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tv   World News Now  ABC  June 15, 2016 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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this morning on world news now victims in orlando sharing their stories. >> many are peopling out recounting the scenes of a gunman opening fire at a gay night club. we're live in orlando. >> the killer's secret life. many coming forward to say they have seen him at that night club many times before. even subscribing to different gay dating apps. we'll hear about his various interaxes from the people he met before the massacre. >> and president obama lashing out at donald trump. his anger with the candidate clearly visible. we'll tell you what he had to say and trump's response overnight on this wednesday, june 15th. >> from abc news this is world news now. >> good morning, everyone. we
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breaking news that's taking place once again in orlando, florida where a desperate search is underway right now for a 2-year-old boy dragged into water by an alligator. >> the boy and his family were on vacation at disneyworld playing at the edge of the water on the beach at the grand floridian resort when the gator snatched the boy. the father tried holding on to the child and went into the water to get him but the alligator was too powerful. >> there was an all out effort taking place overnight. as many as 50 crew members are scouring that lake right now looking for that boy and this was an amazing effort by the parents. the mom and the dad got into the water and the dad tried to wrestle that child away from that alligator. >> and the gator obviously too powerful but then they went and got a lifeguard to try to help as well and now a desperate search underway trying to find
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the boy. no one has seen any sign of the child since then and apparently vacationing from nebraska with three children. >> the whole family there on vacation when this horrible incident happened. of course we're going to keep on top of this throughout the night but once again orlando is the scene of another heart wrenching story. >> unbelievable. moving on to the new developments in the investigation of the orlando night club massacre. now the gunman's wife is now under scrutiny. >> take a look. that's her with the hoodie on. it's unclear where she is right now but officials say she could face criminal charges in connection with the attack. we're told that she may have known something about sunday morning's violence but she claims that she tried to talk her husband out of his assault. >> in this video and photos obtained exclusively by daily we can see fbi agents visiting the home of the gunman's inlaws. it's believed the shooter's mother-in-law and one of her daughters lives in that
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for more than an hour. >> in orlando another emotional gathering to remember the attack victims. more than 2500 people rubbed their hands together praying last night at orlando's first baptist church. a bell chimed as each of the 49 victims names were read allowed. >> marcy gonzalez is in orlando with more on this and joins us now. what's the latest we have on this? >> good morning. it really was another emotional night. that was one of several vigils held last night here in orlando to honor the victims. ♪ >> praying for the 49 people killed and the dozens of others injured. many still hospitalized. some bravely sharing their haunting memories of the massacre. >> he is shooting everyone that's already dead on the floor making sure they're dead. >> and talking about the li
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their gunshot wounds. >> the guilt of feeling lucky to be alive. >> and now new insight into the planning of the massacre. the killer's wife now possibly facing charges. law enforcement sources say she went with her husband to buy ammo and visited pulse night club with him. while it's unclear whether she knew what marteen was planning salman suggested she did try to talk her husband out of harming anyone. >> though it's still not clear if she is just saying that to avoid incriminating herself, investigators say they still have not decided whether she will face charges. >> what do we know about funeral services for the victims at this point? >> we don't have any specifics just yet but we do know that the remains of 20 of the victims have now been transferred to funeral homes. the medical
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says they expect to complete the autopsies. we're hearing all of these stories by churches and funeral directors and florists offering their services to the families for free. >> it was another emotional night there in orlando understandably and i was noticing that you tweeted out a photo that was átouching. tell us what was happening in this scene right here. >> yeah it was just a few blocks away from the scene here outside of the hospital where the victims are being treated this morning. i noticed this little boy just crouching down in front of that memorial there. he really just seemed to be taking it all in. it was a really touching moment and then his mother called him over and they stood this, the whole family holding hands looking at all the flowers and the notes that were left behind and they stood there for a few minutes praying together so it was such a touching moment. really underscoring that this entire community is still grieving and it shows that
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ways to explain this tragedy to their children. >> absolutely. >> and the president is going to be there tomorrow to help that kmun heal. marcy gonzalez in orlando, thank you. well investigators are also looking into what could be considered the gunman's secret life. >> mounting evidence is raising questions about his sexuality. brian ross has that part of the story. >> it's music, it's dance floor, it's welcoming vibe made the pulse night club a huge draw for florida's gay community. and employees and patrons say one of its regulars was om omar mateen. james van horn said he saw the killer there many times. >> it's not like he just sat there and stared at people. he was an active person that tried to, you know, find somebody maybe to go to bed with that night. >> witnesses told fbi agents that mateen posted pictures of himself on gay dating apps and what appears to be
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life of mateen is a central focus of the fbi investigation into the motive behind the terror attack. he also saw mateen at pulse said he talked about having a wife and a child. >> i know the struggle of him with his wife and stuff and his family didn't know that he was gay but he's been doing this, coming to these clubs for years and years and years. >> his ex-wife told abc news that he told her that he often frequently night clubs without saying they were gay clubs. >> do i think he was gay? >> she struggled with my question? >> i at this point, i think he might have been. maybe he one able to be honest about it at all to anybody because of the family and the culture he is from. >> his interest in gay men goes back at least ten years according to a former classmate in a 2006 law enforcement training course that didn't want his face shown.
