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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  August 25, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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in leesburg. >> a woman was jogging when a man approached her and displayed a boxcutter. the woman took off and so did the suspect. >> the jogger was unharmed and called 911 immediately. leesburg police responded with the loudoun county sheriff office and a helicopter unit from fairfax county. no sign of the suspect. who is 6'1", 6'2". authorities do not believe this incident is connected to an attempted sexual assault along the w&od trail last week. that happened in sterling and at night. >> it
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regardless of where it occurred. >> it's frightening. >> will it keep me off the trail? i doubt it. >> christine will keep running, too, but never alone. >> no surveillance camera. so they are trying to get this out to the public. be safe out here and run in pairs if you can. carry cell phone and keep ear bud out of one hear so you can hear what is going on around you. jeff goldberg, abc7 news. leon: a few days ago a woman was attacked in arlington. they forced her into bushes and tried to rain her there. the woman fought back and rap away. michelle: a closed door meeting to determine how to keep head start going after it lost federal funds. the government stripped away million
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allegation of abuse and neglect by teachers. maryland bureau chief brad bell is outside the school board meeting with the latest. brad? they have been meeting for an hour now in the section of the building here behind the windows. the press is kept out and we may never find out what happens inside. then security appears at a public building. asking us to leave. >> is this a school? >> such is the hush-hush stance of the board of education heading in the meeting to deal with a litany of issues. first and foremost the loss of federal grant money to operate the head start program, crisis that left five board members to demand resignation of
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board member edward bureaus part of the mutiny does speak to us and stand by the demands. >> it's clear to me that the leadership knew about the incidents early on and did not disclose everything they knew to the board. >> caught in the middle are the youngsters served by head start. he believes the problems are more widespread than known. >> if there are other cases not reported contact services immediately. doug: school starts monday and the school c.e.o. vows it will start on time. >> it will start on monday and we will work with if partners and the administration for children and families to make sure we find a way forward to provide the services to the children.
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>> head start is not in danger but it may not be provided in this school system. the money is not lost but it might not be operated by the public school system. michelle: we will bring you major develops as they happen. leon: the headline there is a grim one overseas. 250 people are dead. 35 more injured. amidst the horrors there is still reason for hope. this was the scene this morning in amatrice. shouts of italian for "beautiful girl" after a 10-year-old girl is safe after being trapped by a day. the workers have little
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to celebrate in the race against time to find more survivors. >> we are working through the rubble to find anyone still alive. >> another building collapsed in an aftershock today. the i258ian authorities will continue -- the italian authorities will continue the rescue efforts in the days to come. michelle: incredible video of a moment that a tornado ripped through if town of kokomo, indiana. this sin side a restaurant as the pow -- inside the restaurant as a power goes out. then a starbucks collapses. no one was inside that was hurt. the folks retreated to the bathroom in the back of the building before the tornado hit. much more on the recovery at 5:15. in our area it's warming up but it's far from the heat you may recall from a few weeks ago. will it change soon? chief meteorologist doug hill is tracking things
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>> 86 now. beautiful sky over st. mary's elementary school in annapolis, maryland. 87 at reagan national. 90 in fredericksburg. andrews, a annapolis at 86. the dew point are coming up. come by nation of the dew point temperatures for mid-to-upper 70's. it makes it female muggy outside. at the park tonight, the o's here for a fourth game. thinking the best. temperatures in the 80's at the gametime and drop lower 80's later this evening. the weekend and the next seven days in a couple
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leon: breaking well from the commonwealth. lawsuit filed against tropical smoothie cafe after hepatitis a outbreak. there are 27 hepatitis a cases in virginia including ten in northern virginia compared to 17 cases in the commonwealth on monday. the outbreak traced back to frozen true berries from egypt used by the tropical smoothie cafe. symptoms can take up to four weeks to show up so there may be more cases in the area. michelle: the company that makes epipens and hiked the price is responding to public outcry. as laura lister reports the company is not dropping the price. >> the company behind epipen responding to a sudden attack from the users over the drug's skyrocketing price. the pharma
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$300 saving card for patients, doubling the eligibility for patient assistance program but not reducing the drug list price. >> if we reduce the prays i couldn't ensure everyone who needs the epipen could get one. >> it has gone up to more than $600. the price is up over 400%. >> no question the system is broken. system incentivized the higher prices. >> sara jessica parker saying she ended
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with the pharmaceutical company as a result of the price increase. there were responds today saying they share concerns over the skyrocketing price and will be sure they have a formal response to questions. michelle: they have given them two weeks to explain the price hike. leon: questions and some answers over list of the safety concerns of metro. today the metro board pushed the transit leaders for answers in a two-hour long meeting. transportation reporter brianne carter explains that the big focus is on the last month derailment at the east falls church station. >> this has to stop. >> frustrating, metro board mens pressed the transit authority top officials on how the july 29 silver line derailment could have happened.
