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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  June 15, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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sign up right there. [bells toll] leon: sounds of mourning rang out across the district as the bells of the national cathedral toll. they did so 49 times, one each for each of the 49 people killed in the worst mass shooting in modern american history. the bells will toll again before noon tomorrow. meanwhile in orlando, investigators are looking more closely now at the gunman's wife. the key questions for her is what did she know and when did she know it? mike carter-conneen has the latest. what do we know? mike: the local police and f.b.i. are tracking cell phone records and tracking the killer's movements. they are zeroing in on his wife. we learned a federal grand jury will review evidence to determine if she should face any charges. did omar mateen's wife noor salman know he was planning ma
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she allegedly went to buy ammo with him, visited pulse nightclub with him at least once and may have tried to talk him out of committing an act of violence. >> this was an act of violence born out of hate that inflicted terror on an entire community. i would call it a hate crime. i call it terrorism. it's both. mike: we learned in addition to 911 mateen called an orlando tv station 45 minutes into his attack. >> he said, "i did it for isis. i did it for the islamic state." mike: new clues have facebook message. "taste the vengeance" and there are signs that he may have had a inner conflict. pulse patrons report he was a regular at the club and used gay dating apps. >> he said, "if you were gay, you would be my type of guy." mike: president obama visits orlando tomorrow to heat with survivors, victims' families, doctors and nurses. >> the president's life has been personal
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interactions that endured terrible tragedy. mike: the medical examiner began releasing bodies to families yesterday. memorials and funerals for 49 victims has just begun. the mayor offered families the opportunity to have the victims buried together in a city cemetery. they are offering counseling to those who witnessed the carnage. alison: major concession today in the gun debate from the national rifle association. it now says it supports blocking people on the terror watch list from buying a gun. in a statement it says this -- alison: a filibuster by connecticut senator chris murphy is now in the sixth
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gun laws in the wake of the orlando shooting. >> i'm going to stand on this floor and talk about our experience in sandy hook, orlando's experience, the need to come together on this issue. alison: so under senate rules murphy can allow questions from other senators without ending his filibuster. here is a live look for you right now at what is going on. this again is the sixth hour of the filibuster. it looks as if we see senator warner just switched out. we will continue to follow what is happening there on capitol hill. in fact, the man from connecticut that we were listening to earlier was elected just months after the 2012 sandyhook massacre that took place in his home state. our abc7 instapoll question today asks this -- should the assault weapons ban be reinstated? the live results of the poll are right now there at the bottom of the see
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the website one last note here. a message of love and support is now on its way to orlando. today the abc7 team packed up the "washington, d.c. is on your side banner" that we gave you a chance to sign this week. every inch of the 20-foot banner covered with positive messages from our community. so the banner will now go to an organization called "the center" that promotes and empowers the lgbt community and the allies. leon: turn to weather here. storm watch team keeping a close eye on doppler tonight. we have showers moving through the area. we have had some already. more on the way. meteorologist steve rudin has the latest for us now. how does it look? steve: a few showers are now beginning to fade south of d.c. if you have outdoor plans, look for fine conditions close to beltway. plan to go to the pool to look at the temperatures in the 70's. mainly cloudy s
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miles per hour. this is what it looks like around the capital beltway. no worries at all. up to north and west. the further south and west you go through charleston, west virginia, western virginia to western north carolina, showers and the thunderstorms are beginning to develop. some of the storms may make it to the area later tonight and into the early morning hours. grilling out this evening? no worries. the temperatures around 80 degrees. the sun will set at 8:35. we are looking at the longest daylight hours of the year. we move through the next couple of days. coming up we talk about the father's day weekend. leon: new information on the crash that shut down the g.w. parkway this time yesterday. two people are in critical condition after a tour bus
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if it weren't for the action of the good samaritans that happened to be there on the isolated stretch of roadway the death toll could have been higher. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg live at the scene. what have you learned is that what do we know at this hour? jeff: one thing that is interesting here it does remain a mystery here as to who the good samaritans are. the u.s. park police say it is following up on the leads to determine the identity of the individuals. today officials tell me they are trying to identify whether or not the individuals are members of the military based at the base. because it's believed they are military members. this crash took place a mile from where i'm standing now. which is a mile north of the entrance to mount vernon. this all happened just more than 24 hours ago.
