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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  April 7, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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moving farther north. lightning with that. farther south. farther south in that. more heavy rain. nationals park is right about here. so they will get a fair amount of rain to come through. it will take 30 minutes or so. 30 to 40 minutes for the heavy batch of rain to move through the area. behind that there are more showers. the heaviest stuff in the immediate future. alexandria 5:07. the heaviest cell through there. 5:14 downtown. berwyn heights 5:22. then it will make its way to dunkirk but that is not until 5:30. so fair amount of rain to go over the next couple of hours. pull out and show you more showers farther in the back that will rotate through. there will be more light showers, the heaviest stuff on the leading edge. we are not finished with this yet. more showers. skies are cleared tonight. we are not there yet. that is the latest. we have more for you coming up in a couple of minutes. leon: all right. you got it, doug. enough
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that is as law enforcement officers are trying to crack down on the a.t.v.'s that are terrorizing the drivers and the police in area. this is days after they cornered an ambulance with an injured child inside. sam sweeney has the new unified effort to fight back. sam? sam: well, good evening. police say that the crackdown has already begun. the goal is to identify the riders, seize their bikes and destroy them. now they are asking for the public's help and they are willing to pay you. surrounded by law enforcement from around the area, cathy lanier says the dirt bike game will end. >> we have had enough. the community has had enough. the riders that we can identify, we are going to aggressively prosecute. the bikes we have seized will be destroyed. sam: the past weekend, m.p.d. police officer was surrounded and dragged by a gang of riders. back in march, on
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carrying a sick child was stopped, surrounded and then had its driver side door opened by an a.t.v. driver. police had to come free the ambulance before it could continue to the hospital. >> i know we have had police officers injured. now increasing incident involving the first responders >> nearly 100 have been arrested this year and 400 bikes have been confiscated. 85 of them will be destroyed next month but police are searching for hundreds more. >> we are offering $250 for people who identify the riders in cases or the location where the illegal vehicles are stored. sam: if you think you know someone you could be entitled to $250. i'm sam sweeney, abc7 news. leon: a look at the few of the pictures that sam mentioned. we built a photo gallery of all of them on the website at
5:03 pm alison: the rain moving in has put a hold on the nationals home opener. what is the latest here? >> it will rain for a while. we got severe thunderstorm warning. if you want to take it full screen to look at the area with the heaviest rain. it is highlighted in red color on the screen. that is where the heaviest downpours are. moving northeast now at pretty good clip. now severe thunderstorm warning is in effect for charles county, prince george's county, and let's see, we also have northwestern st. mary's county. calvert county, southern anne arundel. part of eastern fairfax including the city of alexandria until 5:45. the best news i can tell you, you can see the box there. the area under the warning now. the individual storms there are moving to the northeast at 50 miles per hour. you will get strong wind gusts but it will move through the area quickly. here is an animation. you can see where they are moving. moving through waldorf in a little bit. moving through the district. another batch of heavy r
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everything headed to the coastal section of anne arundel and annapolis and onto to the eastern shore. there are more patches of showers to the west that will come through later but nothing as heavy as these. timelines for you. it will get through clinton at 5:13. melwood in prince george's county at 5:22. dunkirk and calvert at 5:31. deale in southern anne arundel county at 5:42. we will watch the showers and the storms and get you a fresh update in a few minutes. leon: you got it. not just the opening day game that we are worried about with the rain coming through. traffic with the heart of the rush hour now hitting us. jamie, how is it looking? jamie: of course you can see behind me a solid red line. we will start in mclean. this is the capital beltway. using the waze map. wazers check in with the delay. one of the waze showing us this is what it looks like. not moving very fast at all.
