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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  August 22, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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>> the love and all of that went out of the door when they put the handcuffs on me. -- captions by vitac -- captions paid for by cbs television distribution announcer: now "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. >> okay. i would suggest like the first rule. the smell is stronger. jonathan: what you are listening to is the 911 call made well before that explosion, in the silver spring apartment complex. michelle: the caller reporting that he smelled natural gas. thank you for joining us today. that explosion a week and a half ago killed seven people. jonathan: there are still so many questions out there surrounding the circumstances of the blast and then the fire. i-team investigator scott taylor in the newsroom. how long before the explosion and the fire did the person make the 911 call? we heard there were other calls made. scott: the call came in july 25. so 17 days before the
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explosion. you might remember we told you about the 911 call hours after the first building blew up. we knew back then that the caller complained about the smell of gas. now we have that 911 call. a man makes that call after he was walking back to his apartment on arliss street and noticed a strange smell. he tells dispatcher he smells natural gas. he first smelled it on the outside of the building. coming from the first floor. and then he went up the stairs. still smelled it. the smell had been in the building for more than a few minutes so he called 911. >> where inside the building? >> it's just like i want to report a strong smell of gas in the building going to on for like 30 minutes or more. scott: that tells us, this was a lingering smell of gas. if true, must have gone away by the time firefighters showed up on the scene. now he wasn't the only one who smelled gas on july 25. i'll be back
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at 6:00. scott taylor, abc7 news. michelle: scott. thank you. you can listen to the entire call at you can also sign up for breaking news alerts there. get updates sent straight from our newsroom to our phone. also developing now, word that a woman was attacked while walking across one of the busiest bridges in our area. the assault happening just off the arlington side of the key bridge this weekend. the bridge connects arlington and georgetown. it's a walk that many people make every day. richard reeve joins us live to walk us through what happened. rich? richard: a very busy area in the day. but at night, not so much. i'm walking exactly where the woman was. walking across the bridge on the virginia side and came into this area here. it was here she had an encounter with a man. let's show you video of the area. this happened at 2:30 in the morning early sunday. unlike now, the area was very,
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there are street lights on the bridge. but once you get off the bridge it's dark here. she saw the man walking toward her. police say he grabbed her and pulled her to the side, off the sidewalk. covered her mouth and put her hands down her shorts. she was able to break through. she says the guy ran off toward d.c. if tar lot of folks this is a cautionary tale about walking alone, especially at night. >> we are in a city. sometimes we forget it. it's a beautiful path we can take. but we have to remember to be vigilant for our fellow citizens and ourselves. >> at night you have less people going by. it's well-lit on the bridge but as soon as you get off the brim it's darkener that area -- off the bridge it's darkener that area. you have less people coming through. richard: you can see. very picturesque in the day. at
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i have jogged here and it gets very dark. coming up at 5:00, what police say you should do to keep yourself safe in the situations. reporting live, richard reeve, abc7 news. michelle: thank you. this man is behind bars accused of harassing miss maryland. police say 51-year-old valencio pires attended an event hosted by miss maryland hannah brewer and then continued to contact her via social media and e-mail. even after requests were made for him to stop. he faces harassment and stalking charges. jonathan: police in prince george's county offering reward leading to for information about a death of a clerk killed over the weekend. he was shot and killed in an attempted robbery. police say a man shot him as he attended to run. the clerk made it to the parking lot where the guy shot him again. p.g. police and the f.b.i. now offering $50,000 in reward
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money. >> this is a senseless crime that should never have taken place. he went in the 7-eleven and announced the robbery and began to assault our victim he fled without taking any property. the clerk lost his life because he was working the midnight shift in a 7-eleven. jonathan: police are also searching for the suspect in the murder of an up and coming rapper known as dirty swipey. he was shot outside his apartment over the weekend. michelle: final goodbyes is underway for the son of late former d.c. mayor marion berry. christopher barry is lying in repose from now until 2:00 p.m. then the service will begin. christopher died last week of suspected drug overdose. he was 36 years old. d.c. officials are going to build the first water tower for the city since 1945. construction of the st. elizabeth water storage
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weeks and stand 170 feet tall. cost $14 million. and will be completed by the year 2018. it's replacing the original tower there built in the 1930's. jonathan: there is a race against the clock for a critical deadline in ellicott city for those rebuilding after the floods. michelle: john gonzalez is there with the shut down of main street. >> a month after this thousand-year flood decimated about a two-mile stretch of main street in historic ellicott city, some of the residents here and the business owners still have so much work ahead of them. look at this front yard. this san area that isn't closed off. you have a riding motor. flipped over. still stuck in the mud. this is the day that the residents and the business owners have a final chance to get work done before the area is schult off for -- shut off for a while. kn
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this weekend there was a flurry of activity. dozens of vehicles came through to clean out close to 100 properties we understand. now after today, main street will be closed for three weeks to allow county crews and other utility workers to complete the critical infrastructure repairs. >> my front yard was washed away. i have a lot of trees down. six tons of dirt i bought on saturday to fill in the hole. john: the idea is have the pedestrians safely moving through here by september 16. they will keep the area open until 7:00 tonight. after that, it's off-limits. we understand a community-run supply truck will be in the area handing out cleaning supplies throughout the day. john gonzalez, abc7 news. jonathan: up next, back to school for many in the district. parents are saying yea! a look at day one.
