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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  March 25, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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calling him sleazy donald. jay: for donald trump, he responded via the facebook page insisting he had nothing to do with the article and said he hasn't read it. he hopes the tabloid is not right about "lying ted cruz" and added he looks forward to winning the nomination and the presidency. we'll have much more on the ever evolving story at "abc7 news at 5:00". reporting live in the newsroom, jay korff, abc7 news. michelle: thank you. we are monitoring breaking news out of iraq where 29 people are delved and 60 are injure -- people are dead and 60 are injured after a suicide bomber targeted a soccer stadium. it happened 35 miles south of baghdad. no group claimed responsibility but the islamic state has been waging suicide bombings in the region. scott: today the pentagon said isis' second in command is dead after
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days in syria. this comes as the police make more arrests in the belgian terror attacks. as marci gonzalez reports, u.s. secretary of state john kerry is in belgium today. marci: dramatic raids and arrests in belgium. angoing determined effort to track down anyone with links to the deadly attacks in brussels. but the two surviving terrorists who helped carry out the bombings still on the run, including this man shown with the two suicide bombers at the airport moments before this. the horrific aftermath of the scene where new york res -- residents were killed. still missing the cup from tennessee. and among the survivors american missionary mason wells who was also at the scene of the boston marathon bombing and nea
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time of the attacks there. >> i don't know if i was born under a lucky star. i was fortunate to have escaped with the injuries i have escaped with at the airport. i have been close to the bombs. marci: secretary of state john kerry in belgium meeting with officials and honoring the 300 people injured and the 31 killed. >> it is with irreplaceable loss in mind that we will review our vow to come together against the common enemy in order to keep our people safe. marci: the state department says two americans are among the dead. we are told they were spouses of the u.s. personnel in europe. their names still have not been released. marci gonzalez, abc7 news. scott: a maryland man was also in the brussels airport when one of the bombs went off. after two days of travel he finally made it home. >> it was a split second. everything happened in a split second. over my left shoulder you coul
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back of my neck. then i knelt down and i took my bag to cover for a minute. because once the bomb went off the ceiling collapsed. scott: brian stanley is a martial arts instructor who is in europe to train police officers. i was in molenbeek, belgium last year, covering isis in the wake of the paris attacks. this sunday in "full measure" we have an in-depth report on the region. and how people there told us it would happen. michelle: the attack in brussels has cities around the world on edge. police in the area tell us they are stepping up security. this weekend there is so much happening with the cherry blossoms, the wizards game, caps game, spring break trip and even wrestling at the verizon center. there will be plenty of people around. stephen tschida is live at the d.c. police headquarters with that side of the story. stephen: the cherry blossoms
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that means a tourism boom in the nation's capital. we have video of what is going on around the city right now. you can see throngs of people. at the verizon center, they are at the tidal basin for the cherry blossom and the mall, long lines from the air and space museum. excitement and enthusiasm among the tourists. underlying concern about terrorism, six minutes ago police chief cathy lanier addressed what the city is doing to keep the tourists and the city residents safe. chief lanier: we remain in a high state of security here in d.c. anyway. there are resources on the street. we have taken into account the extra activities we have going on here. i want to assure people not only do you see extra visibility and the security out there. there are a lot of things we do that are not as visible to the public. we remain vigilant and there is a lot of extra resources here. stephen: the chie
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department is working closely with the department of homeland security. also a lot of police out on metro, around the region. all with the intention of keeping the tourists and the residents safe. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. michelle: of course, the biggest crowds will be down along the tidal basin for the national cherry blossom festival. scott: the national park service says the trees are at their peak and they should stay that way for the next four to ten days. unless of course mother nature decides otherwise. michelle: chief meteorologist doug hill is in the stormwatch7 weather center with the weekend forecast. doug? doug: the biggest threat to the cherry blossoms in the next few days are high winds and heavy rain. i don't anticipate either of those. just breezy weather. mild now. a cold front went through this morning but it's lagging behind. check out the numbers, 72 reported right now manassas. 66 in leesburg. cooler north and west. 52 in cumberland and
