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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  April 12, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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details? sam: i have been able to look through them. the accused and the victim and according to the documents the accused and the victim had been making threats on social media and in fact were making threats as they were riding to the deanwood metro station on opposite -- or on different trains. when they got to the metro station, according to this, the victim turned on a cell phone and gave it to his companion with him to take pictures. at that point they are descending the stairs and say that the victim got in front of the defendant. at some point swung on him. the defendant swung back and had a knife in his hand that cut the victim's throat. victim was gagging with his throat there and the defendant left the metro station. that's what we heard in the charging documents that happened at the deanwood station yesterday. [sirens] at deanwood metro station today, police are on high alert after two teen homicides
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police in uniform and plain clothes were watching. near the metro station today a mother was in mourning for her 15-year-old son john rufus evans iii, police say stabbed to death yesterday by 18-year-old javonte hall. >> i did know the boy's name coming up in a conversation with him and his friends trying to attack my daughter a few weeks ago. throwing juice cartons at her. saying they were going to jump my son. sam: at a news conference today the police said the public helped i.d. and close the case in ten hours and mayor bowser emphasized camera and media. >> there are cameras all over the system. any incident like this will be caught on tape. the perpetrators of those incidents will be brought to justice. sam: police believe social media played a role. >> they fight, somebody records. they post, they want to get a lot of hits. a lot
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social media and they go back and forth. even with this situation, you know, the young people are talking about retaliating on social media. >> john evans was a student at richard wright public charter school. >> enthusiastic kid. nice kid. interested in the spelling bee, was on the spelling bee team. >> it could have been so different than taking my son's life. and him going to jail. sam: according to the charging documents hall was returning to deanwood with an appearance at the court when all of this took place. alison: thank you, sam. we want to tell you there is a new chief safety officer of metro. g.m. c.e.o. paul wiedefeld announced he has hired patrick lavin who arrives after working with new york city
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transit. his first day on the job is a month away and he will start may 9. leon: maryland lawmakers passed last minute bills and let others fail as well. maryland bureau chief brad bell is in the capitol today to go over what made it and what didn't. they went to the wire last night. brad: they always do. people say this is the most important work product of the maryland legislature. the encyclopedia maryland state budget. this was passed weeks ago. what get attention are the 3,000 bills that get introduced. most of those do not get through the legislature. one that died last night is one that would have taken a lot of this money and put it back in your pocket. it was to be a highlight of governor larry hogan's second legislative session. a significant tax break for marylanders. it didn't
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falling to a dispute between house and senate leaders. >> the senate felt strongly it should go to high-income earners. we felt it should go to middle class families. brad: they also failed to pass earned pay sick leave bill. the subject of demonstrations of advocates up until the end. it would have required businesses with 15 employees to grant seven paid sick days per year. the senate president suggesting that both bills could be revised. >> there is a possibility it will come together in one day special session. brad: governor hogan doesn't think it will do any good. >> they couldn't get it done in 90 days. i don't know what one more day will help. brad: a year after arrest of freddie gray, they passed a revision of the police bill of rights aimed to make police discipline for transparent. at the last second, the house and the senate approved mandatory alcohol sniffing
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drunk drivers. a bill named for fallen montgomery county officer noah leotta. tirelessly backed by his father rich. >> when the interlock goes on a car, noah will always be on patrol. brad: a lot of talk about the tax break that didn't get passed last night, talk of a special session. i am told that the odds of that happening are slim. but i'm also told with regard to this earned paid sick leave idea, that it is very likely that it is something that will move through rapidly when the legislature reconvenes next january. in annapolis, brad bell, >> was news. -- brad bell, abc7 news. leon: sit-in and rallies are part of the democracy spring movement. members are on the hill to demand congress take action in campaign finance corruption and they want voting right reform legislation to ensure free and fair
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alison: well, after a dreary morning, the sun came out. made for a really nice april day. but for people to the west get ready for a frost if you can believe it. chief meteorologist doug hill is here to explain who should be ready for the frost tonight. doug: we have had our share of frost advisories for the late winter season in early april. we have another one tonight. this may be the last one for some time to come. in effect from 2:00 a.m. to 9:00 foreign minister for those areas in blue. upper montgomery, frederick, washington, loudoun, northern fauquier across the blue ridge i-81 to the valley. the local area, local metro area will be fine. in the 60's now. we will probably drop to 40's by morning. 63 in reagan national and baltimore. 64 in fredericksburg. 59 in winchester and martinsburg as we speak. winds are consistent out of the northwest. not particularly windy but a breeze out there. 10 to 12 to 15 miles per hour
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folks headed down the street to south capitol street for the first pitch at 7:05. sunshine and temperatures at 58 or 60 degrees. slow drop off after that. overnight forecast clear and cold. the range, 31 to 42 degrees. for tomorrow, the wednesday weather sunshine. nothing but sunshine. highs close to 60 degrees. leon: more home found with bullet holes in prince george's county. now police may have a lead to work with. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg is live in woodbridge with the new developments in this case. what are you hearing, jeff? jeff: leon, the police are hoping that the lead will lead to something. they are looking for a four-door white sedan that the woman who lived in this home in woodbridge said she saw after a bullet fired right in her home, right by the front door on saturday night.
