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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  March 24, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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one-man crime alison: we begin with breaking news, a person struck by a metro bus in arlington. victim had to be rescued from underneath the bus. this was at 15th street in crystal city. no word on what led to the accident or the victims conditi
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also breaking news overseas coming -- an advanced stage terror plot foiled in paris, leading to arrests. alison: there are six new suspects in custody tonight in brussels, but investigators say there could be other isis plots in the works. leon: kevin lewis has the latest from the terrorism desk. kevin: there is relief but added concern that yet another terrorist plot was found deeply embedded in a normal western european neighborhood. citizens tonight are on high alert. tonight, a dramatic raid on the northern outskirts of paris, residents stranded, bomb squad zone seen. the man arrested is a french national, suspected to be involved in this project at a
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cell that was planning to hit the country. in belgium, the police carried out more raids, prosecutor saying they detained six people so far this week. this afternoon, a brother of one of the suicide bomber spoke publicly but he told the reporters that his brother moved to syria in 2013 and that they barely kept in touch, but he knew his brother was religious and possibly connected with terrorism. an all-out manhunt continues for terrorists thought to be on the loose, the man in the black hat in the airport surveillance image and another man seen in the metro just before the bombing. this has belgian police manned roadblocks at the borders, check the trunks at cars at the airport, and inspected bags in the subway. the authority say that brussels
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and terrorist attacks do not appear to be connected with the plot foiled in france today. the police think this was a different terror network lending to strike soon. kevin lewis, abc 7 news. leon: thank you, kevin. tonight, a stunning new portrait of the human toll in this tragedy -- 31 killed, 300 injured in brussels. many were injured by flying shrapnel and debris. mom fragments were pulled from survivors come including chunks of twisted metal. one was a professional basketball player in belgium. he is speaking and said when the explosion went off in the airport, he immediately thought of his family. >> it's funny how many things you think of. i started thinking of my seven-year-old. i was like, man, i got to get through this. she needs a coach. it gets you through the
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moment. leon: he says he does not remember much except for the loud noise. himselfhe kept telling he would make it until he got safely into the ambulance. thisn: the police say that man is behind a spree of violent crimes, even murder, and now richard butler iii is in handcuffs and we are unraveling more about his past. last night, butler was arrested after allegedly shooting at the police in southeast. tonight we find out he is suspected of stabbing his girlfriend in prince george's county earlier this month, and he is also accused of sexually assaulting a young girl. and it does not stop there. jay korff is live at police headquarters with more on the crimes and the takedown. list of crimese and accusations leveled against this gentleman is long.
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bars. a hail of gunfire interrupted in washington with the target being d.c. police officers. the officers came out unscathed. the suspect, 34-year-old richard butler iii, was in handcuffs. a quick thinking officer recognized butler from a criminal case in another jurisdiction. after officers approached, he fired repeatedly with two handguns. he missed the officers but hit a police cruiser. after a of gunfire, they caught him. law enforcement in maryland had been actively searching for this 34-year-old come who hails from alexandria, virginia. butler has not only serve time in prison but is also wanted on warrants in maryland, accused of arson, sex assault, and repeatedly stabbing a woman in this upper marlboro neighborhood earlier this month.
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attempted murder charges. officer,n a police that is the latest charge that richard butler iii faces. jay korff, abc 7 news. bridge crash on the key caused a traffic backups this evening. a truck wound up on top of another car, on m street. all lanes were blocked in both directions for several hours. the roads have since been reopened. no serious injuries, despite how bad it looks. fires threaten homes in montgomery county tonight but they are under control now. and water taker was called in to fight the fire in germantown. no word on the cause, but dry conditions are likely a factor. leon: red flag weather today, the dry weather coming to an end with rain in the forecast tomorrow morning.
