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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  October 24, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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being hit by a car in montgomery county this morning at the intersection of georgia avenue and reege reege in -- and regnina drive in wheaton. richard reeve is there. this is a horrible crash. richard: it is a horrible crash. i want to show you one thing on georgia avenue. see the orange marks? that is the things he had wh scattered everywhere. you can see this marking here. this is where his cane landed. next to the street. show you video of the scene. police were here for several hours investigating. the deceased man is 64-year-old robert grossman. witnesses tell us he lived virtually across the street in a neighborhood. he does this route almost every day. he walks to a bus to take him to a medical center.
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toyota camry struck him. a young woman nearby saw it all. she was feet away waiting for her bus. she heard the revving of the engine and slamming of the brakes and saw something going up in the air. moments later she ran to comfort another teenager who saw what had happened. >> i ran over to see if she was okay. she started saying he is dead, he's dead. oh, my god. i was like what? that is i realized that wasn't a tire. that was a man. richard: now one thing to keep in mind. this crash happened just as the sun is coming up. there is no street lights, there is no crosswalk. residents say something needs to change. reporting live, richard reeve, abc7 news. alison: thank you.
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today. the story about a gang rape was later retracted by "rolling stone." today the woman as the center of the article identified as jackie explained she was young and naive saying in a typed deposition she didn't know she could back out of the interview. jonathan: a virginia taxi drive pleaded guilty to help a friend join woodbridge arrested in january after a sting operation. elhassan was driving his friend to the airport and did not know that the buddy discussed the support of isis with an informant. elhassan faces another charge and could go to trial. michelle: montgomery county police are trying to figure out how a woman ended up dead in a rockville auto mechanics parking lot. someone spotted the body around 6:30 this morning.
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they called 911. abc7's kevin lewis has the latest. >> crazy to see her just laying there in the open like that. kevin: yellow police tape cordoned off the parking lot. at the shop along park lawn drive. out back, someone spotted a woman's dead body before sunrise. she was lying next to a snow this links it to the red line station and a number of bus stops. >> i woke up. started taking pictures. kevin: evans woke up, looked over the balcony and snapped photos. >> she was laying there had her arms behind her head. her shirt was raised up. kevin: he says homeless people congregate in the wooded area from time to time. liquor and wipe bottles are
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bottles are scattered about. they are investigating the body but haven't said if someone killed her. >> i'm curious. i have two young daughters and it's important to know what happened. >> so far they have not released the victim's name or age. reporting in rockville, i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. michelle: thank you. just a week ago we were talking about record high temperatures in the forecast. but not anymore. today could be the warmest day of the week. abc7 chief meteorologist doug hill doug? doug: it's looking that way. part of the area hit 70 degrees this afternoon. delightful. a cold front went through. we are left with a beautiful sky and a bit of a breeze. temperatures starting to fall. looking live at campus. in laurel. heading to the evening hours it's mid-60's by 6:00 p.m. we start the drop further from there. 58 is the temperature at 8:00.