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mid-size tour bus collided with a passenger car heading south. the bus was carrying 18 passenger and a drive from china. charlie town lives nearby and heard about the crash on twitter. >> the crash resulted in the bus tipping to its left side. 15 to 20 members, possibly military members stopped at the scene and lifted lifted thes back to the wheels and administers aid to victims until emergency personnel arrive. >> to have people participate like that is great. >> i'm proud of them. they should have. i would expect it. >> great citizens stepped forward to help the people in the time of need. incredibly noble. >> roger is a tour bus drive from wisconsin who has driven this stretch more than 100 times to go in and out of mount vernon. he doesn't consider the road unsafe. >> a little surprised. i never heard of a bus getting in an accident
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>> now all he can think of is the victims and the man who was driving the bus. >> is he going to get behind the wheel again or not? it could be a career ending thing for him. >> there is one person in fair condition. all three treated at inova fairfax hospital. >> the investigators are still looking in factors what went in the crash. and why it happened. how it happened. more information will be forthcoming. still no word as to whether or not speed or alcohol were factors. live in the fort hunt section of fairfax county. jeff goldberg, abc7 news. leon: thank you. cyclist is recovering this everything after being struck by a car in northwest d.c. this happened this morning on ontario street and columbia road. the driver says he was trying to get out of the way of an oncoming ambulance and didn't see the cyclist. the woman taken to the hospital in serious
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condition. alison: a few days for what could be one of the most disruptive phases of the safetrack project we are getting an idea how the area responded to the first round of track work. transportation reporter brianne carter covering metro. she has that and a look at what is coming next. brianne? brianne: that is going to be the big question. what will happen next? we know 96% of the work here on this surge is complete. the gray gravel is where they have been doing work for a week and a half. brown gravel is the old section that still needs work. >> take a look down the track. you can see the difference. on the right, the safety improvements and the replacements that have been done in the past 12 days of single tracking. >> tonight metro officials say the crews are ahead of schedule. the workers exceeded 100%
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completed in many areas. crews replaced insulators and the track fascinators. additional maintenance and mitigation has been done on this first surge. however workers still have work to do when it comes to the third rail. the power source for the train. >> i would rather have an inconvenience on a rail like this under construction than it goes back to the train crash or having the fire in l'enfant plaza. brianne: saturday the work shifts down the track to d.c. the work will be much of the same. the impact to the region is expected to be a much bigger challenge. even 30% of the riders ditched the rails next week the bus bridges won't move everyone in rush hour. >> i have family members. sometimes i drive in and i can bike. >> all you can do is le
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out. brianne: the push is still for some to find an alternate way to get to work come monday. for the work that has been done here on the first section in terms of the quality control, well, tonight paul wiedefeld the general manager says he still plans to have his quality assurance team out here before signing off on all of this work and moving ahead to surge two. reporting live, brianne carter, abc7 news. alison: there is a comprehensive live to help you navigate safetrack. go to you can sign up to get metro alerts sent to your phone via text message. you can even do that right now. all you have to do is text "metro" to 43817. that simple. leon: from the track to the campaign trail. donald trump calling for a tougher stance against terror. hillary clinton in virginia warns trump proposals only
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empower terrorists. cheryl conner reports that clinton wasn't the only one taking aim at the presumptive g.o.p. nominee. >> beauty against the beach. cheryl: former miss universe joined a political fight to keep donald trump out of the white house. >> me, it's housekeeping. >> she says trump called her miss housekeeping when he owned the miss universe organization and wants to share her experience with her boss from 20 years ago. >> housekeeping. >> she gained weight while wearing the crown and says that trump called her nasty names. in los angeles, she is an actor and singer. >> she doesn't have the experiment over an immigrant -- experience to come and improve the country. >> donald trump is for immigration.
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but wants to make sure it is done in a legal and an orderly way. >> corey stewart drew trump's attention when he cracked down on immigration in prince george's county. >> he is natural and he tells people what he thinks. he is blunt. he doesn't have a racist bone in his body. cheryl: a fight on trump's character likely to continue. in arlington, cheryl conner, abc7 news. alison: coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- seven armed robberies in five hours. the key question police want answered. leon: fall-out from the democratic national committee hack. how it could influence the national election. alison: the decision by the redskins that set them apart from every other nfl team. made history. leon: back to breaking news. the 2-year-old boy's body recovered after alligator snatched him
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what police just revealed. that is coming up next at "abc7 news at 5:00".
