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tv   Nightline  ABC  April 7, 2016 12:37am-1:07am EDT

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this is "nightline." >> tonight, the race to the white house now turning into a subway series? candidates embracing their big apple roots as the pivotal new york primary loops. how will this play on broadway? >> i think most people know exactly what new york values are. >> that talk earning one candidate an old-fashioned bronx cheer tonight. >> there's no business being in the bronx! plus crazy jewish mom. if you think your mother is a handful -- >> here's my daughter, are you single? >> hollywood director turned mom with no off switch. the loveable mother/daughter duo. is the 49-year-old rock star volunteering for years of no sleep? for a shot at motherhood. >> i have not
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>> janet jackson's plea, spending the tour tonight, the long road ahead, the music legend. first the "nightline 5." >> don't let dust and allergies get between you and life's beautiful moments. with flonase they won't. flow mace controls six inflammatory agents, flonase changes everything. ♪ ♪ ♪ come and on it come on let's go ♪ ♪ got to keep moving come on let's go ♪ >> number one in just 60 seconds. wall street. the nra. they're powerful. they usually get their way.
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she won't take cash from wall street banks. and when washington insiders wrote a loophole to let the nra spend dark money to kill gun safety laws, donna edwards said 'no' she's fighting to ban assault weapons and putting the safety of our communities first. because to democrat donna edwards, the special interests aren't special. we are. working for us pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. good evening. thank you for join is us. you might say the men and women who
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a new york stimds. buffalo to brooklyn this unlikely battleground state turning out to be a crucial stop on the road to the white house. this twist, three of the top contenders claim deep new york roots. here's abc's david wright. >> reporter: we've only just got past opening day and already new york is looking forward to a subway series. >> now let's do it here in the bronx. the first pitch. >> reporter: not one. not two. but three hometown heroes, in one way or another, plus a couple of big-league sluggers from out of town, hoping to become hall of famers. >> who's the most new york? >> it's a tough one. i think bernie's the most new york, because new york's keep it real. >> reporter: a new york primary a make or break event in body parties. >> wide receive're in the botto ninth? >> i'm feeling good, i am. >> reporter: bernie sanders sat down with spike lee for "the hol would the reporter." >> we're com
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city. >> oh-oh, how do we do in new york? >> i think we're going to win new york. it's going to be a tough fight. >> you're from brooklyn, you're not scared? >> oh, no. >> reporter: polls and conventional wisdom suggest he should be. but this is not the year for polls. >> build that wall! >> reporter: or for conventional wisdom. >> on a number of important areas he doesn't have a plan at all. >> delegate-wise, hillary clinton may be able to lose new york. but psychologically, it is absolutely a must-win. >> reporter: new york has been hillary clinton's adopted home for two decades. ever since she first traded that cubs hat for a yankees one. it was one of her earliest flip-flops. called out by katie core oak "today." >> i've always been a yankees fan. >> i thought you were a cubs fan. >> i am a cubs fan but i needed an american league team. >> reporter: clinton was getting ready to run for the senate, facing a lifetime yankees fan, rudy giuliani. she and bill bought that mansion in chappaqua and
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>> it is wonderful to be here with all of you, to be in new york. >> reporter: nearly 20 years later on roosevelt island with the manhattan skyline behind her, she announced her second run for the white house. >> to be right across the water from the headquarters of the united nations where i represented our country many times, in a place with absolutely no ceilings. >> new york. 20 million people strong. >> reporter: new york is at the heart of her campaign message. >> when some say we can solve america's problems by building walls, banning people based on their religion, and turning against each other, well -- this is new york. and we know better. >> reporter: she has a lot of supporters here. >> it's time we had a woman in the white house. don't you think so? >> you trust her? >> do you think you can trust any politician, darling? >> reporter: newor
