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tv   World News Now  ABC  June 7, 2016 2:37am-3:00am EDT

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colin moves along the carolina coast, skipping through charleston, wilmington, cape hatteras, look for rough surf and snust outpours. >> thanks to paul there. now to the outrage over the punishment given to a convicted rapist in california. brock turner a former competitive swimmer was sentenced to six months behind bars. he could have gotten 14 years. critics launched a recall effort against the judge. that judge says he was just following the recommendation of the probation department. and attorneys who have appeared before him previously say he is respected and is fair. in baltimore, the trial of a police officer charged in the death of freddie gray starts thursday. officer caesar goodson opted for a judge to preside over his case instead of a jury. goodson faces a second degree murder charge. gray died from a severe spinal injury while riding in the back of a police van. goodson drove that van. he's the second officer to select a bench
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under way in jerusalem. the ancient chamber believed to house the tomb of jesus is undergoing restoration. it's been more than 200 years since the last restoration. it's been damaged by candle smoke and water and humidity. rivalry between the three denominations that run the church delayed repairs. prayers are marked the end of ramadan's first day of fasting. muslims began their most sacred month. in greece, workers handed out food to some of the 52,000 syrian refugees in that country and in pakistan, worshipers looked at the ramadan moon which some say could be seen clearly throughout the country. and tv host john oliver has officially out oprahed oprah maybe. >> here's what he did on the latest edition of his show last week tonight, oliver staged the largest television guv away ever. he cleared nearly $15 million in medical debts for about 9,000 people.
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own debt collecting agency, buying the debt only cost him of $0,000. the $15 million debt removal beat oprah's car giveaway in 2004. >> you get a car, you get a car, you get no debt. >> you get no debt. i think i'll take, i don't know. what kind of car was it again? >> i don't know. >> said the whole idea was to bring about the debt collection industry, how many layers there are to it and how i think he said for something like 50 bucks, he was able to be start this company and get hold of people's names and security numbers. >> and only $60,000. >> $60,000 to buy up $15 million worth of debt. >> amazing. coming up, cooking up change in the school cafeteria. how a group of ambitious student chefs are working to change the face of the school lunch. >> and mending a broken heart by letting go of those old love mementos. how a unique museum in los angeles is hoping to provide a cat
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feel the difference with k-y ultragel. >> omaha. omaha. 44 he's mike. bags montana. i don't know it doesn't seem to work, as well for me. >> not quite. that's the president welcoming the super bowl champion denver broncos with a tribute to now retired quarterback peyton manning. this of course, is the last time he'll meet a super bowl winner as president. mr. obama said manning had some advice on retirement, telling him try it. don't overstay your welcome. >> to the sport of mixed martial arts has lost one of its most recognizable names. kim bow slice died. the announcement came late monday. he had been in the hospital earlier in the day. near his home in south florida for an indisclosed
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his caught of death has not been released. foul play is not expected. kim bow slice was 4 years old. we're learning more details about the funeral for muhammad ali. actor will smith and former heavyweight champ lennox lewis will be among the paul bearers at the funeral on friday. there will also be an islamic service in his hometown of louisville thursday before that larger public service the following day. as we learn more about the long good-bye to the boxing legend, we're also reminded about his words that are really transcending his life. >> and his words on a much more profound level than his fists never failed to deliver a punch. here's abc's david wright. >> i have wrestled with an al gate area, tussled with a whale. i done handcuffed lightning thrown thunder in jail. >> reporter: he was poetry in motion. >> i'm handsome. i'm fast. i'm pretty and can't possibly be beat. >> reporter: nobody ever so fast
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>> too much speed. too fast. i'm too fast. >> reporter: so quick with a comeback. >> you're being extremely truculent. >> whatever truculent mean, if that's good, i'm that. >> reporter: his dominance complete. he made sure the whole world had a ringside seat. >> i murdered a rock. angelo stone, hospitalized a brick. i'm so mean i made medicine sick. >> reporter: the louisville lip his words packed a punch. >> it will be a killer and a chiller and a thriller when i get the goor ril la in manila. i don't care how small the ring, i'll fight that chump in a telephone booth. >> reporter: telling all his opponents. >> i can back up any word. and i'll whoop any man in the world and i want everybody out there on tv to snow. >> reporter: he would eat them for lunch. >> i saw sonny liston a few days ago, cassius. >> he's too ugly to be the world's champ. the world champ should be
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like me. when nixon resigned, wait till i kick someone's behind. >> reporter: muhammad ali loves talking smack. >> float like a butter phi and sting like a bee. >> he was trying to psych me out. i was every name in the book. i was this, i was that, you know. and i said, wow. >> reporter: all of it, just part of his plan of attack. >> clay comes out to meet liston and listen to starts to retreat. if liston goes back any farther, he'll end up in a ringside seat. >> reporter: david wright, abc news, san francisco. >> the closing words, kind of funny. he says i would like to be remembered as a botcher but i'd be okay if folks forgot that i was pretty. that was a key thing with him. >> can't deal with that. coming up, how do you mend a broken heart? >> it could be as easy as a trip to los angeles and the visit to the museum of broken relationships. you're watching "world news now." >> sign
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>> announcer: "world news n
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♪ sitting here with a black hole in my chest ♪ snoonls quite a picture off l.a.'s city hall where it's expected to be in the 70s later on today. pretty nice. >> see if the weather can help mend some broken hearts. >> quite possibly. >> it's supposed to
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the most painful things people go through. there's always been that question of how do you get over that. >> how do you mend that broken heart? a los angeles lawyer believes he's created just the cure. we're up "up all nightline" now with abc's nick watt. >> reporter: true tales, mementos of lost love donated by members of the public for closure, catharsis, revenge? >> he made me wear them during sex because they turned him on. >> reporter: preserved and displayed here on hollywood boulevard. >> this is my favorite museum i have ever been to. >> reporter: we generally prefer to celebrate finding love, falling in love, beat ago the odds, the promise of happily ever after. earlier this evening, i giggled watching the bachelorette when jo jo took chase on a yoga date. >> how long have you guys been intimate? >> never. >> okay. >> we met about a week ago. >> reporter: we'd all like to believe sally is still with harry. >> i love that you get cold when it's 71 degrees out.
