it. take the picks and send them to us at doug: share them for those of us here during the day and can't get down there. alison: the weather is spectacular. doug: gorgeous. norm is gorgeouser. it's 75, 76 of tomorrow. get started with the time lapse. first stop is in centreville. bull run. 76 there right now. through the days we have had clouds. the clouds have slowed the rise in the temperatures for a while this morning. but through the midday, the skies opened up and turned bright and sunny. the temperatures responded nicely. just a beautiful afternoon right now. not a ton of sun out there. enough. along the southerly winds to push the temperature to 76 degrees. 'll beautiful shot from harrison jones. look at this. a beautiful picture. submit them to cherry blossoms. beautiful scene. all right. now here is what will happen. we still have one more day here. not only to enjoy the warm temperatures but to enjoy or suffer through
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they are really climbing right now. the gusty winds and the dry air really make it rough. if you are allergic and have any sort of reaction to high level of tree pollen. we'll get rain in the area to wash it out. 76 in fredericksburg. look at annapolis. 63 because of the warm winds blowing across the cool baze waters -- cool bay waters. everyone else in fine shape. well above average. unless you're in denver. 29 degrees now. blizzard conditions most of the day. cold in rapid city. the cold air through minneapolis. it's really tough. to the south and the southeast, plenty of warm air. one more warm day. a cold front will swing through. it is not going to get this cold. we'll have highs in the 60's on friday behind the front. lower to mid-60's over the weekend. look at the strip of snow satellite/radar. it will stretch through nebraska. minneapolis, saint pa.
5:21 pm
is typical of the early spring, and the late winter pattern. that is what we are dealing with. not worried about the cold enough to snow weather but day after day of warm temperatures. enjoy tomorrow as it comes with the southwesterly and the southerly winds. a lot of sunshine through the day. temperatures pushing to 75 degrees. then through the day on friday, it changes quickly. especially on the future cast by early friday morning when the front is closer, there will be showers through the rush hour. that will be something to deal with. it should clear back out on friday afternoon. tomorrow, sunshine. breezy and warmer. southwesterly winds 10 to 15. gusting to 25 miles per hour. going through the next seven days 60% chance of rain in the morning. but when the sun returns in the afternoon with the breeze up to near 69 or 70. partly cloudy, cooler. 62 on saturday. easter sunday, we keep the rain away. partly cloudy and 66. but the clouds late sunday night and rain likely on monday. clearing. temperatures a little more on the mark for this time of the year for tuesday and wednesday. leon: you have good wid
5:22 pm
there with the chamber of commerce weather for the folks who flew in across the country. doug: it should work out fine. alison: thank you. well, still ahead here on "abc7 news at 5:00" -- watch your feet. the new delivery robot that could hit the street. make it the sidewalk of the district. there is a catch. kimberly: i'm kimberly suiters with "7 on your side" in the health center. the number to call is 703-236-9220. if you have questions or concerns about eating disorders. more coming
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>> information on eating disorders, resource, treatment centers, et cetera. kimberly: what about insurance? >> it would help to clearfy the existing law that the eating disorders residential treatment can be covered. kimberly: that would make a difference in people's lives? >> it would make a huge difference. it's often excluded from coverage right now. kimberly: often times symptoms of an eating disorder show up in young girls and boys as young as 7th grade. even as young as 7 or 8 years old. if you are parent and a teacher and you have any concerns please give us a call. 703-236-9220. also college students we know you are out there and that can be a critical time for eating disorders to kick in. they say if you believe your child or your friend needs help it's beyond your ability to take care of it yourself. go ahead and call one of our experts. we are here until 6:30. reporting in the help center for "7 on your side." i'm kimberly suiters. back to you in the studio.
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kimberly, thank you very much. ahead at 5:00 -- >> i just am disgusted by the allegations. alison: a teacher's aide accused of despicable acts with children. now dozens of teachers are under the microscope. what prince george's county school superintendent is saying in his first one-on-one interview. leon: plus, the bomb squad gets to work on easter? we'll tell you the heart warming story behind the unusual scene. >> and a murder in this front yard. up next why police had to pull your daughter wants to stay organic. your husband wants to stay free from artificial ingredients. you want to stay free from artificial preservatives.
