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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  March 23, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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they say character is what you do when no one is watching. david trone banned the box so people who've paid their debt to society could have a chance. and fought so hard for criminal justice reform, they named a center after him. and because education was his way out david offered it free to employees. and over 14 years ago began offering them partner benefits. evening the playing field has always been david's mission. in congress it'll be his job. it's not how you run, it's how you live. i'm david trone and i approve this message. >> now, abc 7 news at 11:00 am on your side. information out of brussels. the authorities say that dozens of people are still in critical condition after tuesday's attacks. alison: this as there is an intense search into anybody who played a role in the bombings.
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there are a number of people still in belgium who pose a threat. tonight, u.s. defense secretary asked carter said because of that, europe must accelerate aches efforts -- must accelerate its efforts to fight terrorism. an outpouring of support at the belgium embassy in northwest. since the attack, people are been leaving flowers at the embassy, where flags are flying at half staff. vice president joe biden paid his respects this afternoon and signed a condolence book. to then addition tributes and memorials, a troubling side to report. backlash against muslims in our area. northwest,s live in where there is an investigation into an incident that happened at a d.c. library? in fact, leon, it is the shawl library. two people were witnesses to the incident. they are upset and determined to remind
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discrimination should be confronted and not condoned. >> i came outside, i was shaking. shawjessica was inside the library a northwest d.c. yesterday when she said a public library police officer threatened to handcuff the woman if she did not remove her head covering. >> he came towards her and took out his handcuffs and said if you are not going to take it off, you will have to leave. said he was witness sitting next to the woman and said the officer told her to take her hoodie off. >> her response was wyatt was upset. she got up and walked away. jay: robinson reported the incident to library officials. >> what are you going to arrest her for, sitting in a library reading a book? jay: a spokesperson
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andome all, we serve all, we are taking this seriously. the officer has been removed from duty during the investigation and they are trying to find a customer so they can express their regret." spoke with a spokesperson for the council on american islamic relations, the nations largest muslim civil rights organization. he said he is pleased with the library's quick response, but said if this incident is true, this is one symptom of a growing islamophobia nationwide. jay korff, abc 7 news. leon: thank you, we will see where it goes. stay with abc 7 and for new information on the developing situation in brussels. we are following breaking news from charles county, where the police say that one
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waldorf has died. this was the the 2500 block of gibbons court. these chopper 7 was over the scene this evening. the victim was flown to the hospital with serious injuries. they died a short time ago. the second victim's injuries were not life-threatening. neighbors said that it may have started with an argument. in southeast washington, d.c. police investigating a shooting involving an officer near the intersection of mellon street and mlk avenue. the officer fired his gun, but nobody was hit. one person is in custody. we don't know what lead up to the shooting. leon: an investigation of the campus of george washington sexersity after two assaults on campus in one week. the administration is warning people to be vigilant. richard reeve is live on campus. tell us about this story, be vigilant about what, for what? richar
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be observant. the police say these are active investigations. there is a police presence on campus, but also a lot of students walking individually come in groups, including young women. many of them are surprised an attack like this would happen here. the george mason campus, reeling from two student attacks and just days. the first attack last thursday evening. the victim told the police she was raped in a dormitory or off-campus apartment by a student that she knew. >> i was in fear of my friends and myself. richard: early monday, acre wood said that a man not connect it with the school raped her in a dormitory. she had met the manta ray dating app. >> the dating applications make it too easy to get to someone. richard: gm
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police records show that three student rapes were reported this month. one dating back to last fall, two others in february. >> it's scary, but i feel like the security needs to be better. >> i use caution when i need to, but i don't think it's a big issue. richard: several would like to see better lighting in the parking lots. >> we absolutely would consider looking at that, talking through. mason strives to provide a very safe campus. the university provides counseling for victims of sexual assault and other crimes. believe this is a safe campus, but they will be vigilant. richard reeve, abc 7 news. leon: thanks, rich. this came the same day that george mason's interim police
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bomb making materials found in a dormitory. they found a toolbox filled with matches, lighter fluid, and pvc pipe. the items did not pose an immediate threat to the campus. alison: take a good look at this picture. he isark police say that a person of interest in an attempted child abduction outside the smithsonian air and space museum. his name is bernard dray. march 3, a man grabbed a child as he left. a chaperone saw what was happening and yelled at the man to leave. leon: a proposed merger between is movingexcelon forward to create the largest publicly held utility in the nation. the public service commission approved the new deal because it with resourcesea after a storm. d.c. mayor muriel bowser denounce the deal.