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meteorologist steve rudin. steve: a cold front on the way, just in time for the morning rush-hour, likely bringing showers, maybe even some rumbles of thunder. the satellite and radar shows most of the action well-off to the west. garrett county, allegheny county just starting to see some showers, not amounting to a lot early on. futurecast, 5:00 a.m., grab the umbrella heading out the door. also bring the sunglasses with you. although the showers and thunderstorms out of here by the midday hours, outdoor recess for the kids. skies rapidly clear, a bright afternoon for the cherry blossoms. the rest of the weekend and when i think the cherry blossoms will fizzle coming up. leon: fizzling out already? hundreds of people were in beltsville this evening to pay the respects to an officer killed this month. prince george's county officer jacai colson was hit by friendly fire when a maop
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re outside of police headquarters. his family says they take solace in the fact that their son was a hero and will be remembered as such. thousands are expected to attend his full honors funeral service tomorrow. developments on metro and critical inspections and repairs that claim to keep you safer, but are they really getting done? those questions more than he or after the deadly smoke incident at l'enfant plaza and last week a fire at the mcpherson square station that prompted a closure of the entire system. now there are concerns that workers entrusted with making the critical repairs are saying the work is done when it is not. tonight, the metro gm says misrepresentation will not be tolerated. leon: it is tournament time for the terps, maryland playing kansas right now. it's a tough match
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going on, students and fans out in droves to show their support. a lot of folks holding their breath, hoping that maryland makes it to the next round. it should reeve is live in college park with an update. we can feel the enthusiasm all the way down here. richard: terps fans are fired up. you can hardly hear anything because they are shouting. this is the first time they have been to the sweet $.16 2003. the bars and watch parties are packed with people, jammed with fans. everybody expecting a tough game against number one kansas. terps got to the ncaa tournament last year but lost against west virginia. some here say they are pretty shocked with how close the game has been so far. score bye there is a maryland, the place erupts. maryland is the number five seed and the fans think the team has a chance. >> it's crazy and there. people are super happy.
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years. and it's against kansas come in the middle of nowhere, so we just want to beat them. richard: fans have been lining the streets, trying to get into cars and watch parties to see this happen. there is optimism they could win tonight. live in college park, richard reeve, abc 7 news. optimism that none of their parents are watching them hang out in a bar, on a thursday. alison: oh, boy. leon: some lucky high school students are getting some bling from was or the basketball star john wall come his foundation partnering with sean john's to outfit them with everything they need for prom night, including watches and sunglasses. each fitting worth between $700 and $800. losses he wants to give back. >> -- wall says he wants to give back. >>
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have a special day. wall if you want to his senior prom. he said he was out playing pickup basketball that night. i believe him. alison: that's why he's successful. leon: still ahead --smoking pot in class? who let that slide and why they got caught. alison: hard to believe that a man dropping his daughter off at school finds out he is wanted for an overdue vhs tape.
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is so wholesome... and it doesn't take the whole paycheck. giant's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less. my giant. alison: a flight attendant arrested for trying to smuggle cocaine. the jetblue worker ditched her high heels and try to make a break for it in l.a. tonight she is in custody, accused of trying to smuggle almost 70 pounds of cocaine in two suitcases. she faces 10 years in prison. investigators are looking into her security clarets. leon:
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top that -- a teacher accused of allowing students to smoke pot during a shop class. he is charged with contributing to the delinquency of minors. at least three teenagers smoked marijuana under his supervision, according to court documents. a student reported the incident. imagine getting arrested for an overdue vhs tape. james meyer junior rented a tape 14 years ago and did not return it. he was pulled over for a broken break like this week and, guess what, a warrant for his arrest. the charge was failure to return property. >> they are not focused on the crimes they should be focused on. that hour and a half i was in the magistrates office could have been somewhere else. leon: that's what happens. by
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rented the movie has been out of business for a decade. [laughter] alison: ok, moving on. we are watching the cherry blossoms at the tidal basin. the national park service said bestafternoon this is the 24 hours of peak blooms to start tomorrow. if you have not been there, you are in luck. thousands have descended to see the blossoms. each year, the festival brings millions to the city in tourism. look how beautiful it is even at this hour. abc 7 and news channel 8 are proud sponsors of the cherry blossom festival. leon: they look like snow. alison: better than snow. we went to see your pictures. share them with us at pics@ air,ight see them on the but not on a vhs tape. none of us have a vcr. steve:
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can you imagine that, the movie was called "freddy got fingered," and he got fingered. day, leon,as a nice 67 degrees the current temperature at reagan national airport. looking down pennsylvania avenue, there are the cherry blossoms, 77 was the high earlier today, well above average for this time of year, normally with temperatures near 59 degrees. , 70's leesburg, 70's manassas, 71 fredericksburg at this hour. a little the bay, cooler with the wind out of the south. the reason you see the 52 is the wind over the chesapeake is about 10, 20 miles per hour, but nothing like we had earlier in the day. if your allergies are bothering you, blame it on the trees.
