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tv   World News Now  ABC  June 20, 2016 2:30am-4:00am EDT

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should be some scientific studies to answer the questions. will be back with one minute of
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oakland losing tats third chief of police in less than two weeks. >> as the mayor
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here to run a police department, not a frat house. >> reporter: full figueroa stepping down from the position of chief friday just eight days after former chief shawn went was forced to resign amidst allegations of widespread misconduct in the department. and just two days after went as a replacement, ben pharoah, was dismissed. >> this is an appropriate time to send a very clear message about how serious we are of not tolerating misconduct, unethical behavior, and to root out what is clearly a toxic macho culture. >> reporter: the job of chief now being taken away from police leadership facing a prostitution scandal and allegation kafz racist text message exchanges. oakland p.d. commanders will now report to a civilian administrator put in place as part of a federal oversight program 13 years ago. one of its architects civil ri
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recommending a deeper look into the department's practices. >> we're going to make these people adhere to high standards and give the people and the city of oakland the kind of police services they deserve. >> reporter: an dit tee roy, oakland, california. >> here's something to look forward to tomorrow is the second annual international yoga day. one place they're getting all fired up with it india. >> people there have been warming up doing all sorts of strange looking yoga examiners. i can't do any of this. >> i don't know what those are. >> they're getting ready for the big event though. they take this very seriously in india because international yoga day is the brainchild of their prime minister. >> okay. so when the big day arrives tomorrow, thousands of indians are expected to do yoga unison at several designated spots in new delhi as well as other cities. >> i think i could use some yoga unison. >> if it's so popular in india,
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for it? isn't it basically an average tuesday? >> this is for them to all do it together, right? >> okay. >> they said the. >> so he proposed during a u.n. general assembly speech. 2014. apparently not a lot of the big issues in india. >> the resolution was sponsored by a record 177 countries. >> all right. >> what if you can't do any of the moves? do they still work? >> no, i don't think it's called yoga. it's just painful. coming up, to catch a thief. the guy caught on camera stealing a bunch of lottery tickets from a florida convenience store. so why did he return to the scene of the crime? >> and the real life courtroom drama that leonardo dicaprio will soon be starring in. why the hollywood version of the wolf of all "wall street" will be asked to answer some tough questions. you're watching "world news now." "world news now" weather, brought to you by colonial penn life insurance. it's a little something (male #1) i've done every night since i was a kid,
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police in philadelphia are still trying to find anyone who may have been inside this minivan that was pulled from the delaware river. vehicle was recovered early yesterday morning. reports say one of its windows had been kicked out. witnesses tell police they saw the minivan smash into a metal fence and then they heard a splash. well, police in palm beach, county, florida, are asking for the public's help in trying to track down a burglar who stole a stash of lottery tickets. >> he was caught on camera swiping them from a convenience store. even more strange is why he then returned to the scene of the crime. here's abc's gloria riviera. >> you're looking at the boots of a burglar who appears to to be either overly confident or oblivious. watch as his entire capeer caught on security cameras from a convenience store in florida. he shimmies down from the roof wearing gloves but no mask. next, investigators say, he
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stuffing lottery tickets worth nearly 1300 dollars into his bag before making his get away through the roof. now for the real head scratcher. authorities believe that's him back at the same store days later to cash in on at least some of the winning tickets. again in full view of security cameras. the palm beach county sheriff's office releasing its own version of the footage on facebook. publicly ribbing the robber with sub titles like glad you thought this through. gloria riviera, abc news, washington. >> i mean, where do you -- you're supposed to go back to the store. like do you go to the 7-eleven. >> i know you're not a burglar. this happened in green acres in palm beach, florida. the video apparently also captured the fact that he had a tattoo. that's fairly identifiable. >> oh, my gosh. >> according to our producer, also captured his tummy. >> there was quite a bit
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tummy up front. >> wait for it. wait for it. oh. >> are they going to show that in the lineup do you think? >> so you can recognize it? he didn't get a big gulp though. >> he'll be back again, don't worry. >> coming up, it's become one of the hottest travel destination fozzy americans. >> all but cut off for half a century by a u.s. trade embargo, hear why cuba is now becoming so popular. you're watching "world news now."