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the fact they haven't struck a person is luck. he lives near where the last incident happened. a woman says a shot was fired in her home near where she was sitting watching a movie. >> too many crazy people. this is a peaceful neighborhood. >> the victim on green acre reports seeing a four-door white sedan in the area at the time of the shooting. a car she says seemed suspicious. the first vehicle description in this string of similar crimes. since january 1, bullets have been fired into 13 different homes in or near woodbridge. >> we are as frustrated as the citizens are. >> officer nathan says prince william county investigators don't know if the shootings are connected. they are often in different
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sometimes multiple homes hit. sometimes just one. brad lives across the street
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house so stop asking. paul ryan said he is not seeking and nor will he accept the nomination. he spoke amid talk that he could be contested candidate in june. >> if no candidate has majority on the first ballot, i believe you should only choose from a person who is participated in the primary. count me out. leon: a month after the polls closed in missouri clinton trump today officially declared as winners of the respective primaries there. if you are not thrilled with how the election is shaping up, you are hardly alone. only one candidate has a big lead when it comes to favorability. the question is how important is that factor? chief political correspondent scott thuman is standing by at the capitol hill bureau t
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explain that for us. scott? scott: yeah, leon. how important is it? we are seeing how important it is. a lot of people thought paul ryan would be the knight in shining armor and come to the rescue because they didn't like the republic candidates on the current slate. that seems to be dashed. that is why you better be liked if you want to get to the white house. >> the antics the mud slinging and political mayhem, are they adding up to a serious concern? do many voters wish all of this would fade away? >> it's odd to sit here in april and think that america is ready for the presidential election to be over and it has barely started. scott: the level of malaise when majority of americans think none of the candide
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represent them well. >> i have stood on a stage and watched in amazement as the candidates wallowed in the mud and attacked one another. scott: likability is important. take barack obama over mitt romney, bush over kerry and bill clinton over bob dole. the brookings institution says voters will turn out but with irony. >> is it safe to say a lot of people will vote for candidates whom they don't like? >> absolutely. they might not like hillary clinton but it worry about what a trump presidency would do will let them hold their nose and vote for hillary clinton. only bernie sanders gets more positive than negative ratings. >> you don't have to be liked. you just have to be liked more than the other person. scott
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likability numbers john kasich is the only one in the positive on this factor, just three points of favorable over unfavorable. there is room to grow. >> it has been a year since the arrest that led to the death of freddie gray. coming up, what baltimore looks like now a year later. leon: president obama marks equal payday with a big announcement. >> defend yourself. i can't be with you the whole time. alison: virginia brothers having good fun with their sister after her wisdom teeth surgery. the result is a video that has gone viral. detail on the fake zombie apocalypse still ahead. leon: if you had a big brother you will understand. but first, hundreds of dogs rescued from a maryland home. details on how they're being saved ne
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he was flicking matches on me... for my life. my ex-husband's intentions were to murder me. glenn: i made sure yvette's abuser went away for good, and put in place tougher sentences, because domestic violence can never be tolerated. yvette: mr. ivey showed compassion. i felt like i could trust him. narrator: glenn ivey. as state's attorney, a proven leader. in congress, he'll combat domestic violence, and protect president obama's legacy. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message, becausi'm on your side. great time for a shiny floor wax, no? not if you just put the finishing touches on your latest masterpiece. timing's important. comcast business knows that. that's why you can schedule an installation
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ou. even late at night, or on the weekend, if that's what you need. because you have enough to worry about. i did not see that coming. don't deal with disruptions. get better internet installed on your schedule. comcast business. built for business. leon: a man's body was found in the c&o canal in georgetown today. police have no i.d. yet but describe the man as