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that opened up. reporter: the state of maryland dominates in rio. coming up, we break down some interesting statistics. doug: the heatwave is over. gorgeous weather. how many days of this? you'll like my
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jonathan: now to a developing
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a man barricading himself in the home surrendering within the hour. a massive police response when this got started. traffic was blocked off around henderson court in cliffton. jeff goldberg on the scene. as this was happening, i guess it got wrapped up. what got it started? the situation wrapping up. you can see the enormous police response wrapping up peacefully, thankfully. the call came in after 9:00 this morning. call of a man with a handgun. possible hostage situation.
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family members got out of the house. it was a 20-year-old man. that's when the communication was attempted to begin by the fairfax county police. took a few hours to make contact with the man. the hostage negotiating team on the scene, s.w.a.t. team and the mobile crisis command unit. the man was in emotional distress and he was armed but they did talk him down peacefully. he got into the custody of the swat team. just after 3:00. fairfax county police have not been providing us any information to what the man was saying. we will try to get more information and tell you why police were on the same block in clinton a month
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that is coming up. jonathan: as long as it ends peacefully. thank you. michelle: today is end of the line for the flagship site seized the operation today. it was bought by univision after losing a lawsuit by hulk hogan. jonathan: "7 on your side" consumer alert. the big get bigger. pfizer buying metavation or $14 million. all because of the mort foalia including a prostate -- portfolio including a prostate drug. the shareholders must sign off on the deal before it is wrapped up. michelle: flying to mexico is expected to become easier and cheaper. most restrictions between the u.s. and mexico will be lifted
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sides to fly route they want as often as they want. in december they agreed to open the aviation markets to each other. american, dempt dealt and southwest announced new flights across the border. time for a check of the traffic situation. checking on the roads. angela foster in the abc7 traffic center. how is it looking? angela: not too bad for the most part. the big story is the fire activity we are following. as a result, metropolitan police are telling us kenilworth avenue is closed for now. both directions. on a stretch between the baltimore-washington parkway and 450 annapolis road. we are starting to see congestion. the usual delay on tiner loop from tysons to bethesda area. getting heavy on the 295 corridor. the baltimore washington parkway. north and southbound delays. in the oxon hill area from branch avenue making your way to 2:10 and
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arlington on interstate 66. got hefty delays for you already. traveling in the westbound direction. a live look at interstate 66. what we are seeing there is the result of an accident. westbound near the vienna metro station. police tell us they moved everything to the side. the shoulder is blocked. quick peek of the delay on the inner loop leading up to a crash approaching river road. that is the latest from the traffic watch. back to you. jonathan: all right. thank you so much. okay. the olympic games over. team usa had an incredible haul of medals. michelle: if you take a closer look, really maryland dominated. of the 121 medals collected by americans 18 went to marylanders. that would have placed the state 14th overall. and that is what we are comparing it to other countries. jonathan: 14 golds would be sixth place in gold medals. that is all th
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montgomery county bureau reporter kevin lewis in bethesda. maybe tv gets -- maybe swimming gets tv time but we had a host of people winning medals. >> katie ledecky entering her prime. we are live at stone bridge and sacred heart this is where ledecky attended hockeys. -- attended high school. this is where she made a lot of magic happen. take a look at the stone ridge swimming and the diving record board. ledecky absolutely owns it. our lady of good counsel high school in olney had two to litch yaps in rio. 20-year-old kyle schneider won a wrestling gold medal. the youngest man to do so. the athletic director calling schneider a solid young
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20-year-old jack conger who earned a gold in the 40 x 200 freestyle. durant and carmelo anthony were critical in the basketball medal. >> this is a remarkable example of taking a goal and put in the work. >> as an old rachel coach, it was tense. kyle knew what he had to do. he had to gain points one-by-one. think he just broke them. reporter: to recap, maryland was its own county it would have placed 14th in the overall olympic medal count. and