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temperatures will be widespread above the 40-degree mark. most of the area brentwood neighborhood is 346. 42 in waldorf. late tonight, out to the west, a frost advisory. freeze warning south and west of that. the seasons are changing. we will look ahead to the next seven days coming up. michelle: thank you. in the race for the white house donald trump is trying to shore up the swing state of florida. today he participated in a first responders round table in st. augustine before hosting a rally there. he will be on the move with another rally on florida's west coast tonight. jonathan: on the other side of the ticket, hillary clinton hit the campaign trail in the northeast. today, she brought along
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rally in new hampshire. news over the weekend showed hillary clinton has 12-point lead nationally over donald trump but there are a lot of polls out there and they range wildly. alison: we continue to track the pulse of the electorate, we are checking on the mood. we go to the eastern share of maryland which elected the only republican congressman from the free state. maryland bureau chief brad bell brought vote track 2016 across the bay bridge. what are you finding there that elected that congressman andy harris. it's also the district that republican governor larry hogan thanked for helping to elect him. you see a lot of donald trump signs. but we did bring votetrak 2016 down to beautiful came ridge to find out what people -- beautiful cambridge to find out what people are thinking. what we are hearing is a diversity of opinion. maryland eastern shore is a land of farm field and
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we speak to waterman working to get the boats ready to harvest oysters. they tell us they feel forgotten by the politicians. >> the governor was supposed to help the waterman out. now he says his hands are tied and he can't do nothing. we put him in office to help us. we got no help. >> vote for the best liars. that's it. they are all lying. brad: in downtown cambridge, we meet a man woking home with >> i spent the last debate. they drone on instead of talk about the, is. brad: we continue to gather opinions and work on the story. when we come back at 5:00, we have more on the people in this area and what they say about the presidential election. how it affects them. in cambridge, brad bell, abc7 news. alison: thank you. stay with abc7 and brad bell
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so tomorrow, brad will be headed right into d.c. so don't miss it. michelle: if you live in the district, you can vote right now at one judiciary square. saturday, the line of voters stretched more than a block. that early voting location is open every day. from 8:30 in the morning until 7:00 at night. polling places in all eight wards open on friday. still ahead for us -- abc7 goes one-on-one with donald trump's daughter-in next two weeks. jonathan: this is insane. coming up next, a wild ride-along. the moment this went from a learning experience to something a whole lot more dangerous. alison: holy cow! have you heard about the tickets in chicago? why you might have to sell
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michelle: a programming note. tonight on the sister station, newschannel8 and streaming live at, "your voice, you future" town hall. opioid epidemic. each year 47,000 people die from drug overdoses. six in ten from opioids. our town hall round table tonight at 7:00 on newschannel8 and on our
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shots fired. jonathan: that is actual footage of a car being chased and a shooting. but here is the crazy part. that was the moment the opening fire took place, but the officer who was chasing him actually had a civilian in his car. she was going on a ride-along. one of the things a lot of people do. she wa got caught up in a terrifying traffic stop and chase resulting in being shot at. caught on camera. a traffic shop that at first appears mundane. >> the white mazda. north of howard. jonathan: dash cam video showing a civilian guest in the cruiser for a ride-along trying to pull over a mazda. >> he's not stopping. you're kidding me, right? jonathan: but the driver takes off and the offices chases
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the cruiser screams as the squad car is about to come under fire. >> he has a gun. >> shots fired. jonathan: watch. just as they turn the corner you can see the gunfire. in all, someone from the passenger side shoots a dozen times. three of the bullets hitting and disabling the police cruiser, forcing the officer to end the pursuit. the police department sharing the picture of the patrol car windows shattered. this is car the suspect abandoned before taking off. the police like many others across the country take people out to show how police work works and say the outcome could have been worse. >> 14 rounds, two through the window, one into the right rear tire. incredibly lucky. we had a round that went in a residence and bedroom and ended up in a pile of clothes. jonathan: the officer wasn't injured as all.
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she suffered minor cuts from broken glass. alison: unbelievable. well, the next story here will warm your heart. the mother of the now separated conjoined twins holding her 13-month-old son jayden. she called this the most profound moment of her life. the first time she got to be with him alone. the breathing tube now removed. anias is recovering slower but that was expected and doctors do say he is amazing. jonathan: well, lawmakers now are blasting the pentagon for forcing thousands of national guardsman to repair improperly paid re-enlistment bonuses from a decade ago. they were paid to 10,000 guardsman from california to re-enlist in the wars in iraq and afghanistan. however, the amounts were later deemed excessive. some service members say they had to refinance the home to
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kevin mccarthy calls the demands disgraceful. eric smith has a look at the ride home for us. it looks busy out there. that looks like a wreck. >> you got it, jonathan. this is i-66 eastbound looking at a crash before route 28 to centreville. the good news here is this was shut down a few moments ago. they did get some cars moved out of the way. this is one lane that is still affected by the crash scene. it will pull back a little bit near the overpass near county parkway. that is heavy to centreville. we expect solid delays. at the capital beltway you will see a ton of directions near river road to the 270 spur. both directions are slow between this area and jorntown pike across the legion bridge. that is a tough stretch. the inner loop at connecticut avenue is not as bad. you will see volume. starting 355 heading to georgia avenue.