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between 40 and 50. cause of death have yet to be determined. investigators collected evidence from the scene and will work to identify the man. alison: hundreds of dogs rescued from a home in maryland. hundreds of dogs. after they were found living in horrible conditions. leon: michelle marsh in the newsroom with a look what the humane society is doing to help the dogs. michigan hundreds of pup -- michelle: hundreds of puppies are being nursed back to health. some of you might find this video hard to watch they were found living in deplorable conditions in eden, maryland. they were crammed into several buildings with feces everywhere. not much room to move. no air circulating. some were kept in a house. others in an outbuilding. all were in sub-standard condition. >> there were pregnant dogs that were puppies. they were not in good
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condition. matted fur. no air flow in the room. feces everywhere. michelle: a husband and wife are being investigated and may face animal cruelty charges. back to you. alison: that is terrible. leon: oh! alison: thank you, michelle. today is equal pay day. this draws attention to the fact that women make 79 cents for every dollar a man makes. president obama dedicated a national monument for women's equality. >> i'm very proud to designate it as the newest national monument. the belmont paul women's equality national monument here in d.c. [applause] alison: the president turned the seawall belmont house to the belmont paul women's equality national mo
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so this is named after alice paul who founded the national women's party and suffrogist belmont a major benefactor of the party. leon: all right. well, we have every day like this. every day would be pay a meteorologist day. doug: i have been waiting a long time to have a seven-day forecast like this. really is boring to look at. so, so nice to enjoy. let's get started. show you how it started at national harbor. earlier today we had rain and cloudiness. the was widespread. the computer models were using to predict today's weather was on the money. give them the credit. i have listened to them. sometimes i disagree. the computer model has it nails. cold front like recently this makes it easier to forecast in the short-term. we brighten up in midday and turn it into a sunny afternoon. gorgeous at national harbor. t
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with the light winds and cool dry air the temperatures will drop close to freezing in area north and west of the metro. the locality in blue. metro washington, north and west to outside of the metro washington. that is for a few hours 2:00 to 9:00 a.m. with possibility of frost on the ground or rooftop or windshields if you are parked outside. right now is still comfortable. lower 60's. close to average temperatures for this time of april. winds are out there blowing consistently. 10 to 18 miles per hour. we are having gusts that are higher. gusts to 28 at reagan national airport. recently 18 miles per hour gust in frederick. 26-mile-per-hour gust in manassas. of course the dry air and the winds blowing around the free pollen. high levels of the free pollen in the last check. oak trees are the predominant type. low level of the weed pollen and mold spores. farther west is cooler. co
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the high pressure will build in. we will enjoy partly an sunny days tomorrow and thursday and friday as well. future cast not a feature to thursday morning. clear skies. the winds turn east and northeast. that will keep us cooler for a bit. 55 at noon. 59 in the afternoon. plenty of sunshine throughout the day. here we go for the next everyone several days. a bit below average but we'll take that. saturday, sunshine. 40's for the beginning of the cherry blossom parade. upper 40's for 10:00 for the parade. abc7 is a proud sponsor. 70 on sunday. 75 monday. 71 tuesday
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sunshine each of the next seven days. leon: we were wondering what the weather -- doug: make sure it's not a dream. alison: we were wondering. leon: the day for the parade. alison: we are going to be down there. we have had all kind of weather over the years. hope for a good one. doug: you drew a lucky card. alison: thank you. if you haven't seen this yet, get ready. it is a video that put a group of loudoun county siblings in the spotlight. details on the fake zombie apocalypse. still ahead. leon: forget the video. you need the audio. >> what is it like to be a teenager on one of america's most popular game shows? i'm suzanne kennedy with t
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alison: the "jeopardy" teen tournament started taming in d.c. today. one local student in the competition. suzanne kennedy caught up with him and the other teens before the nerves took over. >> one, two, three. >> this is the "jeopardy" teen tournament. >> 15 of the smartest teenagers are taking center stage this week at the "jeopardy" teen tournament at constitution hall. tuesday was day one of a grueling two-day tournament. which involved rehearsal and the real deal. >> from washington, d.c. -- this is the "jeopardy" teen tournament. >> t
