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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  August 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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6:00, the warning signs before gas fueled explosion that killed seven people in silver spring. tonight the "7 on your side" i-team uncovered a 911 call made a full two and a half weeks before that deadly explosion. investigator scott taylor joins us now with more on the story. scott, what is really surprising is you found the call was far from the only complaint about the smell of gas there. scott: that is surprising. our crews at the scene of the explosion tracked down several people who said they smelled gas. now we have gotten our hands on the first official record that shows complaint about a natural gas leak was 17 days before the apartment exploded. >> we are learning more about the july 25s is -- july 25 911 call. the caller says smell of gas lingered in the stairway of the building and then exploded. >> i want to report a strong smell of
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that has been going on for 30 minutes or more. >> the caller is a man who appears to be living in the apartment on arliss street that initially blew up. the fire spread to a second billing. he smelled gas. he wasn't the only one. >> you said you smelled gas. is it natural gas or gasoline? >> natural gas, i think. first i thought it was just me. but my sister just ran out and came back and smelled the same thing. scott: the dispatcher asked several questions to pip point the smell that appears to be inside and outside the building. >> is it inside or outside or both? >> outside. when you come up to the stairs of the building. >> i would guess like the first floor. the smell is stronger on the first floor. scott: a.t.f. confirms it was a natural gas leak. investigators trying to pinpoint the spots in the building where it happened. the report expected to be released in a couple of we
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leon: thank you, scott. the survivors of the fire dealt another blow. tonight after a car crashed into a medical center. the mary center on flower avenue has been working to treat many of those injured in the fire. big focus has been on the children who now have breathing problems because of the smoke they were taking in there. the center was closed yesterday when the car crashed through the front window. the good thing was no one was hurt. the center will be closed for repairs for a week. patients are sent to another medical center a few miles away. all right. stop what you are doing and take a look at this video here. police in prince george's county say it shows a man behind a cold-blooded murder of convenience store clerk over the weekend. it's not the only new development in this case to report tonight. maryland bureau chief brad bell joins us with the critical new evidence. what have you learned about this? brad, you know what? this is a case that is a truly innocent victim. someone working his job. and a gunman comes in. takes his life. the police pointing out that he didn't e
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that is just one of three fatal shootings this weekend. according to police this video shows a gunman about to commit a robbery. just 30 minutes after he murdered a victim during another stick-up. >> it's a heartless, cowardly act. brad: he shot the night clerk taiwo oduwole in the back as he attempted to run from the store. >> the suspect then a second time raised his fun. and shot mr. oduwole in the back again. brad: so police are asking for help. somebody they believe must recognize the unusual north face jacket with the built-in back pack. that murder the first of three fatal shooting inspiring rapper dirty swipey, a recent guest on abc7 news shot by several men who opened fire early sunday morning in suitland. the real name, douglas brooks. the family is
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who he was. >> friendly, superhero. >> he was humble. >> one thing he wanted to do is take care of his family. >> i love him so much. >> the violence not ending there. also early yesterday, in upper marlboro, 22-year-old damian rowlette is shot and killed under circumstances police and his own mother don't fully understand. >> i really don't. i know he went to a party. i got a call that my son is dead. that's all i know. brad: tell you what. today we saw first hand the pain of this sort of terrible senseless gun violence. talking to two mothers, both of whom needed hugs after the interviews with us. we showed you that video from the 7-eleven murder. police want you to pay close attention. this is a backpack, a normal backpack, the kind that is separate. the person in the shoot
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wearing a backpack that was a part, integral to the jacket. very unusual piece of clothing. certainly unusual this time of year. somebody out there knows who the person is. in palmer park, at police headquarters, brad bell, abc7 news. leon: keep your eyes peeled. a crime alert after a woman was attacked on the arlington side of the key bridge. around 2:30 sunday morning the woman was out walking on the bridge and the man grabbed her from behind rapid forced her in the bushes -- behind and forced her into the bushes. so far, no word of arrests. virginia governor terry mcauliffe restored the voting rights for 13,000 felons who completed sentences and he said he approved each case individually and promises thousands more will have the rights restored in the months tom co. last month the state supreme court said he could not restore the rights by a single order.
