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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  June 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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kimberly: coming up, a quiet neighborhood in d.c. troubled by a double shooting overnight. what brought the police back to the scene today, just blocks from the pride parade route. two different towns, two different crimes. the search for a man who is behind a series of disturbing incidents. plus, the pride parade in full swing in downtown d.c.. we reached 90 degrees for the first time this year. meteorologist josh knight is trapping -- tracking storms. news at 6:00, on your side. kimberly: thank you for joining us. i'm kimberly suiters.
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meteorologist josh knight has a first look at the forecast. josh: not getting much of a break this evening. in some places we broke records, dulles airport hitting 95, allowing them to break a record. leesburg,in d.c., 95 93 hagerstown. even annapolis, with the bay temperature, 92. showers to the northwest of hagerstown, parts of western maryland. most of these will break down before crossing into maryland and into virginia. there is still a slim chance right along where the air rose pointing that we get a quick shower. for most of us, we stay dry, hot, and muggy. 92 through the majority of the region at 6:00, still 88 degrees at 8:00. drk
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still hot, but it's not feel quite as bad. kimberly: around the district come a quiet neighborhood in shock tonight after two people were hit by bullets late friday night. thousands of people marched in today's pride parade just blocks away. ,my aubert is live in northwest with a fairly active scene. kimberly,out itamy: the police tape is in the process of being taken down, and active scene. a short time ago they cleaned up. my photographer and i stumbled upon what appeared to be a showcasing earlier today working on the story. the police force said no shell casings were found tonight. i reached out to the public information officer to let them know what we found. a couple hours later, a scene out here again.
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described this street as a tightknit community. a shooting friday night has left some on edge. >> did not even occur to me that it might be a shooting. it is a relatively quiet street. amy: it happens just across from where he lives. >> i heard what sounded like fireworks, then the streets were full of cap cars. amy: a 28-year-old female and 23-year-old male struck by gunfire at about 11 p.m. friday. >> a bunch of police cars running down the road, fire trucks going to the street. >> they had a gurney pull out with a young man on the gurney. it happened not far from 14th street northwest, an area bustling with crowds on saturday afternoon. scary, especially since this area is so populated. amy:
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>> i have updated everything to do with my alarm system, i have dogs and a considering buying signs. according to the police report, the suspect or suspects are still unknown and reportedly took off in an unknown direction. >> we have a lot of people here visiting. it's really scary. amy: the detective on the scene told me this is part of the shell casing that we found lying on the sidewalk. he found others, but they cannot confirm how many. we found the casing about halfway between where the shooting reportedly happened and up here towards 14th street northwest. the police say that both victims suffered nonfatal injuries. live in northwest d.c., amy aubert, abc 7 news. kimberly: a celebration of life over far too soon, funeral services w
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this morning for jacob dennis, who died when his pickup crashed tuesday night in clutch burnt, killing -- when his pickup truck crashed tuesday night, killing two other teenagers as well. two montgomery county towns are on alert after several incidents of a man exposing himself in public, even in front of children. richard reeve is live in rockville with more. richard: a pretty unsettling stuff, especially for parents of young children, the latest incident about two weeks ago at the same property. what is most concerning is it view of fear.ll >> you don't feel safe. richard: between september 2015 and may of this year, this man either exposed himself, put his hands down his pants in public at least five times. >> i think it's outrageous. richard:
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may 26 in rockville. investigators say the man leaned against a wall and exposed himself while watching a group of young girls. >> it's very dangerous, especially because this is a quiet q&a with little kids. richard: class of temper, down the street, a man followed a woman, that exposed himself in this cul-de-sac. >> i think it's terrible. i think there are people who are not healthy. 30,ard: in between, march 31, and april 1, the man put his hands down his pants in full view of people in this gaithersburg business part. >> have not had a problem until now. richard: they said he would sit curbside or on the stairs, all three incidents in broad daylight. >> i hope they catch him. the rockville cases have prompted an e-mail alert, urging residents to be on alert and on the lookout for this man. >>
