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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  August 27, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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kimberly: straight ahead on abc seven news, excitement growing of theear opening day african american museum of history and culture. plus, very lucky to be alive, a maryland state trooper on a routine traffic stop is side swept. >> i've been doing this kind of
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come across a before. kimberly: a shocking discovery 14 feet down a manhole. what utility workers found living in a very dangerous spot. >> now, abc 7 news at 11:00, on your side. kimberly: good. thank you for joining us. i'm kimberly suiters. just a few weeks away from the grand opening of the smithsonian museum of african american history and culture. timed entry passes for september 24 that were available online were gone within minutes. amy aubert has more on the growing excitement. amy? amy: kimberly, the passes for opening day were gone in just 24 minutes. we checked out the website for ourselves. the next available date for those passes, october 4.
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the building. >> it's definitely like watching a pyramid getting built. works nearbyson and said long before the debut, the national museum of african american history and culture is already the talk of the area. >> people ask about it. >> you just on see a building like that, so it's very interesting. amy: doors officially open september 24 to the public. free timed entry passes for opening day made available online saturday morning were gone in 24 minutes. >> it's exciting to see that people are excited to learn more about african-american culture. amy: for visitors and people who live here, a new museum bustling with interest days before opening day. >> some of our history is lost, and to be somewhere where they shca
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with love to see. according to the website, visitors have to reserve timed passes to prevent overcrowding. every is not a time limit on how long you can spend inside the museum. -- there is not a time limit on how long you can spend inside the museum. kimberly: abc 7 will be there when the museum opens. if you want an advanced tour, go to for a look inside and information about the exhibits they will feature. a very close call by a maryland state police trooper who is doing well tonight after his cruiser was sideswiped during a traffic stop. the driver was under the influence. morris was standing outside of his patrol car after pulling over a car on i 270 in rockville. then a car flipped on its side and was coming towards them. >> i was telling the
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driver to drive forward so that was not another collision. kimberly: 29-year-old steven shannon smelled of alcohol and refused a blood test. the trooper pulled shannon from his car and he was taken to the hospital. he has been charged with driving under the influence. state police say this is a reminder about the "move over" law. an investigation after a dangerous scare in the air. a southwest airlines flight forced to make an emergency landing in pensacola, the airplane engine ripped off shortly after takeoff. terrified passengers heard a loud boom. the pilot reading through the emergency checklist was breathless, telling passengers to put on their masks. >> this was not just any engine failure, this was explosive, which is very rare and very dangerous because in this case, the engine actually threw metal into t
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killed. kimberly: southwest is cooperating withedpassengers sal to the pilot for keeping them alive. the heat wave rolls on come up there could be a hiccup when we see the sunshine. josh knight has the forecast. josh: we are settling into a nice evening, but clouds are expected tonight. the temperatures are down some from this time yesterday. it still feels like 84 in d.c. because of the humidity, but 70 woodbridge, 72 gaithersburg, 76 reston. look at these numbers. this is the temperature right now compared with yesterday evening at this time. 8 degrees cooler and culpeper, three degrees cooler in d.c. tomorrow morning we will start off feeling better. skies are clear, but i expect cloud cover to develop overnight, especially southern maryland and east of interst
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more likely you have sunshine in the morning. 6:00 a.m., 73 degrees. we are looking at nice weather, 75 by 8:00, near 80 degrees towards 10:00. we stay in the 90's the next couple days, but there is a break on the way. that is coming up. 2016,ly: turning to vote questions about possible changes to donald trump's immigration policy. speaking at an event in iowa, the report and nominee did not say if he still supports the mass deportation of 11 million non-criminals in the country without permission. he promised to deport criminals in the country a legally and kick out anybody who overstayed their visa. >> we are going to get rid of them day one. we start day one. kimberly: the obama administration and those before
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people have committed crimes. hillary clinton said she will continue the policy and push for immigration reform. clinton received her first classified intelligence briefing as a democratic nominee today. she met with the office of the director of national intelligence for more than two an fbi field office in new york. unlike double truck, clinton did not bring any aides into her mating. governor mike pence was an personal bill, while senator tim kaine was in florida. as anna-lysa gayle reports, both are hoping that their messages resonate with voters, and sometimes their messages sound alike. closer to as we get election day, the campaign trail is heating up and the vice presidential nominees are kicking things into high gear. >> god bless you, virginia. >> thank you so much for coming. anna-lysa:
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mike pence was in patrick henry college. tim kaine was in florida. they both had similar criticisms about each other's campaigns. >> american people are tired of the politics of division. they are tired of politicians who divide our country to unite their support. >> you look at the pattern of activity on donald trump side and it's not the community of respect. it is division and the blame game. anna-lysa: pence is continuing the efforts to reach minority voters. >> we can make america great again for every american. >> he has guys connected with the ku klux klan who are claiming him. sometimes he does not disavow that. they seem to be taking advantage of that, and i find that troubling. both nominees interacted with businesses in the community.