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alison: back now the
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breaking news from florida where authorities say they found the body of the 2-year-old little boy that an alligator snatched from the shores of a popular disney world resort. leon: that's rights. we learned the name of the boy and his parents. greg angel spent the day at the grand floridian resort on disney. and he is joining us live. what are the latest details at this hour? greg: we spoke moments ago with the orange county sheriff demings and he confirmed they recovered the body of the 2-year-old little boy identified as 2-year-old toddler as lane graves of elk horn, nebraska. he and his family just arriving to walt disney world on sunday for a week-long dream vacation for the family. it's turned into tragedy. we can show you some of the video here of the exhaustive search that had been underway by boat and by air. more than 50 members of the various agencies on scene. it was late last night when the reports came in that this alligator that eyewitnesses say was four to
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length had come up and snatched the little boy right from the shores of the manmade beach here. the little boy wading in the water. again, a tragic turn of events here. we can tell you that there are signs posted. there are nine resorts at disney property that have these manmade beach properties. for the meantime they closed off the resorts. there are seens that say "no swimming" and there are warnings about alligators. this is florida. the chief of the wildlife division says disney has been proactive over the years of managing the wildlife, including the alligator there. if there are nuisance alligator thigh are able to take them off property. they are euthanized and not relocated. this is the first time there has been anything like this. a tragic turn of evidence vents for th
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for this family here. that is the latest. reporting live in lake buena vista, greg angel. back to you. leon: thank you, greg. quick thinking beach goers are credited to saving a 6-year-old girl after a shark attack in texas. this was not a fatal situation. she was out in a pink ring tube near galveston when a three to four-foot shark grabbed her leg. her dad and her brother broke her free and rushed her to shore. then beach goers used a dog leash to stop the bleeding. that decision made a big difference in saving her leg. alison: quick thinking. leon: happy ending there. alison: okay. weather wise, you know, the sun is not like yesterday. steve: we have rain late tomorrow to friday morning. then wait until you see the seven day. outside we go to the belle haven country club. you can see a nice afternoon or evening to golf. there are a couple of people ou
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81 degrees at reagan national. winds out of the south at 12 miles per hour. dew point levels in the upper 60's. when we get to 70 degrees that is when it begins to feel more uncomfortable around here. the outdoor plans look fantastic. temperatures across the area in the lower 80's. we will stay that way for the next hour or two. if you have plans to grill outdoors check out the barbecue. prep it for the big father's day weekend. looks fine. 6:00, 7:00, to 8:00 upper 70's to 80. we had showers that moved south of us. they have fizzled out. this is warm front to south and west. this will move our way. atmosphere becomes more unstable. we are looking for showers or thunderstorms that will develop late tomorrow afternoon with heavier rain by tomorrow evening through
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overnight hours. we could have localized area of flash flooding. a few thundershowers are possible west of d.c. winds will be out of the east at 4 to 8 miles per hour. waking up tomorrow morning off to work. the kids may go to camp. this is a dayoff. you will dress comfortably. we will see you in the upper 60's to 70. as mentioned it will feel sticky out there. we have showers and the storms on the way later in the afternoon. this is the future cast. 111 :00 tonight. it wants to bring in showers and thunderstorms. mainly forth of d.c. look what happens for the afternoon hours. showers dot the radar. late afternoon, i don't see big problems for the ride home.
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later tomorrow night, and friday. heavier rain will overspread the region. we could look at stronger thunderstorms to the west of d.c. that is where they are now under a slight risk for the storms tomorrow afternoon, through tomorrow everything and early friday. not for the immediate metro. how much rain are we talking about? between an inch to two inches. heavier amounts the further south and west you go to culpeper and luray. two to three inches not out of the question. should the line wiggle north and east we could look at more around the immediate metro area. 80 degrees for a high tomorrow. take a look at the seven-day outlook. we will see rain in the early morning hours. saturday we are looking at the temperatures around 80 degrees. a lot going on, on saturday. of course the air and the space day overat the museum. looking at temperatures in upper 70's through the mid-day hours. father's day looks nice around here. a lot of sun. temperature around 82 degrees.