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caught so we can get the help that he needs. richard: in all five incidents, he was wearing a gray top with black shorts. if you have any information about any of these cases, the police want to hear from you. richard reeve, abc 7 news. kimberly: developing now, the police have identified a suspect shot by a police officer outside of loveville road maryland. 23-year-old sean diamond is in serious condition. investigators say that diamond from jail if you hours when he assaulted his ex-girlfriend and lunged at officers yesterday. he was at the airport to fly back to maryland. the police arrested him the day before on a reckless driving charge. -- absolutext tragedy after a concert in orlando turns into a crime scene. what the police know so far about the deadly
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former "voice"
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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] heartbreak after an aspiring singer and reality tv stand out is killed. a gunman opened fire, killing christina grimmie right after a concert and in front of 100 fans. he turned the gun on himself. we have the latest. ♪ reporter: she dazzled everyone, first as a sensation on youtube. then reality tv, placing third in season six of nbc's "the voice." >> we are in orlando today. please come to the show. kimberly:
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the concert in orlando, a gunman and shot christina grimmie, murdered while meeting fans and signing autographs. >> it appears he came here to commit this crime. the shooter's 27-year-old kevin james. he traveled to st. petersburg, florida, it appeared that he planned to kill the singer and travel back. her brother tackled the gun man, who then shot himself. >> very heroic actions. reporter: the police say the shooter had two guns along with additional ammunition and a hunting knife. it is not clear what if any connection he had with the aspiring star. investigators are searching for any clues of a motive. within hours, christina grimmie expressingriends disbelief over her murder. adam levine wr
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confused." sheltonoice coach blake also said he was shocked and disgusted. friends left with heavy hearts, waiting for answers. >> ♪ look into your eyes kimberly: still ahead, donald attacks frommore his own party. his latest comments. and the forecast.
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kimberly: donald trump on the defensive tonight. he is under fire for referring to senator elizabeth war
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pocahontas on twitter and that a richmond rally last night. this comes amid doubts that trunk can unite the republican party. mitt romney, the previous republican nominee, hammered trump at an event in utah. trickle-down races amanda misogyny and bigamy are all extraordinarily dangerous to the heart and character of america. i don't think he knows what misogyny is. kimberly: reverend jesse jackson endorsed presumptive democratic nominee hillary clinton. he says he trusts clinton to look out for minorities, immigrants, and the poor. a surprise visit at eastern market this morning, bill clinton talking to shoppers for about 30 minutes. abc 7 got an invite to the event and we spoke with
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him. >> would you think about meeting former president bill clinton? >> i voted for him. it was nice. have more onll clinton's d.c. visit coming up at 11:00. a liveht, let's take look -- i guess we are talking about the weather. i love eastern market. i usually go there every saturday morning. this happened to be the one time i did not. josh: darn it. probably would have been harder to get around. kimberly: probably. josh: 96 degrees the temperatures right now in d.c. that is the high as well, in the last hour. we were at 93, now topping out with warm temperatures. 95 winchester, 97 manassas, 93 fredericksburg. that is where we slowly fall through the even
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of us. national, the dew point 60 degrees, which means not quite as much most are in the year, so the feels-like temperature also 96. but that does not give much relief. we do have some thunderstorms around pittsburgh, heading to the southeast. what's happening, they are fizzling out before they cross the mason-dixon line. hagerstown still predominantly dry, just a few extra clouds. cellsone or two of those make their way into our region, the rain closer to western maryland in hagerstown, i don't think anything around dcu the futurecast, just a little bit of this popping up. otherwise, dry around the district, dry in southern maryland, dry and almost all of virginia. isolated chance of showers. the rest of the evening, slowly falling through
