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injection-site pain, fatigue... headache, muscle pain, and chills. ask your doctor or pharmacist about all the risks and benefits of trumenba and tell them if you've received any other meningitis b vaccines. meningitis b can be spread by typical sharing like... a drink... a spoon... a kiss. it all started here... it might have been prevented with trumenba. ask your doctor or pharmacist about trumenba. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> now, abc 7 news at noon, on your side. jummy: right off the top this noon, we are talking about the weather. not only is it hot, but it is also sticky. let's get right to chief meteorologist fore-check of our forecast. doug? doug: it is hot out there, and humidity levels are coming up a bit. the winds are kind of out of the
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human direction. it is feeling a little bit later this i think afternoon, we get a push of real humidity that will make it feel at times close to 100 degrees. 87 now in frederick -- absolutely gorgeous. 90 degrees in leesburg, frederick 91 degrees, reagan national, manassas. the temperatures will rise to it already, the feels-like temperature at 98 degrees in washington, 100 degrees in fredericksburg, 98 in leesburg and frederick. it feels like 98 right now at the naval air station. 10 degrees above average. there isn't the slightest chance later this afternoon of a weak front coming through that could give us an isolated thunderstorm, but don't count on it. as we head through the weekend, it will stay dry as well. there is kind of a little trace of where it is coming, but not much precipitation associated with it. as we go through the afternoon, it is going to
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the northwesterly winds probably keeping most of the showers that develop well to our west and southwest. the beaches, your backyards, we have it all for you in a couple of minutes, jummy. jummy: all right, doug, thank you. new this noon, you may soon have to pay more to borrow money. today, reserve chair janet yellen said the fed is working toward raising interest rates in light of a solid job market and improve the outlook for the u.s. economy and inflation. however, yellen stopped short of giving any timetable for the next rate hike. now we turn to the latest on the campaign trail, and presidential nominees hillary clinton and donald trump continue to trade verbal jabs in public, both in playing the other is racist. as lana zak reports, this could be a preview of next month's presidential debate. lana: donald trump and hillary clinton are reaching back into history as they attempt to turn voters against their opponent.
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video with clinton in the 1990's and today. defending his claims that clinton is a big it on cnn. anderson: hatred is at the core of that? mr. trump: maybe she is innocent. lana: while clinton said trump has a long history of racial dissemination, calling him out for "racist lying" and retweets. clinton: trump took this fringe bigot with a few dozen followers and spread his message to 11 million people. lana: the clinton campaign released their own attack ads. >> the reason a lot of clan members like donald trump is because of what he believes, we believe. lana: the discussion of race spilling over to immigration massy, moving away from deportation but not making clear his new stance.
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have not committed a crime, they have a path to legalization, right? trump: you know it is a process. you cannot take them all and say boom, you are gone. lana: meanwhile, a new poll finds that most americans would like voter security and a path to citizenship to be pursued equally. lana zak, abc news, washington. jummy: we here at abc 7 what you 2016.e a voice in vote just send of the questions you would like to ask the candidates. we have reached out there campaign for opportunity to interview them. imo your questions to time may be running out in the search for survivors in the massive earthquake in italy. rescuers worked through the night and it has been more than 48 hours since the quake struck. chris believe those buried under the debris could survive for up
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crews are using sound detectors ift through dogs to sni the rubble cured at least 267 people have died. nearly 400 others have been hurt. authorities in loudoun county may be zeroing in on the man accused of an attack on the w and od trail. they now have a better idea of what he looks like. our q mccray has the latest. q: here it is. this is the composite sketch leesburg police want everybody to take a good, long look at. they say a man who looks like this attacked a woman right here on the very popular washington and old dominion trail, which goes from arlington to percival. the suspect is described as a black mail with a light 6'1" toion, 6'2", was last seen wearing black clothing.
