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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  July 6, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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today we saw the heat index hit 100 for the first time this summer. and it will possibly be just as hot in them coming days. meet -- hot in the coming days. meteorologist steve rudin is live at yards park in washington with the forecast. steve? steve: maureen, this is the place to be. look behind me. kids and adults alike are enjoying the pool back here. this is only 11 inches deep. they have been here all afternoon. i'm sure they will be here well in the everything as the temperatures will slowly, slowly fall. take a look at what is going on outside. in terms of the temperatures. it's hot. it is humid. we have temperatures that range from the middle to the upper 90's across much of the region. 97 degrees in leesburg. 98 degrees for the fields like temperature at reagan national airport. fredericksburg now at 100 degrees for a feels like temperature. for this everything, if you have outdoor dining plans, if you are thinking of going for a jog or taking your pet out, take it easy. temperatures slowly
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eventually into the 80's. we will see partly cloudy skies. winds will not give you much relief but the sun will set a little bit past 8:30 this everything. that is going to bring us relief. we have more heat, more humidity on the way for the day tomorrow. even hotter yet come friday and saturday. more on that coming up in a few minutes. as chief meteorologist doug hill joins you at the desk. back to you. maureen: thanks so much, steve. looks like you are ready to jump in pool with the kids. every time heatwave like this comes along we hear the same critical warnings. stay hydrated and take frequent breaks if you are outside. sometimes, though, that is easier said than done. tom roussey joins us live from the national mall. tom, what are people doing there to keep cool? tom, well, they are doing a lot of things, maureen. some people are not keeping cool at all. behind me here this is a work softball team. the army corps of engineers softball team. the tea
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i don't know if it was hot for them or what. but they said this is the hottest time of the entire year. it's hard to keep cool on a softball field. other folks are trying to find ways. >> most of the time we would say this is a frisbee, right? but not today. oh! tom: at the spit -- smithsonian's annual employee picnic. >> we'll use it for a fan. tom: those who attended were encouraged to try to stay cool with these. >> if it's not used for is overhead it's just as easy well, close it up like this. tom: that wasn't the only way folks were trying to stay cool. >> the umbrella takes at least ten degrees off because it's not the direct sun. >> this is the first pretty humid week. tom: ashley had a plan to keep her sons cool. >> we'll sneak inside a couple museums to beat the heat whenever they are getting
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we have the folks playing softball again. it wasn't too long ago they were dealing with rain-out and cooler temperatures. a lot of folks are saying the reason this heatwave feels so bad isn't because it's unusual for d.c. but the weather had been so mild up until now. reporting live not far from the national mall, along the potomac river. i'm tom roussey. abc7 news. maureen: thank you, tom. remindeder you can stay connected with the storm watch weather team. follow us on social media, on or by downloading the stormwatch7 weather app. there has been outrage and protests across baton rouge, louisiana. after a video surfacedded showing a man being shot to death in a confrontation with police early tuesday. in the past hour, new video appeared giving a new and a clearer view of that deadly encounter. we have edited it because it's so graphic.
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the man in that video is identified as alton sterling. police have been called because of reports of a man selling c.d.'s outside a store and threatening people with a gun. today, demands for justice are coming from all sides. >> he is 15 years old. he has to watch this. as a mother, i have now been forced to raise a son who is going to remember what happened to his father. >> at this point like you i am demanding answers. >> i have very serious concerns. the video is disturbing to say the least. maureen: the two baton rouge police officers involved blane salamoni and howie lake ii are now on leave. the department of justice has taken over the investigation.
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shooting involving metro police. the man who died in monday's incident is identified as sydney washington of the district. metro police responded to a disturbance near the dean wood metro station in northeast. they say washington fired several shots at police. one officer returned fire and hit washington. who later died. that officer is now on routine administrative leave. breaking news. within the past five minutes attorney general loretta lynch revealed hillary clinton e-mail case will be closed with no charges filed. this is after we learned f.b.i. director james comey will testify to congress tomorrow. about the investigation. the house oversight committee wants to explain for using personal e-mail for the state department business. committee chairman jason chaffetz said that clinton clearly violated the law. house speaker paul ryan says it looks like clinton received
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blood tests are under way at the cannon house office building after a shocking discovery. there is lead in the water fountain throughout the building. >> how long has it been contaminated? staffers tell us it got a clean bill of health in 2015. then five out of 26 drinking water sites tested higher than recommended level of lead by the e.p.a. that was terrorizing news for this chief of staff. he works in cannon and so does his wife. she just had a baby. >> we called the pediatrician and asked what she recommends for the potential risk to the newborn. she said get to the blood testing clinic immediately. reporter: also frustrating the office of the architect of the capitol was slow to release information.