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we do not cool off much. a slim chance of a thunderstorm again, not really around dcu that stays further off to the northwest. tomorrow morning, the temperatures sunday start off in the 70's. 73 leesburg, 74 hagerstown, 73 andrews. not much relief overnight. tomorrow we warm back into the 90's. the big difference for us, it is and we will be dealing with strong wind. something to keep in mind at the golf course. 30 mile per hour wind gusts. sustained winds of about 15 to 20. at the baseball diamond tomorrow, first pitch at 4:00, 91 degrees. into the mid-80's towards the end of the game. dry tomorrow, breezy, not as humid. 91 degrees still. 84 monday, mostly sunny, a great day getting back to work and school. the dd
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week, the stationary front parks across the area, bringing a daily chance of thunderstorms. looks like the most likely day will be thursday, but still not a bad forecast. those days are not washouts. next weekend is looking dry. kimberly: it's going to be rain all the time, everywhere. josh: exactly. if you have plans or games this week, don't count them out. kimberly: talk about heated off the court. erin: coming up, what fremont green said to lebron james last night during the altercation. sports is coming up.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. erin: the heat and humidity would not stop the nats today
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tanner roark tossed seven scoreless innings. got into a little trouble in the second, runners on second and third. then he strikes out the side. bernie sanders -- hernandez, ourjous, they are all gone. the go seven and its, strikes out seven. nats doing some damage, stephen drew with a basic to write. wilson ramos trots home. still in the second, washington up 3-0, bryce harper singles up the middle. his bat is coming alive. roark hustling around third and he will score. the nationals win 8-0. here is dusty baker. orioles-blue jays. beadjones has a
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leaps and makes the catch, flashing the leather, saving the run. there is no way that jones could catch this one. edwin encarnacion, he will crush this offering into the second deck. that will be a three-run shot, which gives toronto the 8-4 lead. the o's dropped their second in a row, 11-6. the warriors' draymond green is in hot water after a questionable hit and altercation with lebron james during game four yesterday. green said he felt disrespected by james for this. james stepped over him during the play. after the game, bron-bron explained the incident and said that green cross the line and called him the b-word. green has a history of questionable if not dirty play. just saidaymond something that i don't agree with.
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fine with that, but as far as the words that came out of his mouth, it was a little overboard . being a guy with pride, being a guy with three kids and a family, some things go overboard, and that was it. erin: game five could be a good one. that will be right here on abc 7 as the series shifts back to oracle arena. tipoff is at 9:00. americais out, the korb -- copa america, chile had the 1-0 lead over bolivia. he blast sit in from the right side. it's the goal post perfectly. the equalizer in the perfect spot. no way for the goalie to get that one. usa will00 tonight, face
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if usa loses, they are out of the tournament. kimberly: ♪ stand by me
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kimberly: just minutes away from thming a new winner of the 148 running of the belmont stakes. the final race starts at 6:37. madeyear, american pharoah history as the first triple crown winner in 37 years. great britain is marking queen elizabeth's official 90th birthday. wow, look at that. oh, my. thousands
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trooping of the color parade, yes, neon green. , prince george, and princess charlotte waving to the crowd. officialsh monarch's birthday is in june to make sure that the celebrations happen in the lovely weather. they do not get the sunshine like we do. erin: nobody could miss the queen. kimberly: that rivals the sun, wow. erin: i bet she got a lot of birthday shout outs. kimberly: the queen's lime green. i don't think i ever thought. a little cool down? josh: it will feel better tomorrow because we lose some humidity. this evening, we are in the 80's. tomorrow is windy and not as
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as hot as today. 84 monday, more storms in the middle of the week.
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welcome to "world news tonight." concert tragedy. the rising pop star gunned down as she signed autographs after a show. the suspect's photo just coming in. he was armed with guns, a knife and police say an intent to kill. tonight, the man police call a hero and the tributes pouring in. the urgent manhunt happening right now. two dangerous prisoners escape on a truck, one accused of a violent crime on the run. the other still at large, why it took authorities hours to realize they weren't in their cells. trump's tirade. >> i'm the least racist person. >> donald trump on the defensive, as some in his own party turn their backs on him. tonight, the big-name republican now threatening to vote for hillary clinton. the brazen attack.


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