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tv   World News Now  ABC  June 22, 2016 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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this morning on "world news now," it's full speed ahead on both sides of the campaign trail. >> hillary clinton coming out and slamming donald trump on his business credentials and trump set to respond with some words of his own for clinton later today. abc "world news now" anchor david muir sat down with the republican candidate. we're going to hear from that just ahead. wildfires across the western u.s. are triggering emergency evacuations in several states. hundreds have been forced from their homes as the fires continue to grow. we'll take you to the front lines where fire teams are trying to fight back. talk about a wet commute. wow. this is a scene in the nation's capital. flooding in the d. krfrg metro at the station. the storm dumping inches of rain and creating an absolute mess for travellers, many wondering what's ahead for this morning's commute. and it's a hazard
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anticipate in 2016. a dinosaur takes hold of a teenager and refuses to let go. but this dinosaur was purple, fuzzy and said to be pretty friendly. see how this one ends later in the mix on this wednesday, june 22nd. noinls from abc news, this is "world news now." >> you like that one. we've got our producer singing the i love you, you love me song. >> good morning on a wednesday. i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'm diane macedo. by the way, if you happened to buy a megamillions ticket get excites. we have last night's winning numbers. >> they are it was for $330 million. the numbers are 6, 13, 21, 49, 50, with the megaplier at 10. okay, now that i've given you all of those, you can pretty much ignore them because you're not going to be disappointed. nobody won. >> that was kind of sad. >> yeah. >> that was a little mean but good news. that means the
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$363 million. the sixth highest in megamillions history. the next drawing is friday night. we might have to get a ticket. >> might be a good idea >> i will split it evenly for sure. >> that's nice. okay. now to the race for the white house and donald trump and hillary clinton going tit-for-tat with a sharp new string of attacks. >> clinton says trump would point the nation toward bankruptcy trump is firing back saying clinton can't even send e-mails without putting it the country at risk. new polls show comront leading trump by eight points in florida but neck and neck in ohio and pennsylvania pr more everywhere abc's lana zak. >> reporter: donald trump tells abc's david muir he's a businessman and will be best for america. >> hillary clinton doesn't know what she's doing and we have to straighten out our trade deals. we have the worst trade deals ever made probably in the history of the world. trade between countries. >> she argued that you
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amounts of dead. you bankrupted your companies four times. and that hundreds of jobs were lost. how are you going to respond to clinton and were average americans ached in any way by these bankruptcies? >> so what i've done is i've used brilliantly the laws of the country. and not personally just corporate. if you look at people like myself at the highest levels of business, many of them have done it many, many times. >> but did any average americans pay the price. >> i'm running a business. i'm running a business for myself, for my company, for my employees and for my family. >> reporter: the campaign tone on both sides nasty. at a leviathaning with ejan gel cal leaders trump suggested his rival clinton is not worthy of their prayers. >> for one specific person and we can't be again politically correct and say we pray for all of our leaders because all of your leaders are selling christianity down the tubes, selling evangelicals down the tubes. >> clinton argued despite his business experience, trump cannot be trusted with the nation's
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>> he's written a lot of books about business. they all seem to end at chapter 11. >>. >> reporter: trump posted this instagram video in response. >> hillary clinton's only right about one thing. i understand debt and how to handle it. each made a fortune with debt. debt for the country is a disaster and obama has piled on and she's been there watching. >> reporter: going further in a barrage of tweets invoking the memory of chris stevens killed in benghazi and accusing clinton of making money off of the enslavement of women and murder of gays to the benefit of the clinton foundation. there's new questions now about trump's fund-raising. an analysis of the campaign documents from last month showed that one out of every $6 spent by his campaign was paid out to a trump business, a trump family member or trump himself. the tenor of the campaign may only get nastier from here. donald trump is promising a new barrage of assaults against hillary clinton in his speech later today. >> lana, speaking of that speech, trump tweet
