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tv   Nightline  ABC  May 20, 2016 12:37am-1:07am EDT

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this is "nightline." >> tonight, did an act of terror bring down the egyptair flight that vanished off radar. as grieving relatives face the grim news, we have new details on the investigation with u.s. law enforcement and intelligence officials on high alert. the impact on travelers here at home. and vows that wow. couples amping up their i dos with high-tech touches. dive bombing drones, design a gown apps, and sure to take the wedding cake, these personalized toppers capturing the happy couple in 3 the.
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good evening. thanks for joining us. law enforcement officials around the world on high alert tonight trying to piece together exactly what forced the
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from paris to cairo to vanish from radar. egyptian officials fear terrorism is more likely than mechanical failure as new details emerge. we are in paris. >> reporter: tonight, international search teams scouring the surface of the mediterranean sea. looking for any sign of egyptair flight 804. it disappeared last night. this exact plane seen her nine months ago fell out of the sky with no distress call. they admitted the most likely cause of the crash is terrorism. >> the possibility of having a different action or having a terror attack is higher than the possibility of having a technical issue. >> reporter: hours after the jet disappeared relatives gathered add the airports learning the grim news that no one survived.
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egyptair left the airport at 11:08 local time with 66 people on board. 56 passengers and 10 crew members. the flight was supposed to be over four hours. almost 3 and a half hours into the flight, the plane was cruising at 37,000 feet, usually the safest part of the flight. the pilot checked in at 2:26 a.m. nothing seemed out of the ordinary. then just a few minutes later, the plane disappeared from the radar. the greek defense minister says his country's radar showed the plane turning left. then making a full circle to the right. suggesting the jet may have been losing altitude. despite the international search efforts y, so far no debris has been found. the final coordinates suggest it could have crashed in some of the deepest water in the med train. >> the biggest problem here is water depth. that becomes
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recovery. >> reporter: before paris it flew through parts out world making round trips before the final paris to cairo flight. >> it's an issue that needs to be looked into. where has this airplane been recently been the last several days. look at everywhere it's been, everyone who has had a chance to touch it. >> reporter: security officials say few airports in the world have better security than charles de gaulle in paris. was there a lapse in screening baggage or employees who may have allowed a bomb to be hidden on the jet. after last year's attacks in paris, security was beefed up and concerns grew over the tens of thousands of workers. more than 70 of the so-called red badges that give access to cure areas were revoked or not renewed over fears of
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>> security is concerned about people who have joined the terrorist organizations and are working in the airport themselves and are able to take items onto an airplane without ever having to go through security. >> reporter: this is what investigators suspect happened to metro jet 9268. it crashed after taking off from an egypt town. all 224 people on board were killed. >> in the past we never would have suspected that somebody would be complicit in putting a bomb in the cargo hold of an airplane. with the metro jet in egypt, we think that's what happened. >> reporter: an isis group claimed responsibility, and an employee may have been recruited to plant the bomb on the russian jet. u.s. authorities saying electronic intercepts of isis before and after the crash indicated that isis was in communication with someone at the
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organization, and you have an individual who works at the airport, has airport credentials, and can place items on an airplane, you have, in a sense, a master key as far as being able to open doors and get explosives on airplanes. >> isis later released this photo of a soda can bomb they say blew up the plane. bomb experts say eve an small bomb like this could produce a blast more powerful than the one in this government test. both isis and al qaeda have long targeted airplanes and airports. aviation security officials have also been warning of possible bombs hidden in laptops. >> the way the x-ray machines work is they look for materials that look out of place inside of an item. so if you can mold the explosive so that it just looks like another part of the laptop, it's difficult for a