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beltway delays for both directions near the region bridge and the 270 spur. that is a tough ride. 270, not too bad today. you may see northbound volume as you head to clarksburg. that is all from news desk right now. back to you. michelle: thank you. new pictures from the nasa cassini spacecraft peering into saturn and getting a view of the planet. it appears to be changing from blue to golden in the north 2012. the rearmingers are trying to figure out what -- researchers are trying to figure out what is causing this. it could be the saturn seasons. their summer solstice is next may. doug: if it turns blue to gold, the trees are changing. alison: the fall foliage. jonathan: if they have fall foliage on saturn we would have led this newscast with that. doug: i don't think there is much of anything on saturn.
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cold tonight? doug: interstate 81 and portions west have frost and freeze warnings. freeze watch north of the maryland-pennsylvania line. seasons are changing. it's not uncommon to throw to a couple of 70 days like today. less common to go back to the 80's like last week. we keep an eye on things but cooler is the watch word. we start with a beautiful image. grazing in the pasture. beti we enjoy that. in the competition along with this one sent to us. this is another beautiful view. keep them coming. send them to this is week three. week three. of our fall foliage contest. thursday evening the storm watch weather team will pick a winner and friday morning it
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from the weather center. fall is in the air. most of the area is moderate color. not peak or high color but we are getting there. highest ridges along 81 and the highest out west are at peak color. it is coming on strongly. the next week to ten days we will see peak color around the metro area. 39 to 45 overnight. the winds are gusty today. we start numbers. 45 to 43 for an average. mostly sunny skies. northwesterly winds are 10 to 15. the winds are lighter on wednesday. partly cloudy and 56 degrees. the average high is 66. we have rain chances and another frontal system on thursday. we will clear out on friday. right now saturday, 40% chance of showers in the area of low pressure may get close enough but not a terrible day.
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and on monday. what is that? ohhh! jack-o-lantern. halloween! jonathan: don't forget to wear your costume. doug: i'm wearing it already. as good as it gets. alison: nice ensemble. i like it. michelle: i know you have been waiting for this update. dorothy's ruby slippers are safe. jonathan: on the edge of the seat! michelle: they raised money to preserve the 80-year-old prop. they thought it would take a month but it took less than a peek. you can see the slippers made famous at the "wizard of oz" at the national museum of american history. that didn't take long. alison: no. amazing. michelle: a week! jonathan: that is a big draw. i still can't get over the fact it costs 300k to get it done. really? c'mon! alison: it shows how much the
4:20 pm
my 3-year-old loves it. she has slippers. doug: 1,000 years from now when they are well preserved the archaeologists will see it and say what are the people like back then? they worship shoes. jonathan: a lot of people already do. doug: i'm married to one. jonathan: we, moo. coming up next at "abc7 news at 4:00". first, the indians who clinched it. then the cubs. world series matchup is all set. good luck getting have you haven't heard this, holy cow. the ticket prices cost you an arm and a leg. in fact, that's not enough. it's just for standing room. wait to see how much it costs to sit down to watch the game. michelle: two animal rescues in d.c. combining the efforts to work together. how they hope to find forever homes for the animals that don't have one.