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hagerstown. the front is on the way out. remaining message of the showers moving across the bay and that will be that. through the evening the clearing skies. temperatures will drop. drop they will. 48 by 2:00 in the morning. tomorrow we will warm up to 60 degrees. sunshine. easter sunday looks good. we'll fill in the details of easter and the next couple of days coming up. back to you. scott: all right, thank you. today's rain showers weren't enough to wash out the blossoms. not the crowds. michelle: mike carter-conneen joins us from the tidal basin with a look at the flowers and the folks enjoying them. mike? mike: big crowds on this beautiful day before easter on good friday. look at the flowers. despite the wind here they have held up fine. the inventory of the trees and the warming weather conditions with the required 220 degrees
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period to find 70% of the yoshino variety of trees fully opening. on average the peak bloom can last four to ten days. the weather forecast through the middle of next week show cooler temperatures which the park service says will slow the bloom process and keep the blooms on the trees. so that means more opportunity beyond saturday and sunday to see the flowers. the area is already crowded because of the spring break group, easter vilsors and the locals who come -- easter visitors and the locals who come down here despite heavy traffic and the limited parking. >> i got up early 5:45 yesterday and headed to the tidal basin. there was a lot of people there, even though it was the crack of dawn. >> we were dropped off. now we have to find our ride. >> we came a long way to see the blossoms. we'll make a sacrifice. beautiful day. it's great. >> thought it was going to rain the whole time but i'm happy it's like this, not super sunny and all the blooms ar
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have details on how you can experience the blossoms would leaving your neighborhood or your own home. mike: reporting live, mike carter-conneen, abc7 news. michelle: it is gorgeous out there. abc7 is proud to be a sponsor of the national cherry blossom festival. we want to thank vicky who e-mailed us this of the jefferson memorial. there are a gallery of pictures at e-mail your pictures to >> a developing story out of wharton where police found a woman accused of ramming her car into another car this morning. this happened just after 7:00 a.m. on ox road. police say the woman was driving a red convertible and she hit a man's car intentionally. he drove to a nearby parking lot and tried to check out the damage. she tried to hit his car again they say. the man wasn't hurt but claims the woman yelled at him for being isis. we'll have more on
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coming up at 5:00. news from the district. there is arrest in the case of a 9-year-old boy shot in the head. jennifer donelan has covered jaydan stancil story since it happened. she joins us live with a break in the case. jennifer: the news a family has been waiting for. our viewers have been following the case from the beginning. we have been cheering him on after he received a near fatal wound, a bullet to the head while playing outside in october of 2014 at the may fair mansions apartment complex. gunfire broke out. jaydan was outside on the sidewalk when he got hit with the bullet. the wounds so critical when the d.c. police officers arrived ahead of the ambulance they decided there was no time to wait. they picked him up and put him in back of the police vehicle and rushed him to prince george's hospi
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officers described holding his hand, telling him, "just hold on, just hold on." jaydan did just that. but it is still a struggle for him almost a year and a half later. i did speak on the phone with his mother briefly. she was on the way to another doctor's appointment. she says that jaydan is still having seizures from time to time and it's a day-to-day struggle with the injury. she was happy to hear about the arrest. 27-year-old kenneth parker of southeast d.c. was arrested. we understand he was in the d.c. jail at the time of the arrest. the chief of police just speaking a few moments ago praising the work of detectives in this case. holding on to this case saying it was grand jury testimony with the evidence, the test results from evidence that led to the arrest. there were more people involved in the shooting, though. jaydan's mother says she wants everyone locked up. chief says so does she. reporting live from the police headquarters, jennifer donelan, back to you. michelle: all right. thank you. loved on
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baptist church of glenarden today to remember officer jacai colson. our amy aubert takes us inside the funeral. amy: across the street from the church, you can see the lines of the cars proceeding just behind me. down the road, a large flag waving proudly in honor of officer jacai colson. now just inside those doors at the first baptist church of glenarden, crowds of people, community members, friends and family packed the church with the best thing to say about officer colson. they call him hard-working, trust-worthy, loyal and say he had a smile that could light up the room. >> i ask that we all leave here with a jacai style heart. let's stop the separation and bring us altogether. it's not just one style of life matters. all life matters. especially american lives. let's all be one and not be se