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as a single mom, she knows the challenges our families face. she'll be our voice. tightening regulations on the big banks and fighting to keep dark money out of politics. democrat donna edwards, maryland's next senator.
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. alison: it was a grim scene this morning in district heights after a resident found a man's burned body in the front yard of a home. universities say the man was murder -- investigators say the man was murdered. kevin lewis live on the scene. do we know anything about a suspect or the victim here? kevin: no. police keeping tight-lipped but they do tell us this was not a random killing. overnight residents reported hearing heavy gunfire. you can see a bullet hole beside the front door of the home. if you look over there, you can see that the partially charred bush.
5:31 pm
victim's body. he was burned from head to toe. in a community lined with single-family town homes and a posted neighborhood watch, a man found shot and burped -- burned to death under this bush. for eight hours investigators processed the vene and examined bullet holes and the lincoln navigator parked in the street in addition the holding around a nearby front door. a flat-bed tow truck later hauled away the dodge white charger but police would not say who the car belongs to. >> the body set on fire. kevin: this man too afraid to show his face took pictures of the murder seen with his cell phone. one photo we blurred shows evidence marker next to the severely burned body and another shows a detective examining with a flash light. >> the shoes were burnt to the person's skin. he didn't have any clothes on. someone was
5:32 pm
corner and the victim knew his killer, he believes. >> people don't just do something they don't want to do. there is a reason why they did. >> you think there was a motive? >> yes. no doubt about it. kevin: today we spoke to a dozen residents in the neighborhood. all seemed to think the victim did not live here. we are expecting an update from police this evening. as the search for the killer continues. live in district heights, kevin lewis, abc7 news. leon: thank you. crime alert in the district. police need your help to identify two persons of interest in an armed robbery at the heart of georgetown. this is all caught on surveillance video. you see the men pull out the gun and jump the counter at the domino's on prospect street in northwest. this happened sunday night. no word on how much they got away with here. police are offering up to a $10,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest and conviction. alison: let's check today's top stories now. a manhunt is underway for the man suspected of leaving a bomb at brusls
5:33 pm
authorities say that bomb went off after the bomb squad arrived. prosecutors say two of the suicide bombers were brothers. khalid and ibrahim el-bakraoui. one died at the airport and the other in the metro explosion. 34 people died. 270 injured in the attack. leon: residents in arlington on high alert tonight after a woman was assaulted during her evening walk. it happened yesterday near lubber run park around 8:30. the woman says that two men attacked her from behind and tried to place something over her head. she broke away and the suspects then fled on foot. police say they are stepping up their patrols in the area to prevent similar attacks. alison: a proposal of a merger between pepco and exelon that was rejected a few weeks ago was approved by d.c. regulators today. the public service commission previously rejected the deal unless certain conditions were met. but the board of trade loved the deal. so the d.c. mayor muriel bowser denounced it, sa
5:34 pm
does not prevent residential rate hikes for three years like her plan did. leon: in an effort to improve safety, metro is working to maintain bus and train operators get more rest. the investigator into last year's deadly smoke incident in l'enfant found worker fatigue increases mistakes happen something they are creating quiet rooms for employees to go and close their eyes in breaks or in between shifts. to learn more about the metro plan coming up at a meeting tomorrow. transurban is making good on its pledge to donate the extra tolls it collected in last week's metro shutdown to charity. they are donating it to charity to help low income families. alison: there is a $30,000 reward for information leading to the person who killed 13 bald eagles on the maryland eastern shore. the additional money comes after five bald eagles were found dead in delaware over the weekend. authoti
5:35 pm
fact connected. killing a bald eagle is punishable to fines up to $115,000 each. and a year in prison. leon: wow! still ahead at 5:00, something that looks like a grown-up version of a droid from "star wars." but you could soon run into this guy on d.c. sidewalks. we'll tell you how it works and how soon you could see one. alison: plus, dozens of teachers now under the microscope. prince george's county school superintendent opens up about the fall-out from the horrifying child pornography case involving a teacher's aide. >> we found some things that worked. >> i like this. leon: how one d.c. non-profit is helping dozens of other area non-profits tell their story. they go behind the scenes to do it. alison: and a reminder for you the "7 on your side" help center is getting your answers on eating disorders. you can call right now. the number on your screen.