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♪ >> that's not how you dance the salsa. >> not exactly. >> not quite. >> we'll have to have a little lesson after the show. for decades -- you might get to learn though. for decades americans had to go to very elaborate lengths to get an inside look inside the communist country of cuba. >> that's all changing. now americans are heading to cuba in droves including abc's ron claiborne. ♪ >> reporter: for more than half a century, it's been forbidden and mostly forgotten by american travelers. until now. >> now it's here. the americans are here. the tourism is here. >> reporter: suddenly, cuba is hot. tony a niv
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been guiding tours in california for the past four years. >> the ad nauseum thing that you hear from anyone that you ask why you came to cuba and why you came now. i want to see it before it changes. >> reporter: in old havana, we came across vickie from colorado. >> it reminds me of amazing european cities. beauty is raw right now. >> reporter: i first came to cuba 19 years ago. at that time, this area old havana was pretty much in disrepair. i came back a second time two years later and this area was being restored. now 19 years after my first visit to havana, old havana has been pretty much restored to its centuries old splendor. and then there's the other side of havana, the other side of cuba, the millions of cubans whose lives are unaffected by all of the benefits of increased tourism. it's a city of contrasts. the charm of old havana, but also neighborhoods that look as if they were bypassed by time. and progress.
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the communist revolution. one of the main tourist draws are the classic american cars. from the 1940s and '50s, still on the road. a driver can earn as much in one day as a doctor does in a month. >> maintaining these cars is almost a part of cuban tradition. >> si, si. >> reporter: the influx of foreign visitors has brought much needed income to cubans who work in the exploding tourist industry. and others remain mired in poverty. are more american tourists going to be a good thing? >> i think if it's done well. things are changing. there's going to be something lost in it, as well. >> reporter: don't worry yet about cuba becoming overrun with starbucks or mcdonald's anytime sooner. the u.s. trade embargo still means no american businesses. so for now, cuba remains like nowhere else, a time capsule waiting for you
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>> i remembered something. that's not possible, is it? is it like a picture in your head and you think i'm seeing this before? i just used word before which means i'm remembering something. >> i'm remembering. well, the world will be remembering "finding dory" for a long time ago. the movie produced by pixar and disney has made box office history as the high grest grossing animated debut of all time raking in more than $136 million this weekend. >> rounding out the top three, central intelligence pulled in $34 million and the conjuring" came in at $15 million. one of hollywood's top leading men will soon be starring in a real-life courtroom drama. >> a judge recalled me flard doe could decapplyio has to answer tough questions in a lawsuit stemming from his hit movie the
2:56 am
here's david wright. >> reporter: the character at issue isn't the one dicaprio plays, jordan bell for the. >> this is the greatest company in the world. >> reporter: rather it's another member of the wolfpack. mickey cost cough nicknamed rugrat because of that all of rug. >> is that your real hair. >> you have a comment on my hair. >> why would you wear something like that. >> reporter: former wall street executive abreal life bal for the pal andrew green claims rugrat is based on him as he told cnn's piers morgan. >> did you do any of the things rugrat is seen doing in the movie? >> not a thing. >> reporter: green claims rugrat's antics in the movie portrayed him as a criminal and degenerate citing this scene where rugrat shaves a woman's head. he says he is now permanently linked to the crimes and loathsome behavior portrayed by his likeness. with reckless disregard to the truth. >> hey, listen, thenl
2:57 am
you're sitsing in this limo is because of my friend. >> reporter: paramount pictures insists it was a composite of several characters at stratton oak mandatory. a judge ruled dicaprio will have to give a deposition. >> whenever you have an "a" lister like dicaprio forced to give testimony under oath, these are the kinds of orders that force parties to get really serious about settlement. >> david wright, abc news is, new york. >> did i caprio had requested he not have to testify because he didn't write or direct the movie. the judge apparently said he has to be deposed anyway. >> it will likely take place sometime this summer at his lawyer's office. that's the news for this half hour. >> remember to follow us on facebook at and on twitter at wnn, abcwnn. >> if you have tips on how to salsa, just let us know.