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amy: colson's mother says he was special from day one. she says the family is at peace knowing he was a man of god. in prince george's county, amy aubert, abc7 news. scott: more and more americans are voicing their opinion about whether the president's pick to be the next supreme court justice should get hearings on the hill. michelle: we'll explain. plus -- >> plain and simple. michelle: protests break out after controversial measure becomes the law in one state. scott: a little bit later the spat over a speaker. a local musician talking only to abc7 news about what led him to stab a competitor at a concert for unity. >> a church devastated by a tornado a month ago. how they plan to
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we need women in congress. if we want to be heard, it was the women who forced republicans to include women's health and contraceptive coverage in the affordable care act. in congress, i'll fight for pay equity, family leave and tougher gun safety laws. and, as an environmentalist, i'll work combat climate change.
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that when women are at the table, we get things done. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message.
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scott: back with a live look at the procession at the vatican this good friday. the way of the cross march will go around the coliseum in rome to signify jesus' path to crucifixion to allow catholics
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and resurrection before easter. michelle: today marks one month since we took you to rappahannock, virginia, in a wake of string of tornadoes that ripped through the commonwealth. a church was destroyed in the storm. today, suzanne kennedy went to check in on the congregation for good friday. suzanne: there is virtually nothing left of the state john's baptist church here in tappahannock, virginia, after a tornado roared through here monday. you can see the damage done by the ef3 tornado. look here, an example of how powerful the storm was. this picture table used to be at a pa voicion 50 yards behind the church -- pavilion 50 yards behind the church. i now sits where the front door used to be. there are signs of devastation and it will take $1 million to rebuild. insurance will cover some of it, it will not cover the total cost of a new church. life-long church members were shocked when they came upon the church after the tornado hit. >> it was dark, but we could see there was not
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all. a lot of rubble, rubbish, debris everywhere. demolished. we recently bought those. maybe just last year. suzanne: coming up tonight at 5:00, we will tell you how on this resurrection weekend this church is planning to rebuild. in tappahannock, virginia, suzanne kennedy, abc7 news. scott: it may have been 70 degrees in the district yesterday but parts of iowa got hammered by spring snow there. sioux city residents digging themselves out today after getting battered with more than 14 inches overnight. after interstate 29 was actually shut down for hours the city officials said 50 workers will spend the day clearing the roadways to make them drivable. makes you realize how lucky we are with this weather. michelle: a rough easter weekend for those folks. but us on the other hand are looking good. doug: it will turn cooler for tomorrow and sunday for
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past couple of days. we'll take it. delightful outside. we are counting down to the cherry blossoms for a long time. a couple other things we're counting down. the nats' home opener, summer begins in 87 days. so we are thinking warm spots on friday afternoon. the temperatures, good today. not 75 from yesterday but it's 68. we'll take that with the reagan national and skies partly cloudy. it's upper 60's to lower 70's in the metro. 72 in fort washington. 70 in largo. 68 in ashburn. farther north and west and it turns chillier than that. as far as the wind speeds go, out of the northwest 15 to 20 miles per hour. bringing in the dry air and the cooler temperatures as well. and the dry air and the gusty winds blowing the pollen all over the place, too. high levels of tree pollen in the air. grass and mold spores in the low range. as far as what is happening with the cloud cover it will thin out slowly. that is the trend over the day. the showers we e
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this morning moving through the area. now it's a waiting game for the drier winds to blow in along with the clearing skies throughout the entire area. so for the metro, clear overnight. comfortably cool. 36 to 42 degrees with a northerly wind. over the weekend we'll keep an eye on the wind direction. that is important and it will control the cloud cover in the air. normal winds tomorrow. keep us cooler. 60 degrees. fair amount of sunshine. get through the evening hours and into the day on sunday, it looks like the winds will turn more east. maybe touch southeast to bring more cloudiness in during the day on sunday. sunday is partly cloudy. it will be cool still. probably in the average of 62, 64 degrees for a high. the forecast looks like this. heading through the day. plenty of sunshine. 61. that will be the high temperature. we get through the next seven days a good chance of rain for the day on monday.
