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tv   World News Now  ABC  June 23, 2016 2:37am-3:00am EDT

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lebron james and the rest toasted with the fans during the city's first victory parade. the 1.3 mile parade route took more than four hours to crawl through. >> can't make it through all that crowd and traffic there. so let's check in on the euro cup, the euro 2016 soccer championship. >> so portugal's ronaldo scored two of his team's three goals against hungary. portugal trailed three times but kept coming back. >> ronaldo says it was "an insane match." he's now the first player to score in four consecutive european championships. the 3-3 draw keeps portugal in the tournament where it will face off against that soccer powerhouse known as croatia. >> he may have been feeling a little pressure because ronaldo has not scored yet in the euro 2016. shots for us. >> he's just been pretty bad throughout the tournament. the highest paid
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>> the thing is, when he plays for real madrid, he's practically unstoppable. for some reason, when he comes out for his home country, he doesn't lauls perform so well. today he certainly did. hopefully that copies. portugal advances as one of the top four third place teams. >> it's good to be number three. almost as much fun to watch as the matches are the fan who's follow their teams. >> the irish fans got a little out of hand after their team beat italy, 1-0. they climbed on the roof of a car in france and then dented it. >> so first an pol yet tick fans stuffed cash through the windows to pay for the repairs. then they banged out the dent themselves. all while chanting the boys in green fixed the car. they need a better slogan. >> the boys in green filmed the car after the boys in green were the one moz dented the car. i doubt the car owner was happy to see that. >> i should point out ireland
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too bad they're going to lose to france in their next round but you know. >> rooting for france. >> so it is. >> go portugal. >> you're not even french. coming up, caught on video. the natural predator of the black rhino. that's right. it's a 2004 jeep wrangler. see where this scene played out and how it ended. >> i had a croissant once. and the new developments in the so-called kayak killing in upstate new york last year. the entire case now rests on police interrogation tapes. why the jury though might never be allowed to hear those tapes. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather, brought to you by colonial penn life insurance. it's a little something al) i've done every night since i was a kid, empty my pocket change into this old jar. it's never much, just what's left after i break a dollar. and i never thought i could get quality life insurance with my spare change. neither did i.
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david kerley, thanks. for massage and intimacy. every touch, gently intensified. a little touch is all it takes. k-y touch. okay. so employees at kruger national park energy south africa were out taking pictures, oh, my god. they saw that you charging black rhino that was apparently annod
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fortunately for them, the rhino had a last second change of heart and everybody came away without a scratch. >> including the jeep? >> i don't know that the jeep survived. >> he wait aid really long time, away by the way. >> to start going. >> to then suddenly realize, wait, he doesn't look like he's necessarily going to stop. i would have been hitting the gas long before then. to a serious story at home and the new details in the so-called kayak kill ing inin new york. >> angelika griz wald is accuses of killing her fiance last spring. >> now the tape rests almost entirely on tapes that the jury may never be allowed to hear. >> reporter: an investigator is now testified to him she took her fiance's paddle after he capsized and held it while he begged her to call 911. the detective also testified during their 45-minute conversation, she said she trapped and
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his demands of sex with him and another woman. but in grass wold's 11-hour taped interrogation obtained by abc news, she repeatedly denies killing her fiance and says her desperate calls to 911 were real. >> oh, my god. >> can you see the kayak still? >> no, the kayak went underwater. oh, my god. >> reporter: but after hour and hours of questions punctuated with yoga breaks, she does finally utter these darning words. >> i wanted had imdead and now he's gone. i'm okay with it. i'm okay with that. >> reporter: graswald spoke to me exclusively from jail. >> why would you say something like that? >> they kept asking me the same questions like 100 times. i knew that i was innocent. was at my breaking point. i had it. so i just gave them what they wanted.