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monday. it will feel like it. near 70 on monday. the same on tuesday. upper 80's on wednesday. along with the heat and the humidity. better chance for a few thunderstorms. worst out of the way on thursday and friday. weekend for fathers looking good. leon: thank you. steve: just for you. leon: finally! you give me something. about time. 12 years. thank you very much. alison: very good. thank you. well, still to come right here. hackers crack the code to get into the democratic national committee's private files. why some say that could allow foreign powers to influence the presidential election. leon: coming up here, historic hire for the washington redskins. we will introduce you to the next top doc and explain why it's nothing new for her. alison: tomorrow night we hope you will join letter her for a special round -- abc7 for a special round table we call "the woman card." michelle marsh will host the roundtable focus on the role of women voters issue to
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possibility of the country's first woman president. that is tomorrow at 7:00 on newschannel8 and man: hey baby, how are you? woman: i have a surprise for you. man: you have a surprise for me? narrator: at dominion, 1 in 5 new hires is a veteran. and when they're away, they miss out on a lot. but they won't miss out on financial support. because we cover any difference between their military pay and their dominion salary, and continue benefits for them and their families. why do we do it? because our vets sacrifice enough. "dominion. depend on us for more than energy." ♪ stand by me.
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- the novec team hits the home field to score big with energy savings. carol and bob set up for a hit with power bill savings. bob readies a power strip to turn off items when not in use. carol signals bob to use an led lightbulb. bob gives the nod. the energy-efficient led is put into play. oh, wait, there's a runner on the move, turning the power strip off! the novec team has hit energy savings out of the park. novec, your not-for-profit electric cooperative, providing winning ways to save. leon: well, the redskins making nfl history with a new hiring today. alison: that is right. erin hawksworth is here with the significance of the team's new doctor. this is exciting. leon: i know. erin: ground breaking.
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exciting news. they made history today. robin west, first team director of sports medicine. we went one-on-one with her today. >> i'm looking forward to being back in nfl. >> redskins made history today introducing dr. robin west as the team's top doctor. for a female this is an nfl first. >> i am the first head team physician in the nfl. erin: dr. west doesn't see herself as a pioneer. >> i never hold the female card. i just want to be the best i can be. my mom raised me as a single mother. so i knew she could do and achieve whatever she wanted to. she raised me to believe that. i don't view it as a pioneer. erin: she is the head physician for the nationals, the first female top doctor in the major leagues. she previously
5:28 pm
nationals. >> we have gone to the highest level. i know what it is like. i know the energy and the excitement and the nervousness. >> today she started her new gig. >> what up, doc? erin: followed the historic hire. >> i have two daughters. it's a nice way to look up and know they can do anything they put their mind to. erin: dr. west said today football is as safe as it has ever been which is nice to hear. i love that message she got from her mom. she doesn't even feel like a trail blazer she says. hopefully she will bring winning ways. leon: exactly. the super bowl karma. that's what we need! erin: yes. alison: good for her. leon: i hope some of that is in her bag. erin: unpack it soon. please. alison: thank you, erin. still to come here tonight getting enough time to sleep. what time a major medical group now says should be the earliest a school is allowed to start classes. leon: the key question that police want answered after seven armed robberies in five hours in
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>> key documents released after the d.n.c. hack. we tell you what
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. alison: evidence from the hack of the democratic national committee opposition research on donal
5:32 pm
30 minutes ago. the website gawker released what appears to be the donald trump playbook but the implications go beyond inside information on the billionaire. lisa fletcher is here with more on this. lisa: these are the first 15 pages of the document that is more than 200 pages long. this details trump's family, childhood, career, finances, philosophy and his position on about every issue you can imagine. just the kind of information that intelligence experts say not only puts foreign governments on the inside track, but can undermined the integrity of the election. >> the russian government infiltrating the democratic national committee, accessing the private internal communication and sensitive research. espionage unfolding in one of the most contentious election years in history. >> in this take we are talking
5:33 pm
