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tv   World News Now  ABC  June 15, 2016 2:37am-3:00am EDT

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words radical islamic terrorism. >> this orlando attack was just absolutely horrendous and yet he still doesn't use the word of radical islamic terror. >> the president fired back. >> there's no magic to the phrase radical islam. it's a political talking point. it's not a strategy. not once has an advisor of mine said if we use that phrase we're going to turn this whole thing around. not once. >> he went on. >> we know full well who the enemy is. so does the intelligence and law enforcement officers that spend countless hours disrupting plots and protecting all americans. including politicians that tweet. >> first lady michelle obama sat down with oprah winfrey for a first of its kind summit called the united state of women. >> they chatted before an audience of 5,000 discussing everything from men to the first lady's high points in th
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prince and steve have wonder per for form but she struck a serious tone as she reflected on the tragedy in orlando. >> one thing i want us to know is that at tragic times like this as a country it's time to come together and support each other and not tear each other down. >> the first lady also announced a $20 million let girls learn initiative and she called on organizations around the country to support girl's education. >> coming up an update on the overnight search for a little boy at walt disneyworld. the 2-year-old was dragged into the water by an alligator from the water's edge at the grand floridian resort. what we're learning at this hour. >> stories coming out now from inside the night club in orlando. hear what one survivor tells our own juju chang about the agonizing hours she was held hostage. empty my pocket change into this old jar.
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>> breaking news from florida. teams and helicopter crews are searching right now around disneyworld for a 2-year-old boy that was dragged into a lagoon by an alligator last night. the boy and his parents were near the water's edge enjoying movie night there when the alligator attacked. both the boy's parents rushed into the water trying to pull him to safety but they were not successful. the boy's father was injured during that effort. searchers say they won't leave until they find that young boy. the family had been visiting walt disney resort from nebraska. we expect to get another update in a few hours. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders met face to face after clinton wrapped up primary season with a victory in washington d.c. the 90 minute private meeting was expected to focus on unifying the party and stopping donald trump. sanders still hasn't endorsed clinton though. he is looking to advance his
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the democratic party. he is also calling for new party leadership and the elimination of super delegates. >> meanwhile russian hackers managed to breach the computers of the dell cattic national committee and steal research on donald trump. they were able to access all messages and e-mails sent over their system. they say the cyber security company moved quickly to secure the network. >> there's several files that were taken and again the files were related to the opposition research that the dnc accumulated on mr. trump. >> experts believe two russian agencies were behind the breach including the military intelligence agency. >> a chicago police officer seen kicking him in the head. the officer is trying to aprehead the man holding him on the ground when the other officer seems to kick hill in the head.
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you know is already under federal investigation for its use of force. >> well the 3rd trial in the death of 25-year-old freddie gray underway in baltimore. >> the officer that drove the van that was transporting grey when he suffered a fatal spinal injury. he's facing 30 years in prison if he's convicted of second degree murder. serena is covering the trial and has the latest for us. >> good morning. later this morning the fifth day of testimony gets underway with the big question in the case. when during his ride in the police transport van did freddie grey sustain that fatal injury that lead to death. the injury occurred before the fourth time the van had stopped and life saving measures could have been taken to prevent grey from tying. meanwhile the defense argued that injury was a catastrophic event and gray stopped breathing within seconds sometime after the
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officer william porter's own trial last year ended in a mistrial. he testified that goodson was responsible for gray. but it's that question and gray's ability to speak that could determine goodson's fate. the same judge that ruled him clear while charges will be the full decider in his case. >> there's an important zika virus update for anyone heading to the olympics. the world health organization says there's a low risk of further international spread of the virus as a result of the games in brazil. they are reaffirmed that no restrictions should be placed on travel to country with the virus including brazil. >> we're getting our first look at the medals that will be awarded during the summer olympic games. >> they unveiled the designs saying they were made to show case the force and the strength of olympic heros and the med
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sustainability guidelines with recycled materials and without the use of mercury. >> really exciting. the games getting underway in early august and every year they to a different design for the medals. >> i like seeing the opening ceremonies. >> that should be interesting. >> i think brazil is going to be very good at that part. >> 51 days until the olympics. coming up a terrifying story from inside the orlando night club. >> what tiara parker is telling us about the three hours she spent hiding inside a bathroom and then coming face to face with the killer. you're watching world news now.
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>> with each passing at a we're getting a sharper image and a portrait of the man that murdered 49 people inside the pulse night club in orlando. >> each victim is a story to themselves but this morning we're hearing from tiara parker. she was out for a night of fun with her cousin and friend until they got caught up
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nightmare. her story is incredible. >> i was on the floor and trash can trying to block it. he tilted over and looked at me but he must have thought i died with my eyes open and i just kept staring at him and from then i thought in my mind he was going to shoot me in my face but like i was just sitting there and i just stared at him. when i looked at him and when he bent down and looked under the stall he looked like deranged. he looked deranged. he looked like something was mentally wrong with him. honestly he looked excited he was in there doing what he was doing and he was mad too at the same time but you could clearly tell that something was wrong with him. >> when you think about your cousin, what should the world know about her? >> my cousin had the brightest future in front of her and the brightest mind set. to make sure that i was going to get
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she was very intelligent. she was athletic. she loved basketball. she definitely was a leader. never a follower. she did her own thing. my cousin had the brightest future in front of her and she had just had the brightest mind set. a young woman with many talents and a whole life in front of her. had it not been for her i think we all would have been dead and i would not be sitting here with you guys. she came back looking for me. to make sure that i was going to get out with them. >> and nobody is ever going to forget who she is. if i have to get on facebook and every social media and news station and tell everybody who she was every day of my life until i die, i will do that. she would do the same for me, if it was me. i will never forget her. who she was and how she was.
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life is short. cherish your loved ones. no matter how they are or what they do, you love them. really appreciate them. >> just a heart wrenching story. she says that her cousin and her best friend, they actually ran out and she got left behind because they all got separated and they actually turned around and came back into the night club to get her and all three of them ended up trapped in that bathroom and she was trying to lay on her cousin's arm to stop the bleeding. >> she called her a hero. it's going to be quite a gripping scene tomorrow. of course the president going to orlando to try to console so many people that are
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>> we had so many names and now so many faces. >> we're seeing a portrait of the lives so full of hope and joy and cut short. ♪ ♪
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this morning on world news now victims in orlando sharing their stories. >> many are peopling out recounting the scenes of a gunman opening fire at a gay night club. we're live in orlando. >> the killer's secret life. many coming forward to say they have seen him at that night club many times before. even subscribing to different gay dating apps. we'll hear about his various interaxes from the people he met before the massacre. >> and president obama lashing out at donald trump. his anger with the candidate clearly visible. we'll tell you what he had to say and trump's response overnight on this wednesday, june 15th. >> from abc news this is world news now. >> good morning, everyone. we


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