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speech will focus on what he calls the failed policies and bad judgment hillary clinton. the speech had been planned for last week but it was postponed because of the orlando massacre. there are reports that show the trump camp lagging clinton by more than $40 million. trump made his first e-mail pitch for donations yesterday. promising to match-up to $2 million in contributions. u.s. officials say north korea fired two powerful mid-range ballistic missiles this morning. at least one failed. systems detected and tracked the missiles which both fell into the sea of japan. they could reach distance as far as away as guam. but u.s. military officials say neither of them posed a threat to north america. an indianapolis area teen is under arrest accused of trying to join isis. 18-year-old acram musla was born in the u.s. but the fbi says he was about to travel to new york before flying on to
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officials say he had been expressing support for isis online for several years including posting a photo of himself in front of an isis flag. he had been searching online allegedly for information on explosives and potential targets. >> now to the orlando tragedy. the gunman's wife saw him leaving their home carrying a bag that looked like it contained guns. sources say noor salomon expressed her concern to the shooter and tried to stop him. police say the gunman went to bulls hours before the attack. the attorney general vusted the scene on tuesday telling survivors the good in in world far outways the evil. >> our common hugity transcends our differences and our most effective response to terror and hatreded is compassion, unity and it's love. >> the attorney general says investigators will go back over all their information to see if there was anything they could have done better in figuring out the gunman was a threat. and the gunman's
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abc news that he's been buried somewhere in florida. now to the wildfires in the west. some twin blays in the san gabriel foothills just outside of l.a. are raging out of control. the extremely hot weather, winds and rugged terrain are making them very tough to fight. while no buildings have been lost, officials are worried it's just a matter of time. more now from abc's matt gutman. >> reporter: those two fires perched just outside metro l.a., threatening to merge into one explosive inferno. aircraft buzzing canyon walls and tree tops, the flames seeming to leap up and the choppers. named the fish and reservoir fires, they've devoured over 5,000 acres in a single day and spewed embers skyward like volcanoes overnight. one of the fires allegedly caused when this pick-up crashed off the road. >> mandatory evacuations to the residents. >> reporter: officials ordering hundreds to flee their homes. this family now packing up what's most important. her three kids. >> it's very terrifying to see all the fi,
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coming down. >> reporter: one of the reasons this fire exploded is because of this terrain. it is incredibly steep here. now, fire crews haven't been able to make their way up these steep mountain walls, so, the only way to fight this fire has been the air attack. with little wind, the heat has kept these fires alive. that heat wave topping out at 118 degrees in phoenix, blamed for five deaths. paramedics responding to more than 100 calls for those suffering in the blistering temperatures. these firefighters are facing impossible conditions here. there is heat. there is this incredibly steep terrain. brush that hasn't burned in decades, even cactuses here. matt gutman, abc news, duarte, california. >> the faa has issued its first formal rules for commercial drone use. the new regulations clear the way for businesses to use drones weighing less than 55 pounds without special permission starting in august. but operators would have to keep
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which means those anticipated delivery services by companies like amazon or google not happening anytime soon. meanwhile tesla wants to buy solar city. the stock deal, worth as much as 2.billion. elon musk is the chairman and biggest shood of both conditions. he says combining them is a "no brainer" since the same people interested in electric autos are probably interested in solar energy. >> let's turn to sports. some called it the biggest game in "uss men's soccer history. the cope pea america semifinals against argentina and arguably the best player in the world. lionel messi. >> it took about three minutes for messy to show his magic. that nice chip to ezekiel la ves vez zi makes it 1-0 argentina. in the 32nd minute, messy comes in with a shot on a free kick. argentina goes on to the 4-0 win.