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703-236-9220. phones are open until kathleen matthews: if we want to be heard, we need women in congress. it was the women who forced republicans to include women's health and contraceptive coverage in the affordable care act. in congress, i'll fight for pay equity, family leave and tougher gun safety laws. and, as an environmentalist, i'll work combat climate change. i know as a journalist and as a senior executive in business that when women are at the table, we get things done. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message.
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alison: looking ahead to the weekend. doug: it would be nice to keep temperatures in the 70's but it is turning cooler. nice for the end of march. saturday lots of sunshine. 62. partly cloudy and 66 on easter sunday. clouds will move in late sunday night. we will have rain monday morning for rush. it should rain at times throughout the day. we are seeing the clearing skies after that. we'll be in fine shape. early next week it looks as though we'll see the temperatures hold. system averages. tomorrow sunshine and 75. stay with us. "abc7 news at 5:00" right
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leon: a local filmmaker is helping people get exposure. meet harris' heroes. liz and stone suit films. at stone suit films executive director liz norton and the senior editor ben are working on the newest project. for six months they have been shooting for wise young builders in a d.c. non-profit that teaches construction
5:40 pm
youngsters' math skills. >> i want to build a house for my mom. >> that is sweet. leon: the cost for the services -- nothing! because everything from the producers to photographers are all professionals in their field. volunteering their time. >> there were so many organizations doing incredible work and they were invisible. leon: norton is a freelance tv producer and she founded stone suit films in 2008. >> it is very, very difficult when you are running an organization to think about communication. it's mostly seen as a luxury. the problem is right now, you need it to survive. leon: the founder elijah moses says stone soup film with l have an immediate and long-lasting impact. >> we can use it this year or years from now or a decade from now. i can't even underscore the value. >> so much of it is about expanding their reach. getting on the ground and showing what are they doing to change people's
5:41 pm
leon: now since 2008, stone soup films has partnered with more than 80 different d.c. non-profits, providing services that professional film companies would charge up to $12,000 each for the services. alison: that is fantastic. something they need. leon: especially groups like the wise young builders. keep an eye and ear out for them i have a feeling they will be a hero soon, too. alison: sounds good. speaking of heros this is interesting. the bomb squad and easter eggs? leon: strange combination, don't you think? alison: yeah. leon: that combination is making for a happy holiday for a group of young children. take a look at this. the prince george's county fire and e.m.s. bomb squad constructed 48 specially made easter eggs for visually impaired children. the'ses beep so the -- the eggs beep so the kids can participate in their own easter egg hunts. they will be donated to the prince george's county vision program and can be used year after year. alison: that touches your heart.
5:42 pm
to see them doing that. really. leon: and they don't explode. alison: hopefully. leon: hopefully! alison: well, still to come here at 5:00, we'll talk about the future of delivers in the district. why a robot could bring things right to your door. leon: also ahead at 5:00, a video game hero. but not exactly what you think. how a kid playing online saved a family's life. alison: plus, weeks after a child porn scandal emerged, a school's ceo finally answers questions. we'll have that story just ahead. ♪ he's begun forgetting words. forgetting where he lives. but when the day comes when he forgets who i am, i'll still know who he is. the first time we said i love you we didn't use words. we simply held each other's hands. we still are. i lost my dad to alzheimer's. preventing alzheimer's is within our grasp.
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i'm david trone and i approve this message.