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northern virginia, on the issues, barbara comstock and donald trump are the same. comstock and trump promote deportation and reject any comprehensive immigration reform. both oppose background checks that keep guns from suspected terrorists. and comstock-trump were prepared to shut down the government just for politics. time for luann bennett: comprehensive immigration reform now. common sense gun safety laws. bennett tells congress:
4:23 pm
and i approve this message. jonathan: well, i don't know if you heard by now but the chicago cubs are in the world series. they haven't won the title. i think when you carry the 4, it's been 4,000 years. a long time. alison: basically. we want to hear what you think about this. this is the subject of the megaphone question. the specific question now that basically anything is possible because the cubs made the world series, what do you want
4:24 pm
area? think about it. michelle: all right. now to getting a ticket. if you are one of the lucky ones. it seems that people are willing to do anything to watch the world series in person. others will do anything to make a buck off of it. lindsey mastis, tickets are quite high. we are talking tens of thousands of dollars? this is crazy! lindsey: absolutely. they are going for nearly $4,000 on average according to ticket i.q. look at thi a lot of people in social media, they are monitoring prices as well. we have 80,000 here. $25,000. that is not all. here is a different one. this says game seven price high to low. $950,000. that is a piece. i hope that is not real. but look at this. this is a tweet from espn reporter darren rovell. $98,000. that is how much a fan paid
4:25 pm
to game seven. now other people are complaining. this person says anybody who bought eight standing room only tickets at $100 for the world series and is flipping them for $800, you're the worst. you can also try to win tickets. i have seen a lot of contests as well. other people are, of course, asking well anyone give me tickets. look at this. make sure that the contests are real. this is one by the mlb. they are offering tickets i this fan app sweepstakes. so, if you try to win tickets make sure they are real. michelle: that would be a double whammy. alison: minor detail. jonathan: thanks. i was hearing someone say they would be okay paying $50,000 for four tickets to the cub. no, no. not for four. that's for two. michelle: i'll watch from my home. comfortable. i can press pause. jonathan: ahead at 4:00,
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a -- bus crash. this is horrible. we'll have more coming up. mike: i'm micro-enterprise management group with -- i'm mike carter-canine with a look at the merger of the humane society. we have the long process coming up. >> the trial begins for a man accused of stabbing his wife to death. with the couple's young children nearby. i'm jeff goldberg. coming up where things in the case and where it goes next. alison: coming up at new at 5:00, pastor and his wife accused of fraud. where prosecutors say they spent more than $1 million meant for mission's work. we tell you where the girl scout cookies are available for a breakfast food.
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. jonathan: today is day one of the bonnie black murder trial. michelle: abc7 cameras were there as her husband walked away from the crime scene as he is now about to go on trial for her murder. jonathan: northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg takes us through a bizarre case even before anyone takes the stand.
4:30 pm
the brutal stabbing death of his estranged wife. 42-year-old bonnie black. in april 2015, bonnie was found murdered in the bedroom at her home in south arlington after the neighbor discovered the couple's two young children wandering outside the house. after repeatedly searching for evidence arlington police focused their attention on david black who lived a few blocks away. they were going through a difficult divorce and court papers revealed a history o protective orders. bopny black a psychologist who worked with the f.b.i. expressed concern for her own safety. six months after the killing david black was arrested and charged with first-degree murder. he remained in jail ever since. jury selection took up most of the day today. the prosecution is set to begin calling witnesses tomorrow including members of bonnie black's family. the trial is set to last two
4:31 pm
michelle: a quick update here. in the fast but minutes a jury has been seated and opening statements are starting. jonathan: in vermont, snow over the weekend is being welcomed. take a look at this. this is bolton where ski resorts are hoping for more sub freezing temperatures and more snow. that is enough out there for snow boarders. last year you see resorts across northeast had to delay openings. the weather would not cooperate. it was too warm. they were not get let's hope they keep getting it. we are okay not getting it. doug: just a matter of time. it doesn't look like snow or winter here. jonathan: beautiful. doug: potomac river and it's a beautiful day. near 70 degrees. jonathan: really nice. doug: it will get cooler. spring and summer will come back. we have wenter to do first. get through the rest of fall. wintertime will come. at the moment it's gorgeous outside. with the afternoon temperatures in the upper 60's
