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tv   World News Now  ABC  June 2, 2016 2:37am-3:00am EDT

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oner.e should have gone much >> he is trying to scam america the way he scammed all those people at trump u. >> reporter: but for some clinton supporters, she still isn't going far enough. >> she's just too polite. >> reporter: she's too polite? >> yes. >> reporter: what do you want to see her do? >> say, "shut up, donald." >> reporter: but now, a powerful new weapon joining in the fight. president obama, riding high in the polls, unleashing on trump on everything from immigration to his tax plan. >> that is not going to make your lives better. that will help people like him. that's the truth. >> reporter: but before trump, clinton facing a tougher than expected primary fight in california. >> told me the campaign was over. if it is, i wonder why secretary clinton and her husband bill are back in california. >> and hillary clinton could very easily lose california and still go on to win this nomination back in 2008, barack
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last ten primaries and still won the democratic nomination. cecilia vega, abc news, newark, new jersey. there's new concerns about air bag inflaters from takata. four automakers are still selling them in new vehicles despite the quisz being potentially defective. those are fiat, mitsubishi, toyota and vw. takata is recalling about 69 million of them in the u.s. because there's potentially dangerous. they want the automakers to replace the inflaters because new cars being sold with them do not have to be recalled. >> residents in the town of belmont should be on the lookout this morning in case a moose goes on the loose again. >> there she goes. >> whoa. >> a young female moose an galloping down the street doing her best impression of american pharoah. several people captured images of the animal around town. >> it's believed the cow as
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female moose are called made its way to a nearby wildlife sanctuary. then somewhat mysteriously she disbraer disappeared. there is rumors this is a sequel to -- also seen in watertown. >> she just wanted to go on a stroll. >> okay. moose on the loose. >> take a look at the town. coming up, the billionaire who lost it all. the startup once dubbed america's richest self-made woman has her net worth drop to nothing almost overnight. >> you don't have to be a billionaire to enjoy burning a little rubber. our toy insider mom will be along with some of the summer's hottest hot rodding toys. >>ly no fun shooting that. >> clearly not. but first here's a look at today's temperatures. >> >> announcer: "world news now" weather, brought to you by colonial penn life insurance. g
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this was the smoky mess after an explosion and fire at a metal recycling plant in madison, wisconsin. the fire engulfed a pile of mostly automobiles that was about 30 feet tall and 30 to 40 feet wide. they think friction somehow ignited fuel in one of the gas thanks and no one was injured. >> a new controversial drug just hit the market for patients with adhd. an afet mean similar to adderall but in a chewy gummy candy and dissolves in your mouth. it's approved by the fda for children as young as 6. some experts are concerned it could lead to overdoses by kids and adults alike. the governor of florida is warning his state will experience disaster from the zika virus unless there is federal help. it is expected to hit the u.s. in the coming weeks and a hospital in new jersey has released this photo of a baby born with
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because of the virus. her mother infected with zika overseas. the baby girl is being evaluated by teams of specialists. >> we continue to evaluate the extent of the effects of the virus on her as well as her ability to do chon childhood things. >> doctors there are also concerned about the emotional toll this illness is having on the mother. a woman that forbes magazine dubbed america's richest self-made woman is now totally broke according to the magazine. >> elizabeth holmes is the founder and ceo of a blood testing startup company called their ra knows. it was valued at $9 billion with her worth around $4.5 billion till the company came under fire from accusations its tests werive accurate. >> that sparked all kinds of federal investigations. taking a huge economic toll on the company which forbes now says has a more realistic value of $800 million and since
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on her 50% stake, the new valuation virtually wipes out everything. >> this is a huge hit for her because the success of the company caused her so much positive attention when they went in and started investigating and finding it may not be all it seems, it was a huge blow to her. she claims an honest mistake. >> they were sailing under the radar till this attention. >> investors continued to pour money into the company believing props made were true. now it's under investigation. big turn around there. >> coming up, heating up your summertime fun on the pavement. >> our toy insider mom will be along to show us some of this summer's hottest thrills on wheels. that's coming up next. >> announcer:
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♪ riding along in my automobile, my baby beside me at the wheel ♪ ♪ i stole a kiss >> with the weather warming up and the kids heading outside, the hottest toys of the season involve anything with wheels. joining us this morning with a ok
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hottest summer wheels toys is mom laurie schacht. so much fun to have you on. these look awesome. >> kids love wheels even when they're really little. we'll start with something for 1 to 3 olds. foot to floor, our cameo atv by technique. it's adorable. kids will sit on it. they have full steering, sounds and we can rev it up. but they're kind of propelling themselves. you don't have to worry. >> that's why it's called foot to floor. we have a nice handle to help them along in case we need to. >> this one i know because i wanted one when i was a kid and didn't get it. >> this is so cool. there is our kiddie car. look, hello kitty. we have the beautiful hello kitty car. nice comfortable seat. diane, are you cruising at 2.5 miles an hour right now. you can go forward and reverse. you can plug in your mp3 player. you get speaker music out of
