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tv   World News Now  ABC  June 16, 2016 2:37am-3:00am EDT

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floor and talk about the need for this body to come together, on keeping terrorists away from getting guns. because i know we can come together on this issue. >> reporter: on the republican side presumptive presidential nominee donald trump on the campaign trail saying he will meet with the nra to discuss banning those on the no-fly list from buying guns, a restriction the nra and the republican party has long opposed. kendis? diane? >> gloria, thank you. and donald trump is losing his patience with fellow republicans, he says. trump making it clear that he is willing to lead alone if members of his party refuse to get on board. he also told supporters in atlanta that he wants more from the gop leadership. >> our leaders have to get a lot tougher. and be quiet. just please be quiet. don't talk. please be quiet. just be quiet. to the leaders. because they have to get tougher. they he
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we have to have our republicans either stick together or let me just do it by myself. i'll do very well. i'm going to do very well. >> trump has been repeatedly criticized by house speaker paul ryan and other top republicans over his unorthodox proposals and controversial comments. in syria there's been heavy fighting in a town held by isis. the u.s.-led coalition has been carrying out air strikes on isis positions in the city. humanitarian groups warned of a rising death toll for those trying to flee the fighting. now to those rising tensions between the u.s. and china. all of this over the disputed south china sea. u.s. commanders said wednesday that chinese warships have closely followed the powerful "uss john c. stennis" carrier strike group from nearly the minute it entered the sea in march. the u.s. and japan are concerned about china extending its influence in the western pacific. the obama administration is insisting that it has kept up its end of the bargain in the iran nuclear deal after iran compla
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all the benefitsfrom promised. secretary of state john kerry said the agreed-upon sanctions have been lifted but some foreign companies have been wary to do business with iran. meanwhile, iran has filed a lawsuit with the force court over a 1983 bombing in beirut that was linked to tehran. iran wants to recover $2 billion worth of frozen assets awarded by the u.s. to families of service members killed in that attack. and a new study finds that women infected with the zika virus late in their pregnancy had babies with no apparent birth defects. the research appears to confirm that the greatest risk to infants comes early in pregnancy. but the study also found troubling instances of severe birth defects in babies worn to women who never realized they had contracted zika. after warning that coffee could possibly cause cancer, the world health organization is now changing its stance. the w.h.o. says there is no conclusive evidence that coffee is a possible carcinogen. however, it warns that d
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degrees could cause cancer of the esophagus. i'm going to tell a little secret here. actually, it's no secret. we enjoy a good glass of wine. >> no. >> because the truth is we enjoy plenty of glasses of wines. but when it comes to wine, plenty of people would say the more expensive it is, probably the better it is. >> think again, my friends. and think about getting yourself some la moneda reserva malbec. >> what year? >> it's from chile and it sells for, wait a minute, just over $6 at a british subsidiary of walmart. >> so we're telling but it because it just received the best in show award for cheap red wines at what's called the decanter world wine awards. big deal? well, it beat out 16,000 other entries in a blind taste test. >> think about how many bottles you
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of bottles. >> drink them in one night. >> that's like three two-buck chucks right there. >> they may have had that wine when i was in college. it came in a bag. >> mine came in a box. >> bet it was a twistoff. >> except it was just last night. not college. >> no? >> no. i tried to order one. it's unavailable. >> in the middle of the show already trying to order a case. >> it's unavailable. all right. >> maybe because our viewers beat you to it. >> man, you guys have great taste in wine. all right. coming up, being given the gift of sight for the second time. how a 12-year-old boy who couldn't see more than five inches away from his face is being opened up to a whole new world. and what we're finding out this morning about that newly released dramatic video of the takedown of a shooter on a college campus in seattle. but first, here's a look at today's temperatures.
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. forever. let's be clear. clearasil works fast. ♪ we're getting a closer look this morning at some dramatic newly released video of the brave takedown of a college gunman -- or a gunman i should say on a college campus in seattle. >> video surveillance caught that student hero putting his own life before the lives of his fellow students. here's abc's neal karlinsky. >> reporter: this isn't an action movie but real-time video of what a hero actually looks like. the just released surveillance video from 2014 shows alleged seattle pacific university gunman aaron ibarra reloading his shotgun inside the school. three students have already been shot when right
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meese, a 22-year-old senior at the time, dashes out in bare feet and pepper sprays him right in the face. wrestling the gun from ibarra's hand, meese runs to put it out of reach. then amazingly, meese returns and rushes ibarra a second time, even though he's holding a knife. >> these are people that are prepared to kill as many people as possible. so you're going to have to act and you're going to have to act fast. >> reporter: one student was killed and two injured in the attack. but if not for meese, risking his own life, officials can only imagine what the toll might have been. the student hero is as modest as he is brave. despite lots of awards and praise, he's never given an interview and continues to push all of the focus back on the victims. neal karlinsky, abc news, seattle. coming up, the high-tech tycoon who is barely old enough to drive. >> and what we're finding out this morning about the 16-year-old millionaire behind the new app flog. and the
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you're watching "world news now."