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gold. they won 18 medals 14. of -- 18 medals, 14 gold. impressive. jonathan: that was great. we had a male wrestler who won gold. a female wrestler won gold. all the swimming. maryland is a hotbed for gold. doug: maryland got 25% of the gold medals. jonathan: not too shabby. doug: way to go. michelle: not too shabby is the start to the week. ditches like this makes monday easy. doug: this is the pattern we talked about last week. a cold front coming through. enjoy every minute of it. it is august and it will get hot and humid again. jonathan: it was raining buckets yesterday. doug: the buckets hurt more than the rain. the latest report from st. mary's elementary school in annapolis. beautiful day in maryland capital with light bree from the west. the air temperature and the
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on friday the temperatures were in the mid-90's. feeling close to 100 degrees. here is the change from friday to monday. 81 in frederick and baltimore. 82 in manassas. but as a bonus, no extra charge much lower humidity levelses possibled by much lower -- levels by lower humidity levels. this just doesn't happen often. tom is the same. just about the same. later in the week the humidity will ramp up again. 83 tonight. 81 at 7:00 p.m. after sunset we drop through the 70's. the sun sets at 7:52. many areas around the beltway are close to 60. 65 in the city. the next seven d
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38 in the sunshine with the low humidity tomorrow. we will hit the mid-80's for the day on wednesday. more humidity on thursday. hot and humid and 92. a slight chance of a late day thunderstorm on friday. the weekend is warm and dry. more showers on monday. d.c. united take on the chicago fire r.f.k. saturday evening. it looks like it will be fine there. you can watch it live on newschannel8. michelle: nice forecast. doug: i like it. jonathan: thanks. we would be remiss if we didn't say happy birthday to someone special and cute. the national zoo's bei bei. the youngest of the giant panda. it's his birthday. he turns 1-year-old today. celebration held over the weekend. panda mom chose friendship and luck for the birthday. michelle: leaving mom to enjoy the sweet treat. the older sister received a
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birthday. not wasting any of it. jonathan: you know they like it if they lick the tray. good cake. is it melon? michelle: they like it. whatever it is. jonathan: it's gone. michelle: next for us at 42:00, a new concern about the zika virus. a warning from a top health official about the state it will spread to next. jonathan: next a suicide bomber stops. where the take-down happen and the destruction he could have caused.
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jonathan: a continued plea, demands for more help in florida as the zika virus continues to spread. michelle: health officials worry the virus could pop up in neighboring states as the c.d.c. expands the travel warning for pregnant women. elizabeth hur has more. elizabeth: zika fears reaching as far north as new york city have the crews spraying neighborhoods as a precaution. >> what we know, okay, about the zika virus. elizabeth: in miami, students are returning to school to zika lessons. reassuring for parents. >> they have been taking care of it.
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>> two neighborhoods have been identified as the zika hot zones but the health experts warn it's only a matter of time with the neighboring states including louisiana recovering from the historic flooding facing the greatest threat. >> if you have area of flooding it leaves places behind where mosquitoes can breed. so until you get the water cleaned up it's a hot spot for zika and west nile. elizabeth: calling the situation dire they are telling all pregnant women should stay out of miami. saying it should be taken seriously. knowing all locals don't share the concern. >> i don't feel like i have to worry about it. i'm not in the first trimester of the pregnancy. >> the problem with zika is you don't see the issues until 6-9 months and the baby is born wi
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elizabeth: don't wait until it's too late. when it comes to fighting zika it's all about protection and prevention. in new york i'm elizabeth hur for abc7 news. michelle: to see all of the online reporting go to the website on zika virus. search "zika." maryland health officials are now reporting their first case of another mosquito borne virus. we are talking about west nile. an adult in western maryland contracted the virus and survived. the state health department says the virus has been detected in mosquito pools in prince george's county. montgomery county will conduct spraying jeff -- overing night as presymptive measure. still ahead -- presumptive measure. still ahead. a poorly planned heist. why the thieves did not get away with the entire haul. jonathan: but first, a new school opening in d.c. all boys high school. we will take y
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washington where work continues. but the officials are excited to see the experiment begin to play out.
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. jonathan: there have been critics that questioned the legality of a boys only public school but d.c.