4:32 pm
northwesterly wind at 15. the dew point at 44. that tells us the air is dry. it's comfortable monday afternoon around the region. the forecast tonight, the winds diminish. clear skies. overnight reading. bot to 45 degrees. that is -- 35 to 45 degrees. that's chilly. so keep that in mind in the morning. a chill in the air with a little breeze. once daylight hits, it will be breezy again. 10 to 15 miles per hour winds. plenty of sunshine. 59 degrees. the average temperatures are 66 degrees. forecast lows heading to wednesday morning will be in the 30's just about everywhere. look at this. 38 in lieu lieu. -- 38 in luray. 43 in annapolis. thedays are getting cold -- days are getting colder. every now and then we slide back and have a milder day. you stay ahead of the weather all the time. just download the weather app. get it at the apple store or
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all you have to find is the next seven days we will give you an idea that the cool temperatures will hang around. the rain chances thursday and then again on saturday. michelle? michelle: thank you. in the war on terror now, iraqi special forces again shelling isis forces. this is in the stronghold just outside of mosul. the mosul operation continues as the coalition forces hope to push them out of one of iraq's biggest ci for two years. iraq's prime minister promised mosul would be liberated by the end of the year. jonathan: more than a thousand riot police deployed to the migrant camp in france ahead of today's scheduled demolition. it has been nicknamed "the jungle" because of how big is it and how many problems they have had there with the migrants. most recently, the police have been clashing with the migrants because some do not want to leave the camp.
4:34 pm
there last year as we covered the conditions there. more of the migrants there are either fleeing the war in syria or getting out of another war zone. they are being told to seek asylum elsewhere or go home. in february the washington humane society and animal rescue lead announced they would merge after years of collaboration between the two. michelle: eight months later, they are celebrating a new name and a new [applause] mike: staff and volunteers at the new humane rescue alliance are thrilled they will no longer have to say the post merger mouthful washington humane society, washington animal rescue league. before they were coworkers there was a natural tension between the two organizations. competing for the same resources, the same donors. but today they say they are united. now with matching t-shirts. >> it solidifies the unification as one. mike: quickly, the new logo
4:35 pm
facebook, twitter. even the dogs here want a look. >> there is so much eenthusiasm and excitement -- enthusiasm and excitement. mike: they opted for the word "alliance" to allow for future mergers and partnership. >> in the first year we are saveing $1 million and growing the program. that's what you do when you merge. mike: the logo has two stick figures. >> two people coming together around the capitol. mi for the record it's not just a dog. >> it's a test. you see what you want to see. >> you can see a bunny rabbit or dog or cat. mike: after the merger 170 employees kept the jobs. no they're expanding, emphasizing that washington is the only major american city with all animal protection
4:36 pm
in northwest washington, mike carter-conneen, abc7 news. michelle: i talked to laura trump who is trump's daughter-in-law. the company paid for the satellite time for the interview. in the interview we asked about the winter voters and any october surprises. still donald trump is lacking in terms of the voter support from women. why do you suspect the message isn't >> i actually do think it's resonating. when i go places i have women come up to me constantly saying you know what? we don't care what the media is trying to push, or what the other side is trying to push. we know donald trump will do the best job for the country and keep us safe. he will change the educational system to make it better for our kids. i do think he is resonating. you can't believe all the polls that are out there.
4:37 pm
were quoted as saying there is a couple of days left in october. we have some stuff up our sleeves. are you holding on to a late october surprise here that you plan to dump on the clinton campaign? >> i don't even know if we need to do anything. wikileaks is coming out every day with stuff and e-mails. people are seeing the kind of person she is and you look at the e-mails. they are looking for themselves. it don't know we need to do much. there are a few days left in october. we have 15 days left in the campaign. so anything can happen. michelle: to see the whole interview go to still ahead for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- forget the princess costumes. for the first time in more than a second the it's not the top pick for halloween.