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rate hikes as soon as this summer. alison: a nice warm day today, but it will be even warmer tomorrow, close to 80 degrees. devon lucie is here to let us know what it will look like heading out the door in the morning. good to see you. devon: good to see you, too. it will be cool in the morning. the national harbor, clear skies, some clouds. we had 75 today. if you forecast have 80 degrees tomorrow in culpeper in fredericksburg. 50's and 60's overnight. ofare looking for a chance rain activity to bring the temperatures down, but 75 tomorrow is where we start. if the southwest wind comes in, we could get to 80. the timing of the rain friday as well as easter sunday coming up in the complete forecast. leon:
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bloom, the national park service said if we did not see them today, you did not miss it. peak bloom is now set for tomorrow. you can expect to see millions of people out there to see all of this before it's over. tom roussey is live tonight at the tidal basin. how does it look right now in the dark at this hour? tom: even in the dark, it looks terrific. we are not quite at peak bloom yet. these cherry blossoms are fully out, but just a few feet down, these are not out at all. that said, with all the extra warm weather like tomorrow, enough of these will be out and we will officially be at peak bloom. >> this means we made it through the winter. tom: william grew up in mclean and comes down every year. >> i'm heading out of town for the holidays. it's now or never. tom: although the cherry
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their peak, they are awful close. >> people are ready for winter to be over. tom: the national park service says peak bloom will likely happen thursday. more than a million people are expected to see the blossoms. in from theo, walk smithsonian or federal triangle. only going tos get worse as the accommodation of locals and tourists on spring break to send on the tidal basin through easter weekend. uber was not a choice. tom: metro was the way to go? >> oh come yes. tom: some are ok with driving. >> my friend knows the secret parking lot, so we did well. tom: and it's worth it. >> every year. come atess you want to night, the best time to avoid the crowds is very early in the morning, about sunrise.
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this out today, the evening rush-hour. live along the tidal basin, tom roussey, abc 7 news. new's channel 8 are proud sponsors of the cherry blossom festival. for more information about the blossoms or any of the hundreds of events planned for the next 30 days, check out our website, from now until april 16. in honor of national puppy day -- yes, there is such a thing -- we have some good news to share about violet. alison: you might remember violet after she was neglected, then thrown from a car in february. when animal control found her, she weighed just 56 pounds. well, look at her now. 05scuers say that she ewighs 1 pounds and her wounds are healing nicely. the police are still looking for the person who neglected her.
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alison: so much better. leon: some people are calling this a marital -- how this little girl save her mother's life. &'s arm and to catch your attention, but some say this goes too far.
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whole paycheck. giant's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less. my giant. leon: this just into the newsroom, australian officials say that the debris found off the coast of mozambique likely came from malaysian flight 370. the investigation team for the missing flight said the panels found came from the malaysian airline 777 that disappeared more than two years ago. alison: it is a feet some people are calling a miracle -- a five ural swimming in a backyard pool when she rely something was wrong. her mom, tracy, was having a seizure and was drowning. spring into allison
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the shallow end of the pool by herself and turning her face up, then running for help. >> she was really heavy. i could only get the top part of her out, than her other daughter ran over and helped me get her out. allison did that on her own. it's a miracle. tracy's other daughter and sister were able to pull her out and get medical attention. if it was not for allison, this may have been a different story. leon: that is amazing. wonderful. troversial sign in mitchell county, iowa, will be staying. it is meant to warn people about deer running into the street. the county was inundated by people who said they found the sign distracting and offensive. supervisorsoard of decided it was ok and it will stay.