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>> this morning they said it was not done according to the standards. >> was it done with report falsified? >> i can't speak to the falsification piece but a report was submitted. that is why we requested the investigation. >> any investigation many criminal wrongdoings still ongoing. there was a report in 2009 of a defect of track. just how poor cons gotten was not reported. he says if the deterioration of the tracks had been noted was noted the section would have been taken out of service. >> six track inspectors from the federal railroad administration were brought in to be an extra set of eyes.
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being rewritten. the transit authority is looking into bringing in new high definition video to enhance ongoing track inspections. >> we are pealing back an onion. no doubt about it. we found the different part and i will continue to do that. i'm not stopping no matter where it leads. >> in northwest washington, brianne carter, abc7 news. saturday marks six months of service after the streetcar. to celebrate they are getting a present. still ahead at 5:00, donald trump calls hillary a bigot. but is this winning him new support? michelle: celebrating a century. memorable display on the national mall and how you can help the park service mark a hundred years on
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the floods. when you can get a chance to adopt rescued animals brought from the flood zone in louisiana. michelle: we hear from the manager of the starbucks that collapsed about what happened seconds before the storm that may have saved 20
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a kiss. it all started here... it might have been prevented with trumenba. ask your doctor or pharmacist about trumenba.
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michelle: this is incredible video. this is the moment a starbucks collapsed in a tornado in indiana. it's just a snapshot of the devastation across the state. ray raimundi talked to the survivors as the clean-up begins. >> the tornadoes moved quickly. carving a path of destruction in minutes. >> holy cow! >> kokomo, indiana, the epicenter of the violent twisters. storm chasers capturing the moment of the whipping winds gusting over 130 miles per hour. >> oh, my gosh. starbucks got blown over. >> the coffee store, no match for the winds. obliterating the structure. over 20 people inside. no one injured. >> as soon as they saw the clouds twisting we got everyone inside. we were trapped inside because the building
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but everyone came out and we were all fine. >> in this neighborhood homes blown away. many trying to cope with the damage. >> still trying to process everything. still trying to see the complete devastation. thankful that my mom and my sister who were in the house yesterday survived. >> those who experience the storm sharing their stories of survival. >> it was crazy. like our roof got ripped up. you could hear everything going on outside. >> even okay? >> today republican vice presidential nominee and indiana governor mike pence toured ravaged neighborhoods. >> a good early warning system locally. no serious injuries or loss of life. miracle. >> more than 200 people are now in shelters. the priority restoring the electrical lines and returning power and helping people return home. ray raimundi, abc7 new,
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york. leon: thousands in louisiana are still struggling tonight to find a home after devastating floods. among those seeking homes animals rescued directly from the floodwaters. right now 66 dogs and dozen cats are at a rescue center in waldorf. that is where the volunteers are getting them ready to find a new forever home after going to louisiana to bring relief supplies there and animals needing a home back here. >> neighbors or friends. animals are in need. we just helped a tiny portion. the need is so great down there. >> now last chance animal rescue tells us they plan to hold an adoption event september 10 in alexandria. and september 17. we'll see how it goes for them. find them a new home. michelle: they are so overwhelmed down there so it is great that the folks from the area are getting involved. our weather is just beautiful. if you like it warm.
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not that horrible heat and the humidity combination we had a couple of weeks ago. typical late august and september. most areas we have clear sky. the sun got up high to heat up the ground. the ground heated up the air. moisture on the ground and we have fair weather clouds. no rain. ragweed is dominant in the poll and the weed category. the temperatures are warm. hot. 91 in leesburg and culpeper. upper 80's elsewhere.