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champions once the newest nba champs knock off the golden state warriors in their quest for greatness. eager to get back home to ohio, overnight fans going wild in cleveland and the players soaking it all in. we're going to have the highlights from the game just ahead. >> and developing right now, wildfires are burning out of control in the southwest. the oppress sieve heat wave and high winds are bolstering the flames. meanwhile, storms in the midwest trap people in their homes as tornadoes leave a trail of destruction. >> a show of solidarity in or
3:01 am
one week now since the attack. where does the investigation stand this morning. and another big winner yesterday. the one at the u.s. open. american dustin johnson scored his first major victory. but a mistake leading to a controversial call could have cost him the tournament. we'll examine the footage on this monday, june 20th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> and we do say good morning to you. >> hi, cleveland. >> look at that scene. cleveland, ohio. >> a lot to celebrate in cleveland this morning. >> you'd think they haven't been there in five decades or so. but clearly, that was the case. people just came out. the cleveland police department telling people don't come downtown after hearing at news. >> yeah. they are not listening apparently. >> not at all. >> you know what? as long as everyone stays safe, they have earned it. what a game. >> and t
3:02 am
thing about game sevens we say they never live up to the hype. >> this one did. >> and then some. people have been rocking all night long. the game went back and forth for a little while. >> of course, this is something no anchor on this broadcast has ever gotten to say, that cleveland is the home of the nba champions. that's because this is basketball history for the cleveland cavaliers in several ways and in the most dramatic way possible. >> and this was a critical moment right there when they made history right there. the game was going back and forth for quite awhile as i mentioned with one minute left, it was tied at 89. and then kyrie irving sank a three-pointer. and the celebrations just flooded oracle arena right there in oakland. but the final score, we should point out was cleveland 93, golden state 89. first major victory, by the way. in any sport for cleveland since
3:03 am
1964. >> lebron james named mvp. no surprises there. >> i'm home. i'm home. this is what i came back for. i'm at a loss for words. this is unbelievable. it doesn't feel real right now. >> the cavs' win headaches them the first team to ever rally from a three games to one deficit to win the title. abc's t.j. holmes has been covering the whole series for us. ooze joining us now. >> reporter: well, kendis, diane, we simply can't believe what we just saw. in part because we've never seen it before. history was made yes, here at oracle arena. the cleveland cavaliers came back from a 3-1 deficit in the nba finals to win the championship. that has never been done before. and they did it on this court. now, this was a different game from all the others we've seen. this one was neck and neck the entire game. we've seen a lot of blowouts as you know, but this was a heart stopping game no matter i
3:04 am
not. this was just one of those games that came down to the very end. it was very tight. and kyrie irving buries a three-pointer with time running down at the end of the game, they kind of sealed the deal in a lot of ways, if you will. they were all kind of stunned. we talked to lebron james a short time ago. you'll hear from him later. he said right now he is flat out exhausted. didn't realize how hard this would be. he made history and he can't wait to get back to cleveland. they're going to give him all the energy he needs. guys, this was a special series. it's over. but the drought in cleveland is over. 52 years, their first major sports championship in that city since 1964. kendis, diane, what a night. >> what a night indeed. the city right there on the lake. but has been enduring a drought for some 50 years. >> drought no longer >> what about this, the president. >> big basketball fan. he did not let a
3:05 am
yosemite stand in the way of had imwatching the game. watched the whole thing on air force one. >> air force landed about 10:19 p.m. usually the president is off within a minute. not this time. he stuck around till about 10:37. he didn't want to miss a minute of the game. and then finally got off. >> i love the idea of air force one just parked there. he's like no, no, hold on. it's tied at 89. >> i want to see what lebron is doing. fantastic moment there. now to the extreme weather across the country starting in minnesota where a severe storm brought tornadoes to the duluth area. some people were trapped in their homes. so far, no reports of severe injuries. at least two tornados are confirmed. the national weather service says one of the twisters was large and extremely dangerous. there was also grapefruit sized hail. and extreme weather is also a factor in dangerous wildfires in southern california with trim digit temperatures. the silver lake fire, this is in los angeles, began as a house fire andui
3:06 am
freewaying the road's closure. firefighters used water drops and hoses to prevent any other homes from being danieled. a wildfire further north in california is mostly contained. several structures were damaged. we can tell you no houses. residents have now been allowed to return to their homes. there's no real relief on the way for firefighters across the entire southwest. temperatures will continue to climb today approaching all-time record high temperatures with phoenix looking at 120, las vegas 115, palm springs, wow, 122. degrees there in the coachella valley. one week after the orlando nightclub massacre, as many as 50,000 people gathered around a lake in the heart of downtown orlando. the crowd held an emotional candlelight vigil and chanted about peace and love. the mayor called on everyone to stand up and speak. >> out against hatred. also just before that vigil got
3:07 am