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the case, kite yak's drain plug. prosecutors game she removed it cause the kayak to take on water and sink. >> why didn't you have that plug in? >> he didn't have it because i guess i had it. >> reporter: this is the infamous plug. >> it is. >> that prosecutors say angelic cag removed in a plot to kill vince but this plug is what, half an inch in diameter? >> just look at how large the cockpit is that where the seat is. there's a lot of water that could enter that. that's a big hole. this is a really small hole. >> reporter: it's a tiny hole. our experiment showed that this kayaker had no trouble crossing the hudson in an identical kayak with the plug removed. did you remove the plug from vince's kayak with an intent to kill him. >> no, i did not. >> reporter: angelic ca's attorney is rich portal now under a gag order. she spoke with him last year. >> she did not confess to killing
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there are many reasons why he died. my client removing the plug was not one of them. >> reporter: she still maintains she did not kill him. >> did you kill vince that day? >> no, i loved him. i didn't do it. >> reporter: elizabeth vargas, abc news, new york. interesting case there. >> coming up, junk. why we collect it and why we hang on to it. >> and now the "world news now" alum who literally wrote the book on it. that's next. that's not junk. it's the 76ers. >> announcer:
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♪ alison, i know this world is still in you. ♪ >> speaking of killing you. >> i was looking under the words. okay, it's often called a first world problem. the accumulation of too much stuff or as we call it junk. >> but there's apparently much more to it than that, and embarking on her adventure into the world of clutter, our own "world news now" former anchor allison stewart has literally written the book on junk. >> hall of famer, by the way. she talked with another veteran of the "world news now" family, our own polka man barry mitchell about where that adventure has
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a legend he is. >> it's allison stewart. high five. >> all right. ow. >> oh. you're always the nicest guy. >> thanks. ♪ alison, i know this job is killing you ♪ ♪ so alison did not renew >> alison, why a book about junk? >> you know what? i had to clean out my late folks basement. pristine house but the basement just full of junk. i found out when i told people about this, everybody had the same story. i thought there must be something going on in american culture. >> junk is big business. >> huge. we spend millions of dollars storing it, removing it, containing it. >> it's a -- >> in my book, i think there's 28 television shows about selling it, flipping it at flea markets. it's interesting it's become
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people want to know if it's worth instinct. >> it's a nice place but they've got a real cockroach problem. you made a good score while doing research for your book. >> i was in a store in montana and found a pair of shoo shoes that were 34 bucks. ferragamos. found out they're worth $700 online. >> you brought bought them. >> of course. i wore them today. >> you never know what useful items you're going to find in a thrift shop. >> you know the drill. you know the drill. get it? it's interesting, millennials don't necessarily want the things their parents and grandparents have. you have the veterans in the great depression kept all their stuff. the baby boomers is made a lot of money and bought a lot of stuff and the millennials don't want a lot of stuff. all the pictures and books are on their phones. >> you say some people keep things because attachment to the past and a fear of the future. >> yeah, that was somebody who i went on a junk removal run with people. i went on a run with people across the country.
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minimalist buddhist lifestyle. he can see it in people's eyes. he can tell there's a fear base what's going to happen when i lose my stuff instead of looking at what else is there for me if i have now some space in my life. >> you went looking for junk and you found philosophy if i. >> i did and some nice shoes. >> allison's book is. >> "jump digging through america's love of stuff." >> and cure thrift all of our proceeds benefit juvenile diabetics. >> it's been waiting for you all day to find it. >> that's cute. >> i'm glad they kept that around. see ta? something else i'm glad they kept around. >> all this junk. >> disposing of things. >> allison joins us now. hello. i have a question for you. i'm curious because i've been looking through your book. what happened to bill bellamy. >> i don't know, kendis. >> the silent treatment from allison at this hour.
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althy, beautiful smiles for life. ♪ alexander hamilton. >> alexander hamilton is just soaring in popularity lately. this is a common complaint among busy couples, too much work at the offers and at home and not enough appreciation from your spouse. >> a new article in red book magazine suggests the so-called honey do list could hold the secret to a happy marriage if both spouses just swap their lists. here's abc's mara schiavocampo. >> reporter: up for the challenge? heather whitenburg and an travis lindquist, parents to
2:56 am
beatrice, 4-year-old charley and 2-year-old john while mom and dad do share some tasks like doing the dishes, and changing diapers, almost everything else is separate. >> tell me about what you normally do. >> i do the typical parent who stays at home. i do dishes, laundry, shuttling kids back and forth. >> i usually do the things that you would typically expect your suburban dad to do, mow the lawn, wash the car, fix this. build that. >> reporter: but now it's time for the big swap. >> teamwork. >> reporter: first on mom's to do list. >> we're going to get dressed for the last day of school. >> she gets brie beatrice ready for school. then off to the bus stop. >> tell daddy bye. >> bye. >> two morning duties normally done by dad before some morning yard work. >> i think i'll leave that to him. it was a great little mini workout. >> reporter: for dad, travis starts off packing lunch for
2:57 am
breakfast for the boys. >> strawberries, please. >> reporter: getting them dressed not so easy. >> do your shorts fit? or are they too big? >> reporter: then it's onto the laundry. >> as far as i'm concerned, when do you laundry, there's two loads. >> reporter: before the sweeping, mopping. >> you did a great job. >> i'll take the mowing every time. time to clean the toy lit. >> reporter: nobody's favorite. the results of the big swap. >> it's interesting to go and do you something completely different. >> you really do see what they go through in order to get it done. even though it may look easy. >> the other person in the partnership is probably doing more than you're giving them credit for. by trying it out and doing it yourself, you can maybe appreciate what they're doing more. >> reporter: mara schiavocampo abc news, new york. and they apparently found the way chores are divided ranks third in terms of successful marriage tips. >> what if you have nothing you do at home? if you contributor nothing you?
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this morning on "world news now," a dramatic night on capitol hill. >> democrats in the house are holding a sit-in demanding action on gun control in the wake of the orlando nightclub attack. their marathon session has already led to shouting matches with republicans. the demonstrations are even spilling outside. we'll have the latest just ahead. happening now, severe storms across the midwest, tornados on the ground in illinois. lightning and heavy rain forcing soccer fans in chicago to take shelter. at soldier field as the west still grapples with wildfires and the dry conditions fueling the flames. there are new developments from antarctic in the rescue of stranded workers in need of medical condition. we'll tell you the status of the mission and the obstacles facing the kret right now.


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