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outdoor activities. mid-to-upper 80's at 7:00. then they will drop off but not as quickly to the low levels we have had in the past few nights. the sun will set at 7:48. we had a line of showers in the midday. this was left over cloudy and moisture from the outbreak of severe weather out west but that is washing out. a cold front is tracking to the great lakes tomorrow but that, too, will have very little impact on the weather. it will be hot tomorrow. 92 to 96. muggy, too. feel more like 100 to 104 at times. then it may turn less humid and muggy over the weekend. but it will be dry again. right through the upcoming weekend as you make outdoor plans. the future cast computer in the storm watch 7 weather center says at this time 3:00 or 4:00 tomorrow it could be
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feels like temperature here. 102 in culpeper. 102 in frederick. 99 in baltimore. tropics time, this is gasston. it was a tropical storm and then a hurricane and tropical storm again and hurricane again. the key thing about this is staying over the central atlantic to make a right-hand turn well before it gets to bermuda and merge with the trough and affect no one except for shipping interest. this area might be different. not a tropical depression or a storm. this is a tropical blob. the interesting thing is the hurricane center sent the investigators, the reconnaissance hurricane hunters into it to get a look at it. no real circulation. but the concern is it is moving over warm water and the winds over head are light. so there is a chance in the next couple of days to intensify. when it does it will be warm water. it will be feeding on and the computer models say whatever it winds up being may go in the gulf where the air is very, very warm. so, the water is warm, even
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it for you. the forecast looks like this. hot tomorrow. 95. only isolated shower or thunderstorm with a front coming through. we get through the weekend. mostly sunny. hot. touch humid. 90 on saturday and sunday. warmer on monday and tuesday. then wednesday, thursday, friday of next week the typical late august weather. partly cloudy, warm and humid with 90 and chance of showers and storms. michelle: not bad. doug: we'll take it. leon: caught on video tonight ahead. a newspaper box exploding in parks. michelle: but the scene is being investigated as a hate crime. the reason coming up. sam: the national parks are a resource that americans use 350 million visit every year. next we tell you why there was a big reason to celebrate. i'm sam ford. that's next.
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leon: a remarkable scene today on the national mall. you can see it from high above. ups gathered together to form a symbol of the national park service. the badge you see on the rangers' shoulders. that's part of the nationwide celebration you rememberedway for the 100 verse -- the nationwide celebration
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100 anniversary. sam: an interesting thing that the national parks, the battlefields, the trails and even the white house fall under the management of the national park service. today was a special day to celebrate the agency that controls the national treasures. at the tavern of the national historic park in potomac, maryland, they sapping "happy birthday" they had lots of kids and a big cake. [applause] >> it's pretty impressive. >> have you ever been to a birthday party before? >> no. sam: 15 miles south between the washington monument and the world war ii memorial, a thousand people moved with the umbrellas and the ininstructions to form the national park arrowhead logo out of human beings. president woodrow wilson signed the
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existence august 25, 1915. that is scott logan of boston. bike on park trail 300 miles from pittsburgh to d.c. he loves the national parks. >> day six. >> how was it? >> awesome. one day it rained. i met really great people biking through. >> these parks have been a treasure. 20,000 employees, ten times as many volunteers like bud klein of bethesda. >> patrol on bikes. we look out for safety. we carry maps and water and do bike repair. sam: we a nation of 300 million people. about that same number visit the parks every year. i'll have more on the story coming up at "abc7 news at 6:00". sam ford, abc7 news.
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rewarding that going to a national park. in celebration of the national park service 100 anniversary we want to see pictures you have taken. go to share your pictures with us. go to to see all the viewer pictures. michelle: coming up for us at 5:00, the technicality that may let your insurance company leave you on the hook to pay for a zika virus test. leon: plus, police are investigating a newspaper box explosion as a possible hate crime. the two reasons they say that is more than just vandalism. also ahead -- >> hillary clinton is a bigot. michelle: donald trump's stinging accusation against hillary clinton. his new push to win minority voters and
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mr. trump: hillary clinton is a bigot who sees people of color only as votes. not as human beings worthy of a better future. michelle: all right. it is a stinging accusation one you can see in
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catches trump supporters by surprise. that woman's reaction priceless there. but yesterdays reaction was part of a broader push by trump to improve relations with minorities to make up ground in the polls. will it be the difference-maker or is it too little, too late? chief political correspondent scott thuman is live in the capitol hill bureau with a closer look. scott? scott: you are seeing a concerted effort by the campaign to make movement where there is an opportunit it can't going to come easy. it won't come without controversy.