the lake. fitting. as new details emerge about the gunman, the fbi is releasing a partial transcript of the conversation ez had with police negotiators during the three-hour siege at pulse nightclub. loretta lynch is heading to orlando tomorrow to meet with investigates are. she says their taupe goal is to build a complete profile on the killer. >> we'll be releasing a partial transcript of the calls between the killer and the hostage negotiators so that people can in fact, see the type of interaction that was had there. and there's a strange new twist in the case this morning. abc news has learned that the gunman paid about $9,000 for jewelry less than a week before he opened fire and killed those 49 people. and outrage over orlando cleared the way for action on gun control. senate set to vote on four measures today. even though experts don't expect any of those bills to pass. and the issue is also now dominating the race for the white house. action's gloria riviera ha
3:08 am
>> could you get the nra to budge on this. >> i'll talk to them. >> donald trump talking to abc news about guns in the aftermath of the orlando massacre saying he still wants to sit down with the nra. >> we have to make sure that people that are terrorists or have even and inclination toward terrorism can not buy weapons. guns. >> reporter: but on the campaign trail, trump is doubling even, tripling down on his call for more guns on civilians. >> and one of the people in that room happened to have it and goes boom, boom. >> reporter: his position a far cry from president obama who repeated his case for limiting access to assault weapons. >> and if we don't act, we will keep seeing more massacres like this. >> reporter: the likely democratic nominee hillary clinton echoing that call and backing the effort to make it illegal for anyone on a terror watch list to buy firearms. >>
3:09 am
fbi is watching you for suspected terrorist links, you should not be able to buy a gun with no questions asked. >> reporter: trump surprised the political world when he appeared to agree with that sentiment. >> i'd like to see that and i'd like to say it. it's simpler. but what they say and i understand that also is the second amendment. they're depriving them of those rights. >> reporter: it's not clear how much that position will impress the nra, a group which backs trump but opposes more gun restrictions. >> if there's a reason to believe in probably cause that they're engaged in terrorist activity they ought to not only be prevented from getting a firearm, they ought to be arrested. at the same time, the government makes mistakes. >> gloria riviera, abc news, washington. >> the cleveland cavaliers weren't the only first time champions of a prominent sporting event sunday. >> dustin johnson took only the u.s. open trophy as he captured
3:10 am
he won by three strokes at the oak man the country club in pennsylvania. johnson had been 0 for 28. >> the fact he won by three strokes saved a potential nightmare for tournament officials. he was hit with a one-shot penalty after the final round ended. >> johnson lost that stroke because officials ruled that he caused the ball to move before he took a shot on the 5th hole. he didn't find out though that that shot was under review until seven holes later. >> so just imagine he's trying to win his first u.s. open championship and they tell him duringing there when it's already a mind game that you might have lost a shot right there. >> i think the hardest part is the one or the other. either don't tell him so his head is clear or tell him immediately because that may change his strategy. >> rory mcilroy tweeteded it was amateur hour. a lot of people were embarrassed by the way it
3:11 am
>> he pulled off the win anyway. >> coming up, the latest way a chewbacca mom is cashing in on her fame. >> and how a neighbor was able to help freedom asking one simple question. >> we head to the place charged with keeping flyers safe. the tsa command center. we'll see how they're handling recent criticism. >> remember to find us on facebook you're watching "world news now."
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5,000 feet. there's that engine. >> whoo. >> that right there is the fourth successful landing of an unmanned rocket from a private space company operated by amazon ceo jeff bezos. even though i know how it ends, i'm watching in suspense. new reusable rocket lifted off and landedup right in texas. a crew module also landed successfully using a parachute. >> sadly the french judge only gave it a 5 for the landing. didn't quite stick the landing, as well. now to a case of see something, say something that resulted in the rescue of a dozen underage girls. >> the woman outside of philadelphia thought something strange was happening at a house in her neighborhood. so she called police who found
3:16 am
pretty troubling scene there. here's abc's adrian bank yert. >> reporter: on this quiet street in bucks county, pennsylvania, jen betts said she nude something wasn't right at the home. >> 51-year-old lee kaplan. >> i knew it. that's what i'm going through. i saw these little girls. i saw their face. i saw them often enough that you know i knew they were crying for help. >> reporter: calling a child abuse hot line to report certifications about the home where she saw several girls all in blue dresses. police scouring the property where they say 12 girls ranging from six months to 18 years old lived with kaplin. the 18-year-old authorities say telling police kaplan fathered her two children. he now faces charges including statutory sexual assault. her parents who authorities say arranged for the then 14-year-old girl to live with can lan both clarnled with endangering the welfare of a child. police say they claim the other nine girls found in the home are
3:17 am
jen betz says she called the child abuse line once before a few years ago. >> i've been looking at them for years going by that house. i feel as though i could have done more. >> reporter: her neighbors thankful she picked up the phone again. >> jen is beak a hero. she took it upon herself to take the initiative and make the call. >> they're away from a potential serious predator. i mean, at the end of the day, they are now nowhere near him. >> reporter: law enforcement telling us they received several calls on the property. police investigating how the girls lived. they're now in custody of the county. in bucks county, pennsylvania, adrienne bankert, abc news. >> police arrested the 18-year-old's parents. apparently they told police they had gifted their daughter to this man for helping them out with financial difficulties. >> she was reportedly there from the moment she was 14 careers old. all three adults we mentioned being held on $1 million bail at a bucks county facility this morning. t
3:18 am