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i want to show you a live look. seven lost road and river road you can see a very slow pace. ee usually don't see the inner loop this heavy but this is both the inner loop and outer loop. it's single digits in most spots. 9 miles per hour. the northwest corner we typically have a heavy traffic. if you mix in the rain it will get heavier. of course we have the earlier crash on 395. on the freeway, heavy traffic. trying to get anywhere closer toward nats park. the problem is we have so many people right now south capitol street to douglas bridge and the freeway. very backed up. to crashes to report right now. when you mix in the rain we will deep updating you. alison: a mess out there. as we said the rain moving in has put the hold on the nationals home opener. robert burton is there. he is live outside what is turning out to be a soggy nats park. hey, robert, what is the latest? robert: well, yea
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as you talked to doug there is a rain delay. it could be raining for a while, maybe we could see a cancellation. we don't know that yet. we do want to talk about dusty baker. at 4:00, we talked about him being late to nats park. he was late to the pre-game workouts. he doesn't like to use g.p.s. he likes to keep his mind sharp before opening day. however, when you take a look at this gate you get butterflies. why? you wonder if fans are coming into another disappointing season and you wonder are they coming into another season successful? we don't know. it doesn't help that we have a rain delay. so dusty baker, he is super nervous. he talked to the media before the game today. >> manager baker: we got a lot of, got a lot of fans. we have more fans. i know a lot of people pulling for us to win. this is when you get fidg
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and nervous in the home opener. i oh enthe weather subsides. robert: again we have a rain delay. we don't know how long it is. the game is tied 3-3 in the second inning. daniel murphy the newcomer, base-clearing triple. welcome to d.c., mr. october. back to you in the studio. alison: okay. we'll check in with you again. thank you so much. frightening end to a field trip in fairfax county after a school bus and a police car collided. sending four people to the hospital. it happened just before 1:00 on backlick road in springfield. diane cho has the latest. diane: we are told the officer involved, two middle school student and a chaperon were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. traffic was backed up on backlick road. while officers swept up debris trying to figure out what happened after a school bus filled with students in a fairfax county police officer collided. >> the
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i was like what happened? diane: marquez saw the officer get out and ask the bus driver if she was okay and then pulled in the accident herself. >> the officer car is completely trashed, as you can see. the bus doesn't have much of the damage. >> police say the officer was going northbound on backlick road, a one-way road in this area when the bus driver stopped at the stop sign and tried to get across going westbound on floyd avenue. the officer was unable to avoid the collision and struck the side of the school bus. it was loaded with students, teacher and chaperon. >> the students were heading back from a field trip when the accident took place. he got a call from his wife telling him what happened when his son was on the bus. >> what? check it out. i was coming home. i actually was in maryland. so when i was coming home, i figure i'd stop by to see what the damage looks like. still here. he
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>> the parent says his son was not injured in the accident. police say once the investigation is over they will determine which driver was at fault. in springfield, diane cho abc7 news. leon: 6-year-old boy is recovering after being shot twice in the arm during a home invasion. this happened just before midnight in what home on foote street in northeast d.c. police say two people forced open the door of the home and then opened fire. >> everybody is so puzzled. i guess she was home. i guess somebody kicked the door in. started shooting. i'm like maybe, what if it would have hit him somewhere else? he is just a child. he still has to live his life. i'm just, i'm just puzzled. i'm puzzled right now. leon: so far police have not revealed any details about the suspects. but the investigators say they believe the home was targeted in some sort of a dispute with a neighbor. alison: police are hoping sur
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catch a purse snatcher who may catch you by surprise. take a look at the video. police believe the woman here pushing a stroller with four kids in tow. swiped a purse at a bus stop on division avenue in northeast. she was later caught on video at a nearby metro station. if you recognize her, please call police. leon: still ahead at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- how relisha rudd is being remembered as the renewed search for the missing girl finishes up a second day. alison: plus, bernie sanders goes on the attack as hillary clinton takes the subway. the new twist in the fight for the white house. leon: a sudden storm rips the roof off of a building in the area. now we are tracking another round of storms moving through the region. right now what to expect in the coming hours. alison: first, though, new details in the crash that claimed a police officer's life. what we just learned about the driver. that is next at "abc7 news at 5:00".
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>> noah leotta. in this just released report. police alleging that the man accused of killing noah leotta had at least six beers and four shots and had smoked marijuana before he got behind the wheel of his honda c.r.v. relzco said he often smoked marijuana before he drove and before crash he saw police lights but couldn't tell which lane they were in. that was december 3. noah leotta had taken license and registration from a car he pulled over on rockville pike. got back to his police car and opened opened the door and prepared to get in. when the suspect slammed first in the police car.
