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tv   World News Now  ABC  June 14, 2016 3:02am-3:30am EDT

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just hold hands and love each other. >> the terrifying scene captured on snapchat inside orlando's pulse nightclub. >> and people by who had left right before the gunfire erupted. >> they're still shooting. >> david ward recording the final 11 seconds of swat gunfire from his apartment overlooking the scene. snapping this picture of the back of the club where authorities swarmed inside. >> it was unbelievable. i've never heard of anything like that. >> he texted me at 2:06 and said mommy, i love you. >> mina justice's son eddie sent her these messages as the horror unfolded. >> trapped in the bathroom. downtown. please call police. i'm going to die. call them, mama, now. he said hurry, he's in the bathroom with us. he's a terror. >> the heartbroken mother
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son, one of the dead. 25-year-old new yorker enrique rios was celebrating a friend's birthday when he was killed. shane tomlinson a well-loved singer, was visiting from north carolina. he was 33. joshua mcgill, who ran back inside to rescue one of the club's bartenders, who was shot three times. >> i told him, you know, stick with me, you're going to be fine. i promise you. everything's going to be okay. >> hailed a hero on "gma." the political fallout making headlines today. the candidates with polar opposite reactions. hillary clinton on "good morning america." >> i want to just express my sympathy to everyone who lost loved ones, the families. >> donald trump on "today" defending his tweet, appreciate the congrats for being right on radical islamic terrorism. i don't want congrats. i want toughness and vigilance. >> what i said is i want you to be strong, i want you to be vigilant, and i want you to be smart. i don't want the credit. >> but why
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yourself credit that everyone knows will happen, sadly? >> i don't know that everyone knows. i'm not sure that the president knows, if you want to know the truth. >> fox news channel's bill hemmer is in orlando. what do you make of the political ramifications? >> my sense is the election will turn on two things, the economy and national security. after orlando, the issue of national security will come more to the forefront. and how trump and how clinton react to it will go a long way in terms of support or lack thereof based on their response. >> tonight, the world mourns the victims and prays for the survivors. >> i can't even begin to fathom what the people in orlando are going through right now. >> unbelievably senseless. >> it really is. today we are learning more about the man responsible for this senseless tragedy. she was married to the madman. >> he was mentally unstable and mentally ill. >> omar mateen's first wife pulling back the curtain on her four-month marriage to the perpetrator
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shooting in united states history. >> a few months after we were married, i saw his instability and i saw that he was bipolar and he would get mad out of nowhere. >> "extra" obtaining their divorce papers from 2011. >> he started abusing me physically. >> new reports today that the 29-year-old, who was a new york native but grew up in florida, was bullied in school. his name -- he changed it to omar mateen. he always wanted to be part of law enforcement. >> he wanted to be a police officer. he applied to the police academy and he worked as a correctional officer. >> omar reportedly then married this woman and had a little boy, who is now 3 years old. the couple appear to be estranged. during that time, omar apparently bragged to co-workers he had terrorist ties, even meeting with a suicide bomber who carried out an attack in syria. he was on the fbi's radar as a person of interest,
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to hold him. >> i am very sad, and i am very mad and angry. >> mateen's father condemning his son's actions to "extra" today. >> i wish he go out of united states, killed himself somewhere else. >> he says before the horrific attack on the gay nightclub, his son recently made homophobic remarks after seeing two men kissing in miami. >> even though he's my son, i have to admit, this is a terrorist act. >> he hosts an afghan tv show in military fatigues and bizarrely claims to be the president of afghanistan, says there were no red flags in their final conversation. >> i don't want any father to go through what we are going through. up next, "the voice's" christina grimmie cut down by a deranged gunman. her final message to her fans. her brother, the hero and her special relationship with adam levine. >> do you feel like you learned
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watch? plus, he helped start the healing at the tonys. >> love is love is love. >> now his own untold story, the passion and inspiration of "hamilton's" lin-manuel miranda. >> "extra" brought to you by l'oreal paris. because you're worth it. coming up, he shined at the tony awards. now what you didn't know about lin-nuel
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♪ i came in like a wrecking ball >> yes, that's how the world came to know singer christina grimmie. her first performance on "the voice" receiving a four-chair turnaround, and when i first heard the news, i was so shocked and sad. i had her on my radio show a couple times. she was a friend of ours here at "extra." >> it is so sad. christina touched the lives of many, including fellow musician charlie huth and s
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who dedicated performances at their concerts this weekend. >> today, we're learning more about the devastating crime that took christina's life and hero that stood by her. >> tragic. devastating. "voice" star christina grimmie shot and killed, gunned down by a deranged fan, 27-year-old at her orlando concert friday night. the gunman traveling from his st. petersburg home to grimmie's concert. >> the suspect had two handguns on his person, and a large hunting knife. >> christina taking to social media just hours before, inviting fans to her performance. >> please come to the show if you live near orlando, florida. ♪ >> grimmie singing "without him," finishing her set, heading straight to a fan meet and greet. >> this white male approached her, and opened fire. >> her brother mark, who was part of his little sister's band, jumping to action, tackling the shooter to the ground.