cyber spies. lisa: what is more says stephen ward, the kind of information hacked. research, e-mails, chats. it's far more troubling than if the criminals had taken personal and financial information. >> there is the potential to take information stolen here, opposition research. through proxy and the other channels leak the information out to influence the national election. lisa: or the data proceeds information that allows foreign gots to position themselves. >> -- foreign governments to position themselves. >> this is foreign intelligence needed for strategic purposes. that has a high value to moth countries. lisa: bob is the former general counsel for the n.s.a. and says this hack could yield critical information to exploit a future president's weaknesses, policy plans and alliances. >> what say the russians might be interested in what is donald trump's foreign policy. how does he thi
5:34 pm
what is his world view? what does he think of american-russia relations? depending on the answers he says, other governments can position themselves accordingly. >> both experts agree that cyber security should play a prominent role in national discussion and of the priority list of the nominees. ward told me he hopes this is a wake-up call for both sides of the aisle regarding the relationship to national security. leon: thank you. today in a federal courtroom in alexandria a man pleaded guilty to giving stolen information to iis it. not just any information. prosecutors say 20-year-old hackeddy the with members of the military and he admitted head gave isis name, e-mail and phone number of 1,300 service members and he is facing up to 30 years in prison. alison: "7 on your side" fighting
5:35 pm
fairfax county police want your help to find a burglary suspect. we have a sketch of the man that police are looking for. he has broken into several units of the apartment. the break-ins are taking place from 8:00 to 11:00 in the morning. leon: d.c. police trying to figure out if there is a kevin in string of armed robberies that took place overnight. there were seven robberies in the northwest and northeast part of the city. some crimes the victims were reported being held up by two mens. there are different descriptions of the get-away vehicles. so far, no arrests have been made. "7 on your side" is fighting back against crime. knowing what is going on in your neighborhood is important and you can find spot crime maps on alison: e-mail sent by
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in charge of the ocean city beach patrol of the use of locker rooms stirred up controversy. captain bump arbin apparently told employees to use the locker room that corresponds to your d.n.a. now they are calling for action. but he says it was not about transgender people but he was addressing complaint that male members of the beach patrol has been using the women's locker room out of convenience. leon: there is always a line there. alison: true. always a line in the women's room. still ahead at a 5:00 -- doctors urge schools to change the start time. what time they say is the earliest kids should be in class without risking their health. >> in "harris' hero" tonight -- >> okay. there is the smoke
5:37 pm
leon: flash max. we will unmask the superhero and the evil foe up next at 5:00. alison: at 6:00, i-team investigates after lawmakers say they are finished answering the call when metro asked for more money. what it means for the troubled transits system and for you coming up tonight at
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steve: middle of the work week. we have two more days to the weekend. d.c. jazzfest begins friday. we are dodging raindrop in the morning but late afternoon sunshine. temperatures are around 75 degrees. saturday and sunday look beautiful. around 80 to 82 degrees. of course that is closer in town as you have plans to head to the taste of reston on friday. few showers in the morning. clearing in the afternoon around 75
5:39 pm
saturday is looking absolutely fantastic. the air and the space open house, family day at the udvar-hazy center near dulles international airport around 80 on saturday. take you out with a look at sunday. the zero prostate cancer run with temperatures will rebound to mid-70's by noontime hour. stay with us. "abc7 news at 5:00" continues after this.
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or hearty steak. with crumbled feta and cool, creamy tzatziki sauce. try our mediterranean collection today. subway. fresh is what we do.
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leon: by day "harris' hero" this week is a firefighter at a busy station. but after a 24-hour shift ends he suits up for another firefighting mission. to team home fire safety to local school children. meet michael, known as "flash max." in falls church kindergarteners get a surprise visit from a superhero. >> we have a common enemy. fire and smoke in your home. leon: he and his partner spread the message of home fire safety to children. >> it's really cool to see the kids. they light up. leon: in real life flash max is fairfax county firefighter
5:42 pm
michael fuhrman. he created this last year after a fire safety presentation to his school. >> they didn't retain the message. i started to think someone needs a superhero character. >> the average nemesis is blaze. leon: he started out to teach children about the fire safety but he soon realized the impact a live superhero could make. >> nice to see you. don't forget to practice home escape plan. >> this is the best day ever. >> the kids love superheroes. it makes a connection and a memory for the kids. leon: for max, that is what drives him. >> we reach out and save one life indirectly, it's worth it. that is what we do. >> what is the special number we call? >> 911. >> very good! give yourselves a hand.