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so he's a millionaire tech tycoon and now an internet celebrity. he also by the way has his own manhattan apartment. oh, and he's o
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>> oh, man. so we're talking about ben pastrnak. and he's already shaping how young people meet and buy on the internet. here's abc's rebecca jarvis. >> reporter: from the first check of the phone to a quick mess of the hair, 16-year-old ben pasternak's morning routine seems pretty normal. but he's anything but ordinary. >> hey, guys, my name is ben pasternak. i'm the ceo of flogg. >> reporter: you heard that right. the australian teen is a tech tycoon. >> this is lots of bugs we had before we launched. >> reporter: his brain chooimd is a new app called flogg which makes buying and selling items within your social network as simple as swiping right. think tinder meets ebay. he has already locked down enough seed money that he dropped out of high school and left his home in australia, including his parents, to move to newor
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become his generation's mark zuckerberg. and he had a little bit of a head start. he became a youtube celebrity at just 11 years old with these unboxing videos. >> right now i am recording with the front-facing camera. >> reporter: being ceo at 16 has already made ben a bit of a celebrity. >> i was just in bed one morning and like my phone buzzed. and boom, justin bieber's now following me on twitter. unfortunate liu i don't follow justin bieber back but he follows me. >> reporter: and there are some other perks. he lives alone, which means a lot of freedom. but this ceo still has to report to his m-o-m. >> does he have a curfew on the weekend? >> i have a bit of a curfew during the week. so the curfew is supposed to be 8:00. >> reporter: among all the adults, his chief employee, this 30-year-old. what's the most 16-year-old thing he's done since you guys have worked together? >> oh, so much. >> consistently the most 16-year-old thing he does is he forgets
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fail. but ben has a lot of confidence that he can build flogg into the next billion-dollar empire. >> in the grand scheme of things how big of an idea is flogg versus facebook or instagram? >> i wouldn't even compare to facebook or instagram. i would compare to amazon or jet. >> reporter: how do you stay humble in all of this? it's a lot for someone as young as you. >> everyone getting hyped up at what i achieved. but i feel like i'm just getting started. i don't even feel anything to brag about or whatever it is. >> reporter: do you ever think about wanting to be more like mark, mark zuckerberg? >> not really. he's too smart. >> reporter: rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. >> he can't cook, survives on mostly pizza diet. >> oh. then forget it. it's over. that's it. he's got nothing going for him. by the way, he said he was just getting started. it's not even true. he already started. he had two apps that he developed that hit number 1 on
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everyone in nearly all aspects of our lives. >> but the touch of technology may never have been so profound as it has been for one 12-year-old boy who is now seeing his mother clearly for the very first time. here's abc's david muir. >> reporter: you first met 12-year-old chris ward after he put on that pair of high-tech glasses. legally blind since birth, seeing his mother clearly for the first time. >> what do you see? tilt your chin up a little bit more. >> i can see mommy's hair. and her eyes. i can see your eyes. >> you can see my eyes. >> reporter: born with optic nerve hypoplasia, a rare condition. >> hey, mommy, how are you doing in. >> reporter: he could only see things very close-b five inches away from his nose. but when he put on those new electric glasses, e-sight, watch this. >> awesome. >> reporter: chris was able to read the numbers his mother was holding across the room. >> 3? >> yeah. >> reporter: but there was one last hurdle. his mother trying to come up with the money to buy the glas
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and just minutes after "world news tonight," viewers across the country put the family well over the top. >> thank you, thank you, thank you. we can't say thank you enough. >> reporter: and chris with his new glasses. his mother helping him put them on. and chris seeing his teachers clearly for the first time. they had lined up, ready with their hugs. and look at chris playing piano. with his new glasses. ♪ david muir, abc news, new york. >> beautiful tune and beautiful sight no doubt for that kid. >> i am proud of him and disappointed a little bit that he can play piano better than i can. >> absolutely. by the way, is a game. of course. >> duh. is that like a snake? >> i guess. involving worms and -- i don't know. i thought it was something else. >> that's the news for this half hour.
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this morning on "world news now," we have new information on the deadly alligator attack on a 2-year-old at disney world. >> the ceo of disney releasing a statement overnight after the little boy was identified. the latest on the investigation and a warning from animal experts on how to stay safe. we also have new video from inside the orlando nightclub as dozens of people huddle together. a survivor shared it with his family during that three-hour ordeal. this as we learn new details about the shooter's wife and her possible involvement in that attack. and honoring the heroes in orlando, the hospital staff who worked tirelessly to save those injured in that nightclub shooting. we're learning how they handled such an overwhelming influx of patients in dire need and the powerful emotions that they must set aside to carry on their work. plus a breast-feeding mother finds herself in the crosshairs of an angry


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