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quarterfinal games. suzanne: the high school junior antonio. >> movie -- suzanne: is the only local contestant. >> it's nerve-wracking. a lot of excitement and ainx, waiting. it's on the road production for "jeopardy" in the first time the game show has been in d.c. since 2012. delaware high school sophomore is a contestant and a big fan of the show. >> my family watches "jeopardy" together. ponding activity we have. >> this is cool. heroic experience. it's one thing to be watching it on the couch. another thing i be in person. >> when the two-day tournament is over, the third place
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$25,000. the first place winner gets $100,000 in catch. alison: thank you. a require visit for a group of local students. we catch up with them to hear about the trip to cuba. that is coming up at 5:00. >> i love my wife very much. she loves me very much. leon: we hear from the anne arundel county sheriff charged with assaulting his wife. what else he had to say about the allegations against him.
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narrator: all that political mail mlet's simplify.lming. only one candidate has been endorsed by the washington post: kathleen matthews. as a journalist and progressive leader at marriott, she has a broad and deep facility with policy. emily's list praises matthews as pro-choice and the post says on gun control, clean energy, education and health research kathleen matthews "has greater potential, following the van hollen model, to move the ball forward." kathleen: i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. alison: anne arundel county's sheriff spoke today about the allegations he physically assaulted his wife. sam sweeney brings us the latest on case from annapolis. sam s.: the sheriff walked out of the doors behind my in plain clothes. he appeared nervous and rushed. the entire press conference lasted one minute. in the end, the sheriff denies he ever committed a crime. >> i love my wife very much. she loves me very much. >> anne arundel county sheriff ron batemen faced thepedia for the first time since his arrest -- the media for the first time since his arrest. charging documents suggest he threw his wife into a wall
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sunday night. something their 17-year-old son said he saw. but today the long-time sheriff denied the allegations. >> i never, ever assaulted elsie. things were said to the police in high emotions, high stress and high anger that were blown out of proportion and not true. sam s.: he was charged with second-degree assault but now his wife will tell a different story. >> soon you will read where she recanted everything. we're embarrassed by this. but i can tell you we will get through this with counseling. sam s.: once the sheriff gave his one-minute prepared remarks he turned around and inwent inside and did not answer any questions. his police powers are suspended reporting the outcome of the case. i'm sam sweeney, abc7 news. leon: chicking the top stories now a flurry of bills passed the maryland assembly. chief
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that mandates interlock devices on vehicles of anyone convicted of a d.u.i. governor hogan signed 106 bills in law and will sign noah's law at a separate ceremony in the coming days. alison: it has happened again. police in prince william county are investigating more cases of someone opening fire at homes in woodbridge. 13 homes have been hit since the start of the year. no one has been injured. police have not made any arrests yet. leon: d.c. police charged the suspect of a deadly stabbing of a teen in the deanwood metro station. officers arrested 18-year-old javonte hall last night hours after police released surveillance photo from the station. police say hall stabbed 15-year-old john evans as both exited the station nold morning following a long-running dispute. april is sexual assault awareness month. metro transit police are partnering with ad vo cassy group to combat sexual harassment on public transportation. they are holding outreach events at five mail stations
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center, tinnily town, shaw, howard u. and clarendon and takoma station. advocates will survey riders and encourage victims or bystanders of sexual harassment or assault to report it immediately. they start at 4:00 and held through 6:00 tonight. alison: new developments now in a seattle homicide. police believe body parts found in a recycling bin are those of a missing mother. ingrid lynn last seen on friday. this is before meeting a man she met online. lauren lister has details about an arrest in this case. reporter: after this seattle mother of three went missing late last week, now a suspect in custody. 37-year-old john charlton arrested in the homicide investigation. following a gruesome discovery less than 48 hours earlier. body parts found in a homeowner's curb side recycling bin. >> all the evidence leads in the direction of that particular victim. reporter: authorities saying the remains likely