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right here on the trail with a box cutter. according to investigators, she never touched the woman because a cyclist pedaling by stopped him, and he ran off. 4:00ve been out here since a.m. we have seen police officers patrolling the trail this morning. once the sun was out, we saw a lot of walkers including the trails own volunteer safety patrol. the people in this area are on high alert. do you take the sidewalks instead of the trails? >> yes. q: well, you are smart to have your whistle. >> yes, i have it, and believe it or not, today i want to do get something. q: a whistle is a good move according to police, so is walking when the sun is out and walking in a group or with a partner. again, this is the man they're looking for. in leesburg, i am q mccray. back to you in the studio. jummy:
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your family fight back against crime and cured our crime the map on -- against crime. check out our crime map on today marks one year since the shocking on-air murders of a reporter and photographer in virginia. alison parker and adam ward worked at wdvj. they were in a live interview when they were ambusehd by a disgruntled -- were ambushed by disgruntled ex-employee. they held a moment of silence on their newscast today. serious questions about the is george's county has the program, which has been clouded by scandals involving the mistreatment of some students. john gonzalez has the latest. john: the clock is ticking, and the question is -- where will the money now come from? school ine hyattsville, maryland
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authorities say last year, a five-year-old girl walked out of those doors, no one noticed, and she kept going. she walked all the way home by herself. just one of several allegations against the county's headstart program, and now the federal government has decided to pull its $6.3 million grant. last night, the school board met in a three-hour school board meeting. parents were livid. the board voted not to appeal the decision, not making it clear how they would pay for the program, but saying it will start on time for more than 900 due to. and of course the parents with a lot of questions. other allegations include a three-year-old forced to mock his own your and while the teacher recorded on herself on. it is important to take a break and regroup ourselves and come back with a comprehensive plan. it may cause headache and heartache in short-term, but over the long period of time, all the programs will not be affected. you will go into
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departments' budgets just to make this an reward people who did not do their jobs properly in the beginning. john: the school board's kevin mat maxwell says this is giving the school a blind eye. he is set to meet with the county before monday. in hyattsville, john gonzalez. back to you inside. jummy: a school in prince george's county is closed due to a water main break. someone reported water gushing near the cooper lane elementary school. about a dozen homes and businesses are without water. thes tell us they will have problem fixed sometime this afternoon. we turn now to cover metro and a safetrack runs through november 11. wednesday, blue trucks will single lane. there are three consecutive shutdown, but there are three shuttle buses that will
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the blue line. buses will replace trains between franconia-springfield and van dorn street. coming up on abc 7 news at noon, a man trapped in a burning vehicle. we will tell you when an officer heroically went in to save him as cameras were rolling the whole time. reporter: a woman who saw a drone going on to actor robert bean balls property shoots it down. we will talk to her coming up. jummy: later, are you addicted to coffee
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newsu are watching abc 7 at noon, on your side. jummy:
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at this dramatic video coming out of georgia. unbelievable. an officer's body camera shows him saving the life of a man trapped in a burning vehicle. the officer found the suv engulfed in flames with the passenger trapped inside. the officer was prevented from opening the door. the officer pulled the men out, and explosion knocks off his hat and his body camera. police say the suv's driver died in the fire. , police in nebraska are trying to figure out exactly what caused a man to run onto the airport tarmac before jumping in an airline pickup truck and then ramming it into a plane. it happened last night in omaha. police say the man was shouting about someone trying to kill him. when they tried to calm him down, he took off, ending up on the atomic and nothing but his underwear. wheel ofup behind the an unlocked truck a
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off, he turned around and came back, he drove under the jet bridge and ran head-on into the nose gear of a southwest flight that was parked at gate 17. jummy: the head-on crash into the plane happened as passengers were boarding. as for the man behind the wheel, you see him right there, he was taken into custody. doing some crazy things, you could say, here is how not to win back your ex girlfriend. police say a man in milwaukee mailed his former girlfriend a live python. eric burroughs is now facing several charges. this is not the first time he is accused of lashing out at an ex. police claimed descent threatening letters to the woman for the job along with texting and calling her phone. i guess the python was a last-ditch effort to try to win her back, doug. doug:
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jummy: i'm going to guess that did not work. doug: the weekend is a must here. earlier for some than others, i am just saying. jummy: for some of us, it is 15 minutes away. [laughter] doug: it is hot. we know it is august. we do not see much rain over the next few days. let's start off our weather coverage with some 90 degree heat facts. this is compelling tv, folks. 18 days so far this month we have been 90 or better. the average for the entire month is only 10, so we have almost doubled that. 12 sons last august we hit it, so we're way above that. it, and as have had we are speaking, this will be the second warmest august on record. we will still have several more days of august to go, including today's high temperature, which may hit 95 degrees. we look even eye on that. pointrees, dew
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that is muggy, makes you feel warmer, but of the northerly wind -- winds out of the self right now, the dew point would be 75, 76 degrees, and it would feel like 100 degrees or more in many spots. as far as what is happening temperature wise, 91 college park, 87 degrees in burke right now. -- we at 89, 91 over in 91 over in anne arundel county. it feels like 98 at reagan national, 100 degrees in fredericksburg, 92 at hagerstown, winchester checking out at 93 degrees, feels like temperature. baltimore, 95 degrees, and it feels like one of five on the mature in easton. we will check the -- 105 temperature in easton. it will feel like 100 for later today. not quite to the level we need the heat advisory. as you go through the evening, it will stay muggy and warm.