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of order signs at water fountains. he says he and other staffers put up the lead contamination notices. >> the signs were another example of what i believe to have been their effort to downplay the seriousness of it. reporter: the working theory is the contamination is coming from the construction at cannon. >> it doesn't come from the water. in fact, the lines leading into cannon do not have lead in them. what we think it comes from is within the complex, itself. >> starting wednesday workers are being offered free blood lead level testing. >> still don't know what the cause of the lead is. we don't know the severity of the problem. >> we wanted to ask the questions ourselves of the folks of the office of the arrest text of the capitol -- architect of the capitol along with the claims they are slow to respond to folks' u
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here. but other than the initial fact sheet they did not return our phone call or e-mails. the tests take at least 72 hours to get the results back. live on capitol hill, i'm roz plater, abc7 news. maureen: coming up at "abc7 news at 6:00" -- what happened in northeast washington that may have led to the high-speed chase through the streets of raleigh, north carolina. why a neighborhood is calling foul over a new athletic field. first, why president obama plans to leave thousands of troops in afghanistan for longer than planne
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maureen: president become bam is hitting the brakes on a -- president obama is hitting brakes on a planned draw down of forces from afghanistan. he announced 8,400 troops will remain in afghanistan into next year. it was supposed to be cut to 5,500 service members. president obama: the narrow missions assigned to our forces will not change. they remain focused on supporting afghan forces and going after terrorists. maureen: the president said the security situation in afghanistan remains precarious and added this move will give his successor more flexibility. republican leaders applauded that decision. former british prime minister tony blair is standing by his decision to join u.s. in toppling iraqi leader saddam hussein. an official british inquiry found blair assured president
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george w. bush of his support eight months before the invasion. at the time he told parliament no decision about going to war had been made. today blair said ousting saddam hussein made the world a safer place. coming up, chief meteorologist doug hill shows us when the heatwave will peak and when we get some relief. reporter: neighbors concerned about parking, littering and noise levels at a local turf field. i'm amy
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the curb. amy: in a quiet neighborhood sits a turf field at lakeland's park. a handful of sports lovers came out wednesday. other than that, it sat quiet. some neighbors say that is not always the case. >> around usually five, five until dark. it can get pretty hectic because people park on the streets. they are not conscious of what is going on around them. >> when it gets crowded some say the designated spots on the street aren't enough. >> as a parent, i think it's more important. there is no parking. amy: emily brought her 11-year-old son to the field today. >> it's very busy. so it is not really kid-friendly. amy: some neighbors say it's not just an issue with parking. they tell me sometimes their biggest complaint is the noise. with people using the area late at night. >> myself. i come here like during the day. i don't see too many paki
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amy: others say at times they have noticed littering. >> i have come up and there have been water bottles on the side. >> they said in a statement the association sent a letter to the mayor requesting assistance with the matter of significant concern to many of the residents. we have every confidence that the mayor's office will review our request and work with the community to resolve our concerns. the city tells me they have not responded but plan to on friday. maureen: maryland governor larry hogan is turning to baseball in the fight against cancer. today he tweeted pictures of bobbleheads that will be given out at the july 21st baseball game. they will choose between governor hogan with hair or governor hogan without hair. the governor lost his hair last year undergoing treatment for non-hodgkin's lymphoma. the players will auction off special lime green jerseys
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cancer research. the governor is a good sport. with or without hair. doug: yep. if your preference is it will turn cooler tomorrow, can you handle a few days of the heat? maureen: i don't mind the heat. i know it will change. it will get cooler. i have confidence. doug: wait for sunday. maureen: what? doug: yeah. change your mind? too late. the temperatures have backed off for the past couple of hours because of more extensive cloud cover. when you combine the current temperatures about 90 degrees, lower 90's. 93 in washington at reagan national airport. check the rest of the numbers. you combine the moisture levels as we measure by the dew point to make it feel warmer than the thermometer indicates. case and point, 93 in washington. but it feels like 98. it feels like 97 in manassas, leesburg. fredericksburg and culpeper feeling like 99 degrees at this hour. everybody is in together for the next few days. officially 94. we work on the string of 990-degree plus days. we have a couple more to follow.
