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tv   World News Now  ABC  July 12, 2016 2:37am-3:00am EDT

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record for a solo flight around the world. he aims to beat the record of 13 days it was set in 2002. >> he's been preparing for almost a year. he'll fly across the world before he lands back in australia. that's his root. in case you want to follow him -- >> i'm sure you can track him online. >> you can maybe track him on the solar plane. >> solar impulse that just goes, like, two miles per hour. >> we should have them race. >> the speed of a sloth. not going there. coming up, the politics of race and violence. with the nation reeling from a week of bloodshed over police shootings and the execution of five police officers, the issue is taking center stage on the campaign trail. >> and who doesn't love tim
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it's built-in backup wbraid helps stop leaks by channeling them back into the core giving you the best protection at home and on-the-go tampax. power over periods. ♪ the road to the white house is running through new hampshire with a long awaited endorsement for hillary clinton. bernie sanders is expected to throw his support behind clinton as they appear together at a rally. he worked to draft a more progressive platform. it includes a proposal to break up big banks and
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wage. >> the ambush in dallas has become a focal issue on the campaign trail. hillary clinton and donald trump are striking different tones. >> i am the law and order candidate. >> reporter: donald trump campaigning with a new twist on a familiar slogan. >> make america safe again for everyone. >> reporter: to end hostility against our police while also acknowledging the heart break over the shootings of two black men. >> the tragic shootings in louisiana and minnesota make clear the work must be done to ensure, and a lot of work, that americans feel that their safety is protected. >> reporter: trump's potential v.p. pick seemed to place blame on protesters and the current leadership. >> we need a president who once again will put law and order at the top of the priority of the presidency in this
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>> reporter: rudy giuliani suggesting the bigger problem is black on black crime. >> if i was a black father and concerned about the safety of my child, i would say be very respectful to police. i would also say be careful with the kids in the neighborhood and don't get involved with them, because, son, there's a 99% chance they're going to kill you, not the police. >> reporter: hillary clinton on cnn saying white americans need to step up. >> i'm going to be talking to white people. i think we're the ones who have to start listening to the legitimate cries that are coming from our african american fellow citizens. >> reporter: on this point clinton found agreement with some conservative leaders includi including paul ryan and newt gingrich. thank you. meanwhile david cameron is stepping
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sooner than he originally announced. >> he'll be replaced by someone who was the home secretary in charge of internal affairs in the uk. she faces the job of guiding britain out of the european union following the brexit vote. and a new family may be moving into number ten downing street, but larry the cat will not be evicted. >> he's a cat that who is also the resident mouse catcher. he'll continue to reside in his famous abode even when the new prime minister moves in because larry is so popular, he has his own twitter account. >> i look at that video. since then he's added some 20,000 followers on twitter. his last tweet saying the news you've all been waiting for, he's sticking around. >> he looks like he's ready to pounce on a mouse in that photo. >> look at larry. >>
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>> no wonder david cameron was whistling on the way out. >> coming up, edward burger hands. >> one of the delicious meals served inside this restaurant that makes you feel like you're inside your own tim burton adventure. see why you'll need to bring extra napkins. our "insomniac kitchen" is straight ahead. whistling a birthday song train whistling trumpet blows bell ringing ice chipping grunting buzzing chirping motor hums croaking dripping casting revving zipping whale call fog horn elk call owl hoot wolf howl bell ringing whistling
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♪ >> that was the single most thrilling experience of my whole life. >> of course, a tim burton classic, johnny depp as edward s sisser hands. >> while it may be july, we'll ask you to get into the halloween spirit.