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after the big three-hit shutout from max scherzer last night. first pitch around 90's still, a little breeze out of the northwest, but the weathervane will not inhibit the ballgame is all -- at all. the next seven days, it will be hot. 95 today. 90 or so tomorrow and sunday, .nd about 93 on monday monday will be more humid out there. tuesday, scattered showers and thunderstorms tuesday and wednesday, but generally dry. i should point out there is a slight chance of an isolated shower tay, but mostly it will stay dry until tuesday and wednesday of next week. jummy: ok. doug: maybe we will go from number two in august to number one.
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>> countdown to labor day sponsored by paralyzed veterans of america. oldy: in 2013, 26 years kayla mueller with kidnapped by isis, setting off a desperate effort by her parents to gain her freedom. tonight, abc's "20/20" exposes details about the failed efforts to free her. brian ross joins us now with more on the story. what did you learn that you found most surprising about this story? brian: first, i was inspired by the life that kayla mueller led . she was -- sheisis guard actually stood up to the isis guard called jihadi john.
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and stood as a model of courage and bravery that other hostages could not believe. jummy: i know you speak with her parents. what are they saying about all of this? brian: they are upset because they feel that their daughter was failed by both the u.s. government and by humanitarians with whom she was connected. at anyfused to claim her point. doctors without borders, whose vehicle she was traveling in, said flat out we will not help negotiate because she is not a full-time staff member. they also said the u.s. try to block the request to raise ransom money, threatening criminal prosecution, something president obama later said was wrong and has since changed the policy. it was not in time for kayla. jummy: you also spoke with some of the former fellow hostages as well? brian: indeed. they talk to us about what it was like inside the isis prison near the capital city of rocca, how
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brutally, try to humiliate them, threatened to disclose sensitive personal information, and threatened again and again to kill them. her parents got involved in a remarkable exchange of 27 e-mails sitting in their kitchen in prescott, arizona, e-mailing with the people who held her daughter in raqqa, syria, threatening to kill her. jummy: all right, it will certainly be an interesting one to watch this evening. ryan ross, thank you -- brian ross, thank you. switching gears, more and more, you see drones hovering above in the air, and sometimes they can be pesky and even intrusive. recently, a virginia woman saw a drone over the home of her neighbor, movie legend robert duvall's. what did she do? she took her gun and shot the drone out of the sky cleared our cheryl conner has the story. jennifer: it came over the tree line, and i blasted it. cheryl:
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target was down. jennifer: sometimes my actions thing before i do. cheryl: she has made hunting a hobby, and she practices with skied. -- skeet. in june, she had a larger target like this one near her tree line in fauquier county. jennifer: the drum went over the trees, across the street, disappeared out of sight. cheryl: across the street lives a menu have likely seen in the movies. thist duvall owns 400-acre property. jennifer: he is a nice gentleman. i give him his distance. cheryl: when the drone flew back over to her property, it was the last flight. jennifer: it scattered in pieces, and then the men started to come up here. i said, "i called the police, you are trespassing. there are signs down here." cheryl: you can see her property and robert duvall's. she said that may be the same vehicle that was spotted going onto his driveway just
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before. the woman who drives a school bus for a living has just one regret -- the debris left from the drone caused a few flat tires in her tractor. youngman has not bumped into two uvall lately, but she is certain he agrees with what she did. jennifer: when you come to the country, only leave your footsteps. cheryl: cheryl conner, abc 7 news. jummy:
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jummy: if you are a starbucks junkie and cannot function without a cup of java, it could all be in your dna. scientists discovered a link between your gene and our irresistible coffee craving. the gene helps regulate the way coffee is metabolized in the biker for some, it takes longer for caffeine to break down, meaning they can drink less coffee, and for others, and can take less time, and they cannot wrap their hands -- cannot wait to wrap your hands of another cup. which one are you? doug: i have not had a cup of coffee in my life. jummy: i have had about three a year. tonight, for the redskins against the bills come it will be very warm, dropping to the 80's, still about 88 at her, so we will keep an eye on things for you for the weekend. it will be hot. jummy: thanks for
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