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company in miami lakes. pence visited a richmond eye and ear. anna-lysa gayle, abc 7 news. kimberly: developing now, san francisco 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick is defending himself for not standing up during the national anthem. he said he will not stand up for a country that he believes oppresses people of color. the 49ers and the nfl said they encourage people to stand up during the national anthem, but he respects -- but they respect his right not to. several players said that he insults those who fight and die for the country. the golden gate bridge district is taking steps to prevent teenagers from committing suicide by jumping off the bridge. best reason to reach teenagers is on their cell phones, so they are posting a number for anyone contemplating suicide to send a text and talk to a counselor. officials say there
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of young people considering suicide by jumping off the bridge. is it a trick or a trap? coming up, a consumer alert if you're heading to philadelphia. be careful where you park. plus, living in the sewers. coming up, what utility workers found 14 feet underground. still ahead, real traffic trouble in south florida after sections o
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kimberly: a 7 on your side consumer alert. park your carou somewhere where you think it is safe and it has disappeared when you come back. new video and fill it of your shows a tow truck driver taking a woman's vehicle from her spot. there was not a sign which you park there, but when she came back there was one. the tow truck driver had apparently set a trap. this is happening coast to coast, including in virginia. this sounds like a horror story plot -- il
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utility workers in washington he discovered. theyen they looked inside, saw clothes and toys and food and other miscellaneous stuff. kimberly: that included a makeshift bed. , andbor spotted two boys one indicated that he was living down the manhole. say they knew that the manhole was slightly ajar for at least the past month. >> i could not even imagine somebody living there. and not being aware that was happening. >> i've been doing this kind of work over 30 years and i've never come across it before. kimberly: all of the items discovered were removed and the boys have not been seen since. that is a sad story. josh: and scary
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now, we have a nice few days ahead. josh: improvements. for a lot of kids, this is the last weekend of summer vacation, and it feels like it. tomorrow morning feels better than this morning. 81 degrees right now at reagan national, feeling like 84. still a decent amount of moisture in the air, muggy, which will allow the feels-like temperature to be higher. the high-pressure park to the north. with that come it is holding all of the cloud cover further to the south and to the west. we have seen the sunshine stick around. that will bring extra moisture from the atlantic, the east brees developing, allowing cloud cover to develop. i think for most of us it will really stay further to the east of interstate 95, mostly maryland, southern maryland, fredericksburg.