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because i wasn't out at the time i told him no i'm not. and he said if you were gay, you would definitely be my type of gay. >> yet somehow mateen, a muslim was drawn to isis. they teach homosexuality is punished by death. >> isis continues to praise omar marteen for what he did and issues a threat against america. showing images of president obama, donald trump and new york city city hall. >> donald trump is firing back after a joint attack from president obama and hillary clinton. >> trump is renewing his call for a ban on people from predominantly muslim countries traveling to the u.s. the president says that concept
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even some high ranking lawmakers are rejecting the idea. >> a simultaneous 1-2 punch from president obama and hillary clinton aimed at donald trump. >> are we going to start treating all muslim americans differently? >> trump's words will be, in fact, they already are, a recruiting tool for isis. >> in his most forceful comments yet of the campaign season the president blasting trump's call for a ban on muslim immigration. >> that's not the america we want. it doesn't reflect our democratic ideals. it won't make us more safe. it will make us less safe. >> trump has said the president and clinton must call the orlando shooting radical islamic terrorism or else re-sign. >> there's no magic to the phrase radical islam. it's a political talking point. it's not a strategy. >> in the end it didn't matter what we called bin laden. it
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laden. >> trump firing back in a campaign rally in north carolina. >> we want to live in a country where gay and lesbian americans and all americans are safe from radical islam. >> and once again both president obama and clinton calling for action on gun control. >> we're not talking about being tough on terrorism. actually be tough on terrorism. stop making it easy as possible for terrorists to buy assault weapons. >> the nra endorsed donald trump. he says hillary clinton wants to take away america's guns but he promises he'll work with gun groups to help americans protect themselves. >> hillary clinton and bernie sabders met for about two hours late last night after clinton wrapped up primary season with a victory in washington d.c. >> the 90 minute pri
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just blocks from the white house was expected to focus on unifying the party and stopping donald trump. sanders still hasn't endorsed clinton but he is looking to advance his progressive agenda and transform the democratic party. he is calling for new party leadership and the elimination of super delegates. >> it was a progressive meeting. they had some progress. >> that seems to be the common theme. we made some progress. we're not going to say much more. >> but sanders left there saying he is still in the race. >> coming up we'll meet a 9-year-old girl that swam to alkatraz and back with mom's permission. >> but first the powerful explosions that rocked los angeles making it look like a bomb went off. we'll get you the latest just ahead. >> the outpouring of support as volunteers donate blood to the orlando victims and frustration builds over day men being banned from doing so. find us on facebook and twitt
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>> a s.w.a.t. team killed an armed man holding hostages inside a walmart store. he walked into the store and fired toward the ceiling sending terrifying shoppers running for cover. he held two people hostage until the s.w.a.t. team came in. police say the man was angry with management after being passed over for a
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>> one person died after a tour bus overturned near washington d.c. police in alexandria said it was filled with passengers. it happened near mt. vernon. >> we have new details in a deadly fire in an abandoned building in los angeles. a dispute between homeless people living together in the building lead one of them to set the fire that killed five others. four of the victims were discovered in the rubble yesterday afternoon. johnny sanchez is being held on $1 million bond. >> another fire in los angeles happened at an industrial park. officials say the flames were being fuelled by magnesium. the chemicals set off several occasions as crews tried to battle the fire. 200 residents were evacuated and thousands of people were without power due to burned power lines
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>> quite a scene in san francisco bay. a 9-year-old boy celebrating his new world record. the youngest person ever to swim from san francisco to alkatraz and back. >> he walked on to the beach and fell into his mother's arms exhausted from that grueling 2 hour swim with windy and fridged conditions but james said he did consider giving up. >> i thought it was going to be easy at first but after i got out there the tide was pushing me all around. i was about to quit but i kept on going. >> it's crazy. he's crazy but we're very proud of him. >> besides breaking the record james was also motivated by the promise of cold hard cash from dad who promised him $100 and during his momentary struggle out there on the water james's father that was out there doubled that reward to $200 hoping that would spark a second