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alison: a shocking case that horrified parents. a teacher's aide accused of using children to make pornography while at school. the man accuse of the crimes deonte carraway is behind bars awaiting trial. but the fall-out from the case is far from over. maryland bureau chief brad bell spoke to the school superintendent about the fall-out. >> we need to improve things that are going on in the prince george's public school system. brad: in his first one-on-one interview since teacher's aide deonte carraway was
5:46 pm
abusing children at judge sylvania woods elementary school, the c.e.o. kevin maxwells bristles of the notion faculty purposely ignored warnings. >> to whatever degree some people may have that perception that we are here to protect each other, that is not what i believe. brad: he stresses he has made it clear to faculty system wide that it is their responsibility to report credible concerns about any form of inappropriate behavior, repeating the mantra. "see something, say something." >> if you suspect something you should say something. brad: he acknowledges since the carraway case broke dozens of allegations have been made about the teachers in the system leading to uptick in the number of teachers removed from the classroom while claims are investigated. >> they have a heightened alert right now. they have a heated concern about this -- heightened concern about this. i think it's a good thing. brad: maxwell now waits fr
5:47 pm
student safety task force and he vows to implement their suggestions rapidly. >> former student, as a long-time member of the community and a life-long educator, as a father and grandfather, i just am disgusted by the allegations and the charges. brad: maxwell himself and the principal of sylvania woods and one teacher are named in lawsuits that allege they share the responsibility for what happened here. as for deonte carraway, he remains behind bars. if he is convicted on all the charges against him, he faces life in prison. in glenarden, brad bell, abc7 news. leon: get a check of the evening commute now. beautiful weather out there for folks driving around out there. jamie sullivan is watching the roads right now. this looks heavy here, jamie. jamie: of course. this is traveling on the beltway passing by river road. outer loop not as bad. you can see mainly stop-and-go. but the inner loop of the capital beltway very heavy. move to the waze map. i just want to show you. many of
5:48 pm
reporting, those are the little dots that you see. very heavy traffic. even a complete standstill. so as you head north on the inner loop and get closer toward the g.w. parkway, you can see we are still in the red. as i pull out a little bit it will give you a better idea of how slow we are. continuing north. as you approach the 270 spur and then wrap around toward bethesda. it will still be a heavy ride. no crashes to report right now. let's move to talk about d.c. verizon center. we do have a game tonight. doors open right around 6:00. wizards versus hawks. keep in mind we are not going to see as much traffic as far as people driving. but we will see pedestrian traffic as well as issues on the metro with delays. that is a look at traffic. back to you. alison: thank you. now a "7 on your side" health matters report. and candy company mars has started to label what is known as g.m.o.'s. the tiny print though is easy to miss. but the words "partially produced with genetic engineering" ar
5:49 pm
on the back of m&m bags. you can also find g.m.o. labels on skittles, lifesavers, wrigley's gum. more companies are including the labels because there is a new law in vermont that requires labels on food products that contain g.m.o.'s starting july 1. leon: would you believe that a california boys video game habit may have saved his life and his family's lives from a fire? now this is all because he was up late night playing when another player asked about the loud noises he was hearing in his head set. >> my uncle daniel was cooking me some corn dogs and he left to the store. he forgot about the corn dogs and left them on the stove. leon: well, there was a fire underway. after spotting it, 11-year-old ethan started yelling. hills shouts woke up his aunt and uncle who with ethan ran outside the house. they got outside and realized ethan's cousin was still inside. so the adults ran back inside through the thick smoke to save him. >> it was like pouring out of the house when we got outside. it was pure
5:50 pm
made it out safely. ethan credits his father for talking to him about what to do in case of a fire. alison: so are you, are we supposed to staying up late to play video games now? [laughter] is that what all kids are hoping? leon: that is what he is hoping. i don't know about the parents, though. alison: yeah, that is a lucky case there. leon: i tell you. we are lucky right now because we have such great weather just in time for the peak bloom of the cherry blossoms. alison: couldn't be better. doug: still 72 degrees at reagan national airport. gusty wind out of the south at 17 miles per hour. take a look at the numbers and the beautiful backdrop. along the potomac river this afternoon. it's absolutely gorgeous. tomorrow, even better weather out there. the temperatures climb a little higher. numbers at the moment 73 in luray and winchester. 73 in leesburg. manassas at 75. fredericksburg is 76 degrees. 75 now in baltimore. southerly winds, wind speeds running 17 miles per hour in washington. 16 miles per hour in fredericksburg. the winds will diminish a bit tonight but they will be back
5:51 pm
the warmer air. the coolest air in the area are the western zones tomorrow morning ranging through the mid-40's. the metro area will stay in low 50's for the overnight low temperatures. the forecast and the future cast shows clear skies and southerly winds. warm weather tomorrow. late tomorrow night the clouds roll in ahead of the cold front that will deliver showers on friday morning. after the showers roll through it looks like the skies will clear in the afternoon. cherry blossom hourly forecast for tomorrow. how about this? sunshine. breezy. warm. 75 degrees. looking ahead to the next seven days. good chance of rain friday morning. clear in the afternoon. 69. 62 on saturday. easter sunday, 66. both with partly cloudy skies. more clouds sunday night. another cold front with a rainy day on monday. clearing out on tuesday and again on wednesday. that is the latest, leon, alison and robert. back to you. alison: okay, doug. leon: the march madness expert back off the road for a little bit. alison: good to see you in person. robert: i know. they are calling me the good luck charge. leon: yeah! you di
5:52 pm
robert: not because of my good looks. leon: your words. not ours. we say it behind your back. robert: tomorrow night maryland and kansas. charles barkley says one is in piranha and the other is a guppy. he didn't say which was which. the terps will have arguably the toughest battle all season. scott abraham has more from louisville. scott: for a couple of days the color of red is overtaking the yum center in louisville preparing for the sweet 16 showdown with overall number one seed kansas. the terps on the court this afternoon. it was the final practice before facing the jayhawks. the team is focused yet pretty loose compared to most teams. maryland matches up pretty well with kansas. the game is not won on paper. but the terps are liking their chances.