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skies futurecast not picking up too much of this, so i don't it will stick around too long. lunchtime come everybody is looking at sunshine. the only showers tomorrow, further to the west, western maryland, west virginia. i 81, no problems. a nice pool day sunday. monday, things are changing. i expect rain to pop up, especially closer to the shenandoah valley and hagerstown in the late afternoon. there is a chance of showers towards the metro, but i think it will be later in the evening. chance monday predominantly after sunset, but something we will be monitoring. and70's aroundd.c. annapolis, everywhere else in the 60's come a comfortable start in leesburg and woodstock, both mid-sixties. a better start than today. the high temperature
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morrow near 90 degrees, afternoon sunshine taking over. just a couple degrees cooler than today, so i think it will feel better. we were 92 today at reagan. tomorrow should be right around 90. cloud cover in the morning, lots of sunshine later. anday, a chance of sunshine storms later in the day. the better chance of rain with spotty thunderstorms in the afternoon tuesday, then again wednesday. there is a front coming through wednesday that makes it feel much nicer for the end of the week, 87 thursday. we are into the low and mid 80's friday and saturday. the average this time of year, 85, so we are well above that. kimberly: some teams were hot tonight, too. robert: d.c. united was on fire. the ravens remain undefeated. and bryce harper ejected
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. robert: the ravens hosting the lions tonight in the preseason. back on the field after getting injured last october and missing a huge part of the season. cco worked up a sweat, then he was taken out. his backup, 6'7" ryan miller check took over. jeremy butler, touchdown. 16-3 baltimore. , 30-9.ens win big >> it was good to get back out there and feel like part of the team again. as much as you are on the sideline, injured come not like him is hard to feel part
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group when you're not out there competing. it was there doing that stuff. >> it felt good. this team has a certain way they are supposed to feel, how it's supposed to look, and is starting to look like that. for some, the off-season has been way too long. one guy who cannot wait to get things going, josh norman. onhas been getting trolled the internet since training camp. last night, against pittsburgh. >> this has been the longest off-season i've had in my life. it is like, gosh, you have the trolls on the sharks. it's like, what is the season starting? we have stuff that has nothing to do with football. it's like, come on, man, can we play already? i'm over everything. robert:
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out the first pitch at nationals park is afternoon. from harper was ejected the game for our game with the home plate umpire in the 10th inning. leaves the game, in the 11th, the bullpen cannot hold it together. onarlie blackmon goes ham that pitch. rockies win 9-4 in 11. >> if you look at the tape, i was looking at the ball the whole way into the glove. it was off the plate. if i could see one more pitch, hit a homer, wall, or could've struck out. wanted that last pitch, and never got there. it just should not happen. it's just bad. robert: and he got to his hair, too. d.c.
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fire at rfk. six goals for united, winning 6-2. another three points for the black and red as they face new york city next. >> we got a bunch of goals, which for us is a big deal. that is a good feeling. it's a feeling this team has been waiting for. >> we had an idea this was a must win game. at the end of the day, we will take six goals and three points and learn from what we did and get ready for really tough game coming up. indianapolis,s in against the fever. the mystics got is a. -- the mystics got busy and win big, 92-69. and brian
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today. patriots, but lookingries of forward to making more with the redskins. #httr. that means "hail to the redskins." kimberly: coming up -- a driving lesson.
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kimberly: a travel nightmare in southeast england. a truck carrying construction materials caused a partial collapse of an overpass. a motorcyclist was injured when he came off his bike and the bridge started to fall. which links london with the port of dover and the tunnel would shut down for a time. london bridge is falling down. toriver a little too anxious emerge on to win highway slammed into a semi truck and it was all caught on camera. the small red car merges quickly onto the ramp, and is not see the big truck, pushing it into the second lane. spins thehits and car. the iowa department of transportation posted video of the incident outside of des moines as
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people need to pay attention to the roads. wow. not what drivers wanted to see on a busy miami highway. check out this sinkhole two lanes wide on the turnpike near hard rock stadium in miami-dade. it brought traffic to a standstill this afternoon. florida highway patrol is diverting traffic around the hole. they say that a water line break was to blame. nobody was injured and new vehicles were damaged.
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kimberly: did you see this video this week? a brave police officer helped a skunk with a cup trapped on its head. he fremoved the


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