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day of the whole bunch. the morning low only 77. it will be in the same range tomorrow morning. through the evening, don't see much of a chance of showers. if you are out, the weather is dry and muggy and warm. the temperatures still around 80 degrees in the city at 11:00 tonight. holding in the mid-70's overnight. watching the showers the past several hours seeing if there is a chance to make it across the mountains. i doubt it. most of the activity is well south and west of the metro area. tomorrow a slight chance to see an afternoon shower. hot and humid again. showers north according to the simulation. most through the south and south side virginia and north carolina. friday when we are back to the mid-90's again we have a better chance of the afternoon and the early everything showers and the thunderstorms. hottest day comes our way saturday. so let's look at the numbers here. 93. 94. all about the same range. tomorrow and friday. there will be a 30% chance of showers and storms tomorrow
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saturday isolated shower or two. thunderstorm is possible. 96. frontal system comes in and the cooler, drier weather follows on its heels on sunday and last through monday, tuesday, wednesday of next week. early next week is the more average type of temperatures. we see in early july around here. we will give you a sneak peek for the upcoming weekend at the maryland, delaware, virginia beaches. it's hot and humid and only to 90 on friday. sunday at the beach, great weather. sunshine and highs in the mid-80's. maureen, robert? maureen: thank you, doug. well, hope the heat puts some heat on the nats tonight. robert: or the heat calms down for the fans. poor people out there. yikes! bryce harper won't be in the home run derby this year. it doesn't mean he won't keep smashing this season. "credit karma, why are you checking your credit score!" "you don't want to live with lucy forever, do you?" "glass?" "nah, i'm good."
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announcer: and now the toyota sports desk. brought to you by your local toyota dealer. robert: start with baseball. 4:00 p.m. first pitch for the nationals trying to avoid the sweep against the brewers. no home run derby for bryce harper. he is saving them all for the games, i guess. bottom of the first. two on for bryce. nice swing. it's also a three-run home run. deep to left. harper's 18th of the season. nats up 3-0 after the blast. nats up 5-4 in the fifth.
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two-run shot. that is the center. his 12th of the year. 7-4 washington in the seventh inning now. o's and dodgers. mark trumbo continues to smash the baseball. two more home runs in l.a. that brings his season total to 26. right now the birds and -- are tied at four. nene reportedly agreed to one-year deal with the houston rockets. nene spent the last four seasons with the wizards. he averaged nine points with four and a half rebounds this past season. even david beckham couldn't take his eyes off of today's match at wimbledon. federer lost the first two sets before rallying back and that will put him in the semi-finals and mark his 80th match win at the all-
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club. euro 2016, wales-portugal. winner will advance to the final against tomorrow's win other the germany-france match. corps kick for -- corner kick for portugal. ronaldo skies above the defense for a goal off the header. 1-0 portugal. they win it 2-0. closer to home, d.c. united will be back in action saturday. when they go to philadelphia to take an the union. you can see that match on the sister station newschannel8. coverage starts at 6:30. one final note we should find out soon if duane wade is ever going to leave the miami heat. he is set to meet the nuggets and the bulls. and the bucks today. come on home, wade. maureen: popular guy. i changed my mind. i want the heat to end right now. doug: now you tell me! it's too late now. it will get a little better here late saturday night. especially sunday and monday. let's take care of the overnight.
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still in 80's to 90. lore 90's in spots now. overnight muggy and fog. 72 to 79 degrees. i will feel warmer. 93 tomorrow. 94 on friday. 96 on saturday. rain chances afternoon thunderstorms, 30% tomorrow. look like 40% on friday. isolated on saturday. heatwave continues one more day. then we get to sunday and we get drier and less intense conditions here. temperatures about 86. 87 on monday. early next week about the same. so, this happens periodically in the summer. sometimes we get three-day stretches and some days eight-day stretches but a few more days and we'll cool off. steve will have the latest computer model updates at 11:00. maureen: "world news tonight" with david muir is coming up next. join us at 11:00. have a good and a cool night.
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tonight, the new and chilling video, the deadly police shooting. the justice department on the case. officers wrestling with a man on the ground. then, firing multiple times. tonight, his 15-year-old son breaking down. the officers just moments ago saying their actions were justified. the navy s.e.a.l.'s death now labeled a homicide tonight. he died during training. will the instreak or tuctor wil charged? also tonight, the severe weather hitting right now. the tornado on the ground as we come on the air. storm and tornado watches in 12 states. and heat warnings in philadelphia and new york. there is also breaking news coming in now from the justice department. the attorney general, loretta lynch's decision, on hillary clinton and her e-mails. and a


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