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40-year-old ingrid lynn who disappeared friday. her friend's telling authorities she planned go on a date that night with someone she met online. heading to a mariner's game according to news reports. friends then realizing something wasn't right. >> saturday when she didn't pick up her kids. that something new very wrong. reporter: neighbors responding. >> first, telephone. everything was in the house. call, call. no ingrid. >> a pretty quiet neighborhood. quiet cul-de-sac. it was weird. reporter: watching the news the crime scene officers shown at the site where the human remains were found saturday afternoon. >> my mind went right there. but no. no. can't be. reporter: friends' worst fears confirmed. the suspect has a criminal history but no other murders on his record. he is due in court today. lauren lister, abc news, los angeles. a
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north carolina's governor has issued an executive order. he says now clarifies a controversial lgbt protection law. this order expands north carolina's employment nondiscrimination policy to cover sexual assault orientation and -- sexual orientation and gender identity. it does not limit the bathroom access for transgender people. deutsche bank is the latest company to cancel expansion opportunities because of the law. leon: first new york and now a county in maryland wants to raise minimum wage to $15 an hour. the likelihood of that being passed ahead at 5:00. alison: how the nation's heroes start a journey to recovery by taking part in a soldier ride in d.c. that is just ahead.
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steve: a lot going on this weekend. the national cherry blossom festival parade on saturday. temperatures will start off on the cool side. in the middle 40's around 9:00. 10:00 as the parade gets going around 50 degrees. warming up to the lower 60's by early afternoon. a lot of sunshine to enjoy. now as we head in the day on sunday, warmer near 70 for a daytime high. nice mix of the sun and clouds. i will take you out to look at the next seven days. we will focus on sunday, monday, tuesday. three consecutive days at 70 degrees or better. by monday of next week we are looking at the highs of 75 degrees. nighttime lows in the 50ed. stay with us. "abc7 news at 5:00" continues after this.
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but sierra club chooses jamie raskin for congress they all talk about climate change. because only raskin wrote laws to reduce our carbon footprint and is leading the fight against fracking in maryland. raskin: i'm jamie raskin, and i approve this message. alison: mar than 50 injured service members will pedal 51 miles around the nation's capital in the wounded warrior project soldier ride event coming up this week. jonathan elias shows how they are getting ready. jonathan: before the ride the participants made a stop at the national harbor today. each wounded veteran fitted with adaptive equipment to meet his or her specific needs. aside from the main cycling vent they will be participating in the
5:40 pm
nutrition classes. also, of course, sightseeing in and around d.c. many of the vets are new to this soldier ride. some participated before. they call this experience life changing. >> it was awesome to see the support and the people out there. therapeutic. >> it's a way to get out of the house, do something you trued to do and do it differently. amazing to see what happens in three days. jonathan: thursday they will visit the white white housef a special ceremony. if you see them on the road give them a honk and a wave for support. >> absolutely. absolutely. show them some love. >> good
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thanks. local talent made it to the final for the nhl hockeyville usa contest. part of a promotion with the nhl and craft, the rockville ice arena is one of ten finalists up for honor which includes $so,000 toward renovation for the facility. voting is up for april 14. go to for more information. good luck. alison: viral pranks. sometimes they can be funny. this one, though, it is truly -- leon: brutal. alison: hilarious. how three brothers in leesburg convinced their sister there was a zombie apocalypse. kellye: students are back in the classroom today after an eight-day trip to cuba. i will tell you all about the journey
5:42 pm
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leon: we kept you update on a group that went to cuba. amy: for a group of the maryland international day school stu
5:45 pm