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and a half to order a sandwich. >> reporter: listen up. nearly 50% of marriages end in divorce. face facts, face reality. visit the museum of broken relationships. >> it's making me reflect on my own relationships. it's beautiful. >> reporter: we asked an expert is this serving any purpose whatsoever? >> immediately i thought this is ridiculous. when i started to think more deeply about it, i thought well, actually, there's a lot of people who need closure. >> did you see this one? >> reporter: yes. we've had behind the scenes access since this place looked like this. it used to be a lingerie store, the famous frederick's of hollywood. fitting transformation. back to that lawyer who made all this happen. all started last summer on a family vacation to croatia. >> they had a guide book that said there was a mum of broken relationships. i thought we've got see that. the first museum of broken relationships opened in croatia
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five yearsing. > we came out of there all of us moved by it. this is a universal human experience. everybody has had a broken relationship, of one kind or another. >> reporter: john quinn starred collecting for an l.a. version. >> this woman's former boyfriend had encouraged her strongly encouraged her to get breast implants. he wanted her to have larger breasts. an. >> reporter: sounds like a great guy. it's all anonymous. >> all of it's anonymous. >> so the stories i imagine would be slightly differently told if you had to put your name? >> i think so. i think that by keeping it anonymous, people are willing to tell the whole story. >> reporter: it's not just failed romance. >> sometimes family, religion, countries, you know, everything. there's all kinds of broken relationships. >> reporter: but the truth is, we've all been there one way or another and this may be the most universally relatable museum on earth. i'm nick watt for "nightline."
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if it's got to be clean, it's got to be tide. so a school lunch has long been considered the bottom of the culinary totem pole. >> there's no doubt it has been evolving a little bit for the better over the years. but a group of student chefs is cooking up a plan to move the school lunch into the 21st century you might say. here's abc's catherine falders. >> reporter: they come from high schools across the country to the nation's capital. these young student chefs taking control of their school lunches in an effort to create healthy eating in school cafeterias through a program called cooking for change. the challenge? making healthy and delicious meal while meeting an the u.s. department of agriculture guidelines on a tight budget. about $1 per lunch. no easy task. it's a challenge schools deal with nationwide. >> what is the message that you'reop
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students send to kids across the country. >> well, really, the core message is the importance of healthy eating and the fact that healthy food can be tasty food. i think you haired the students describe the meals they've created, these are going to be very tasty meals but also are carefully designed to meet health requirements. >> reporter: meet jeremy traveling all the way from dallas, texas, on a mission to fulfill his dream of becoming a chef following in his mother's footsteps. >> my mom is a chef. i kind of grew up beside her on a little stool in the kitchen. and i've just been growing in the kitchen with her and then when i got to high school, i took a culinary class and that just opened up a bunch of doors for me. >> reporter: and it wasn't easy getting here. >> tell me a little bit about the training and how many hours you put in to being able to come to the nation's capital and compete here today. >> oh, my gosh. hours and hours a day. we would be in the kitchen tasting things. >> reporter: two hours in the kitchen monday re-creating their winning rip
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17-person celebrity judging panel. including qua may and watchchy from top chef cooking everything from barbecue chicken, pizza kay sa delas to stuffed zucchini all out key ingredients of ol lichb oil and salt. >> reporter: the team from orange county took home the gold with the moroccan stuffed zucchini. all of the lunches will be served to thousands of students across their respective school districts. >> our thanks to catherine there for us. >> such a good idea. it's not that hard sometimes to cook inexpensive healthy meals. requires a little more thought and effort. >> not when it's considered like a potato is a vegetable. those are the guidelines. yeah, but those are the guidelines they have to work with. hungry. >> they did a good job. >> i'm starving.
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this morning on "world news now," hillary clinton's getting a major boost on primary day. >> clinton inching closer to history gaining enough delegates to become the presumptive nominee but not counting her chickens before they hatch. what she's telling voters in six states that hit the polls today. >> tropical storm colin bringing huge wind gusts and massive downpours to the southeast threatening millions with flash floods, damaging winds and the possibility of tornados. we're track where it's headed today. >> dramatic moment of a would be terrorist caught in the act. the suspect seen moving an arsenal of weapons. when police move in before the mass murder plot could be carried out. and get ready to get pumped up with the ultimate wedding play list. we've got the full list of top songs to help you shake it like a


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