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clearing skies. michelle: all in all pretty good. doug: i think so. michelle: thank you, doug. metro blue and orange lines are still delayed in both directions after the clarendon metro station were shut down this morning. firefighters responded to report of fire on the track. metro says the fire was caused by burning debris, not cable issues. you will recall last week metro shut down the rail system for inspection after a cable fire sparked safety concerns on the blue, orange and the silver line. scott: all right. time for a check on the traffic situation. for that we head over to jamie sullivan who is here with the details. jamie? jamie: scott, we are starting off with the waze map to show you how heavy we are in virginia. this is 95 southbound. the wazers reporting a serious accident. this is right before you get toward quantico. keep in mind heading south, 95. heavier because of the accident that is reported. you can see how heavy we are from dumfries if you continue to 75. let's talk about the maps and what to expect. occoquan to
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averaging 45 minutes now. in maryland, 95 northbound from the capital beltway to the baltimore beltway under 50 minutes. in d.c., 295 northbound. getting to the baltimore washington parkway is slow from the 11 street bridge. 10 miles per hour on the inner loop. this is typical for us. no crashes to report here along the capital beltway. we will take a live look outside. right near connecticut avenue you can see here all lanes are bumper to bumper. if you live or plan to go to the kenwood neighborhood keep in mind in bethesda, bradley boulevard will back up. use caution. that is a look at traffic. back to you. michelle: thank you. get ready to hit the brakes in part of alexandria. today the city lowered the speed limit on two stretches of roads from 35 to 25 miles per hour. the changes are seminary road on quaker lane and quaker lane between duke street and braddock road. the changes are made after the residents expressed safety
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and drivers. scott: coming up on the "abc7 news at 4:00" -- taking on a new role. why a dog is helping newborn cheetah cubs adjust to life outside the wome. michelle: -- outside the womb. michelle: but first, weighing in and find out what americans think of holding hearings for th
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michelle: we are monitoring a developing story out of delaware where the state lawmakers pass a bill prohibiting insurance companies from limiting denying or canceling insurance based on a person's gender. now the decision comes in stark contrast to a bill passed in north carolina this week. that is prompting protests in that state. as we report, now local governments are banned from passing measures that would protect people from discrimination based on their sexual orientation or gender identity. reporter: in the center of the crowd of protesters, hundreds and hundreds strong, there was a small group about a handful of people who one-by-one were arrested and carried away. >> all the people are upset. they are angry. they have been left out of the democratic process. reporter: the protesters chanted and blocked traffic over the governor's office and are angry over the passage of house bill 2. it does not allow transgender people
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associated with the gender they identify with. they say it's discrimination. >> our communities are strong and resilient and we want solutions that include them. reporter: opponents of the bill say it eliminates other discrimination protections for the lgbt community. >> this is hate and pig tri. reporter: -- hate and bigotry. reporter: elizabeth said she is not directly affected by the legislation but she traveled here to stand by the people who are. >> this law hurts these people and then it hurts us. michelle: there have been a lot of reaction to the bill coming in from all around the country tonight. you can join the conversation by going to scott: senate republicans are in the minority when it comes to president obama's supreme court nomination. a new cnn/orc poll shows 52% of americans want the senate to confirm merrick garland. two-third
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the senate to hold confirmation hearings on the nomination. the senate republicans refused to hold hearings to say they would wait until a new president is elected. abc7 is proud to bring you a debate in the maryland senate race. next tuesday, i'll be hosting the panel for the democratic candidates. we brought you the republican side yesterday afternoon. you can watch that debate. new one coming up next tuesday at noon right here on abc7. michelle: coming up on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- a train derailment drives people out of their homes. the explosion that forced evacuations. scott: but first, days after reports of two sex assaults on campus, george mason university responds to our questions about just how many incidents it is investigating on campus so f