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an experiment. michelle: they are on a quest to answer this question. can an all-male high school environment improve achievement for teenage boys? sam ford went to find out on the back to school for the students. sam: opening day for the d.c. public school. >> this is a dream come true for all of us. >> they celebrated the moment with student. >> i introduce the mayor of the soon to be 51st state. mayor muriel bowser. sam: the mayor believes this is waun way to break the path from street to jail. >> we want them to go to school, to college, to career. sam: the city has spent $58 million to make it happen with a low
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system to a school with much success in chicago. when we brought it up to teens last year -- but for parents the principal -- >> the biggest draw one it's all boys. nay can focus on the structural of the school. sam: and others like it. >> an environment where i see people who look like me. with the same goal and achievement of me. >> the building is not finished yet but that's not a problem. each year they will add another grade until they have a full school. people want the experiment to work. sam ford, abc7 news. michelle: we want to see your back-to-school pictures. thank you to to the families that sent in the photos
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we have exciting classes back to class. go to i remember going back to school you would lay out your outfits. make sure it has short sleeves. doug: i remember we walked uphill. to and home from school. they fell for it for a while. michelle: the stories. poor pinocchio. doug: a nice day. we have low humidity, comfortable temperatures and zero rain. it will stay in the lower 80's. 85 at reagan national. dew point at
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40%. current temperatures close to the metro. 84 at potomac and herndon. it's delightful. the temperatures will drop in the 70's. overnight, probably in to the 60's. it could be in the 60's in the morning. average high of 86. it's clear and comfortable. light winds and a very enjoyable evening. high pressure building in from the midwest to keep us cool tonight. 83 calling for high with sunshine. the high will move off the shore and a lit
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thursday you will feel the moisture come back. 89 degrees. looking forward to friday night the buffalo bills in town at fedex friday night. should be partly cloudy. slight chance of thunderstorm. it will be toasty with temperatures in the upper 80's to start the game. cooling thereafter. seven-day, the best two days of the week. tomorrow and wednesday. thursday, warmer. hot and humid on friday. michelle: a buttingalled burglary or just a dumb crime. someone broke in a bike shop and loaded up on the pricy cycles but they didn't get very far. stephen tschida fills us in. stephen: bicycle space is on 4th street along a possible stretch with hip, d.c. residents. the merchandise proved too hot for some thieves to pass up. but they didn t
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>> got to plan ahead. if you make money. stephen: the thief or thieves loaded up on a half a dozen pricy rides. got around the corner and rap out of plan. they dumped the bikes and ran. >> if they see an brick or opportunity to do it, they will do it. it's not usual lay plan thing. it seems like someone was planning on this one. stephen: is it the case of a bungled burglary or stupidity? >> they are considered some of the stupidest thieves. stephen: bicycle space got the bikes back but it still has to pay to replace the glass and the front door. stephen tschida, abc7 news. michelle: all right. now to the race for white house. virginia governor terry mcauliffe restored the voting rights to 13,000 felons who served the prison sentence. the state supreme court overturned the attempt earlier this year to restore voting r
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republicans call it an attempt to add more democrat-leaning letters to the role -- democrat-leaning voters to the roles. jonathan: more investigation in hillary clinton e-mails in her time of secretary of state. a federal judge ordered state department to accelerate release of 15,000 e-mails not previously released. our national correspondent was in the courtroom when the order came down. >> one f.b.i. director james comey recommended no charges against hillary clintone, he announced his agency uncovered thousands of previously undisclosed e-mails from the secretary of state. now the subject of the latest battle in federal court. >> there are 14,900 of
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tom fenton president of the judicial watch says he is glad a judge moved up the state from october 14 to september 23rd. when the state department must announce the plan for release of the e-mail. >> the state department working as if they were defense council and arm of the clinton campaign. a difficult road to get the records out. draw them out of the state department. some see it as thorn in side of the clinton campaign. clip top herself saying former secretary of state colin powell advised her to use personal e-mail account. they are calling it overhyped and political targeting. >> what is requested is a partisan witch hunt. >> they continue to go after the e-mail issues even though as i said the f.b.i. directo
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comey has indicated that that case is closed. in washington, abc7 news. jonathan: our mission at abc7 is to connect the presidential candidates to the viewers to better inform and empower you. we want your voice to be heard. tell us what you would ask the candidates if given the chance? what issues are important to you? we want to give you a voice in the historic race to the white house. share your thoughts. go to michelle: tense moment plays out on iraqi tv station. a bombing stopped when the bomber is removed from the would-be attacker. you won't believe how young the suspect is. jonathan: first, stiffed on a tip. customers writing they only tip
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>> it's hard to describe. but i did. yes. i have worse words to use. let's go with coward. jonathan: because with the owner of the shop. wait until you hear how the young waitress would respond the next time the customers sat her table. that's up next.