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>> the report saying people were rushing to help and over the radio "officer down, officer down, officer down." >> he was struck from a drunk driver and died from the injuries. brad: his father rich is using what happened to his son to push for tighter drunk driving laws in maryland. >> noah recognized that drunk drivers are really domestic terrorists. >> with the legislature in session for another four days noah's law the bill that aims to require ignition interlocks for everybody caught drunk driving is not yet done. a joint senate house committee must meet to iron out differences between two versions of the bill. governor larry hogan now joining advocates pushing for the tougher senate version. >> i hope we get the strong version but anything is a step in right direction. time to crack down on drunk drivers. >> the sus
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court date scheduled for next week. in rockville, brad bell, abc7 news. leon: no jail time for the son of former virginia governor bob mcdonald. a judge sentenced robert mcdonald to six-month suspended sentence for d.u.i. charge. he entered an alfred plea, admission of guilt without acknowledgment of the evidence against him. he was fined $250 and had the license suspended for a year. the younger mcdonald was hit with a d.u.i. in 2014 and last november when he refused to take a breathalyzer. the refusal charge has been deferred for a year. alison: afternoon storm leaving wire and debris scattered across a roadway. heavier storm ripped the roofing off a warehouse. fallen transformer damaged nearby vehicles. officials say there may be damage to a cell tower in that area. leon: nasty stuff out there. moving through. doug: just had a call there was hail not long ago in
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enough to cover a back deck. we have heavy storms. start with a look at image right now from our -- if we could go to the two sources you mentioned before. cheverly first. then go to -- can we do that? all right. this is prince george's hospital center in cheverly. prince george's county. they were on the backside. the heavy storm went through there. it looks calm. the traffic is moving well. trees are not moving at all. we will take you live outside the studio here in arlington. you can see the rain coming down. the heaviest rain passing through now. people walking, no umbrellas blowing around but you can see it is still raining in the area. now go back to the weather computer to show you a live shot from national harbor. where it is raining steadily now along the potomac river. up town a bit where the stadium is. got the tarp on the field from the heavy rain in that area. this is the reason. this is the radar. more heavy rain coming through. severe thunderstorm up to 5:45 in this area. a pretty good line of storms getting stronger as it pushes
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northern charles, st. mary's county. southern anne arundel county. more showers to follow. we will zoom in and give you timing information on the line of storms that is continuing to intensify the closer it gets to the chesapeake bay. as we do it, give you times here. prince frederick in calvert county at 5:16. later in north part of calvert county at dundirk. londontowne 5:47 as this is moving northeast. behind the batch of heavy rain there is another area of rain we are watching developing north of charlottesville. that is going to move northeast to the area. more scattered showers. the best we see is shower, a break, showers, a break, showers, a break. eventually tonight it will clear out. the high pressure starts to move in the area. becoming clear to partly cloudy and breezy. 35 to 42 by morning. westerly winds at 10 to 15 miles per hour. the future cast shows sunshine tomorrow. then as we get through the day the winds will b
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the west. we get to saturday, early saturday morning the clouds come in. we have areas of rain moving through the area. northern part of the region snow. the cold air pours in overhead, we are going to see through the afternoon period of rain and the snow mixed in the metro area. finally ending. as we get through saturday night. tomorrow is not a bad day. partly cloudy, breezy cool. highs in the upper 50's. we will get to saturday. the nasty day with partly cloudy, windy, chilly, period of rain and snowshowers. sunshine, cool weather sunday. monday is windy and warmer. we get cooler in the 50's by tuesday, wednesday, thursday. alison: to keep things interesting. leon: the rain is making it more than interestinger the traffic situation. jamie is watching that for us. jamie: it is. i want to start with the waze map to give you a good picture. virginia is what i want to focus on. that is where we see accidents and the slow spots. northbound at the 14th street bridge. our wazers are reporting an accident. it's there right at the 14th street bridge. let's talk about the b
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as i pull out a little bit, it doesn't start here. we see the heavy traffic heading northbound from duke street. and heading south it doesn't stop right at duke street. it keeps going all the way south to the mixing bowl. so again, 395, a big trouble spot for us. let's move to talk about how slow we are otherwise in virginia. the outer loop from van doran street to wilson bridge is 15 minutes. 20 minutes is the average outbound on 66 from the capital beltway continuing to the fairfax county parkway. again, 395. that is the big trouble spot. 45 minutes just getting from the 14th street bridge to the mixing bowl. you continue southbound on 95. approaching the occoquan. starting near for mixing bowl. just under 20 minutes. again, virginia is where we see the most crashes and the slow spots. be careful out there. back to you. leon: all right. thanks, jamie. speaking of the slow spots here is a place where it will be slowing down in a little bit so folks can get in there and have some fun. a live look inside d.a.r. cons