and that she spoke up. >> noticed something strange. >> so many people would just ignore, right. >> absolutely. coming up in our next half hour, the mother who overpowered a mountain lion to save her young son. what she did whether he she saw her son's head inside the lion's mouth. and what you need to know before heading into the wilderness this summer. >> but first, taming the wilds of the airport. how the tsa is using this brand-new command center to make our lives a little easier for this summer travel season. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now"
3:19 am
3:20 am
just a few months ago, the summer travel season was shaping up to be a nightmare with all these warnings how long the security lines would be. >> since then the tsa has been responding to travelers complaints. this morning we're getting our first look at just how they're doing it. here's abc's david kerley. >> reporter: this is the first time reporters have gotten a peek inside the tsa's brand-new command center aimed at cutting these, security lines snaking through terminals. some with three-hour waits unleashing angry tweets and harsh words. >> i'm in the process of missing my flight right now. >> reporter: the government heard and scrambled sending more dogs and screeners to problem airports and the dreaded memorial day started the summer travel season wasn't so terrible after all. >> today the flow has been pretty good. >> reporter: the tsa partly credits this command center put together in
3:21 am
right now the top seven airports is monitored hourly. a morning call with airlines and airports what to expect. the tv screens showing specific checkpoints at those airports 37 but without a significant increase in screeners and a record number of flyers this summer, 231 million, a question. >> can you keep this up through thor? >> we need to keep the center running, we need to add more airports to it. with the help of congress and the administration i'm sure we can make a difference this summer. >> reporter: translation, tsa wants more screeners and dog units so the springtime lines of misery don't reappear this summer. david kerley, abc news, washington. >> apparently the extra screening hours have allowed tsa officers who staffer more than 100 additional lanes per day. >> they were worried going into the memorial day holiday that thing would be a complete nightmare. they weren't. they get a true test again july 4th. >> for a while even before the holidays, people were
3:22 am
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3:25 am
it's time for "the mix" this morning on a monday. and it is also 14 minutes and 59 seconds in the life span of chewbacca mom's fame. nankfully. but she's earning every second out of it because candace payne, you remember her became famous for hrkaccal, her laugh, her facebook moment. she now has her own action figure. >> wow. >> can you believe that? he now marked her own action figure featuring a removable chew back cag mask. >> i'm guessing it laughs? >> i do believe that it does laugh. >> does it make that chewbacca sound too, i wonder? >> i assume that it does. i would hope that it does. hasbro is the maker of the mask invited payne to their headquarte t
3:26 am
likeness. >> put that on the list for your birthday present. >> or not. >> no? >> let's say we did and don't. >> not getting kendis that for his birthday. the cavaliers and golden state warriors competed for the nba championship. we saw the u.s. open. >> i an huge weekend for competitions. >> going around. but the dads got into the father's day spirit and got into the mix, as well. so this is a meme that started on facebook spaj life of dad. it is basically taking on a life of its own. when the dad started i think the original post was five cheerios. and essentially it was beat that. can you top five. well, here are other dads came out to show, yeah, i can top that. interestingly, more than 10,000 comments, now hundreds of baby pics are coming out. this dad took it to a new level. you're supposed to tag the actual cheerios, not the box. most of the kids were
3:27 am
this one very good at standing still. >> quite creative there to do it with a kid that's awake. >> if you want to torture your kids with cheerios, feel free to send pictures of your own. >> another way to torture a kid is probably to give them cranberries. there's one little kid in in video. >> because they seem sweet but really tart. >> it's all a ruse. you see it. then this kid's like this looks cute. it tastes like crap but the kid is still like -- >> every time. >> what is this thing that i'm eating. he actually reaches for it five times with the same reaction. he still doesn't learn the lesson. >> and back for more. >> oh, man. >> it kind of reminds me a little bit of the first time i tasted wine. you sort of make that face and go back in again. mind you, i was also a toddler. now your cats will be able to enjoy some wine, as wel
3:28 am
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now," sweltering heat taking hold in the west. temperatures pushing above 120 degrees today. and that heat making the fight against wildfires incredibly difficult. the forecast ahead. >> we have new details expected today in the orlando nightclub massacre. what the killer said to hostage negotiators during the three-hour standoff. while overnight, tens of thousands show their support for the victims. >> and new this half hour is, father's day wishes playing out before millions on social media. >> the touching images of celebrity dads and celebrities with their dads and hear what chrissy teigen had to say about what kind of a father john legend is. the full story ahead in "the skinny." >> and cleveland rockets. rocks and shocks the world. the cavaliers stunning the
3:31 am
the city of cleveland getting their first sports championship in a lifetime. and king james taking back his throne as the ultimate hometown hero's story finally comes full circle on this monday, june 20th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning. i'm diane macedo. >> they're still partying in cleveland. >> hard to blame them. >> into the early morning hours. take a look at this. so the game, of course, was played in california. but the fans back in cleveland erupting when the game was sealed. this is their moment. from a fan's perspective. this is at the quicken loans arena there in cleveland. outside the arena, man. >> just an explosion. you'd think the game was actually played in cleveland by the reaction. >> it just gives you a sense of what wednesday will be like when they have their big parade in downtown cleveland.