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suspect killed himself. very heroic actions by her brother. >> this fan, a reported witness, telling "people" magazine grimmie greeted him with her arms open wide, then he gave christina a fate she did not deserve. >> i don't really understand how this really happened. >> selena gomez breaking down at her concert in miami, reflecting on the 22-year-old star and friend. grimmie managed by selena's stepfather. >> i thank the lord for everything that's been happening. >> charlie huth dedicating the song he wrote for the late paul walker "see you again" to his good friend. >> mainly because i just never got to say what i wanted to say to her. ♪ it's been a long day >> grimmie's "voice" family in a state of shock. christina aguilera saying she was a true fighter. usher saying she was
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soul. blake shelton stunned, disgusted, and heartbroken. blake's ex miranda lambert listening to grimmie's song with love. adam levine, who's paying for christina's funeral costs, deeply saddened, saying this just isn't fair for the girl he coached to the top three during season six of "the voice." >> she just wants to make it as a singer. she's passionate. i love that about you. ♪ it must be love >> christina, a friend of "extra" at our studios two years ago performing her song "must be love" and singing adam's praises. >> do you feel like you learned a lot from being under his watch? >> definitely. he put things in a different perspective for me. ♪ you can get addicted to a certain kind of sadness ♪ >> duetting with adam to "somebody that i used to know" in one of her final appearances on "the voice." >> one of the biggest highlights of my life, singing with you. >> a bright young talent, a life cu
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coming up, the national obsession with o.j. simpson intensifies in a new documentary. >> we caught robert kardashian slipping off. >> the man behind "hamilton" lin-manuel miranda opening up about his hit show and his son. >> my son was born two weeks before we started rehearsal. how do you spell entertainment? >> the next generation of entertainment news -- >> is here. >> "extra." for over 20 years, "extra" has been delivering emmy award-winning entertainment news. now, for the second time, we've struck emmy gold for outstanding entertainment news program. "extra."
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next "extra," breaking new details on nightclub massacre. and new hollywood
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now to the stories trending in entertainment news today, starting with a new report claiming khloe kardashian is looking for answers surrounding her birth father. >> shocking new claims, khloe kardashian begged o.j. simpson to take a paternity test to prove whether or not he was really her biological father? >> she wanted him to take the paternity test, and o.j. told her no. >> the new
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dropping today, straight from o.j.'s prison security guard in a new kardashian documentary. >> i asked o.j. if he was khloe's dad, and he looked at me and he said, robert kardashian is my best friend, i would never do that to him. >> the kardashians forced to deal with the paternity drama publicly on their hit e! show. >> why wouldn't we just do a dna test once and for all? >> kris jenner's always maintained robert kardashian is khl khloe's real dad. he famously stood by his best friend during his murder trial, not just as his attorney, but many speculate someone who helped hide evidence. >> that bag was bulging with simpson's stuff. >> kardashian, the man who saved o.j. airs tonight. kim and kanye west under siege at l.a.x. kim showing off her new slimmed down body after baby, headed to paris. once the couple touched down, they arrived in style for a
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to eat. gordon ramsey's new heartbreak. the 49-year-old tough tv chef just revealing his 41-year-old wife tana suffered a miscarriage at 5 months. just weeks ago, gordon with us -- >> baby number five? >> we are ready. >> was this planned? >> i don't think they're ever planned. you're in the moment, aren't you? >> the celeb chef thanking fans for their support and revealing he is healing with his family. now, more on the m behind the "hamilton" phenomenon, winning 11 tony awards didn't just happen overnight for lin-manuel miranda. a.j. has the story of broadway's p>> "hamilton." >> 11 tony awards, a pulitzer prize, and a grammy. he's going to need somewhere to keep all these awards. >> i don't have a mantel, but maybe i've got to look into a mantel. we'll see. >> but what lin-manuel miranda never saw coming, the happened success of "hamilton." >> a civics lesson from a slaifr. >> the hottest ticket on broadway that banked an estimated billion dollars and
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"extra" with him every step of the way. >> this puts my dreams to shame, for real. >> and it all began when lin was 5 years old. >> we have alwaysknown that this kid was destined for greatness. >> charlie rose getting deep into lin-manuel's puerto rican roots on "60 minutes." his father lewis a political consultant, his mother a psychologist. lin so talented, he attended a public school for gifted kids. >> i went to a school where everyone was smarter than me. i better figure out what it is i want to do and work really hard at that. >> "hamilton"'s inspiration, this biography. >> the unlikeliness of his life is what grabbed me. >> and it was this moment at the white house in front of president obama and the first lady in 2009 where he previewed up with of its songs. >> a man saw his future drip. >> i keep thinking it's pinnacle, and then life gets even crazier. >> lin, who's said to be leaving "hamilton" in july will be crazy busy, starring in the mar
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but most important, life at home with wife vanessa and their 1-year-old son. >> my wife is the reason anything gets done. >> how much has your life changed? >> well, i'm talking to you, a.j. so that's a bellwether of how much my life has changed. my son was born two weeks before we started rehearsal on "hamilton." so i measure t surreality of my life with his. it's been an incredible year and a half.
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closed captioning and other considerations for "extra"
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that's going to do it for "extra" today. in honor of those who lost their lives in orlando this weekend, including the talented christina grimmie, we wanted to leave you with more of christina
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love" inside our studio. we'll see you tomorrow, folks. bye. ♪ it must be love it's in my body ♪ ♪ it must be love
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and we're learning more about the 49 lives tragically lost that night. their grieving families and friends are coming together to support each other as the country and the world shows its support. >> and new this half hour, looking for clues inside the killer's home. >> a tfr crew has been granted access inside a seemingly normal condo, hoping to find a reason why this man would cause such senseless violence. >> and emotional moments on the court, on the stage, and in the audience. the silent but powerful tributes to the victims of


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