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mold, weeds are absent, nothing to worry about right now. the areas and blew off to the north and west, that is behind the front. a cold front is moving our way tomorrow. in the morning, we have a better chance of showers, maybe even some isolated thunderstorms. not expecting anything severe. in d.c., showers beginning to enter the panhandle of west virginia, western maryland. quiet conditions the next couple hours. if you want to take a quick trip down to the tidal basin, i know it is late at the crowds are thin right now, looking absolutely fantastic. nighttime lows from 58 to 63. cloudy, showers developing by about 4:00, 5:00 a.m., leading to a wet rush-hour commute. the cooler air funnels and behind the rain. it will take about a day to arrive.
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rapidly clear, highs near 70 degrees. the cooler air for the day saturday with highs only around 60. the best news of all, those of you celebrating easter sunday, it will be beautiful, temperatures in the middle 60's and a good deal of sunshine and it will stay dry, i promise. the forecast tomorrow, 7:00 a.m., 64. grab the umbrella, but while you grab the umbrella, also grab your sunglasses for later in the day. by noon time, late afternoon, the sunshine will quickly reappear, with daytime highs near 70, 72. 60 one saturday. easter sunday, highs a little warmer, middle 60's. then we look for the temperatures to make it into the middle 60's monday. i think that monday will likely be the day that we will
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the best chance for the cherry blossoms to lose their blooms. leon: ok. alison: ok. steve: what did i do? alison: that's a downer, but thanks. steve: tomorrow afternoon, saturday looks good, and sunday looks good. alison: let's talk about sports. leon: robert burton will be live in chicago with the uva cavaliers. hey, guys, yeah, a very cold chicago. it looks like maryland might need some magic tonight, down in .he second half area ♪ (vo) you can check on them.
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the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. chicago,elcome back to where i'm attempting to heat up. uva faces their opponent tomorrow night. uva,could be a problem for considered that they like the fast-paced game. uva likes to play the half-court defense and slow the game down. meantime, sitting back to enjoy the windy city. >> the virginia cavaliers. robert: a sweet 16 matchup cannot get sweeter than playing in the house that jordan built. an honor.y, it's just seeing him on tv and all that, cannot wait. robert: they will need to pull off a bullish performance tomorrow night against iowa state, it seemed that can bring them out of their comfort zone. >> it does not mean th w
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to get spat up. -- sped up. >> every media session, everybody is asking how we will handle their solid players. we just do what we do. >> establishing our defense and letting them know early they will have to make tough shots all night is huge. robert: for seeing your malcolm brogdon, it key is simple. >> relax. we came out and we were sped up against michigan state couple years ago. we have to understand we played our way into this position. robert: tip-off tomorrow night against iowa state at 7:10 p.m. maryland right now, at last check, they are down nine against kansas city late in the second. football, a former fan favorite, rg iii, he found a new home, playing with the c
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browns, signing a two-year deal worth $15 million. on a conference call, he told reporters about his days in d.c. he said what happened there would break anyone, but he is excited to be in cleveland. that is the day in sports. hopefully uva can heat up against iowa state. back to you guys in the studio. leon: thanks, robert coming up, a hero at age 85. >> it was close.
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alison: what a story, an 85-year-old florida man fighting off an armed robber in front of his home. >> he said handed over. i said i'm not handing nothing over. alison: the police say that three men followed him home from the grocery store and pointed a gun at him. he did not back down. >> i'm 85 years old. i'm thinking, i've lived a long life to have somebody steal for me. alison: he was pistol whipped and is recovering from the bruises, but he punched back and the robbers did not take anything.
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b's wife started screaming and called 911 and they ran away. all three of them are in custody tonight. good for him.
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alison: what to expect in the morning? rain, a little bit of just for a few hours, gone by midday. grab the umbrella for early on. sunglasses by about 2 p.m., the temperatures low 70's. a lot cooler saturday, but still a nice day to check out the cherry blossoms, the farmers market. willr sunday, 66 degrees be wonderful in terms of the weather, mixture of sun and clouds. i think we know where you will be saturday.
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and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live"! >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, hillary clinton, from "the catch," peter krause, and music from fifth harmony. with cleto and the cletones. and now, and not a moment too soon, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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