3:32 am
>> if you have any business planned in cleveland that day, if you plan to go to the dmv, just forget about it. >> it's not the day to run errands. >> no. well deserved for them and, of course, we'll have more on that later on this half hour. we want to get started with the record-breaking heat across the west. >> at least four deaths are blamed on the triple digit temperatures after they climbed quickly yesterday morning. three of those people were hiking. the fourth was mountain biking. phoenix reached 118 degrees, tucson 115. residents and visitors are advised to drink more water than usual. >> there is also excessive heat in southern california. temperatures are expected to stay in the triple digits at least until tomorrow. cooling centers have been opened and residents are being told to conserve electricity. while ice cream may sound like a good idea, most customers are choosing to sit inside the air conditioned stores. >> the high heat and low humidity as well as gusty winds are also increasing the threat of wildfires. a house fire in los angeles quickly
3:33 am
a neighborhood and shutting down a freeway. firefighters used water drops and hoses to prevent the silver lake fire from destroying other homes. further north, residents returning to their homes after a fire near sacramento quickly increased in size on friday. that fire is now mostly contained. but there's no relief in sight for the high temperatures until later this week. accuweather's pau williams has the scorching forecast. paul, good morning. >> good morning to you, as well. high pressure system that will serve as the core of all this building heat throughout portions of the southwest and the west side of the country. and we have this jet stream that will continue to retreat to the north and opening the door for more heat and more drying out conditions. now, because of the drying out conditions, we're concerned about a high fire danger. multiple states really from let's say casper all the way down towards l.a. and everywhere in between. diane, kendis. >> our thanks to paul. there was extreme in minnesota's north land. severe storms in duluth spaw
3:34 am
evening. several homes and cabins were damaged with some occupants trapped inside them. there were no major injuries reported. thousands of people were without power. there was also very large hail. some, look at that, as big as softballs. >> gun control is taking center stage on capitol hill today eight days after the orlando shooting. the senate plans to vote on four measures, two from democrats and two from republicans. the bills are aimed at expanding ground checks and denying gun sales to people on the terror watch list. but there's some broad disagreement on the criteria for blocking those sales. >> meanwhile, donald trump is making more explosive comments in the aftermath of the nightclub shooting saying is the u.s. should consider profiling muslims inside the country. trump doubled down on his remarks that armed club goers may have prevented the massacre. a statement even the nra disagreed with
3:35 am
transcript today of the conversations between the killer and hostage negotiators. let's get more from abc's linzie janice. >> reporter: lost lives recalled in loving memory. as many as 30,000 people gathered at a vigil in orlando to remember the 49 victims of the pulse nightclub massacre. >> when hate is met with indifference, hate always wins. >> orlando church bells tolled 49 times at the moment the shooting started last weekend. authorities still investigating the mind behind the slaughter. >> we will be releasing a partial transcript of the calls between the killer and the hostage negotiator. >> reporter: an administrator at omar mateen's high school confirms to abc news that mateen was suspended for celebrating the 9/11 terror attacks. a former classmate recalled the scene. >> when they collapsed, he stood up and was like, osama bin laden
3:36 am
what the blank are you going to do about it? >> reporter: another piece of the puzzle? the gunman's wife. did noor salman know anything about her husband's bloody plot? one of her former teachers who asked us not to use her last name or show her face told abc news salman had learning difficulties and was in all special education classes. >> i thought she is incapable of being an accomplice. absolutely incapable. >> reporter: salman's family confirmed to abc news that susan was noor's teacher and that noor was a special education student the family telling abc news noor is completely innocent and was unaware of the attack. linzie janis, abc news, orlando. and a sex scandal fueled changes at the top of the oakland police department have stopped for now. a city administrator is leading the agency after three top cops stepped down in a little more than a week. oakland's p.d. is looking into allegations officers had sex with a minor who was also a prostitute. a separate investigation is
3:37 am
sent between those officers. oakland mayor libby schaaf says "some heads will roll." and closing arguments begin in a few hours in the third trial in the freddie gray case. baltimore police officer cesar goodson junior drove the van in which gray suffered a fatal spinal injury. he faces second degree murder and manslaughter. along with other charges are. he said he gave gray a rough ride because he was being uncooperative. >> now to a freak accident that took the life of an actor in the new "star trek" films. anton yelchin who played the part of chekov died yesterday when he was run over by his own vehicle. his publicist says the 27-year-old was behind the car when it started rolling down his steep driveway. yelchin was pinned against a brick mailbox pillar and a security fence. a big change at costco stores will go into effect today. the only credit cards accepted will be visa cards. the wholesale retailer is switching from american express to visa.