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for the white house tonight. amid talk of changes to the immigration policy, abc news reporting that donald trump postponed thursday's planned speech on immigration. the nominee wants more time. he wants to work on the language he will be delivering. today the vice presidential nominees went after the rival campaign on several issues including immigration. >> he is not changing his policy. not by an inch. he will still have the deportation force and separate families. >> we are calling for action by the democrat nominee. hillary clinton should shut down the clincon -- clinton foundation right now. leon: that call coming from pence as a federal judge is giving the state department until september 23 to come one a schedule to release more e-mail from hillary clinton's time as secretary of state. abc7 is giving you a voices that election season. tell us what you would ask the candidates if you had a chance to. we p
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leading candidates as we or our sister stations across the nation get a chance to speak with them. e-mail us. coming up at "abc7 news at 6:00" -- the multimillion renovation that left disabled children out of the local parks. how d.c. plans to fix this and why one parent says the city's explanation doesn't cut it. plus, already in hot water with the olympics. swimmer ryan lochte takes another blow that left him sinking fast. but first, incredible video. boy turned would-be suicide bomber. the incredible life-saving moment coming up next on "abc7 news at 6:00". doug: the intense heat is gone for a while. it's august after all. how long? many more days to enjoy this before the hot weather comes back. it's in
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leon: pictures out of iraq shows what would with a suicide becomeer taken in custody. he is believed to be 11 and 15 years of aim. authorities stopped the teen outside of a mosque wearing what is believed to be an explosive belt. this comes after a 12-year-old bomber killed 54 people at a wedding in turkey. four sponsors including speedo and ralph lauren ended the sponsorship of olympic swimmer ryan lochte. this comes as lochte and three teammates await sanctions from
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lochte claimed the four were rob at gunpoint at the gas station. brazilian authorities say the security guards confronted the americans about the damage they committed to a restroom. lochte is claiming he "overexaggerated" what happened. montgomery county has a man now facing serious charges tonight. valencio pires is accused of harassing miss maryland, hannah brewer. she says that pires tried to contact her in person and online even after being asked to stop. he is being held without bond. all next at 6:00 -- >> the district says it needs two months to come one a plan to make the park handicap accessible. we found out it has known about the problem for months. the full story coming up. leon: plus, the weather seems too good to be true. let's find out how long our luck will hold out. doug hill's forecast ahead.
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stephen strasburg will not start tonight. we will tell you what is going on with the nats' starter. and how long with redskins running back matt jones be out?
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leon: several wildlife investigators are closing the book on the death of 13 bald eagles on maryland eastern shore. they believe the raptors were poisoned but they say it's unlikely they will ever find the source. up to $30,000 is previously been offered for any information leading to an arrest. followup now to a story we first brought you on 7 earlier this month. we told you how d.c. spent millions to renovate the district parks but failed to keep the children with disabilities in mind. well now d.c. says it needs 60 days to come one a fix. but is that the case? really? our q mccray is live now with a look at a plan he found the district had for months now. q? q: d.c.'s right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing because i have the report here. they have had at least eight months to deal
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everything. >> almost impossible to get a wheelchair over. q: three weeks ago we met jamie struggling to push her daughter claire in the mark. nothing has changed today. >> this curb is difficult. i don't know why they put more down instead of replacing it. q: the issues is with two parks where the district spent $2.3 million tax dollars to fix them up but the parks don't meet americans with disabilities act federal requirements. since the story last aired d.c. admitted there are problems. this latch is one of them. d.c. says it will issue a plan in 60 days to get things up to code. >> i don't know why it's taking them 60 days. i started letting them know last march. well over a year and a half ago. q: then there is the
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the d.c. own office of the disability rights. d.c. used tax dollars to hire an architect who points out the same issues that smith has with the park. he listed solutions. the letter is addressed to the park and rec department and dated january 17 of this year. q: i did get an e-mail from park and rec. it says they are working to identify funding that is implement by department of services. i asked about the 60-day wait, and they did not respond to my e-mail. q mccray, abc7 news. leon: thank you. stay on top of it. the summer is over for tens of thousands of area students. with the opening of the ron brown college preparatory school, d.c.'s first all boys school. it's day one