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this. it is beautiful. my favorite part, of course, is this beautiful bow. >> that's so fun. >> what kid isn't going to love this. so this is about $229. it's just gorgeous. i love it. let's talk about the fact that we know that kids love to control the drining and they can do it with these rcs. what i have is the mesto 360 cyclone. a cool futuristic motorcycle. i have spinning action, led lights, lots of cool stuff going on here. you are playing with mario cars. mario is the best racer. just like in the video game, but now we're taking it into real life. this is from carrera. he is a lot of fun. >> yeah, he is. i kind of want one of these now. when kids are ready for dwurks there's nothing like a bicycle. bikes last kids forever. it's our rock blaster mountain bike by kent. lo a
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it is telling you to take it off road, right? it's really, really awesome. it's got great suspension, seven different gears. kids will love it. >> this is fun for a parent/child activity, too. so many parents like to get outdoors especially off road doing rugged terrain. >> remember, with all of these things, helmets. >> you're not going to have a helmet on, but in heels you're going to get on this. >> i've tried one before. >> our y flick ter lip. it's a three-wheeled scooter. by you moving you're propelling it forward. it's really, really cool. >> it's almost like roller skating. >> if you were more practiced on this, you would lean back on this and do a wheelie. >> that might be beyond my skill set i think. >> i'm getting on the razor pore core e 90. this is an electric scooter. you need to get speed going. and then the scooter part will kick in. the electric part. >> that's really
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feature that it won't go till you have speed going so can't just push the button and take off. when you get a full charge, this will go for 80 continuous minutes before you have to plug it in again. >> that's a long time. >> i like how you take the motorized one and me doing all the work over there supply knew you would have fun with it. >> what about price points, a lot of these gifts seem expensive. >> $119 for the bike, $129 for both these two items. for the little ones, a $49 price point. the rcor, $19.99 and $17 for mario. >> that's not so bad. laurie, thank you so much. i kind of want most of these for myself. for more information on these toys and other great toy ideas, visit lori's website, toy you're watching "world news now." i am out of here. >> me, too.
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ene. ♪ >> same music, new graphic though. as we reported yesterday, queen elizabeth is gracing the cover of the june issue of "vanity fair" magazine but the feature's really much more than just a photo spread. >> the article is giving us new insight into the day to day lines of the royal family. abc's lama hasan has the story. >> reporter: while william and kate are busy juggling their projects and increasing their royal responsibilities, it's family first. prince george and princess charlotte are the priority. george keeping his parents on their toes running around. little sister charlotte just taking her first steps. >> the kids are
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raising charlotte and george in extraordinary circumstances. but as ordinary little children is no easy feat. >> reporter: like father, like son. we're now learning that prince georging is being introduced to the family pasttime. it's only a matter of time before george hits the polo pitch like his daddy and uncle harry. >> he enjoyed his pony ride just after his second birthday. that delights william because he was on a horse from a young age. >> reporter: while george has been attending the local montessori school three days a week, william and kate are searching for his next school, likely in london. >> george will probably follow william to weather beal prep school. it's a very good school and where they were very happy. >> reporter: making sure that the kids can have a normal childhood away from the spotlight slowly introducing george and charlotte to their royal life mead. >> you can
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diane na. as soon as they were back everybody bhutan, it was kate on the school run on monday morning doing the thing that every other mother does. >> reporter: so the burning question, will there be a baby number three. >> i think there will be a third child. absolutely. watch this space and to expect probably some baby news next year. >> reporter: lama hasan, abc news, london. >> we'll be watching that space. >> yeah, queen celebrates her official 90th birthday next week. >> have you been to buckingham palace? >> yeah. uh-huh, and kensington. >> the trippiest thing about it, they play music at the changing of the guard. they played "a whole new world." it was really trippy. >> singing along. >> i felt like i was back in like the british disney land. >> did you fly in on a magic carpet. >> i went out on one.
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this morning on "world news now," gunfire on the campus of ucla. >> students scramble for cover, all buildings locked down with some barricading themselves in. what we're learning this morning about the deadly incident that spurred panic eight major university. and we have newly released 911 calls as the mother of the boy who slipped into a gorilla exhibit begs for help from an emergency dispatcher. hear the calls and the latest in the investigation. a drunk driving suspect finds a clever way to avoid or at least try to avoid getting arrested. don't actually blow into the breathalyzer. just do everything you can to make it look like you are. the police seemingly impressed by his unusual performance. and headed for history. the epic nba finals rematch is set to tip off tonight. step curry and the


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