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>> and the truth is far from him scott: so will the push pay off as the trump talks of improving schools, employment and safety >> he got to 12% in georgia he would probably win. that state. >> associate professor michael fonteroy at howard sert says there is opportunity that didn't exist for or eight years ago. >> she has brought nothing but pain and heartache and broken promises to your inner cities. >> 2% with the stance.
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the numbers changing before the election. >> serious about it. >> earlier, can't wait. scott: showed endorsements for trump trump from members. a counter punch to the punch we heard from trump today. live on capitol hill tonight, scott thuman, abc7 news. leon: thank you, scott. caught on video, going to be a hate crime. from the lgbt newspaper. the police and the advocates say it's the latest of a syringe of incidents dating back three months when the boxes first appeared. >> it filled from the base of the newspaper box to the top.
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leon: so far no word of arrest. michelle: checking the top story. police are looking for a man who confronted a woman on the w&od trail in leesburg this morning. leon: right now the prescription germ's county school board is meeting behind closed doors. there were allegation of neglect by teachers. board members are trying to oust the board chair and vice chair. michelle: tropical smoothie cafe is facing lawsuit over outbreak
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was traced to frozen strawberries from egypt. there are 28 hepatitis a cases in virginia including ten in northern virginia. leon: new information in unsolveed murder case in seat. see -- oscar garcia was shot to death in his driveway wednesday night and say the man in the composite sketch is six feet tall and probably younger than 30. a $25,000 reward is offered for many information leading to an arrest. michelle: new information this evening about a crash that killed a university of maryland student. 21-year-old brandon will start trial on charges of negligent manslaughter and driving with a suspended license. his girlfriend died when he crashed his dodge viper sports car on valentine's day.
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leon: first responders wrapped up a drill at the pentagon. crews were out testing response to a mock health crash with several people injured. the pentagon coordinated the drill. other agencies taking part were arlington, fire department and the red cross. michelle: check this out. firefighters in western m.d. snapped this picture of a house that exploded in hancock. amazingly a woman was inside at the time. leon: the luckiest woman we know. coming up next, block against zika. and why the insurance company could get in way to find out if you have the disease. michelle: "7 on your side" introduced you to the dogs named debo before. the final chapter to the dog dispute in maryland. that is next.
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coming up tonight at 6:00 -- how nike is paying tribut
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steve: the weekend is almost here. a lot going on around the d.m.v. and the crab and the beerfest, saturday 11:00 to 9:00. temperatures in the afternoon are the lower 90's. the feels like temperatures are in the middle 90's. if that is not your thing, maybe the renaissance festival is up your alley. daytime highs around 90. little bit on the humid side. take you to look at the beach forecast. rehoboth beach, bethesda. friday around 70. sunday 84. the surf temperature in 70's but notice what is missing. no rain to speak of
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leon: a handy piece of technology keeping people safe in montgomery county. they are treating an injured man in a condo tower when the carbon mo knockside detector detector -- carbon monoxide detectors went off. they cleared the area and the washers elevated the c.o. level. only one f
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detectors. fire officials say this is not the c.o. detectors have come in handy on their calls. michelle: as the zika virus is spreading throughout the u.s. people want to be tested. but it's not a cheap request. to have it covered by the insurance you need to meet certain requirement covered by the c.d.c. or you pay out of pocket. pregnant women can take thefest for free. anyone who hasn't traveled to affected areas and aren't showing symptoms have to foot the bill. >> the biggest concern is the pregnant women. >> you are saying we don't really care. michelle: the c.d.c. has zika listed as the level one highest level outbreak taking precaution by using bug spray can cut down on the risk of transmission. leon: coming up next at 5:00, newest
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ship el faro. what they found after listening to 26 hours of recording. michelle: up next the final chapter in a dog dispute in maryland. the future of debo, the dog dubbed the neighborhood