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only using x-ray to detect that explosive material. >> reporter: in february a bomb exploded inside a passenger jet blowing a hole in the side of this plane. amazingly, it was able to land safely. traces of explosives were found on the plane, and authorities believe the bomb was rigged inside a laptop. this surveillance video allegedly shows two men handing off a laptop to the third man before the flight. the suspected bomber believed to be linked to the al shabaab terror group is thought to have been killed, sucked out of the plane after the explosion. >> one good thing is the average terrorist does not know exactly where to place the explosive on an airplane, because sometimes we see they'll blow up in the cabin, sometimes somewhere else. >> reporter: fears of international terrorism on top of endless security lines at home have made for a tense start to the summer travel season. as my colleague, mary bruce reports. >> reporter: you're here three
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case? >> yeah. >> reporter: the tsa is under fire for waits up to three hours caused by a staffing shortage. >> i've been watching the news. they said it's about 2 1/2 and close to a 3 hour wait. i'm planning ahead. >> you know you need to wait. people are doing their jobs. >> i'd much rather have them be careful than something happen. >> reporter: and tonight some individual airports like los angeles international are stepping up their police presence in response to egyptair. but the tsa says their screening is not changing. in paris, egyptair is still operating their scheduled flights to cairo. >> reporter: it's almost business as usual here at charles de gaulle airport, except here at the check in area here. the few people who are traveling on this flight have to show their
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in and the curtains have been drawn for privacy. meanwhile the search continues in the mediterranean looking for any sign of the airbus a 320 and the 66 passengers. for "nightline," we're in paris. up next, cutting edge wedding tech. is that a go pro in the bridal bouquet? and i was worried about joint damage. my doctor said joint pain from ra... can be a sign of existing joint damage... that could only get worse. he prescribed enbrel to help relieve pain and help stop further damage. enbrel may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal, events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, nervous system and blood disorders, and allergic reactions have occurred. tell your doctor if you've been someplace where fungal infections are common or if you're prone to infections, have cuts or sores, have had hepatitis b, have been treated for...
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nowadays the old fashioned walk down the aisle is taking a high-tech turn, and there are lots of new gadgets and apps
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up a notch. here's rebecca jarvis. >> reporter: couples will do almost anything to make their day memorable, extremely memorable, from taking the plunge at 13,000 feet to saying i do under the sea. but as this wedding season kicks off, there's a new way to keep up with the joness. forget some old and something blue. this year it's all about the new. >> there's going to be drones flying in the air. >> reporter: this coupled a the ultimate tricked out high-tech wedding in california. they won a contest thrown by the knot and mashable who used every digital detail they could to dream up their big day. monitors to track the bride and groom's heart rate as they walked down the aisle. go pros to
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robot bartenders and, of course, ample selfie sticks. >> reading it on a list was not worry some, but it's a little weird. it's a little weird to read there's robots or drones flying in the air. >> you never know if that stuff is going to be accepted by everybody or stick out as being different or off. >> some people may say using technology may make it impersonal. i would argue the opposite. i say if you're using it in subtle ways or in certain ways, it can actually make your day and your event much more personal. >>. >> reporter: and in soho they specialize in making it more you. >> it's all about capturing these really special moments. a lot of people coming in making wedding cake toppers. >> reporter: they are exact 3 the printed replicas. the exact kind of
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flair these two were looking for in their wedding in georgia. >> we thought the wedding toppers aren't just wedding toppers. they're actually us, and whatever pose we wanted to pick or what we thought represents who we are as a couple, and we've decided we want it to be a surprise for our friends and family. so when they come and see the wedding cake, they might walk by and be like, that's them. >> reporter: first the couple picks out the perfect pose. >> how does that look? >> great. big smile. >> reporter: then they step into the scanner where they're photographed from every angle, and the printer takes care of the rest. ♪ >> it's perfect. >> yeah. >> reporter: another big trend that's taking off, drone photograp photography. >> about 40 % of the weddings we do, they're all using drones. stay just like
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>> reporter: this man at park avenue photography says it's becoming a must have. >> we interact the bride and the groom with the drones, and the guests love it. we're going to do the rice throwing ceremony. the drone will come down. they're all going to wave. the bride and groom with kiss and the drone will take off. it will look like it's coming from a spaceship. this is the new thing. everybody loves it. it's the year of the drones. >> reporter: yeah, that's beautiful. and now even the wedding dresses are going high-tech. >> i designed my whole collection in a modular way where a girl selects her top and skirt. >> it was a top a bottom and a belt. three pieces that didn't go together, by the way. i did it my way. >> i had an epiphany where i thought what girl wouldn't want to say i love the top of this but the bottom of this kind of