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. scott: earlier this week we told you about the reports of two sexual assaults at george mason university. but in the days since we have found that the number of cases on campus is actually way up this year. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg went to fairfax today to find out why. jeff: two days ago the administration here at george mason put out an alert to
4:31 pm
two cases of rape reported on or near campus in the past week. we looked through records from the past three months and found that ten cases of rape have been reported since january 1. in each case, victim and the accused knew one another. some cases were reported shortly after the incident while others were reported days, weeks or months after alleged crime. at this time last year, mason police had received three reports of rape compared to the ten so far this year. authorities say this is not necessarily a sign of an increased problem or danger on campus but an example of improved awareness in reporting. >> this issue is about educating people about what consent is. there is not a lot we can tell victims to do to protect themselves because the incidents are perpetrated by people they know. >> i think it's worth talking about it and letting people know it is happening. it will get better. we will be able to prevent it. jeff:
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numbers continue to rise as awareness campaign continues as well. coming up at 5:30 we will speak about the perspective on the numbers we have seen this year and talk to students on the front lines making sure that awareness is understood by everyone on campus. at george mason university in fairfax, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. michelle: a brawl at silver spring nightclub between rap artists and one of the performers is charged with first-degree murder. kevin lewis is outside the club with a story you will only see here on 7. kevin? kevin: hi, michelle. fans passed the restaurant and the hooka lounge on georgia avenue to hear the rap artists perform. police say it was meant to be a reunion concert of sorts to clear the air between the two rappers in a long-standing feud. but around 3:00 a.m. when the club was shouting down a fight broke out. swag used a
4:33 pm
little joe in the chest. little joe pictured here holding a gun was rushed to holy cross hospital where doctors performed surgery which ultimately saved his life. but today, during an on-camera interview haitian swag told us he acted strictly in self-defense. swag says he is a peaceful man with no criminal record but contends little joe is a hot-blooded entertainer who uses his music to preach violence. >> i just want people to know that whatever happened, they acted on self-defense. i would never thought anyone at any time. >> three or four people coming at you, you will fight your way out. you have to get out. you will not just say oh, my gosh, do what you want to do. it's not fair. not at all. kess today we managed to get ahold of the rap artist little joe but he declined to comment. if convicted of attempted first-degree murder a judge could sentence haitian swag to life in p
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i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. scott: all right. crews battling a wildfire that burned its way through oklahoma and kansas must also battle high winds. take a look. the national weather service says the winds gusting up to 30 miles per hour. they are expected to last the afternoon. and the winds will slow down. the blaze is already consumed at least 620 square miles since it started on tuesday. today's rain showers here helped produce risk for brush fires in our area. michelle: we saw them pop up yesterday. chief meteorologist doug hill is here with a check on the weekend forecast. doug: the rain showers are gone. the front moved through. we are seeing the temperatures drop farther north and west. look at the cooler spot. 52 in cumberland. the closer to washington and the metro it's warmer. 72 in manassas. 73 in fredericksburg. 68 in the nation's capital. we have gusty winds. gusty winds a
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it's drying the brush out again. the rain was not widespread. so i think before long we will be back on dry grass. and a tender situation again. we have no rain in the weekend forecast the humidity levels should be higher and it may help. satellite and radar, a few weather clouds. the wave clouds across the appalachian chain as the winds slope to the east and our area. in the process it is drying the air out. that is how we wind up with clear skies tonight. low of 36 to 42 degrees. forecasters saturday look terrific. becoming mostly sunny through the days. highs of 61. east you are sunday is fine. high of 62. good chance of rain. that is the latest.