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jonathan: a woman got stiffed on a tip. michelle: she got a hateful message instead. a couple left leaving a message saying, "we only tip citizens." >> i was born here. i am mexican. >> it shouldn't matter. i feel like it's rude and disrespectful. i never met them. i haven't done anything to them. michelle: despite the comment she said she would serve them again adding it would only make her stronger. jonathan: i'm shocked they smelled citizens right. c'mon, really? michelle: leave the lady a tip. mind your business. right? eat your food. pay a tip. jonathan: maybe they didn't have money in their pocket. tell them, i don't have any money. coming up next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- a suicide bombing stopped at the last minute. you can watch as the officers are removing the device. you won't believe how young
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>> every day i wake up, it's another reminder. you don't want to dwell on it. i don't want it to affect my day. >> severe neck injury stopped georgetown ty williams playing football. but he is a big start of the team. his emotional story when we
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jonathan: incredible scene in iraq. look at the picture. the video rolling. authorities stopping a teen. cameras there as they cut off the device from the 15-year-old's body. just 15 years old. the target was a shia mosque. but nobody was hurt. incredible scene as the apparent bomb removed from the unteen. it's unclear if he said i have a bomb and i don't want to go through with it. they were careful getting the bomb off the kid. six months after a dozen bald eagles found dead on the eastern shore,
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the investigation. they believe they were poison but say it's unlikely they will find the poison. $30,000 was offered for information leading to an arrest. michelle: now to texas judge. he is blocking president obama's national directive on bathroom right for transgender student in public school. texas and 12 or states want a mandate that public students allow them to use locker room and bathroom based on gender identity. not sex. struck down. this came days after the justice department sued north carolina over a state law requiring people to use public bathrooms corresponding with the gender on their birth certificate. wildfires continue to grow in california. this is the fire northwest of l.a.
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this the 20% contained and has burned 24,000 acres. residents are being warned they will see ash falling near the homes. jonathan: the entire town evacuated. the entire town. because of a breached levee. the levee has been shored up. president obama vacation over is flying to louisiana tomorrow. more than a dozen people died and tens of thousands of homes are ruined or seriously damaged. michelle: families were working through the debris from the flooding they receive ed gift from a 9-year-old. carson celebrated his birthday by buying and delivering pizza to the victims of the floods. how sweet is that? carson showed up at
4:49 pm
homes with pizza in hand. the reaction say it all. >> we will give them lunch so they don't have to stop what they are doing. we will deliver pizza to neighborhoods. >> for a 9-year-old to think to help people, it's amazing. >> this is carson's idea and his vision. they delivered 363 pizzas in lafayette. jonathan: you have to believe papa john's or domino's team up with the kid and give them pizzas. michelle: they ought to. so sweet. jonathan: freak injury. michelle: georgetown player suffering a severe spinal injury. but he is recovering not letting the setback to keep him from getting in the sport he loves. hawking is here to -- erin hawksworth is here to show us how. erin: the road to recovery has not been easy for georgetown linebacker ty williams. he suffered a severe neck
4:50 pm
nine hours of surgery. three months of intensive rehab. even though he can no longer play, ty is the heart and soul of the georgetown football team. >> i'm the only one in the chair but i'm not the only one fighting it. it helps to know people are if my corner. erin: ty suffered a spinal cord injury in the season opener. the injury left him paralyzed. what is it like for you to reflect back now? >> it's hard to think about. i have been thinking of it. it's approaching. >> over the past 11 a months georgetown head coach has been impressed with ty's drive. >> i love talking to him and hearing the little things he has in the rehab and coming back from the major events to
4:51 pm
erin: ty's teammates never left his side. matt buckman, his best friend, visits his dorm daily. >> i remember the brace on his neck. now he has full control of the upper body. unbelievable the progress he made. >> is it tough some days? do you feel like not going through the recovery process? >> it's tough every day. it's another reminder. i don't want to dwell on it. i don't want it to efact my day. it's just -- affect my day. it's just a reality for now. erin: but hopefully not for long. he has a great attitude. ty told me doctors haven't told him for sure when he will walk fen but the hoyas keep him on the roster. georgetown's president even offered him an internship this summer. that was a great opportunity for him. the whole georgetown community
4:52 pm