ordinary tuesday. the first week back hitting the book after an historic trip. >> it's an amazing opportunity. it's not every day oh, we are going to cuba. >> the students understand the significance of the trip. >> it's important since we have been cut away from it for so long. very important to learn and find out what other cultures is like. >> the head of the school says they spoke spanish to other kids, they visited museums and learned the culture first-hand by diving in saying there is no replacement for the hands on learning. >> we don't want you learning what you have seen in a book and experimental with it outside of the classroom. so you know how it feels. >> the students agree. >> we learn as much as we can. over there, you learn a lot more than you possibly can imagine. >> today meant getting right back to the lessons. >> while the students
5:46 pm
they enjoy the eight-day trip, they say they are happy to be back in the classroom. >> a lot of people have been talking about it. amy aubert, abc7 news. leon: that is fun to watch. something else that is as fun, maybe more. folks if you just see one piece of viral video this should be it. alison: brothers in leesburg, virginia played a trick on a little sister. she just had her wisdom teeth out and she was still medicated. leon: so they convinced her in her state there was a zombie apocalypse underway and they had to take cover. they had a fake announcement over the radio and they even
5:47 pm
as well. with that, here is what happened when the phillip brothers asked their sister which of their pets to save. >> we can only take one pet. which pet, the cat or the dog? >> the cat, you idiot! >> what do we do with the dog? >> he is the worst. he is already dying. get the cat! >> i'll get the cat. >> mom said we are leaving the dog. >> okay, that's fine. leon: now eventually the brothers let the sister in on the joke. this has taken off. it has had a million hits on youtube. they sweeted out a photo today saying that she loves both of her pets. alison: that is just not fair. that poor girl. leon: that poor dog. that poor dog! if he hears what she said he is peeing on her bed. alison: i'm glad i don't have older brothers. leon: see what you missed o
5:48 pm
[laughter] leon: all right, folks. stay with us. coming up at 6:00, just ahead. metro defending the safety practices, after two teens have been murdered inside the station. what metro is saying about that. and the latest on the investigation coming up in a live report. alison: more than a hundred new laws in maryland, which ones will affect you? we break it down for you tonight at 6:00. keep it tuned here. let's talk about the weather. alison: it shaped up to be beautiful. doug: it's shaping up nicely going forward. we were at d.a.r. constitution hall. it's "jeopardy" week. he warmed up the crowd before the taping of the teen challenge. a lot of folks had the lucky seats and the tickets to
5:49 pm
in. we had a lot of fun meeting the crew. the temperatures warmed dramatically to the mid-50's this afternoon. climbing ever since. live look at cumberland, maryland. 51 and sunshine. the other area numbers 63 at reagan national. there is a frost advisory up. it's a little frost in a few areas. a few hours before sunrise tomorrow morning. ground temperatures close to freezing. farther west colder but they have had a number of freezes so far. no big deal out west. 32 to 33 degrees. outlook after a chilly start we will climb to 59. 62 on thursday. 62 on friday. over the weekend, a warmer trend. the weather for the national cherry blossom parade, abc7 a proud sponsor is fine. in the 40's when it starts. wind up in 60's. more sunshine and a warming trend in the 70's on sunday,
5:50 pm
monday, tuesday. jamie: i am talking a few crashes. starting in virginia an accident and now moved to the shoulder. this is traveling on the outer loop of the capital beltway at van doran street. all the lanes are getting by. move to the waze map. this backup for you, we are only in the single digits from the mixing bowl. seeing the heavy volume because of the accident. this will take you 20 minutes to head north. the other slow spot from the northwest corner. no crashes to report here. just
5:51 pm
back to you. alison: time for sports now. robert is here. robert: great weather for baseball. the braves are still winless. leon: fine with us. hope they stay that way. robert: hey, talk about the new manager, dusty baker. different look in dugout. leon: different vibe and feel. robert: it should be good for the season. a different look from last season. i spent time talking about the dusty factors. a new skipper. >> first base hit. >> you will find dusty baker on the feet at all times. >> i don't do it for them. i do it because that's what i feel. robert: what does it
5:52 pm
like that? >> it is great. just as excited as we are. even for the laid back club veterans like ryan zimmerman. >> people are excited and you do good things. >> he is passionate. that is how he shows emotion. from a players perspective he has your back. that is all you can ask for. >> you expect him to be laid back. not react. he still acts like this is his first ballgame. fun to see. >> i enjoy it. i like my guys to do good. i mean do well. my mother would have a fit that i said that. robert: you can see dusty lose his mind in the dugout. they will host atlanta for game two of the four-game series. leon, dusty says thank you for leaving early. leon: you're welcome.