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dress. >> reporter: she created an app so brides to be could find the perfect fit. >> you have your model who you can customize her. you can change her hair color and skin tone. let's try a different top for fun. >> reporter: the process is so easy, i can design a gown. what if i wanted to try the steriling? >> it's amazing. try it with the amy skirt. that's it. i can see you in that. >> reporter: i love that. and in a malter tter of minutese it is. >> some people might hear the term high-tech wedding and it sounds cold and impersonal. what do you say? >> why not do your research for a wedding gown at midnight after your day's work is done and you can relax and focus on something? the technology is just a great way to organize your thoughts and be more creative. >> reporter: of course, all these features come at a pr
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$400. drones will run you an extra $800. and the dresses here can cost up to $5,000. but if you're looking for a touch of tech and sticking to a budget, there are plenty of free sites and apps out there too that can help you keep to a schedule. >> web happy helps you track your tasks before the wedding day. it will ask you to put in your wedding date and throughout the many months ahead, it will ask you if you done invitations yet, have you hired an oh fish i can't, where you are on the process, and the alerts and reminders are great and keep you on track. >> reporter: or even coin the perfect hash tag. >> there's a fun hash tag generator. by putting in your first and last name and your partner's name, it generates are hash tag specific for
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reynolds. it will reveal the hash tag. lively reynolds mashup. if you're not into that, hit it again. >> reporter: as for the sin claires, the technology was a key role in their ceremony. samantha's mother suffering from cancer was unable to attend, but through live streaming, taylor and sam were able to bring the event to her. >> i knew she would be able to live in the moment as if she were here in a much more comfortable way. >> live in five, four, three. >> reporter: the thorly modern affair turning out to be their fair tale ending. >> after seeing everything come together, i may not have picked everything, but it is my dream wedding. >> reporter: for "nightline" in new york. >> and up next, the guy had a way with
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safer. he once said news isn't literature, but we can elevate it a little bit, which he certainly did. that's how we'll remember him. my "nightline" co-anchor worked with him and looks back. >> reporter: morley safer, like fine wine we watched him age gracefully, and in turn, over 50 plus years he helped us see the world with ensight and elegance. >> i've lived a charmed life as a reporter and individual. a lot of it is blood, sweat, and tears, but a lot of it is luck, and i've been a very lucky guy. >> reporter: born in canada, he made his bones, as they say in our business, in vietnam. we could see it then, this man with a serious face and somber tone, had a way with words. >> it was almost like looking at old newsreels of korea a
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the same old young faces, the same agony. >> reporter: he soon joined one of the most successful news magazine shows in the history of television. >> i'm morley safer. >> reporter: the famous, the flamboyant, and those who fell hard from grace, morley safer interviewed them all. >> i can't explain it. >> reporter: he was a family man. an artist, a bit of a dandy, but the salty sweet age of 84 he was one of the most respected voices in news. and he did it the old fashioned way. he earned it. how would you like to be remembered in terms of your work? >> i think a pretty solid body of work that emphasized the words. it's not literature. but it can be very classy journalism. >> reporter: for "nightline," i'm
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>> thank you for joining us on "nightline." good night, america. aha. ( door opens ) hi, ray. oh, hey. oh, deb's not here-- she's out with the kids, so i'm know, trying to make the best of it. yeah. oh...oh, okay. yeah, i'm just gonna watch the knick game,
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you know, and... nothing else. great. yeah, robert called and told me you guys were gonna watch the game when he got home from work, so i thought i'd wait for him over here. is that okay? oh, yeah, sure. yeah. so when did robert say he was gonna come home? about an hour. are you excited about fondue date night? what--what--what what? you guys are coming over tomorrow night for amy's first annual fondue night. it's gonna be just the three barone couples-- like a triple date. hey... hey, a date with my parents. i know you think it's corny, but it'll be fun, really. fondue date night. yeah.


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