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michelle: what do you do when the neighborhood bully happens to be a dog? we have been following this for several weeks now as two families battle it out over the dog in question. leon: that is right. "7 on your side" investigator scott taylor is here with the new developments. what is the final word on debo? is he in or out? scott: this is a heart-breaking story for everybody. that is debo right there who attacked lucky twice. after "7 on your side" got involved and we uncovered all the facts, lucky and debo's homeowners association has very tough decision to make. they made it and debo is going bye-bye. >> this is a battle that has been brewing for a long time. on april 25, debo attacked lucky and norma coates' daughter for a second time after a previous attack. german contreras owns debo. the city o
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prince george's county animal commission fined contreras and the dog was labeled vicious orb dangerous but debo wasn't booted from the neighborhood. coates called "7 on your side." we discovered in greenbelt it's rare for animal control to remove a dog. >> it's the neighborhood bully, it's the dog. >> contreras said the attacks were accidents. apologized and shelled out thousands to pay for medical and vet bills. he believes debo is a wonderful dog. >> do you love your dog? >> i love him. >> they demanded a hearing with the neighborhood homeowners association. the h.o.a. didn't allow the cameras in but it got heated. >> the big new development, the h.o.a. has just ruled debo has to go. >> i had to do what i had to do to protect my family. just as i know he is a pet owner, he loves his pet. i love my daughter. that could have been here
5:47 pm
coates very happy she called "7 on your side." lucky, wagging his tail, too. >> i know that with "7 on your side" it's a reason why this was finally settled. i thank you very, very, very much. >> debo has two weeks to find another home. i'm hearing he will be heading to a friend's house far away from the neighborhood. scott taylor, abc7 news. michelle: glad he has a new home. thank you, scott. time for a check of the roads. jamie sullivan is on traffic watch. how is it looking? jamie: when we have a nats game, everyone heading into town. that is not usually what happens in the afternoon. everyone trying to get home. we see the extra congestion. we are starting at the 14th street bridge. all four lanes are bumper to bumper, jammed as they get on the freeway, continuing closer we have nats park. game time 7:05. we expect in the next half hour to two hours we will see the bumper-to-bumper traffic. we have heavyra
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outbound kenilworth avenue and southbound on d.c. 295. top side of the beltway not heavy from 95 to the 270 spur. it will take you under 40 minutes. it's the inner loop that slows. there is accident activity near 355. because of that we are seeing heavy traffic. this is near the colesville road. the outer loop traffic. it's heavy and switching gears to virginia. 66 working your way out of the city. it will take you under 30 minutes. a lot of sun glare from the capital beltway closer to the fairfax county parkway. that is a look at traffic. back to you. leon: all right. thanks. here is a look at what we are working on for "abc7 news at 6:00" this evening. cheryl: i'm cheryl conner in fauquier county. a woman who spots a drone going on to actor robert duval's property shoots it down. we will talk to her coming up. leon: also coming up, katie ledecky and michael phelps aren't the only local gold medal winners. we will tell you what
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done for another olympic athlete at 6:00. michelle: we are learning more information from the black box of the ship el faro. it is analyzing the recording and the ship lost the engine at 6:15 in the morveing of the sinking and -- morning of the sinking and began taking on water. hour later the captain ordered 33 people on board to abandoned ship. the recording lasted only ten minute beyond that point. everyone on board died. leon: believe it or not we have to talk about hurricane season now. michelle: things are starting to get interesting in the tropics. doug? doug: we have a tropical storm hurricane that goes back and forth, gasston. i will stay in the middle of the atlantic. we have a blob of tropical thunderstorms southeast of bahamas. the hurricane center is investigating. nothing yet. stay tuned with details on that. no rain is expected and warm
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80's through the evening. partly cloudy skies. the sun sets tonight in two hours. early in the morning friday bus stop time. clear to partly cloudy. 76 degrees for the average pick up time at the bus stop. 95 in the afternoon as the kids start their weekend. it will be hot and humid. feeling like 100 degrees or slightly higher. nationals are at home against baltimore. the rockies coming down over the weekend. it's hot and humid but a lot of sunshine. not oppressively. but summary. 90 both saturday and sunday. both afternoon games by the way. the seven-day outlook shows the heat and the humidity will stick around. 95 tomorrow. 90, 91 over the weekend. back in the lower 90's on monday and tuesday. come wednesday, thursday, maybe friday, chance of the showers and the thunderstorms will pop up to 30% each day. but the highs remain in the lower 90's. technically another heatwave
5:51 pm