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signs like this that have yet to be installed. alison: ok. to the election, presidential candidates were on the campaign trail after a day of split primaries. gop front runner elmo trump and senator ted cruz got into a war of words, this time about their wives -- gop front runner donald ted cruz gotator into a war of words this time about their wives. trump threatened to spill the beans on ted cruz's wife on twitter. >> most of the things that donald trump says have no basis in reality. alison: both candidates agreed on one thing -- increasing surveillance on muslims in the u.s. following the attack in brussels. president obama and hillary clinton meanwhile condemned the candidates for that line of thinking. leon: more than 130 5000 people do not have power today after a massive lizard in denver.
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people did not have power today after a massive lizard in denver. portions of major interstates stayed closed for hours. at the height of the storm, up to three inches of snow was falling per hour. three inches per hour. alison: amazing. the definition of heavy snow -- devon: the definition of heavy snow was one-inch per hour. alison: we will take what we have, because it was beautiful. devon: we are on the other end of the spectrum. national harbor, still 60 downtown, 50's. some 40 squeaking in with the south breeze holding temperatures up tonight. the satellite and radar together, southwest wind, sunshine earlier in the day
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have in washington. the warm pattern continues one more day into thursday. that a cold front coming in. very warm in the afternoon. here is a look at the rain coming in with the front friday. mostly find in the morning. by the afternoon, the rain will let up. much closer to where you are, giving the high definition forecast. the exact same forecast, a closer look. anytime you are starting the day close to your average high, you will be very warm. 50's, tom upper 40's, mid 70's, near 80 degrees. southwest breeze means it could be 80. right now it will be breezy, due south wind. it is a due south wind. that could hold the temperatures in the 70's. we are shooting for
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on the other side of the coin, gusty wind come the dry air, the dew point will be low. there is an elevated risk of fire tomorrow to spread, so do not be burning debris or anything. that can spread quickly. until 10rning, 6 a.m. a.m., the rain is in, pushing up by the afternoon. highs near 70 degrees. skycasttiful abc 7 really nails this outlook. clouds moving in, downtown beautiful sunrise. that will be beautiful, the sunrise with the cherry blossoms. afternoon, sunshine, 75. there is a shot of 80 degrees if we get the strong southwest wind. friday morning rain, easter sunday weekend, nice, low-to-mid 60's. easter sunday, dry. alison:
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. robert: the wizards cannot afford to lose a game now. tonight, the first of their final 12 games, facing the hawks. the wizards beat them in atlanta , but tonight, revenge for the hawks. and one. shooter, on the drive, the kick out, three. leon come you saw this live.
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the college level, the terps and a kansas tomorrow, mark turgeon taking on his alma mater. scott: the maryland men's basketball team had a light practice this afternoon before tomorrow night's clash with kansas. >> we know we have a chance to go to houston. that is how we need to play. scott:: a confident team ready to take down one of the bluebloods of the sport. >> we are ready to play again in excited to be here. we are ready to get going and we have business to take care of. we feel like we have a good team. we have not lost any confidence. scott: the last time maryland played kansas, the 2003
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to the national championship., nit all the way from three land. gw wins. the colonials are headed to new york. we all remember t-ball. this four-year-old is on point. gets the hit. an amazing backflip, first of all. but that's not the best part. after he hustles to first base, check this out. look at the dance. i still dance like that. i'm not ashamed to say that. and a final note come uva takes on iowa state friday. live reports. dy.t is better than p-did alison: so
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, kristen bell, from "daredevil," jon bernthal, and music from locash, with cleto and the cletones. and now, if you haven't heard, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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