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senate. and in 2008, new yorkers endorsed her over barack obama by a nearly 2-1 margin. >> and the great state of new york! >> reporter: in other words, she should have nothing to worry about. >> i want your support, of course. >> reporter: and yet -- >> whoa! >> reporter: she's already started to feel the bern. >> thank you! >> reporter: including wisconsin, sanders has won six of the last seven contests. he's on a roll. >> as you know, i am the very proud united states senator from vermont. but i am very proud that i was born here in new york city. >> reporter: sanders wears his new york values with pride. he doesn't mention the state in his version of that new york ad. but new york is there in the simon and garfunkel soundtrack and in that
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>> i'm brsernie sanders and i approve this message. >> he's for the people. if you're for new york, you're for new york. >> reporter: so much so, sanders is running against the engine of new york's economy. >> what this campaign is about is telling wall street and the billionaire class they cannot, they will not, have it all. >> reporter: new yorkers have a love/hate relationship with wall street so that part of sanders' message goes down well. in an interview with the new york daily news he struggled to be specific. >> but do you think that the fed now has that authority? >> i don't know if the fed has it but i think the administration can have it. >> how? >> reporter: today my colleague cecilia vega pressed him. >> did you stumble on those answers on how to break up wig banks? >> i did not stumble. we have introduced major legislation which will break up big banks. here's the more important question. hillary clinton doesn't believe we should break up big banks. >> it's great to be home. >> reporter: interestingly, the
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republican nomination is also running against wall street. >> all of them. they all have money. so -- and it's all from wall street. >> reporter: surprising words from a billionaire developer who's relied on wall street to fund plenty of his projects. >> trump is a real business new york person. know what i mean? he's cutthroat. he'll get into where he fits in. and when he's done fitting in, he'll throw you out like a dirty trash. >> reporter: trurn is new york as they come. living the manhattan high life for years. raised in archie bunkers' queens. as "salon" points out his rhetoric sounds like "all in the family." >> i am so sick of washington and all its works and all them politicians down there. >> i'm so sick and tired of watching these incompetent politicians that are all talk, no action. >> reporter: the new york race may be trump's last best chance to clean up in the delegate count. senator ted cruz is determined to stop him. >> donald trump is definitely
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york but he's wounded after that wisconsin loss. and ted ted cruz is not ceding the state to him. >> reporter: house been mocking what he calls trump's values. >> the values in new york city are socially liberal, pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage -- >> reporter: now as the race comes here those comments could hurt cruz. sitting down with george stephanopoulos cruz qualified that line of attack ever so slightly. >> let me be very clear. the people that i was talking about are the liberal new york democrats who have hammered this state. it is people like mayor bill de blasio, people like governor cuomo -- >> donald trump? >> who has funded them all. >> reporter: maybe so, but cruz got the bronx cheer today. >> cruz has no business being in the bronx, this is an immigrant community! >> reporter: john kasich too a rocky start in queens, diving into pizza
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some new yorkers have been known to do that, the city's mayor bill ba because i don't, and once upon a time even donald trump. new yorkers are good judges of people. >> new yorkers are smart. they're country smart. may seem dumb but we're smart. >> reporter: in the subway series even the fast food matters. i'm david wright for "nightline" in new york. next, instagram's crazy jewish mom weighs in on everything from chicken soup to fashion tips. and if she wants your opinion she'll give to it you. just ask her daughter. plus some good news and bad news for janet jackson fans. and your ford dealer is the place to get into a new ford escape. escape leads the way with the convenience of a foot-activated rear liftgate. plus, the power and efficiency of ecoboost technology. you'll find a full lineup of ford suvs designed to help you be unstoppable.