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chile in sunday's final this was a friendly. it looked like a friendly the way. >> well, no. it wasn't a friendly. and it didn't go very well. >> it was close until kickoff. >> yeah. kind of fits. >> then there was this moment where this man, look how long it takes for security to take this man. this is after the game. so security still haven't moved in. >> we haven't started with him running onto the field. >> and at no point did they get to him. messi signed his shirt and lugged him, too. >> he hugs him back. the guy only after giving him a nice long hug i might add. >> the intimidating guy in the pink shirt walks up to him and says, hey, you might want to get off. it's the second time we've seen something like this in this tournament or in the last week. you are renaldo who took a selfie with some guy who ran onto the field. >> what's funny is the security guy is standing right about here
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>> i don't want to interrupt. >> it was national selfie day. you figure maybe that's what the kid wanted. >> all right. i hope it was worth it. it's kind of scary. >> it's scary that was that sort of access. coming up, trouble in georgia for glad nis knight. >> thought empress of chicken restaurant raided. authorities pointing to knight's son as the investigation gets under way. >> and a frightened father begs for help when a woman jumps into his car at a rest stop and steals the ride with his kids in the back seat. surveillance cameras capturing his terrifying ordeal. you can always weigh in on facebook and twitter @abcwnn. you're watching "world news now."
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look at this. metro mess in washington, d.c. that's a mini water fall coming down the escalator at the cleveland park station in the nation's capital. the station was shut down for about two hours. the watery mess was caused by a bad combination of flooding and a station that sits at the bottom of a hill. actress selma blair apologizing for her mid-air melt down saying she is filled with shame for the incident. she mix fundamental alcohol with medication during a flight from mexico on monday which caused her to blackout and say things she didn't mean. she adds she takes the incident very seriously and deeply regrets d
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well as crew members on board. the son of singer gladys knight is the accused of stealing more than $650,000 in sales and withholding taxes from restaurants he owns in the atlanta area. georgia's department of revenue raided three chicken and waffles eateries and seized hencher son's bank accounts but they stressed knight is not suspected of any foul play. now to the west coast now and a different kind of theft there. a carjacking with two young children inside. >> so it happened at a gas station in southern california. apparently after the children's father left them inside of the vehicle unattended with the engine running, steve fiorina of our san diego station has the story. >> reporter: let's start with a camera trained on the parking space near the entrance where the dad drove up in his nissan rogue. he gets out, checks the doors. then heads inside to buy an energy drink. it's 6:04 a.m. while he's deciding what to buy, back outside, we see a woman crossing the stree
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straight for the suv. she stood next to it for almost three full minutes. then climbed behind the wheel and started backing up. that's when the dad came out and saw her pulling away. giving chase for a few seconds. she was gone along with the suv and two kids in the back seat. >> thank you have, a good day. >> reporter: claudia vargas is the morning shift manager. behind the counter when the dad came running back into the store. >> he was in shock like crying and yelling. yeah. >> reporter: the video is silent but she clearly remembers his pleas for help. >> call 911. my kids are -- this lady run away with my kids in the car. >> reporter: she's seen the surveillance video the man trying to chase down his car and his children. >> he tried to. i saw the camera when he was behind the car like trying to stop this lady but he couldn't. >> reporter: national city police were on the scent within minutes pulling the woman over and rescuing the two kids about ten minutes after the
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the dad reunited with his children relieved but no doubt still shaken >> so scary. it was creepy like i don't know. i would die, you know, like ten minutes. it's too long, you know, for a mother. i think for a father, as well. >> for anybody, don't leave your kids in the car. coming up in our next half hour, dwyane wade like you've never seen him before. the three-time nba champ stripz down for the cover of espn's magazine's annual body issue and what he admit is his secret indulgence not so secret anymore. >> first some new apps making it easier for girls as young as 13 years old to get birth control and they never have to step foot into a doctor's office or tell their parents. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now"