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we are getting ready for "jeopardy" return to d.c. they will be inside there live. the set is coming alive now as taping starts this weekend. it runs through the middle of next week. check out the live stream of this construction project. check it out on it's been fun to watch it in the last few days. make sure you tune in tomorrow morning as "good morning washington" gives away the last set of tickets to view a taping of the show. that gets underway at 4:24 a.m. tomorrow. alison: got to love the music. leon: everyone knows it. you know what it is when you hear it. alison: it will be fun to have them in d.c. still ahead at 5:00 -- the massive worldwide air bag recall claims another life. the minor crash named for a woman's death and what the family is saying about the air bag recall. leon: the new feud between bernie sanders and hillary clinton. their war of words coming up next. alison: t.g.i.t. tonight on
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abc7 --
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and turn for the white house. leon: this time the war of words playing
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between the republicans and the democrats are feuding. more now from megan hughes. >> at a news conference in philadelphia, sanders pointing to media articles claiming that hillary clinton called him unqualified, a statement she never made. now he is directing it at her. >> are you qualified to be president of the united states when you are raising millions of dollars from wall street? >> i don't know why he is saying that. i will take bernie sanders over donald trump or ted cruz anytime. have calling it silly before getting on subway at yankee stadium. on the g.o.p. side, donald trump had family on hand at a tuesday rally in long island. hopi
5:26 pm
victory at home. >> my father will make america great again. >> trump hammering ted cruz for statement about new york values he made in january. >> i have this guy standing over there, looking at me. talking about new york values with scorn on his face. with hatred, hatred of new york. >> an interesting thing has happened in the last couple of weeks. we have seen the race turn. >> he is taking time off the campaign train and he has no scheduled events until sunday. leon: coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- talk about paying it forward. how a rescue dog is helping another animal in need. alison: but first, another case. the latest in the investigation in the takata air bags. and
5:27 pm
sam: another search for a young girl who disappeared in northeast d.c. i'm sam ford. that is coming up. we will tell you what the yvette: i was running for my life. he was flicking matches on me... my ex-husband's intentions were to murder me. glenn: i made sure yvette's abuser went away for good, and put in place tougher sentences, because domestic violence can never be tolerated. yvette: mr. ivey showed compassion. i felt like i could trust him. narrator: glenn ivey.
5:28 pm
in congress, he'll combat domestic violence, and protect president obama's legacy. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message, because i'm on your side.
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leon: we are tracking a line of storms through the area. getting wet and heavy out there. get to doug hill tracking this on the radar. you have new video to go with this? doug: we have had the heavy rain. we have had lightning and the strong wind gust and hail. take a look at the video from twitter. this was the donaldson run area of arlington. not that long ago here when the line of the heavy storms came there. that is hail falling on the deck of the sidewalk right there. part of the heavy storms. so we are watching the same storms now pushing eastern suburbs of the district. go to graphics to show what we are having. a line of heavy storms moving northeast through the metro area. areas in yellow are moderate rainfall now. we have had a total of seven lightning strikes from the system in the past 15 minutes. the area of red where the heaviest storms are. they stretch from prince george's county to the east of
5:31 pm
pleasant. dunkirk to chesapeake beach. they are pushing to the northeast at a good clip. jut date on the wind gust. quantico, the storms went through and the winds were 61 miles per hour. 58-mile-per-hour gusts in new market. not far away in la plata 57 miles per hour. 54-mile-per-hour gust in waldorf. look at the temperatures. falling in the upper 40's. again this is the timing for you. we have the areas of the storms moving through bowie at 5:44. 5:55 in annapolis. glen burnie, 5:58. for anne arundel county, east central prince george's county and north central calvert county is severe thunderstorm warning is extended until 6:00 p.m. steve rudin is with me. we will team up and he will have more information in a few minutes. alison: thank you, doug. police spent a second straight day searching for any sign of relisha rudd. little girl who would now be 10 yea
5:32 pm
in two years. the renewed search centered on the national arboretum in northeast d.c. but the reach extends much further. d.c. bureau chief sam ford is live to explain. sam? sam: alison, the search has concluded here at the national arboretum, the two-day search. but the young girl, memory of relisha rudd. it is still very much alive. and part of the people who live in that homeless shelter from which she disappeared. >> searchers returned in the rain for the second day. looking for any signs of relisha rudd. >> this morning around 6:30 they started dive operations. >> the chief speaking to reporters said drives searched two pounds. team of officers also searched the old brick plant that is on the facial arboretum grounds. the location is two to three blocks from the holiday inn where the 8-year-old was last seen on security video two years ago. entering a hotel room with
5:33 pm
51-year-old khalil tatum, a janitor at the d.c. homeless center where the child lived. he is believed to be behind her disappearance and was later found dead of a possible suicide. at the shelter today stands a playground built in honor of relisha. we saw mothers with their children. >> do people talk about relisha? do people talk about her here? >> they talk about it but, you know, that's a sad story. your child is here one minute and the next minute they are gone. >> the mothers say it makes them keep their children close. >> i won't let him go anywhere alone. >> they hope for the best. >> the impossible can happen. i hope that they find the little girl. she needs to be home with her family. >> reporters ask the chief about progress of the search. >> we have not recovered anything. >> the last member of the search team left the arboretum grounds.