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tonight she's known as the mother of all jewish motors. starring attraction of a mom and daughter internet act. drawing a huge and growing following. my "nightline" coanchor dan harris with the social stars on their oy vey ways. >> this is my daughter. she wrote this fabulous book. >> reporter: this is a mother on a mission. >> i'm not trying to sell you the book. >> she's not trying to sell you the book. >> i'm not. >> reporter: trying to get anybody she can to buy her daughter's book. >> mother's day is coming up. i am not above bribing. >> reporter: i mean anybody. >> you can see it on amazon. >> i don't think they have their phones with them. >> this is my daughter, are you single? >> reporter: she is kim friedman, former tv director and loving parent. thanks to her daughter kate -- >> i can't believe this is happening. no, no, let me get out of y
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>> reporter: she's now known as instagram's crazy jewish mom. the quirky helicopter mom whose texts to her daughter have become viral punch lines. for example, unless you are carrying my grandchild, go to the gym and stop eating gar badge. buy new bras now, do you want stretch marks? where is your boyfriend, taking care of you or too busy not proposing? those messages about stretch marks, grandchildren, and proposals or lack thereof just some of the thousands of doozies that have brought kate's instagram page more than 800,000 followers. and have turned kim and kate's relationship for something of a cultural phenomenon. >> this has become a sensation on instagram. >> why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free? >> i'm a cow. >> find those kettle balls online, sent them to your office -- >> you have to clench your things down there. your lady thing -- your vagina. i'm doing it r
12:54 am
>> reporter: when these two first sat down with me last april kate was working for conde nast while fielding her mom's constant stream of texts. >> how many times a day does she text you? >> maybe like 50. >> no, you're exaggerating. >> probably 50. >> reporter: kim used to be a big-time hollywood director working on such shows as "love boat." "star trek: deep space nine." "dynasty." "beverly hills 90210." before leaving it behind for her daughter. >> when she went to college you dropped your career and moved east? >> i did. i mean -- i love her. and we both -- my husband and i looked at each other and said, what are we doing in l.a.? she's 3,000 miles away, she's our baby. >> that was my birthday present, they showed up to my college dorm room. i didn't know they were coming. >> there were so many in the room --
12:55 am
>> we're not going there, we're going to stop this conversation. >> we were there early in the morning, i'll just let your imagination go from there. >> i can't believe this is happening. >> i don't want to say your size, have you ever had a garter belt? >> reporter: after spending a saturday with them we got to see into the depths of the crazy jewish mom vortex. >> we need to get spanx for you too. >> i have spanx. >> those aren't in anymore. >> they're not in? mother, stop flapping, i said i would try on one bra. >> wait, no, no, this is a -- >> one bra. >> reporter: one of kim's primary preoccupations is the fact that kate's boyfriend, called super-jew, has not proposed after more than two years of being together. when we met kim was actively trying to find kate a husband on the internet. >> here we go. kate, omg, i found the perfect guy for you on j-date. what, mother, tell me you did not make a profile for me on that site. omg do you use
12:56 am
why? as far as i'm concerned super-jew's days are numbered, no ring on the finger, you must not linger. he's 29, looking to settle down, went to cornell. i know, not ideal. but he's gorgeous. all capps reply, this is identity theft. >> it is, right? fair? >> when do you want to go out with him? lights, camera, ovaries. >> what's wrong? >> that's fair, that's fair. >> reporter: on that front nothing has change what are you doing? >> showing your hand. >> my right hand? >> all your hands. >> you haven't gotten engaged? >> do you see super-jew here? >> where is super-jew? >> i know -- he did not want to be on camera. >> why doesn't he want to be? because he didn't give you a ring. >> that's not why. >> no ring. they've been together -- are you still married? no, i don't know -- i'm just asking. >> i'm still married, yes, yes. >> you're a monster. >> reporter: here's what has changed. kate quit her job to dive headfirst into the
12:57 am