3:38 am
so even your costco amex card won't work there anymore. you can still pay with cash, checks, debit cards and costco cash cards. >> hillary clinton celebrated the birth of her new grandchild. the proud grandma with the former president there cradling chelsea's son aiden clinton mezvinsky. chelsea and her husband marc welcomed aiden on saturday morning tweeting, "we are blessed." aiden joins big sister charlotte who turns 2 in september. >> congrats to them. >> absolutely. now to the nba finals. the cleveland cavaliers are the new kings of the basketball world. and the city could not be more excited. >> neither could the players. look at this. the cavs apparently had 350 bottles of limited edition moet nectar rose in the locker room. for the party, everyone popping bottles. the team, their fans waiting a long, long time to celebrate. >> cleveland's long sports
3:39 am
party 52 years in the making looks like. cleveland rocking overnight erupting in celebrations as the cavaliers deliver the city its first championship in any sport since 1964. it wasn't easy. the cavaliers coming back from a three games to one deficit in the series to force game seven on the warriors home turf. and it was oo epic match-up. league leading mvp steph curry leading the warriors to a first half seven-point lead. by the second half, it was a roller coaster ride. the game in a tie with one minute to go and finally, the cavs coming up clutch. >> it's over. it's over. cleveland is a city of champions once again! >> reporter: cleveland the first team to come back from a 3-1 deficit in the nba finals. an emotional lebron james, the series mvp following the game. >> i gave everything that i had. i poured my heart, my blood, my sweat, my tears to this game.
3:40 am
circle for lebron. the ohio native whose jerseys were famously burned when he left for miami now back with cleveland and bringing home the ultimate prize. >> i'm home. this is what i came back for. this is unbelievable. it doesn't feel real right now. >> reporter: and the shirt still does it for him. >> i'm guessing he was pretty happy he made that decision. >> i think so, too. we want to show you a live picture as of this hour of cleveland. you see the police there are still out there trying to make sure that thing stay calm and they have. fans have been partying well into the early morning hours there. >> and the celebration will not end. apparently the championship parade is planned for wednesday. so celebration continues. i'm guessing till then and probably past then, as well. >> it has been five decades in the making. it's okay if they rock it out a little bit. you see the players there after the game. it was a fantastic game. all right. well, coming up, chrissy tge
3:41 am
totally fan girling it up over mariah carey. her reaction to what mariah carey did to her husband on is taken is now going viral. the full story ahead in "the skinny." >> and the colorado woman who sprang into action saving her son from the jaws after a of-mountain lion. hear how she did it straight ahead. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather, brought to you by vistaprint. rld news now" weather, brought to you by vistaprint.
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and we'll have to use like double! maybe more!!
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s you are. dish issues? get cascade platinum. one pac cleans tough food better than 6 pacs of the bargain brand combined. cascade. moisture so i can get into it ao enhance mbit quicker. ral and when i know she's into it, i get into it and... feel the difference with k-y ultragel. with the high temperatures this weekend, practically everyone wanted a little dip in the pool. >> of course. >> including this very large black bear in new jersey, about 35 miles west of new york city. the bear does a little
3:45 am
bald. maybe it's a bear paddle when a bear does it. he did that around the pool, even played with some of the pool equipment and shook himself off. >> it's actually kind of cute. >> see you later. went down the street. >> very cute. >> wonder if he'll be back. >> let's hope not. in the west, it was a mountain lion that forced a colorado mother to leap into action to save the life of her young son. >> unbelievable. she went on the attack as the deadly cat was mauling her 5-year-old son. abc's gloria riviera has her story. >> i have a gentleman on the road. he's on lower river road. his son was attacked by a mountain lion. >> reporter: a colorado mother a hero, overpowering a mountain lion to save her young son. the boy, just 5 years old playing in the yard with his older brother in a rural neighborhood outside of aspen. hearing screams, the mother runs outside to find her son's head in the mouth of a predator. authorities describing how she was able to physically remove her son from the lion,
3:46 am
open its jaws, freeing the boy. >> this mother did everything right. she went out there and saved her child from the lion. and that's actually absolutely what you should do. >> reporter: mountain lions are not uncommon in colorado but attacks are rare. >> you want to fight. you want to put up resistance and you want that animal to know that you're not an easy prey. >> there were reports of mountain lion sightings in the area earlier. officials have euthanized two lions and are investigating why the animal attacked. the boy is in fair condition, recovering, the mom scrapes and bruises. both will be okay. the advice is if you do run into a mountain lion, make noise. wave your arms. unlike bears, mountain lions will often retreat on their own. gloria riviera, abc news, maryland. >> that lion no match to mama bear. when we come back the touching father's day tributes from celebrity sons. >> and what beyonce did on the basketball court to a fan after giving him the side eye on the court. "the skinny" is next. >> announcer: "world news now"
3:47 am
continues after this from ou
3:48 am
♪ skinny, so skinny time now for "the skinny." topping our headlines this morning, celebrities celebrating their dads on father's day. >> there really are too x touching images to mention. but here are some of our favorites. starting with hugh jackman's tweet sharing a moment with his father chris there.