5:34 pm
checked with the public information office. they told us the search is over. nothing was recovered. reporting from northwest washington -- northeast washington, sam ford, abc7 news. alison: okay, sam. thank you. a traffic death in texas is being blamedded on a defective takata air bag. 17-year-old hanif died near houston when her 2002 honda rear-ended another vehicle. witnesses say it was a minor crash and she should have walked away with minor injuries. instead snapnel from the air bags exploding inflator killed her. >> even the most minor crash could take the life of the driver of the vehicle and/or any occupant in the vehicle. alison: honda says her car was suspect to an air bag recall and that notices were sent to the car's registered owner. but repairs were never made. her family says they were not
5:35 pm
aware of the recall. leon: preorder for the tesla new model 3 electric car are now at 325,000. the c.e.o. says the number is still rising. tesla unveiled the car and started to accept $1,000 down payments a week ago. the car started at $35,000 and a range of 215 miles per charge. the number of the preorders in first week tops the total number of the leaf electric car sold since 2010. the nationals' home season off to a wet start today. right now the team is in a rain delay. but earlyer a different story. at the beginning of the season we see a range of emotion for baseball fans. now to add to that. a tribute to two wounded police officers. cheryl conner continues the team coverage from outside nats park. cheryl? cheryl: yeah, leon.
5:36 pm
the mound, two heroes off the field step up. >> go out there every day and protect us on the streets. it's really awesome that they are being honored. >> prince william county police officers david mckeown and jesse hempen threw out the ceremonial first pitch. they were shot responding to a domestic call in woodbridge that took the life of one of their colleagues back in february. get as opened at 1:30. fans were lined up. this 4-year-old is celebrating the first nats game with a glove in hand. >> hit it and i will catch it. cheryl: off to the bullpen we go. they have been to all nine opening day gamesser the nationals. >> this is like a holiday for me and my family. it's a blast. the start of summer. we like it. >> the nats take the top shirt but underneath there is pride
5:37 pm
good time to be a d.c. sports fan. we have been waiting for this party. this man allowed his son to take a- day at school. >> we got close. teaching him to play in the backyard. it's been a great experience. cheryl: we are still in a rain-delay here at nats park. for 30 minutes now. a lot of fans are walking up to us saying they are just not happy. they should have not started the game in the first place. but we are told there is one fan that is happy. the nats were supposed to name the 25 millionth fan to go through the gates here and they would get 25 years of tickets for opening day. we'll let you know when we get that information on who that is. live at nats park, cheryl conner, abc7 news. alison: that is worth waiting out a rain delay. leon: got that right. alison: okay. thank you. still to come -- caught on
5:38 pm
a student slammed to the ground by a school police officer. we will take a look at the investigation. >> all right. but first, forget about the dogs and cats living together. find out how a furry friend is lending a paw to another. alison: coming up at 6:00 -- no holding back. what a new york congressman has to say about senator cruz as vote 2016 turns the focus to the empire state.
5:39 pm
steve: i'm steve rudin. the area here for anne arundel are two separate warnings. this is for prince george's county that is expected to expire at 5:45. newly issued one to east will expire at 6:00. this is what it looks like now on once-in-a-lifetime. this is moving -- at the live doppler
5:40 pm
50 miles per hour. heading closer to see how bowie 5:40. and heaviest of the rain. we have another line on the way. severe thunderstorm warning in effect until 6:00 to the east of d.c. and it does include athat his. that is where you expect heaviest rain in the next 15 to 20 minutes. talk about the upcoming weekend. colder weather on the way. only around 47 degrees on saturday. may see mix of rain and snow. not looking at any accumulations. sunday breezy. the temperatures are around 50 degrees. we will keep you updated on severe weather. stay with us. you are wat narrator: all that political mail might be overwhelming.