5:43 pm
leon: he hopes that flash max will inspire more to bring home message of fire safety. the superhero book will check for families to check the smoke alarms regularly. sadly the home fire deskals we cover often occur in homes without smoke alarms. alison: i love how he gets into it. the costume is serious. leon: you got to sell it when you deal with kids like that. you have to sell it. it works. alison: love it. good idea. still ahead on "abc7 news at 5:00" -- >> it's special for to us be playing orlando this weekend after what happened. alison: it will be more than a soccer game. how the washington spirit hope to help in the healing process. leon: first, though, what time doctors now say is the earliest a school should start classes without risking your child's health.
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alison: some parents give their kids a bedtime on school night to make sure they are getting shut eye to be ready for class. a new report says the child's sleep schedule shouldn't be
5:47 pm
it should be the school's. michelle marsh has more in the "7 on your side" health matters report. tell us about this. michelle: doctors say most schools start too early for students to get enough sleep. now the american medical association is calling for a middle and high schools around the country to start no earlier than 8:30 in the morning. this comes a day after the american academy of sleep medicine released new recommendations for kids and teens. they say middle schoolers should get nine to 12 hours of sleep. high schoolers need eight to ten hours. the u.s. department of education said this would be a major adjustment considering 95% of all public high schools start before 8:30. experts say long-term lack of sleep for teens is linked to low physical activity, bad grades and other behavioral problems. what do you think of that? leon: i find that hard to believe. most parents probably do.
5:48 pm
we'll think about it. how about this? when the wrecking ball is done with arethra franklin childhood home? what is left? ♪ just a little bit if the neighbors get their way. the house is a tourist attraction but has turned into eyesore over the years. special groups express interest to save the home but nobody has stepped up and done it. even the current owner says she can't put more money in the home. so the owner's son still has hope someone will jump to it. alison: uh-huh. leon: preserve the home and show it r-e-s-p-e-c-t. alison: you had to do it. leon: check the freeway of love. alison: wow! you know that is too bad, though. it's too bad. leon: somebody will do it. somebody will do it. c'mon. alison: it would be neat. okay. all right. no more singing. let's check the roads. eric smith on traffic watch now. hi, eric. >> thank you very much. it's a tough ride out there today. this is a look at 95 south in virginia.
5:49 pm
a vehicle fire to the right side. the camera goes in and out. we had the traffic shut down completely for a moment. traffic squeezes by to the left. big delays out of fairfax county parkway. also looking at the capital beltway nearby. this is the outer loop. slow heading to springfield. out of springfield toward the wilson bridge. that is all messy as well. taking a look at the beltway. north of dulles tollway. heading across the bridge as well near river road. you can see the delays. take a look at the map. look at the delays for both directions across the legion bridge. be aware most of the beltway is heavy today in the section for both directions. so it is going to be a tough ride either way you go this afternoon. also looking at the 270 back cameras on the northbound ride out. route 121. tough ride. out through rockville. delays are starting at shady brook road moving northbound
5:50 pm
that is all from the traffic center for now. we will head back to you. alison: okay. thank you. leon: check on the weather. things are nice now but that will change in the next few hours. steve: it's beautiful now. barbecues are going for a jog or just hanging out this evening. no problems at all. we had showers earlier on and it didn't amount to a lot. moving through the overnight hours it will stay on the warm to humid side. 65 to 70 with mostly cloudy skies. we will s thundershowers possible late tonight and early tomorrow morning. this is what it looks like on the future cast. by 11:00 tonight, bring storms to the hagerstown area. south of d.c. warrenton and fredericksburg. they will fizzle out for the morning hours of thursday. mostly cloudy skies. grab the umbrella heading out the door. you will need it sometimes in the day tomorrow. especially later tomorrow night. in you have outdoor plans with heavier rains expect aid cross the metro areetro area.
5:51 pm
of this to move out of here. by friday afternoon. nice sunset on friday evening. thursday is the safetrack commute cast. 76 at 8:00 in the morning. upper 70's by noontime. added clouds and showers. 80 by 4:00. take you out to look at the next seven days. get wet weather out of the way early on friday. saturday and sunday for father's day weekend, lower 80's. the first day of summer is going to feel like it around here on monday. highs near 90 degrees. heat index values in the lower 90's. keep it going into the middle of next week. let's check on sports. straight to robert. robert: thank you so much. dreams will come true tomorrow night in the nba finals. not talking about the cavs or the warriors but for an iconic sideline reporter. turner sports sideline reporter craig sayinger gets a chance to -- craig seiger gets to work his first finals game.