3:49 am
the couch with dad calling him the best role model a son could have. kylie jenner and kendal jenner each shared a throwback image with their dad, at the time bruce jenner, with kylie writing, "thank you for being you." >> gisele bundchen shared a family moment at the beach with dad tom brady. >> and a sweet wish for john legend from wife chrissy teigen. she shared a cute photo of their 2-month-old daughter luna saying "happy father's day to the most perfect man luna and i could ask for." >> very nice sentiments there. >> speaking of john legend, he was treated to quite a treat you might say from mariah carey on stage. >> this happened during her concert on saturday. she brought him on stage as one of her male dancers. then blindfolded him. >> she rubbed a pink feather on the back of his neck. >> more entertaining was his wife chrissy teigen in the audience tot
3:50 am
instagram saying i love you mariah carey. thank you for this amazing night for me and my family. >> not throwing any shade. no jealousy. nothing. she was loving every second of it. >> she was. >> speaking of throwing some shade, next let's go to another image that's gone viral from game six of the nba finals. >> you may remember we told you about queen b gracing the game sitting courtside. but what fans really caught was what appeared to be the side eye that she was shooting to the guy sitting next to her husband. >> that image went viral. so beyonce responded with a viral video of her own. she apparently tracked the guy down. his name is steve cespedes and gave him a full on beyonce stare. cespedes explained the pic was her idea and that beyonce and jay-z were beyond polite and very gracious. >> that's pretty cool. finally across the pond, who saw this coming? >> rick astley has clinched the
3:51 am
number one spot on uk charts with his new album "50." ♪ keep singing, whoa, keep singing crazy to the heavens voice is ringing ♪ >> okay. so astley says he can't believe that he's a chart topper again. at age 50. neither can we. his last number one album was almost 30 years ago in 1987. >> yes. >> featuring -- ♪ never going to give you up, never going to let you down, never going to run around and desert you ♪ >> why wait till friday for a dance party. >> never miss an opportunity for a dance party. and never miss an opportunity to -- >> what are all the nevers that are in the song? >> give you up. >> never. >> let you down. >> say good-bye. >> desert you. >> run around. >> going to make you cry, never going to say good-bye. never going to tell a lie and hurt you. ♪ and hurt you >> i
3:52 am
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so that's -- that's lebron james there giving some instructions to his kids. perhaps a little overexcited. he told them, kids stay with grandma. he's got his trophies. but he's got to say this. at least till they can shoot the team photo. >> the kids wanted to run over. >> the cleveland cavaliers defeated the golden state warriors 93-89 to win the nba finals four games to three. >> i love that. stay with grandma. >> and history was made, of course. the cavaliers are the first team in nba history to overcome a 3-1 deficit in the finals to come back and win the title. >> but for the game's two biggest stars for the big picture, it really wasn't just about the game. here
3:56 am
>> reporter: if they'd finished it in six games, or five, or four, they wouldn't be playing on father's day. but they are, and they're talking about that. >> i think that's very important to all the fathers out there in the world to get an opportunity to not only be with their loved ones and their kids and things of that nature but also be able to watch the game. >> reporter: proud father, lebron james? well, yeah. and not just because his two boys, bryce and lebron jr, are pretty good ball handlers themselves. also a proud father, this year's mvp winner steph curry father of two daughters. one of whom, riley, is a bit of a scene stealer. >> she's got a charisma about her that she's not shy at all. ever since she was born. your life changes immediately. >> reporter: but here's something you might forget that steph's own dad is former nba-er dell curry who has been talking about the joys of fatherhood in an nba video. >> when he wins the championship, that's the part you always say, "don't live your life through your child." i'm gonna live that part with my child. >> reporter: and steph, on his dad -- >> and to be able to follow in
3:57 am
your footsteps, it means a lot to me. >> so to these fathers and all the others who must spend this father's day at work, know that you are appreciated. and not just for bringing home the trophy. john donvan, abc news, washington. and there was also this fantastic moment after the game when j.r. smith from the cleveland cavaliers and he was just a blubbering fool. >> ah. >> but it was for a great moment. his dad there earl smith standing on the side. he's just saying i've got the best two you could ask for. listen in. >> i know a lot of people don't have -- i know a lot of people don't have their parents in their life, their mother or their father but i got the best two you could ask for. i swear. >> he got a standing ovation from the hard-core press that was in that room. >> i don't know what more you could ask for on father's day. >> yeah, a championship trophy. >> well, there's that. >> there is that.
3:58 am
>> yes, we'll be back.
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning -- it's historymaking. for the first time in more than a half a century cleveland celebrating a a championship. cavaliers' lebron james. the celebrations into the night. some record breaking heat are feeding wildfires in several states. temperatures are surging above 120 degrees in some areas. first day of summer starts off with a bang. a massive crowd gathering in orlando one week after the nightclub shooting. what the attorney general is expected to release today that's connected to the massacre. and risky rescue and rare mission at that to help a very sick person in a race


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