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tv   World News Now  ABC  June 1, 2016 2:37am-3:00am EDT

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fell into a gorilla enclosure committed a crime. the incident triggered outrage with some calling for the mother to be charged with child endangerment. abc's alex perez is in cincinnati. >> reporter: after those heart-racing images, tonight, cincinnati police confirm they are investigating whether the 3-year-old boy's family properly supervised him in the moments before he fell into the gorilla exhibit. the boy's mother can be heard screaming as the horrifying ordeal unfolded. >> mommy loves you! i'm right here! >> reporter: the first call came in at 3:52 p.m. saturday. >> a child has fallen into the gorilla cage. >> reporter: authoóprities say e child climbed over the three-foot barrier, plunging 15 feet into the moat. the 450-pound gorilla cornering the boy. at one point, the little boy moves away from the gorilla, but is then pulled back towards him. he later props him up from behind and eventually dragging him all the way to the other side of the cage. at 4:01, after ten agonizing minutes, the zoo's emergency
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to shoot and kill the gorilla. officials say a tranquilizer dart would have taken too long. the boy rescued two minutes after that shot was fired at 4:03. >> the last option is something that we train for on a regular basis. we don't ever want to have to use this, but deadly force is what ended this situation. >> reporter: a similar incident at an illinois zoo in 1996 saw a very different outcome. a gorilla cradling this 3-year-old after falling in. the zoo believing the gorilla was trying to protect him. in the cincinnati case, the zoo felt the boy was at risk. renowned wildlife expert jack hachb na saying he stands by the zoo's decision. >> i'll tell you right now, i'll bet my life right now, if i had to, that that child would not be here today. >> reporter: animal activist groups slamming the zoo. >> the physical barriers at the cincinnati zoo are not adequate to keep people out of the enclosures. >> reporter: our cameras
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capturing crews making changes to the barriers at the gorilla exhibit. and the zoo's most recent federal inspection was less than two months ago. the zoo and those barriers passed without any citations. alex perez, abc news, cincinnati. >> if you're planning to go to europe this summer, strong warning from the state department says be careful. it warns several high profile events could be targets for terrorists including this month's european soccer championships in france. the tour de france and the
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a hacker with some clear political leanings hacked into the dallas, texas, department of transportation computer. here is the result. a sign reading bernie for president. another sign a short distance away called donald trump a shape shifting this lizard. this isn't the first time it's happened in that area. other signs were were hacked last july. >> all right. interesting. he's got a leaning, definitely. so a blessed event for the national zoo. the birth of a kiwi click to the zoo's. >> we're talk talking about a girl from new zealand. >> that would be nice, too. >> to the zoo's breathing pair of endangered flightless birds. the zoo hatched at the dyszoo's research center outside washington. >> it's gender won't be known for several weeks. it appears to be healthy and doing well. >> as you mentioned it, did lap at the conservation institute.
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kiwis are native to new zealand and are endangered because of predators out there. >> odd looking. coming up, real an amazing landing by spacex on an ocean-going drone ship. this morning, new incredible video of that historic landing. and the young surfer and shark attack survivors who wowing crowds all over again. but bethany hamilton did at the world surf league's fiji women's pro. first though have, a look at today's temperatures. >> they need to turn the oven off in phoenix. 103. >> wow. >> announcer: "world news now" weather, brought to you by vista print.
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helicopter and then the woman was carefully brought to safety despite the ordeal, she was not seriously hurt. and then there's this. spacex is givings us a feel for what it's like to ride one of its rockets. take a look at this sped up video taken as the first stage of a falcon 9 booster descended and landed o a ship at sea. did you see that? that's absolutely amazing. it's part of their program to develop fully reusable rocks which would dramatically cut the cost of space flight. this booster play be used again this summer. that's the view from space. >> i'm kind of geeking out. sorry. that's amazing. here on land, it didn't drop from the sky but from a man's hand. and into his date's drink and thanks to three eagle eyed ladies it, dropped him in jail. >> those women are being praised for coming to the unsuspecting woman's rescue by ratting the guy out before she took a sip of
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here's abc's lauren lyster. >> reporter: a california man in court facing assault charges after allegedly slipping a drug into his date's drink. the suspected plot foiled by fellow diners who took matters into their own hands. >> i noticed a gentleman at the table next to me acting pretty suspicious. >> reporter: what did you think he was doing? >> i thought he was trying to lace her drink. >> reporter: one friend rushing to the bathroom to tell the woman. >> i know this is really weird, but we saw the guy you were with put something in your drink. >> reporter: another flagging restaurant staff, who called police after security footage allegedly confirmed their suspicions. the police arresting 24-year-old michael hsu in the restaurant and confiscating the woman's drink as evidence. those friends sharing their story on facebook to warn other women. >> i am completely filled with gratitude that we were able to see it, to tell someone about it and to help another woman out.