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wind and it did. >> if at first you don't succeed bribe and bribe again. well done dad. well done sons. >> aren't there sharks in those waters? >> there are. which is why they were out there with him. >> brave boy or greedy boy. i'm not sure which one. >> coming up we're t-minus 4 days until father's day and this morning we'll show you what some nfl dads got as an early father's day present from their own kids. what those children said on camera when they thought their fathers weren't watching. >> but first reviving the debate. there's new calls to the end to the policy banning gay and bisexual men from donating blood. you're watching world news now. >> world
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>> it was a coincidence that
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orlando needed blood transfusions yesterday was world blood donor day. >> but lgbt activists gathered on the states of new york city hall protesting the fda's ban on donations from gay and bisexual men. sandra was also there. >> in a poignant and impressive show of support and solidarity americans began lining up outside of blood banks as word of the horrific shooting in orlando spre orlando spread. the instinct to help kicked in. but missing from those lines or eventually turned away gay and bisexual men that can only toe nate blood if they have been celibate for a year. an fda policy many call discriminatory and out dated. >> blood donation policies should be based on science and not stigma. >> ironically it's world blood donor day activists gathered on
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for an end to the ban. the event had been previously planned but organizers say the orlando shooting highlighted the urgency of the issue. dr. howard grossman was among those calling on the fda to come up with donor guidelines that make sense. >> the rules should be based on actual behavior and not on who you have sex with. we don't blanket ban whole groups of people other than gay men because of who they're having sex with. >> and at least one company is supporting the call for change by cancelling it's annual employee blood drive. >> we could not sanction and sponsor an event that would stigmatize some of our employees. >> later in the year the blood equality campaign will bring together a panel of experts to take on the issue of blood safety, donations and a path to change. organizers say the fda declined to attend. in lower manhattan,
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time now for the mix. hungry? >> yes. >> well i'm about to take care of that. >> yes. >> check out the new discovery in ireland. that my friend is a 22 pound, 2,000-year-old hunk of butter. butter. now it was found in a swamp in ireland. and they say it may have been left as a spiritual offering or this may have all been a strategy to preserve the butter. apparently when you throw things in a bog the low temperature and lack of oxygen and such help to preserve foot. >> must have been quite a big piece of toast. >> apparently the strategy works. the museum where it's stored
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edible. >> let's do a tasting. >> you first. >> i'll pass. it's like an insomnia kitchen nightmare i would say. more than a billion people living in china and imagine this possibility. so you have this couple. they were going through some of their old like childhood photos and saw this one photo of her husband and in this photo what they notice, not the husband or that sweater that was looking like michael jordan there on it was a woman behind. that turns out to be her mom. 15 years before they actually ever even met. >> so his future mother-in-law photo bombed him 15 years before ever meeting him. >> freaky. absolutely. >> oh look at their wedding pictures. >> very cute. it was an organized wedding. >> beautiful dress. >> she knew at that moment. >> that kid in the picture. okay. so we have seen obviously a lot
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the tribute to people from orlando but this particular one took a little bit of a different tone. that's because those coming to pay tribute in harlem decided to start this. >> this is in the u.k. and all of these people just started to vogue and then started chanting. this is in soho in the u.k. the dance phenomenon started in harlem. and then they start breaking out into this huge dance circle as everybody cheered rip orlando. one of those moments that can't be replicated. >> what a fierce way to honor victims. >> just athleticism. >> good knees. a beautiful scene in orlando. of course the gay flag and rainbow colors and these scenes and many people tweeting this was the scene
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breaking news this morning on world news now another tragic scene in orlando overnight. the desperate search is on for a little boy grabbed by an alligator at disneyworld. the latest just ahead. >> heartbreaking tales of survival. more and more stories coming out of the orlando night club shooting. we'll hear how some managed to stay alive and how life will never be the same for them again. it's wednesday, june 15th. >> we begin with break news from florida where they're conducting an all out search from a 2-year-old boy dragged into a lake by an alligator.


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