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michelle: they reported this explosion that forced the evacuations. it happened yesterday afternoon in calloway. a train and a fro pain truck collided. crews with there. the two crew members suffered non-life threatening injuries. scott: nasa released an amazing image from deep space. this colorful image shows two galaxies colliding. more than 4 billion lightyears away. what may look like one image is a combination of three. the hubble space telescope captured the galaxies and the stars and two observatories here on earth captured all the blue and the pinks that you see. do you know what this is? believe it or not this is the surface of mars. nasa has put together the most detailed map of th
4:37 pm
of the martian surface ever. it's measured with the gravitational pull of the martian surface. michelle: the mother of five cheetah cubs died giving birth at the cincinnati zoo. but the cubs are in good hands. or at least good paws. you see the zoo's nursesy dog blakely is comforting the cubs. the zoo staff members are bottle feeding the cubs while blakely snuggles with them. as the cubs get older the zoo expects blakely will become a teacher and a role model for them. how sweet is that? i love -- scott: definition of a viral video right there. michelle: for sure. i love that it doesn't take another cheetah to help raise them. they can learn from a dog. scott: why can't we all just learn from the dog and cheetah family. michelle: there is a message in there for humans as well. scott: coming up here at 4:00 -- >> it's so legendary i thought about buying it. i never thought i might have
4:38 pm
scott: find out what he is talking about when we come back.
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ry way to easter at target. get a $10 target gift card when you spend $50 on groceries. see store for coupon. michelle: president obama is not the only one
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week. rolling stones arrived a few hours ago. they are playing a free open air concert tomorrow. the stones are the first rock band to play the island since the cuban revolution in 1959. scott: a texas man spent $1,000 to buy a bottle of ranch. this was no random act of wasting money. for the last five years this particular bottle sat at a pizza place that has just one rule. no ranch. ever. unless you are willing to spend $1,000. so when the company owner heard about an animal shelter destroyed in a fire, she threw a fundraiser and the bottle of ranch was part of it. >> i have had a lot of people come and want to look at it. it's just a bottle of ranch. >> i'm glad we are able to help monetarily take some of the stress away from them. >> the buyer says he is going to frame it as a reminder to help others in times of need. michelle: i wonder what the expiration date is
4:42 pm
regardless of what you spent on it. michelle: who knows what it smells like. in an unintentional act of generosity a thief made it easier when he dropped his wallet at the crime scene. they say he and two others robbed other men outside of panama city park. he got away with $600. pace was taken into custody. the status of the other two men is unknown. scott: coming up here on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- planning ahead. a look at a few of the events in the weekend in this area. announcer: countdown to opening day, brought to you by --
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but jamie raskin is the only democrat for congress o's authored landmark ogressive laws -- marriage equality, equal pay for women, green maryland act, assault weapons ban, and more. raskin: i'm jamie raskin, and i approve this message. scott: new information today about a d.c. student who won the prestigious google's "doodle 4 google" contest. as brianne carter reports the student is now back from california and is being honored at her own high school. brianne: eastern high school sophomore akilah johnson is the artist behind the winning google's "doodle 4 google" contest. >> i guess you can say
4:46 pm
was to be the type of person not only turns heads but souls as well. brianne: it shows a woman's portrait, named for the historical figures and the d.c. flag. the 15-year-old who says her interest includes dance and history says the inspiration for the winning piece came from her elementary school. >> public high school and it was pretty much a school that ought us about art history. brianne: johnson says her art teacher ms. perkins encouraged thor enter the contest. >> the fact i encouragedded her and this was the outcome felt affirming. i'm so happy i did it. that she accomplished it. brianne: in addition to the drawing on google's home page the prize includes $30,000 scholarship f
4:47 pm