we had a week and a half ago around here. that is the latest from the weather center. leon: thank you, sir. now hoping that the nats can turn things around. they don't want to get swept by the orioles. michelle: no. we don't want that. we want you to stay here. every time leon goes to the game, the outcome isn't favorable. leon: you can't blame it on me tonight. blame it on robert. michelle: he is there. leon: he sat the park getting ready for the game. robert: i told the guard at the front make sure you do not let leon harris in the game tonight. we know what happens when you come here. no, seriously. the o's, batting practice going on now. the thing about it is the nats are on a four-game losing streak trying to avoid the sweep against the o's tonight. adam jones in batter's box heating up. you look up and it could be october. that is how fast it goes. october means playoffs. right now is not the time for the nats to be losing games. four straight as a matter of fact. we were in the clubhous
5:52 pm
earlier. we spoke to ben rivera about what the mindset of the clubhouse should be at the moment. >> we're relaxed. nobody up tight. loose and having fun. bringing the game to us. take one game at a time. that is all you do. robert: any win is important. is it bigger stakes because it's the beltway series? not get swept by the o's? >> we are serious about winning. robert: the redskins had a different practice this morning. walking through at joint base andrews in front of the military members. here is the situation, george allen, his teams practiced in front of military members. bruce allen wanted to keep the tradition going. here are some of the sights and sounds from practice this morning. [cheering ] >> we meet these people. really appreciate what they
5:53 pm
do. >> we thank you for what you do for us. we thank hail andrews air force base. let's play some football! [applause] >> we are in awe of these people and what they do for us. anytime we can let them check us opt and get autographs. we want to meet them. they think it's the other way around. we want to meet them. >> we are here to show the gratitude to them. without them a lot of things wouldn't be possible. going to football game and going to sleep, do the things that americans do every day. with them it's possible. >> appreciate it, man. >> good luck. >> thank you. robert: it continues here at nat park. gold medalist helen is here to be honored before the game tonight. we will talk about that tonight at 6:00. back to you in studio. leon: the gun show already started. michelle: bang-bang. all right. next at 5:00, a stor
5:54 pm
how a sheriff office is making a difference. leon: helping kids that could use the help.
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michelle: a group of young kids with no place to call home are getting a fresh start this school year. today they went shopping with the sheriff in fairfax county. as ryan hughes tells us, it's about giving it back and paying it forward. >> how do you feel about that? white denim? >> getting ready to enter the sixth grade. he is getting help shopping for school clothes from the fairfax county sheriff office. >> today is so good. >> also, this. you can also wear the hat. >> 7-year-old jamaya getting fashion tips from the sheriff herself. >> it's still like, i have family. >> the young kids don't have a home. and sometimes
5:58 pm
family. they are living in a shelter. but today they are looking at the sheriff deputies as role models. >> it's just something that i would love to bottle and have every single day. >> for the 25th year, the sheriff office raised money and is partnering with shelter house. a non-profit serving homeless families in fairfax county. they are helping the children in the tur get in burke. each boy and girl is partnered with the sheriff deputy and they are given $250 to fill up the cart with clothes and supplies for back to school? for these kids to have brand new things, walking in to the first day of school gives them so much dignity. >> with many kids coming from an abuseive relationship, it is a chance to break down the perception that police are bad and broke apart their family. >> to engage and partner with them and let them know that we are here to help them and keep them safe is
5:59 pm
michelle: next at "abc7 news at 6:00" -- a story we first brought you over the weekend. popular smoothie chain accused of being responsible for the spread of hepatitis a. some people are looking for payback. it is getting nastier on the campaign trail. what the two presidential candidates had to say about each other today. a local woman takes matters in her own hands after a drone flew over the house of her neighbor, movie star robert duval. announcer: now "abc7 news at 6:00". maureen: we begin with late-breaking developments in the case of the outbreak of hepatitis a in virginia. class action lawsuit filed against tropical smoothie cafe which is being blamed for starting the spread of the disease. brianne carter at the live desk with what we have learned. brianne: just in the last 30 minutes we
6:00 pm
lawsuits filed a richmond court. we understand that according to the class action lawsuits filed on behalf of the individual who says they got sick of having a smoothie at tropical smoothie and someone who says they were exposed to hepatitis a and got a vaccine but had no symptoms after eating at the tropical smoothie cafe. plaintiff in one of the suit claims he contracted hepatitis a from the smoothie in purcellville. they say they breached the warranty and were negligent not complying with the regulations. they say all food and drink sold in the exposure period when the tainted strawberries were there that all the food and drink was defective.


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