you get a sense he lights up a room when he walks in. jonathan: he is a bar your. he -- he is a warrior. he will walk again. michelle: great to see the support similar for him. doug: inspiration. jonathan: no question. doug: we got rid of the heat and the humidity. it will be back in some formulator this week but until then, let's get started. 58 to 66 degrees. the forecast overnight, clear skies and light winds. comfortable evening indeed. if you are headed to the pool, the temperatures will drop into in the 70's here. a little after sunset. don't worry, the next few days are delightful. 83 tomorrow. low humidity. 86 on wednesday. 89 on thursday. weather we're used to this month of august. then late thursday you will feel the heat and the humidity. especially on friday. this weekend the renaissance festival is back. yearly appearance saturday and sunday from 10:00 to 7:00. ne
4:53 pm
sunday 88. it will be a hot weekend. but most weekends in august are. d.c. and the chicago fire meet up at r.f.k. saturday. temperatures will be in the 80's and drop to the 70's. nice weekend a bit on the warm and the muggy side. find out how the commute is going with angela foster. angela: we have closures that will impact the afternoon ride on monday. first, we are following the activity with the building fire. we're still shut down on kenilworth avenue north and southbound. between the b.w. parkway and 450, annapolis road. on the map, on the right side of the map, we have red over there. the baltimore parkway with a northbound closure. the crash is just after the space flight center before you get to powder mill road. with the closure we have heavy slow traffic on both sides of the parkway. on the traffic lane cameras if you look closely here
4:54 pm
that rach is actually closed -- that ramp is closed. we have accident activity on the left side of the screen. that is the latest from the traffic watch. back to you. jonathan: thank you. next on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- a storage unit nightmare. rodent infestation. what rights do you have? the things to check before signing off on a storage unit contract. that's coming up next. >> the frederick community coming together to make the first day of school memorable. i'm amy aubert. i have tha
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everything naand it doesn't take is so wholesothe whole paycheck. giant's exclusive nature's promise.
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john: nate browning opens the storage unit and surveys the damage belongings he and his wife storedded for nine months while their house was being built. >> those are mice droppings. jop: it got into everything. cookie jar to baby bouncing seat. >> it was one of the first thing inside the pod. almost completely covered. john: nate's wife rebecca was -- >> devastated. >> 75% of the things were covered in mouse fee -- mouse feces and you are ryan.
4:58 pm
john: what guarantee do you have if you put everything in store ran? most contracts state that the facility is not responsible for damage. so make sure you are covered by your insurance, or by insurance you can buy. we contacted the storage company which told us we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. a standard practice for the storage unit to have the regular pest control protection. they are offering them a partial refund of the fees, though it's still not enough to replace all the clothing and the baby goods they are throwing away. one las tip, if you have a family heirloom, never put it in a reference -- in a rental storage unit or a garage. i'm john matarese. leon: a familiar walk turned into a harrowing ordeal for a woman. part of the key bridge that the police are now warning about.
4:59 pm
the few challenge facing families who survived the silver spring explosion. and the free state should be called the golden state. a look at how maryland athletes dominated at the olympics. >> now "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. leon: the police are hoping you can help them find a man who dragged a woman off the sidewalk and tried to sexually assault her. it happened sunday morning where the key bridge crosses the g.w. parkway. richard reeve is live with the story. richard: the woman was walking along here off the key bridge. take a look. that is where this attack happened. it gets pretty dark in this area. the key bridge is a busy place for pedestrians. but for a 27-year-old woman walking alone at night a dangerous place. >> surprise. sunday night, 2:30 in the morning. you don't know what to expect. richard: the investigators say the victim was getting off the bridge when she spotted
5:00 pm
unlike now the area had little street lighting. >> he grabbed her by her waist, pull her off the sidewalk in the area by the parkway. richard: he covered her mouth and put her hands down her shorts. she was able to break free. >> we are in a city. sometimes we forget it. it's a beautiful paths we can take. but we have to remember to be vigilant for our fellow sits and ourselves. richard: authorities see this as a cautionary tale. they urge women to avoid walking alone. >> i think it can happen anywhere. usually walk places with friends. or make sure that people know where we are going. if we are going to be on foot, walk with somebody else if possible. let someone know where they are going or when to expect you back. >> really good advice there. the woman got out of this with scratches and bruises. police are urging women to be careful. esci


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