5:41 pm
only one candidate has been endorsed by the washington post: kathleen matthews. as a journalist and progressive leader at marriott, she has a broad and deep facility with policy. emily's list praises matthews as pro-choice and the post says on gun control, clean energy, education and health research kathleen matthews "has greater potential, following the van hollen model, to move the ball forward." kathleen: i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
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sworn incidents in live. but in this incident one is needed to save the other. a family brought two stray kittens in an animal shelter in sacramento. the kittens had a number of serious issues including eye ulcers. once kitten's eye was so bad the vet believes one eye needs to be removed. for the other eyes the doctor believe they can use a dog's blood to save them. >> in order to get the serum we need a good amount of blood. we get that from jimmy here. we spin it down until we get the serum on top. that is all the good stuff that is
5:43 pm
for the little kitten. alison: so this -- yeah. this is a procedure that the sacramento spca has done before and says one of the kittens is already responding well to the treatment. for dog jimmy, her reward is spending time with her new friends. leon: okay. alison: look at that. they seem to get along great. leon: that is crazy. >> isn't that -- it's amazing they can come up with that. they can figure that out. leon: something out of the island of dr. moreau. works for something good. hey. whatever. alison: it's wonderful. leon: whatever works. >> exactly. leon: all right. just ahead here -- the nats' first game of the season at home. find out what today's rain delay means going forward. alison: but first, questionable tactics. the investigation after video shows a school police officer saming a young girl to the
5:45 pm
5:46 pm
leon: an investigation is underway in texas after disturbing video surfaced showing a school officer slamming a 12-year-old girl to the ground. the student claims she was knocked u
5:47 pm
question is now did the officer use excessive force? brandi: 12-year-old janiissa vel dez was trying to avoid a fight when the school resource officer picks her up and throws her facedown. >> his arm went around my arm. i couldn't move my arms. >> do you think you were knocked out? >> i don't remember nothing. so of course. brandi: that incident at the san antonio rhodes middle school is under investigation. >> i'm upset. >> valdez says a large bump showed on her head. the sixth grader eye still bruised a week later. >> she has been dizzy. a lot of headaches. >> the school district only learned about what happened after the video was posted online. >> it's alarming to see this. while we want to get all the details i want people to know excessive force will not be doll rated.
5:48 pm
the situation. that is not always possible. that is the approach we want to take. >> the officer is on administrative leave and represented by the combined law enforcement association of texas which said in a statement the officer fully intends to cooperate with the investigation. valdez was suspended from school even though she insists she was not a fight. her mother wants to make sure it doesn't happen to any other student. >> an officer slapped a student and they are dropping one charge but still could face misconduct. leon: we are still watching the heavy weather mauvin
5:49 pm
for rush hour. it looks like it's slow out there. jamie: they are slow but you can see the sheen on the roads. also the sun is out. it is a change of pace of what this camera was about an hour ago. much different. very dark. you can see the inner loop and the outer loop. american legion bridge. yes. volume. this is what we are used to and what we have every day. no crashes to report on the capital beltway. talk about the map. show you what we are seeing. yes, volume. virginia, maryland, no big crashes to report right now moving to the map. i'm happy to say i am not seeing anything out of the ordinary. 66 to the g.w. parkway. 395 is a tough spot for us all afternoon with the earlier accidents. but here is what we are talking about travel times in maryland. in virginia, sorry. outer loop of the beltway, van doran to wilson bridge.
5:50 pm
>> slowing on the 270 spur to the american legion bridge. 270 northbound is 35 minutes to clarksburg from the lane divide. 95 northbound between the beltway just about 36 minutes. we had earlier crashes. most of it is the clearing away. just slowing. back to you. alison: messy night out there. thank you. leon: now dealing with the rain here but right now the folks outside of houston right now dealing with the opposite. they have a fire right now engaged there.