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>> it is real, real frightening. some tips for staying safe on a first date. talk on the phone first. don't ignore red flag warnings. if you go to the bathroom. >> always watch your drink, right. >> in case a stranger or maybe a bartender. but then your date, watch your date, too. >> yeah. so. >> a lot to look out for these days, huh. >> try not to leave your drink out when you go to the bathroom. you never know. it's so frightening. >> never know who you're dating these days. you don't know everything you might need to know. coming up, she's one of the world's most famous surfers. >> but not just for her talents on the waves after losing her arm to a shark 13 years ago, bethany hamilton is is wowing the world all over again. that's next. >> announcer: "world news now" continues after
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♪ nothing's going to keep you down ♪ >> well-known joe esposito, or course. >> she's the young surfer who made headlines after losing her arm to a shark and getting right back in the water. >> now bethany hamilton is making waves herself all over again. here's abc's dan harris.
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bethany hamilton continues to outdo herself this time with a stunning performance at the world surf league's fiji women's pro. >> her ability. >> she is a super human. >> reporter: after earning a wildcard spot at the event, the 26-year-old mom beat some of the best surfers in the world to advance to the semifinals of the competition where she ultimately placed third overall. tweeting beyond stoked to finish third in the fiji pro as the wildcard, loved competing and looking forward to more adventures. >> i'm so happy because like i haven't had a good heat in awhile. feels really good. >> she was the top amateur surf esh at age 13 when a 14 foot tiger shark ripped off her left arm. you might recognize this image of her board with a bite mark. she was back in the water within a month. she spoking with abc's abbie boudreau in 2011
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experience. >> i already knew how to surf. i had to adapt to the new change in my body. >> reporter: tell us about the day that you decided to go back into the water. >> i kind of struggled on my first couple waves and didn't get up. and then i got up on my third wave and rode it all the way to the beach. >> she's had quite a journey from compete ing in"amazing rac race". >> i hope this challenge is doable. >> to starting a family last june and now finishing third at the world surfing league competition. hamilton's story continues to inspire. >> even after losing my arm, i'm still like doing everything i hoped i could do in my future and even more. and i think i'm just a reminder for the young girls that like hey, you can do it if you set your mind to it. >> dan harris, abc news, new york. >> incredible woman. >> yeah. can you believe she lost like 60% of her blood in that attack. >> they made a movie about her, too. i got to watch it. it's called
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♪ trump wall got replaced. facebook is back. all right. it's the little things, folks. she's cracked up millions of people online with her facebook video. and now chewbacca mom has broken a record becoming facebook live's most viewed video ever. >> she's riding her fame all the way to disney world to meet chewy herself. not before speaking with our own robin roberts. >> she's the viral sensation with the force on her
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>> candice payne, aka chewbacca mom taking facebook by storm racking up nearly 150 million views and counting. her her infectious laugh has america loling. what's been the best part of all of this. >> in all honesty, being able to share joy with people. >> reporter: we caught up with candice for some out of this world fun. >> i like her. she's a lady. >> reporter: at walt disney world. she men met the wookiee warrior himself. >> do you use any beard oil. >> no. >> can we take a selfie? >> yes. >> okay, ready? here we go. oh! i like that one. are we going to do -- duck lips? can you do duck lips? oh, that one works.
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oh. i love you. okay. chewbacca loves me. >> reporter: a joyous day for this super fan, fireworks and all. >> when simple joys turn to extravagant joys, this is what you end up with. when you have a heart full of joy, it will change everything. >> you have a heart full of joy, don't you? >> no. a stone heart. it's great to see her there enjoy disney. >> you make me very happy. >> i do? thank you. finally i got one. >> oh, wow. there we are. >> that is quite frightening. >> we look normal. it is quite frightening. >> side burns are out of control. that's the news for this half hour. remember to follow us on facebook. >> that was quite a weave. >> at "world news now"
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this morning on "world news now," flood emergency across texas. >> more residents forced to evacuate their homes as the relentless rain strands drivers and damages property. and the storms are not showing any signs of letting up as twisters touch down in the region. >> donald trump lashing out at the media unhappy with being questioned on the specifics of his charitable donations toward veterans groups and offering a glimpse at what life would be like inside a trump administration press corps. a woman's wild encounter with an elk at a national park. the animal charging her and sending her flying. what that tourist is saying this morning about getting too close. >> and keeping him on his toes. the golfer on the edge and playing the ball as it lies, a noble effort, but can he pull it off? his buddy's


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