johnson says she loves art but wants to study criminal justice. in addition to getting a $30,000 scholarship her school eastern high school will get $50,000 in technology for the students. in northeast washington, brianne carter, abc7 news. michelle: she is so talented. scott: how great the $30,000 scholarship is for college. michelle: that is helpful. scott: she has a bright future. great. michelle: for sure. congratulations again to her. the seattle man who refused to climb down from a tree will get another chance to appear in court. a judge rescheduled a hearing for 28-year-old colby miller after he refused to attend his first appearance. today's hearing is in a special courtroom of the king county jail. all right. we have been talking about this. plenty of tourists in our area this weekend. plenty of things to do. scott: kidd o'shea has some ideas for you and your family. kidd: we have extra special
4:48 pm
the cherry blossoms of course are in full bloom around the tidal basin. it's a great opportunity to take in family photos and the opening ceremony is tomorrow night at warner theater. if you go you might see our own leon harris and maureen bunyan. they are hosting the celebration. it is also easter weekend. a special sunrise service will be held sunday at 6:30 a.m. by the lincoln memorial. the holiday activities continue monday with the white house easter egg roll. 35,000 people have tickets to that. if you are not one of them, go to the national zoo's easter monday celebration. it's free. and open to all. with the animal demonstrations and the family activities all day long. wherever you decide to -- whatever you decide to do this weekend, have a great weekend. i'm "good morning washington"'s kidd o'shea. scott: you don't have to wait for the weekend to begin to catch a glimpse of superstars in the city. freedom and
4:49 pm
eagles nesting at the d.c. policeectomy in southeast. they are watching over a pair of eggs. they should hatch any day. watch the stream live through, of course; our website michelle: cool. steve: is there a single eagle's nest that has not been watched? the weekend is here. a lot going on with the cherry blossoms, easter sunday. and changes in the weather. on the way. all right. outside we go right now looking at torpedo factories, old town alexandria. it's quiet down there considering how nice it is. everyone is at the cherry blossoms near the tidal basin. temperature is 68 degrees. the clouds are just beginning to break apart. some of you are already seeing a few peaks of sunshine. cooler air on the way. i promise you that. look at this. cumberland at 52. elkins, west virginia, 44 degrees. we are still enjoying the warmth at 74 in fredericksburg. 72 in manassas. it's 70
4:50 pm
marshall. the clouds are breaking apart and the rain has come to an end. moving through the day tomorrow look for a mix of sun and clouds. 60 for a daytime high. a bit cooler than we have had today. but the winds out of the east/southeast at 5 to 10 miles per hour. d.c. united is here tomorrow. 4:00. we start the game around 60 degrees. the temperature slowly fall to the 50's. 8:00 tomorrow night. around 53 degrees. of course, you can watch the game live right here on abc7. here is your easter forecast. easter sunday looking at the daytime highs that will make it into the lower 60's. a lot of sunshine to enjoy. dress comfortably. we'll start off cool but then warm up nicely in the mid-to-the late afternoon hours. your seven-day outlook looks like this. rain in the forecast. at least it will miss the upcoming weekend. we will be in the middle 60's by monday. showers, maybe a few rumbles of thunder. clear it out nicely on tuesd
4:51 pm
and wednesday with the highs around 60 degrees. the temperatures rebound to upper 60's and 70 by thursday and friday of next week. check on the good friday afternoon and traffic with jamie sullivan. jamie: we are seeing heavy traffic on 95. start with the waze man and the wazers reporting a complete stand still. 7 miles per hour is the average. i would say that is pretty much a complete stand still. there is nothing in this right now and just volume as we pull out a little bit. the heaviest stretch from quantico. this is a 20-mile stretch of slowing. you start near dale city and the slowing continues heading south closer to fredericksburg. mile marker 133 is where it starts to loosen up. it's solid. bumper to bumper traffic. take a live look right now. this is northbound. decen
4:52 pm
inching along. extra time needed in virginia on 95. the big pictures from the map. the capital beltway not bad at all on the south stretch. northwest corner that we're seeing the heaviest batch. getting from 270 to 95. that will take right now one hour. that is a look at traffic. busy holiday weekend. michelle? michelle: thank you, jamie. coming up on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- checking in. a look at the pitfalls of flying a discount airline if you find yourself running late. scott: then new at 5:00 -- >> the damage on the back of the vehicle is the result of road rage, a man says. i'm cheryl conner. coming up at 5:00, why fairfax county police are also investigating what the suspect said to him. scott: ahead at 6:00, new information in the death of comedian garry s eandling -- garry