5:51 pm
alison: now check in with doug hill. doug: the heaviest rain moved out of metro washington. the heavy stuff is eastern superbs. prince george, calvert and anne arundel moving to the bay. another area to the southwest we will keep an eye on as well. zoom in to the animation sequence. moving northeast away. but then we have this area moving northeast. so that is the next threat after we are finished with this one. they are still in effect for five or ten minutes. severe thunderstorm warning for anne arundel and the calvert county as well. we don't see the lightning strikes. but there is heavy rain and wind gusts as well. some storm with the wind gusts close to 60 earn. culpeper getting a system. remington at 6:07. mount pleasant at 6:17. hartwood at 6:25. 6:36 it will be in fredericksburg. we think while some showers may make the district, the heavy par
5:52 pm
and the gusty winds will stay south. there are more showers in between. we told you about this all day. the rain and the sun would poke through. more showers. not finished with the showers. that will happen tonight as the skies clear and we drop 35 to 42 overnight. tomorrow is sunshine. breezy and 57. saturday nasty weather. it will be cloudy and windy and cold. temperatures in the 40's. rain showers and snowshowers in places. no accumulation. sunny and cool on monday. i don't know what day it is. monday. upper 60's. more rain tuesday turning cooler. that is what happens when you try to do 30 seconds of weather in enseconds. it comes out differently. alison: mathematically impossible. leon: 30 seconds of of weather in 20 second bag. the weather has had an effect on the nats home opener today for sure. alison: robert burton has been at the stadium day long. he has soggy details for us.
5:53 pm
robert: this game was interrupted with a little rain. tied 2-3. murphy with a bases clearing triple. players are still excited to be here on opening day. >> the home crowd on your side screams as loud as they can. just for a strike. they are screaming. even from the guy selling beer screaming. throw one here. but as far as that. opening day is always nice. when you get to interact and feel the love coming out of the stadium, it's always nice. >> opening day is exciting. obviously kind of everyone a new year. a lot of hope. obviously we have a good team. it's nice to get it done and get into the regular grind of the season where you don't have a bunch of stuff before the game. it's great for us. great for the fans as well. >> earlier today a funny story about the nats new manager dusty baker. on the way here he got l
5:54 pm
workout. he says hey, g.p.s., i don't want to use it. he talked to the media before the game. >> i'm trying to find new ways. andrew air force base today. fleetland. not really. >> got a g.p.s.? >> yeah. i end up g.p.s. and i took highway 4. i was like man, okay. i try not to use g.p.s. so i can stay sharp. my dad ended up dying of dementia. i try to use my brain as much as i can. robert: on top of being late for game dusty baker mentioned he was nervous. he had the first game jitters which is funny because he has been in league for a very long time. at nats park outside of the home plate gate, i'm robert burton. back to you. alison: seems like a nice guy. leon: maybe we will spring for uber for dusty every other game.
5:55 pm
okay? alison: yeah. i'm sure the team would be happy to do that. we are hearing that play will resume at 6:15. 20 minutes from right now. we will check back with robert at 6:00. leon: we'll be right back with a look at the race to stop buildings from collapsing i
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
alison: last week's deadly collapse of a row house is raising new questions about the stability of other homes in baltimore. jeff abelt spent the day to find out what is done to prevent the possibility of another collapse. >> well, some of the homes have stood for a century. thousands of them are vay can't. but when one of them collapsed over the weekend, we began asking questions about how the buildings are being expected. this morning we went to work with one of the city's 20 building inspectors two inspect 17,000 vacant row homes at least once every year. inspectors do not go inside the home but they visually inspect the outside of
5:59 pm
home. >> a lot of times they have a wall with a large bulge in it. what we normally do is stand and look at it sideways. i am thinking this needs immediate attention. the city orders them torn down immediately. alison: that is it for "abc7 news at 5:00". doug hill is tracking storms speeding through the area. how they are teaming up to crack down on dirt bike and the a.t.v. on the city streets. safe and on the road to
6:00 pm
nationals home opener. "abc7 news at 6:00" starts right now. announcer: now "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. >> at 6:00, we are on storm watch after a strong line of storms swept through the area in the last hour and a half. skies look more welcoming than an hour ago. doug hill is telling us about the storms moving through the area. now it doesn't look so bad. doug: no. have never done this -- i have never done this. put my family pictures on tv. hi daughter saw this and looked outside and saw a double rain beau. rain is a high or so away with the thunder and the lightning. beautiful rainbow. many of you are experiencing that,


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