5:53 pm
robert: in hockey, caps had a first playoff practice to prepare for the philadelphia flyers. last time they met in the postseason philly advanced 4-3. this year it's anybody's game. >> you can see the energy in the dressing room this morning and even right now it's a special time. really the best part about playing hockey. >> much more on the caps coming up. alison: thank you. alison: coming up next here at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- >> a minimum wage of $15 an hour. up next, the local county that wants to make it a reality.
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at giant, shoppers low prices by the thousands, plus a thousand more that just dropped. all these low prices! what are you trying to do, get me to feed the whole neighborhood? no. just trying to save you a whole lot of "bread." [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags, thousands of low prices.
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leon: starbucks is serving more than coffee and tea. starting today they will sell a
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locations. it includes 200 block of pennsylvania avenue and 800 of o street location in northwest. job can get alcohol weekdays the:00 to 1:00:00 and noon at the weekends. alison: we know how expensive the cost of living is here in washington. that prompted a politician to suggest raising minimum wage for constituents but as you might imagine, feelings are mixed. kevin lewis has both sides to the proposal. kevin: mark is vowing to give thousands of residents a pay raise. today he introduced a bill that would boost the county minimum wage in three annual phases. turning the current $79.55 an hour to -- $9.55 an hour to $15 an hour by 2020.
5:58 pm
tony lew owns a sweet frog frozen yogurt shop in rockville and pays his part-time employees minimum wage. he says $15 an hour is excessive and not fair to mom and paw shops. >> right now it's like for store manager to pay for. that is really a lot. >> sweet frog is by no means alone. we spoke to a number of local businesses too shy to go on camera but concerned by this plo posed bill. yet, councilman eldridge says if the companies are not willing to pay up he doesn't necessarily want them in montgomery county. >> at the end of the day if your business model is i should open up a business, expect to have a house and car and the nice things but the people who work for me, they can't put a roof over their heads or their lives are unstable, i don't understand why we should be encouraging that. >> the bill which has majority support on the council does make some exceptions.
5:59 pm
those 19 and under working less than 20 hours a week wouldn't qualify for the pay. kevin lewis, abc7 news. alison: that is it for us at "abc7 news at 5:00" but coming up at 6:00 -- two murders inside the same metro station in a matter of weeks. a race to the finish line for some of them. maryland has a set of new laws. we are going to break them down. back at it. yesterday hundreds of protesters were arrested at the capitol. tonight they are delivering a message again. "abc7 news at 6:00" starts now. >> now, "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. leon: first at 6:00 tonights, two teens murdered in the same metro station a matter of weeks apart. one of them shot to death in front of family members. the other stabbed as someone caught the incident on camera. maureen: these disturbing cases put riders on edge as
6:00 pm
tonight metro officials insist the system is safe to ride. leon: d.c. bureau chief sam ford joins us live with what the officials are saying. a tough sell. sam: the officials were insisting that the metro system is safe. as safe as they can be. they believe that. they also have charging documents with we just got here out of the d.c. superior court reveal the two young men in this case had ongoing feud at social media and a feud that went in the deanwood metro station. ending up with one of them dead. the or charged with second-degree murder. the dead boy was 15-year-old john rufus evans iii. the 18-year-old who police say killed him is javonte hall. according to charging documents they rode in to the deanwood metro station on the same train and made threatening gestures t


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