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making it easier than ever for women to get birth control. >> many critics say they're exploiting a legal loophole that allows girls as young as 13/years old to get birth control pills apparently without any kind of adult supervision. here's abc's linsey davis. >> reporter: it's birth control made easy. new apps and web sites are now prescribing women and sometimes girls as young as 13 birth control without ever stepping foot in a doctor's office. >> about half of pregnancies in the united states are unintended. and we'd like to see that number decrease. >> reporter: hans, co-founder of the company nerks says it is strives to make birth control more easily accessible. >> we think using telehealth and telemedicine to access to birth control is the only way we can do it. >> reporter: for many visiting the doctor for a prescription can be time consuming and sometimes costly are. for sarah montoya, apps like this can be helpful. >> it makes communicating wit
3:21 am
actually going to an office. being able to chat with them in a way that's comfortable in a way that's not so intimidating. >> reporter: how exactly do the apps work? in most cases women have the option to answer questions on their health online or video chat. then they're paired with a doctor who talks them through the service and ultimately provides the prescription to the local pharmacy, some even ship the contraceptives directly to your door. these new web sites and apps do not require legislative an probable since clinicians need to follow state laws for telemedicine but some doctors say the seemingly convenient over the counter birth control method isn't for everyone. >> birth control is not one size fits all. there are many options out there. and i think patients and doctors need to work together to find the best individual option. >> reporter: linsey davis, abc news, new york. coming up, the stray kitten that crashed a television news live shot. >> and what the father of an
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k-y touch. time now for "the mix." and we start with a stray kitten? >> yeah. so you're just doing regular morning tv there in detroit at our abc affiliate there, and the reporter was out there reporting and this stray kitten just kind of like wanders on to his live shot. >> hey there. >> and just befriended him. and so they decided. >> whatever the actual news story was. >> we have no idea what was really the news in that parking lot. but then it became. >> i love the lower third. the actual banner there on the screen actually talks about the kitten. >> he finds a kitten while reporting. so yeah, it became -- this is his reaction. he sees the kitten while he's on air. and he was
3:26 am
they've now named the kitten lucky 7 after abc 7 i'm sure they'll have continuing coverage this morning. tune in in detroit. all right. so lots of dads do things to try to support their kids. but one dad in kansas may win the top prize for this one. so 8-year-old gabriel marshall of kansas had surgery to remove a malignant tumor from his brain and it left him with a massive scar over his ear. >> uh-huh. he felt a little self-conscious about that so his dad josh marshall went ahead and got a tattoo replica of his son's scar to try to help boost his confidence and he took this photo of the scar side by side. going viral this morning and needless to say heaps of praise for josh. >> that's really is really is a nice gesture. you can understand. the kid will be living with that for the rest of his life and so will dad, the scar. with
3:27 am
>> best dad period i would say. soed you have this kid, 15-year-old darby rizner who wanted to play a prank on her friends. she decided that she was going to grab a little barney mask, take a look and prachk her friends. problem is, she couldn't get it off. >> minor detail. >> they went through all these details trying to get her to remove the barney head off, but she couldn't. >> didn't work very well. >> it actually took like firefighters to help her out. it took 45 minutes for her to get it off. so the prank i would say kind of backfired. >> it started as her prank and now ended oh, well hello. >> what? >> how you doing? >> what? >> are you going to be able to take that off? >> i can only hope. >> all right. so the next story is about blue wine maybe kendis had a few glasses already to sample the story. it's wine. it's blue. and it's coming to a store near you.
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how you doing the
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this morning on "world news now," twin wildfires just outside of los angeles are threatening residents as growing fires across several states force many from their homes. we have details just ahead. >> pulling no punches. the race for the white house in full swing as donald trump gets set to deliver his "big speech" on hillary clinton. that's today. so how will he respond to her latest criticism. >> new this half hour, another alligator attack reported in florida. >> the police posting this image of an eight to nine-foot gator after it bit an adult male on the leg forcing him to be airlifted to the hospital. >> and dwyane wade like we've never seen him before. the three-time nba star strips down for espn's magazine's body issue. hear what he revealed about his insecurities regarding his body image and the secret indulgence


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