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for many it was the first day using supplies gathered by the classmates yesterday to help those in need. look at this. a picture of mariah from washington, d.c., on her first day of school. we have been getting a lot of the first day of school pictures from around the area. if you have some to share with us, send them to us at a race against the clock for owners in flooding in ellicott city. they be ushered out of tonight tonight and they won't be allowed to return for a month. this is to allow critical repairs. they hope it will be opened september 16. they need a lot more days of weather like this to work with no problems and no more devastation. doug: a nice thought that would be. historically, a couple hotter days to deal with. we got a break from the
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but later in the week heat and humidity is back as it does in august. today was an exception. tomorrow you'll enjoy just as much. let's get you started with a look around the area. live look at the potomac river. you see in the middle of the screen. that green color? that's algae. leon: algae in the air? or in the water! doug: in the water. leon: yeah. ooh. doug: something we should look into here. it doesn't happen all the time. it's probably weather related with all the heat and the warm water temperatures, too. it is 84 degrees at reagan airport. 85 was the high temperature today in washington at reagan national. the coolest day and the coolest temperature since 9th of august. enjoy it while it lastst. the sun set at 7:52. after that the temperatures will fall. low 80's for the most part. 48 is the warm spot at reagan national. but everybody else below. light winds and clouds around. they sho
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we expect ideal outdoor dining weather tonight at a restaurant or cafe or on your balcony, porch or driveway. wherever you want to hang out tonight. beautiful. drop from low 80 to the mid-70s around 9:00 tonight. wake-up temperatures tomorrow range from 65 degrees in brentwood neighborhood of the city. 60 in aspen hill. 65 in dale city. just dynamic weather here. the bus stop forecast is perfect, too. 65 is the afternoon across the area at pickup time. drop off school is over, 83 degrees. bright sunshine. it will be gorgeous. the reason we have had the cool weather today or tomorrow is the high pressure you see. it moved in. it will move out. it moves out. southerly and southwesterly winds will pick up to increase the humidity level and the temperatures. to later in the week we will see the highs of 90. maybe higher.
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uncomfortable combination. the typical high heat and the humidity we got rid of will come back and visit for a couple of days. in the seven-day outlook and longer you can see the numbers to make a upon thursday to 89. 92 on friday. slight chance of thunderstorm late afternoon and evening. 90. hot and humid over the weekend. cooler next week. usually in august, early september we can have strings of days in the 90's again. that may be what is in sight here. the next few days we should be limited with with two or three. leon: erin hawksworth has limitations. erin: how long will matt jones be out? we have an update. why isn't strasburg starting in the beltway series opener? sports is next.
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erin: we begin with big news for the nationals as starter stephen strasburg has been placed on the 15-day disabled list for right elbow soreness. strasburg was supposed to take the mound tonight in the beltway series opener against the orioles at camden yards. but instead, a.j. cole from triple-a syracuse will take his place. the beltway series starts two games in baltimore
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two in washington. dusty baker, for one, loves this series. manager baker: it inspires arguments in families. one kid loves the orioles and the other kid loves the nationals. i think it's great for baseball. >> it brings out the best competition on both sides. we share the same channel half the time. you will see it if you go home and put the tv on. you want to win the games. erin: i love that. mean time the redskins start to prepared for the third preseason game, considered the dress rehearsal for the regular season. curt -- kirk cousins is expected to play for at least a half. tackle trent williams returned to practice and should play friday. running back malt jones will miss the rest of the preseason. jay gruden doesn't think the shoulder injury is too serious, though. kst
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running back -- chris thompson and the or running backs look forward to the extra work. >> we know once monday night comes around it will be our guy. i will be the third down back. try to fill in for matt before he gets back. erin: programming note. d.c. united have a quick turn-around. there is a game on monday. match at 7:30. our coverage will start at 7:00. the redskins hall of famer darrell green joined the george mason athletic department today and will serve as the special assistant to the athletic director who is his former teammate brad edwards. great addition. teaming up once again. leon: he is a special person. a great selection by them. doug: beautiful tomorrow. ripe miller is in for steve rudin tonight. he will update the forecast and tell you when the 90's return. leon: "world news tonight" with david muir up next here. we'll be back at 11:00. see you the
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tonight, several developing stories as we come on. drm drm, suddenly putting his big speech on hold. is he about to change course on immigration? and any plans for a deportation force for 11 million? and hillary clinton tonight, thousands of e-mails under the microscope. the deadly police shooting under investigation at this hour. a young unarmed father who is deaf, pulled over. was he trying to use sign language when shots were fired? the new wildfire in the west. out of control right now. and the tornado now confirmed in the east. the stunning image tonight. the child suicide bomber stopped. our chief foreign correspondent on the father who sent his boy. and the million dollar mistake. ryan lochte's sponsorships take


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