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we're headed to the beetle house nyc. >> show time. yeah. >> what inspired this place? >> beetle juice? >> that's it. >> we just love all the workings of tim burton, anything weird and so anything weird coincides with tim burton. >> i feel like especially in cities, there's a lot of the same. it's an irish pub, a sports bar. i wanted to do something that was different and we thought this would be different, and it is. >> what he said. >> the menu is also all themed. and some of the cocktails are really kind of visual. was that important to you? >> absolutely. >> i want people to see it and be excited before they drink it. >> the whole culture seems to have a huge following. what have you seen since you've opened this place? >> everything. people want toor
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up as characters. do you have a beatles juice. >> they show up in character. they just show up and start entertaining people. >> i wonder where an every day joe like myself could find a little action. >> this place looks incredible. who came up with it? >> we started decorating and going to antique stores. we wanted to be more like we felt like a tim burton set to be decorated. >> people send stuff too. >> reporter: what are you making for us today, zach? >> i'm making the edward burger hands. >> i love it. >> we'll start with the beef patty. we'll take the bun and put some of this butter, honey and garlic and spread it all over the bun. >> i think you need a bigger spoon. >> get in there. get in there. you're hired. >> right off to the side. let that go for a second. >> now
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this is one of my favorite parts. >> we'll take this melty mound of meat and cheese and just kind of put it on top of there, and our wakebacon. >> and just when you thought it couldn't get any better. >> avenue caw doe, lettuce, roasted red pepper, and then we'll finish it with siracca mayor. not a first date burger. >> if your first date can't handle a sloppy burger, your probably shouldn't go on the second burger. i'm not sure how to go about chewing this. >> smash it down. >> get it all? >> yes. it's beautiful. everything is running out the side. a little bit of mess. it's encouraging. >> wow. this may oo and the garlic butt has such an impact. >>
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>> you're now officially an edward burger hands. >> that means you're covered in the burger? >> yeah. >> i'm okay with that. >> that is why i won't do two shows a night anymore, babe. i won't. i won't do it. >> okay. >> we have our own edward burger hands. >> i don't know how to smash it. i think my technique is a little off. >> i think you're supposed to be a little more gentle. yeah, you go and then you get it all in there nice and drippy, and then if you want to be subtle you can go in with a fork and knife, but as you saw, i think burgers and pizza are meant to be eaten with your hands. >> and back when i ate this sort of stuff, this would be the stuff that i would eat. >> it's good. it's lalgt cold but still delicious. >> it looks great. >> it's a delicious burger. >> the world wants to know did you specifically wear that
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>> i did, indeed. i tried to see what in my closet
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♪ ♪ >> so festivities are underway in san diego for the midsummer classic, major league baseball's all star game. >> an honor for a former player being recognized as the youngest to pitch in the major leagues. ross litman of our pennsylvania station has the story. >> reporter: at the northern tip of dothen county sits the town of grats. it's a small, quaint town and a town where time stands still. >> i was born and raised there
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>> reporter: from the house he grew up to the field he played on as a child, he can still retrace the steps that led him to the major leagues in 1943 at 1 16 years old. he made his debut with the philadelphia athletics making him the youngest player in major league history. >> i'm used to these kinds of ballparks, and i was really amazed when i walked into a park that held 38,000 people. >> reporter: chieb is 9 and liv -- 89 and lives in texas but returned for a signing and presentation on the biography of his life. >> i stumbled on the story of karl. i thought there's no way he's still around. i found out he was still alive. i said i might as well write his biography. >> rep
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some of the game's greatest players reigned. >> ted williams, mickey manage, all them guys. >> reporter: in 2005 on the anniversary of the founding of grats, the ball field he grew up playing on was named after him. an honor he says means the most. >> nobody knows what a man feels like when they put a monument up for him. i love this town. i love the people in it. >> reporter: in grats, ross litman, abc sports. >> and he still looks pretty good at 89. >> i know. 16 years old. can you imagine the feeling of walking out onto the diamond in the major leagues at 16. >> amazing. good job for him. >> and held onto that record all this time. that's the use for this half hour. >> follow us on facebook at
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this morning on "world news now," another deadly attack on police. >> two bailiffs dead in michigan after an inmate grabbed a weapon and started firing. what we're learning about the two officers killed and the moments before their killer was taken down. >> and more protesters hit the streets demonstrating against police brutality. >> donald trump is calling himself the law and order candidate. hillary clinton is calling for guidelines to help police. how the current climate is impacting the race for the white house. we'll bring you the latest political headlines. >> and then the 19-year-old gymnastics prodigy who is about to become a household name. simone biles hasn't lost a competition in years.


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