5:52 pm
tnt and espn worked out a chance for him to have sideline work with doris burke. he was announced with cancer earlier in year and announced the tip-off returned. tip-off at 6:00 on abc7. big game for the washington spirit. this one is about more than soccer. they will host the orlando pride. heavy hearts on both sides. pride won't be a name on a jersey. here is erin hawksworth. erin: there will be plenty of spirit in the stands saturday night. >> this will be emotional because of what happened. >> even the home side profoundly pulling for the visitors and the country they represent. >> it's special for to us be playing orlando this weekend after what happened. >> the washington spirit hosting the orlando pride. soccer match and then some. >> this is an opportunity for us as a club to offer our support for everything that happened in orlando and the players. a lot of players. close issue for them. >th
5:53 pm
lost sure to cross everybody's mind. >> i'll say we will celebrate them and their lives for the people who have unfortunately passed away. through the tragedy. we will support that at the beginning of the game. then you know get down to business after that. >> the game is sold out. >> thousands of fans coming together for great soccer and perhaps respite from reality. >> it was tragic and it's so sad. sport has the power to bring everyone together. it allows you to forget your worries for 90 minutes in a soccer game. i think we are all united in that cause. we know what happened. hopefully we can come together and love the sport and love each other. robert: it starts at 7:00 in maryland. they will host the orlando pride. should be a good night. leon: good stuff. all right. thank you. alison: thank you, robert. we all know parking is so expensive around here. unavailable in part of the area. businesses tell us they are
5:54 pm
where this is happening and the city, what the city is
5:55 pm
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5:57 pm
leon: there is a problem brewing in downtown rockville. the businesses there tell us it's gotten so bad it is cutting into their profits. in fact we talked to a store owner today who said he is losing money because of it. the issue? parking. kevin lewis now live in rockville with more on this. kevin, what is the big deal? kevin: all right, leon. the problem here is downtown rockville parking is quite limited. even when you find a space the meters don't take credit card. so the drivers are forced to use quarters or an unpopular cell phone app to pay. i know a lot of customers are taking the business elsewhere. >> it's a real deal-breaker. kevin: parking in downtown rockville can be pains-taking. street spots are limited. parking enforcement is aggressive. exre
5:58 pm
>> people get upset about it. i would, too. >> they own guisippe's pizza ryia where customers grumble about the tickets. >> the meal went from $45 to $85. we didn't see them after that. kevin: business is worse at california torttyia where he is losing -- california tortilla where he is losing money. others say vibrant store front will be replaced with the -- something. >> they have granted permit for buildings here. they built up a bit. >> rockville city leaders are considering solutions. they are granting a five-minute grace period. reserving parking spots for take-out orders.
5:59 pm
not pay to park to run in and get carry-out it would ease their pain and help our business. >> these meters are enforced 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. monday through saturday. this is time and money issue. businesses in downtown rockville are hopeful that city hall is listening. live in rockville, i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. alison: right now at 6:00 -- >> i would call a hate crime, terrorism, it's both. alison: investigators work now to get a clearer picture of the man who killed 49 people at an orlando nightclub. while one senator stands up for action on the hill. >> having come through the experience of newtown, i have had enough. leon: plus, horror at the happiest place on earth turns to
6:00 pm
announcer: now, "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. leon: investigators in florida say it is too early to speculate if anyone will be facing charges in this weekend's deadly nightclub terror attack. but they don't want people to be concerned about impact immediately. >> at this time, there is nothing to suggest there was any other target other than the pulse nightclub. leon: sources familiar with the investigation say the f.b.i. believes that omar mateen's wife noor salman knew about the attack before it happened. but so far investigators are reluctant to charge her based on that alone. the f.b.i. now urging anyone with any information about omar mateen to come forward and contact them. alison: the attack in orlando reignited the debate over gun control laws. today the national rifle association issued a statement that gun sales should be delayed for anyone on a terror watch list. who tries to


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