5:53 pm
what a great stage. playing number one seed. playing kansas. the sweet 16 game. i want to be excited. i'm sure we will be. >> we want to get down, being an underdog, we just want to go to the game and have fun. know what we did to get here. we're having fun to enjoy the moment. >> much has been made of head coach mark turgeon matching up against the alma mater. turgeon has never beaden the jayhawks. he -- beaten the jayhawks. he's 0-6. the players couldn't care less saying he's not putting up extra points on the scoreboard. reporting in louisville, scott abraham, abc7 sports. robert: okay. wizards are on fire now. five straight after last night's win over the hawks in atlanta. possibly six straight against the hawks at verizon. washington is now a game and a half out of the final playoff spot in the east with 12 games left to play. you win tonight and that
5:54 pm
huge. at verizon. leon: i am going to that game. alison: cool. leon: i hope the hawks don't get revenge. robert: no. leon: they lost just two nights ago. robert: they are upset now. alison: have a good trip. leon: you are heading off to which one first? white castle or harold's chicken? [laughter] ahead here at 5:00 -- district deliveries by robot. when and where you could see the future in person coming up.
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stroand restoring aing a newbfather's faith. it's standing tall after one surgery... not six. stronger is being a typical kid... despite a rare disorder. stronger is finding it earlier... and coming home sooner. stronger is seeking answers... and not giving up, until you find them. because we don't just want your kids to grow up, we want them to grow up stronger.
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leon: reminder the phone bank is open and we are answering questions on eating disorders. if you have a question, call the number on the screen. 703-236-9220. alison: we remember, of course, when amazon ignited imaginations and skepticism with the push to deliver packages with drones. now d.c. is considering
5:58 pm
terrestrial. michelle marsh is here to explain this. michelle: those hoping for deliveries easier knows the know fly zone makes drones all but impossible. but a councilmember is pushing for the delivery robot. it can carry up to 40 pounds of good along the city sidewalks and designed by starship technologies, a company made up by many of the same people who helped develop skype. >> if there is anything in its way, bicycle, person, property, it knows to stop. it can make decisions. >> bring two groceries or two pounds of anything to your home.
5:59 pm
michelle: it's also really small. it would be the first delivery robot in the country. you might wonder for security. as for that it's covered in the cameras to deter theft. alison: interesting. thank you. that is all for us at 5:00. now at 6:00, new information about one of the brussels terror suspects and where he was last summer and how he ended up in belgium. >> separate allegation of rape at george mason university. what is happening with the investigation and details on the cases coming up. alison: the scaffolding at the capitol is coming down. when you can expect it to see it in the full glory. "abc7 news at 6:00" starts right now.
6:00 pm
6:00". on your side. leon: big developments from europe. we learned that a suicide bomber in brussels was in custody in another country last year. maureen: 31 people died in the attacks. 270 were hurt. including about a dozen americans. chief political correspondent scott thuman is at the terrorism alert desk with the latest on the brussels attacks. scott: maureen, leon, today prosecutors say two of the suicide bombers were brothers. khalid and ibrahim el bakraoui. one died at the airport the other in the metro explosion. the more alarming headline today is according to the turkish president one of the suspects was detained last summer but they deported him. he slipped through the system making his way from the syrian border to belgium. the man on the right seen in the airport surveillance picture is still on the run. officials believe while the other two were suicide bombers this man left


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