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alison: new developments in the case of the flight attendant accused of trying to smuggle cocaine through lax. a lust district judge ordered her to return to california after prosecutors appealed her $500,000 bail. he also said reynolds should remain in custody until april 7 hearing. authorities is a they found 70 pounds of cocaine in reynolds' luggage at l.a.x. last week after she fled a random security screening on foot. scott: planning to fly a discount airline? you probably know about the extra baggage fee. another big catch people don't know about. consumer reporter john matarese explains so you don't waste your money. john: d.c. area travelers love deep discount airlines like spirit, frontier. the fares are so much lower than the main line carriers and even lower than southwest. some of them have strict rules if you are just a minute late. you could lose your flight and lose your money. frontier a
4:57 pm
planes with the super low fares. be sure you get there early. >> i was probably 43 minutes or 40 minutes before the flight. and i said my flight is at 5:45. am i able to check in? they said no, that is our policy. we are not allowed to do anything about it. john: kevin garrison says he was deny boarding because he was moments late to the check-in counter missing the 45 of-minute cutoff by two minutes. he says he got to the long-term parking lot well over an hour before the flight but said the shuttle was running late and once he got to the terminal the check-in line was much longer than he expected. >> got in line for frontier at 5:00 a.m. the flight was at 5:45. john: he thought he would be okay but customers in front of him pushed him back the go minutes, essentially slamming the door in his face. >> they told me that the only thing they could do was book me on a flight which was the next day. john: that was too late
4:58 pm
a frontier spokesman tells us the 45-minute rule is clearly spelled out on the fly frontier website and it is designed to keep planes on time. kevin is out $300 and says next time he will fly another airline. >> i don't have another flight with them and i don't know if i ever will. john: frontier has an online check-in option you can check in from home before you leave for the airport. yuf might want to do it with every airline so you don't waste your money. i'm john matarese, abc7 news. leon: tonight. road rage pursuit that went on for miles. a car rammed several times and an attacker's outrageous claims. a major break in the shooting of a boy who beat enormous odds. who police say shot him in the head a year and a half ago. another round has been fired in the trump-cruz wife wars. claims of multiple extramarital affairs. >> now, abc7 news at 5:0
4:59 pm
on your side. alison: more than a year after 9-year-old jaydan stancil survived being shot in the head, d.c. police now have the suspected shooter in custody. police held a news conference in the past hour. leon: tom roussey is standing by outside police headquarters. what are the details here? tom: this case touched a nerve with a lot of people. innocent 9-year-old boy getting shot through no fault of his own. that happened a year and a half ago. police say they never gave up on the case. a little over an hour ago right behind me here the police chief announced there had been an arrest. this happened at the may fair mansion apartment complex on hayes street in northeast in october of 2014. there is a group of men got into what was basically a shoot-out. caught in the crossfire, 9-year-old jaydan stancil. he was 9 at the sometime. ever since he has been recovering he is still recovering at this point. it was a miracle he survived according to the police and his family. we have been following
5:00 pm
visits. we are even following when he got out of the hospital a year ago. his mother calling it a miracle. she is happy there has been one arrest but she would like to hear about more arrests. kenneth parker is facing 14 counts in relation to the shooting. the police chief said this afternoon she called jaydan's mother monique before making the announcement to us. >> i spoke to jaydan's mom earlier this afternoon. where she was on her way to the doctors with her son, as you imagine with a serious injury still continues to have problems. health problems because of that injury. tom: for the man arrested, kenneth parker, he is facing 14 counts in relation to this case but he has been charged with other crimes. police say the way they picked him up, he was already in the d.c. jail on


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