crazy jewish mom. her first book "mother can you not" has just been released, chapter titles like dr. hooha, green eggs and sperm, and listen to your mother. >> how do you feel about her quitting her job? >> horrible. i don't want her to move back in my house, that's for sure. >> reporter: ever the concerned parent -- >> i think i'll approach -- >> reporter: kim tyke it upon herself to help kate by any means necessary. >> this is the funniest book. do you know about crazy jewish mom? >> no i'm italian. >> i love your posters! >> oh, your book. >> she's not tina fey, she's not amy poehler, nobody knows who she is. >> mom, you're a hot mess. >> there's a man in the suit, i'm going to try to get her a job. do you know about the instagram account crazy jewish mom? >> no, i don't. >> cheese! >> reporter: with hundreds of thousands of followers, kate can share kim's wisdom, if you want to call it that,
12:58 am
mom fans around the world. what's next? if this book goes well, is there a crazy jewish mom movie? >> we're going to be giving advice on my website and taking questions from people and probably doing a podcast as well. >> and on video. >> that's great. she doesn't even take your advice. >> yeah, well -- >> should. she should. she should take my advice. >> no, but i do have to say -- >> i have good advice. >> i'm not disparaging your advice, i'm saying she doesn't take it. >> let the world -- maybe the world will take it. maybe she'll understand it's good advice. >> reporter: dispensing advice and answering all of life's major questions. >> could you find me a boyfriend? now? >> would you do me one favor? >> what's that, look for a nice young jewish man? >> always that, we know that. doesn't have to be jewish, just a young, strapping, good career -- and fertile. >> reporter: for "nightline," this is dan harris -- >> this is a terrific guy. >> reporter: yet again in the red hot center of the c
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up next, the music legend who may be hoping to trade rock concert forth rock a bye baby and no sleep. ♪ ♪ take on the unexpected. the new 2016 nissan altima. built to stand out.
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finally tonight, the rock star who may be hope to sing lullabies soon. janet jackson taking her act and going home for a while citing doctor's orders. >> hey, you guys. >> reporter: the 49-year-old superstar surprising her fans with this announcement on twitter today. >> my husband and i are planning our family. so i'm going to have to delay the tour. please, if you can try and understand that it's important that i do this now -- have to rest up, doctor's orders. >> reporter: the video fueling plenty of pregnancy rumors
1:05 am
tonight. on shows like "extra." >> the baby news speculation -- >> reporter: she wouldn't be the first pop star to start a family later in life. mariah carey and selene deyoen both gave birth in their 40s. who's the rhythm nation singers main man? a jet-setting billionaire businessman from qatar. it seems natural the couple plans to start a family of their own. jackson comes from one of the most iconic music families from all time. her brothers, the jackson 5, rising to fame with hits like "abc," performed here on "american bandstand." channeling into a successful career of her own with hits like "else capade" and "miss you much." for you jackson may be trading stadiums for diapers in the near future. she has another message for her fans -- >> i have not forgot ben you. i will continue the tour
1:06 am
>> reporter: promising a return to the stage sometime soon. we wish the couple well. it was president abraham lincoln who reminds us of the power of a great mom. of his own mother, president lincoln said, all that i am or ever hope to be i owe to my angel mother. many of us can say the same. thank you for watching abc news, "good morning america" tomorrow, and online at on our "nightline" facebook page. good night, america. listen, why don't you round up the kids, huh? i don't feel like getting any more food out, so we'll take them to marco's for dinner. come on, don't make this into a whole thing! the kitchen is covered in ants. but you know the kids and restaurants. come on. look, it's late, they're tired. they're gonna be fighting. food's gonna be everywhere. i say we eat in front of the tv, like a regular family.
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so we can never take the kids to a restaurant? we can go when they can drive us. wait! how 'bout we go to marco's, huh? just the two of us. ma, can you take the kids to your house for dinner? sure. they could use a home-cooked meal. it's okay, marie. no, no! come on! it'll be fun, huh? just you and me. like when we were dating, except now i know not to expect sex after. ha ha ha! i don't like that, raymond. okay. come on, kids, get your coats on. we're going out to eat. yippee! you ready, ray? bye, marie. don't bother to clean up. i'll get to it later. she'll get to it later.


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