4:38 pm
for candy. jonathan: okay. that is a setup, justin bieber. dropping the mic and watching offstage. what the audience wouldn't let him do.
4:39 pm
woman: barbara comstock is too right-wing to represent me. man: or me. woman: or me. woman: barbara comstock would overturn roe vs. wade.
4:40 pm
comstock voted to defund planned parenthood... man: five times. woman: barbara comstock is against marriage equality. man: she even voted to let federal contractors discriminate against gay employees... man: twice. woman: barbara comstock. too right-wing for northern virginia. narrator: house majority pac
4:41 pm
jonathan: that is not going to happen. michelle: justin bieber faces heavy criticism for the action last night. jonathan: cue up baby crying noises we could do it. in a performance in manchester arena he walked off the stage after he was booed because he told the fans stop cheering at me. he told the fans not to scream until he was done. they paid the money, he can -- want. he returned quickly and did not speak to the fans for the rest of the night. michelle: bizarre. they paid money for the tickets. the fans are so die-hard, they are called "beliebers." at that point don't you play along with the crowd. jonathan: every time i think the kid is growing up and adding layers of maturity. like he'll come out with good songs and doesn't act like a jerk for a while. then he comes out and acts like a jerk. michelle: that is your base. you need them.
4:42 pm
hopefully neither hillary clinton nor donald trump have the same problem the president of chill leave -- chile had on election day. he had to make not one, not two, but three trips to the polls for sunday's national election. she had to make three trips. she forgot the national i.d. card. she she returned to vote but had to make a third trip votary registration book. do you want a candidate that is that absent minded that takes three trips to the polls to cast a ballot? michelle: maybe the joke is on us and this is a know te op three times over. jonathan: manipulating the media? michelle: imagine. jonathan: genius! coming up next on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- you might have seen this video of a plane going down in malta seconds before impact.
4:43 pm
french surveillance operation it was flying coming up next. >> police are still on the scene in southeast washington as the murder of a home improvement contractor as they have been for last 36 hours. i'm sam ford.
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cured. are you ready?
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jonathan: horrifying video coming out of malta that shows seconds before a plane goes down. five people were on board the plane. you can see the fireball on the right side of the screen. smoke billowed up in the air and could be seen for miles. all victims were french nationals working on a surveillance operation. it was tracking drug and humane trafficking. authorities identified nearly all of the 13 people killed in a weekend bus crash in california. the video is horrendous. this bus on the way from l.a. from a casino trip when it slammed in the back of a semi near palm springs. half the bus was in the back of the semi. you couldn't see it. 31 people were hurt in the crash and pulled from the mangled wreckage. the bus company records show there was no history of
4:47 pm
bus. the crash is considered one of the deadliest on the california freeway in decades. michelle: a woman finds her father's body in a home. hamza mccrae. this happened on 19th place and southeast. sam ford just spoke to mccrae's daughter and has a story you wil abc7. sam? sam: yes, michelle, we are at 19th place southeast. police are still on the scene here of this homicide. the death of a 56-year-old hamza mccrae. a home improvement contractor and a funeral home worker whose body was discovered by his adult children who drove here from philadelphia when he didn't respond to calls and texts. his daughter told us that she
4:48 pm
of an open refrigerator door. he had been shot. family members were devastated and are neighbors in the area who describe mccrae as a great guy. his children say they are baffled at who would do something like this. >> to kill my dad and leave him like that unsellable. >> my dad is a carpenter. he used to work at the capital mortuary. that is the type of person he was. we are dumbfounded. sam: of course, we are wondering as well to some degree why police have been here on the scene so long. it's kind of unusual in d.c. but obviously there is a reason that they are here. and they are still upstairs. here in this apartment as they
4:49 pm
since yesterday morning for about 36 hours. reporting live, sam ford, abc7 news. jonathan: open enrollment for affordable care, known as obamacare, opens next week. this program will arguably define president obama's presidency. jeff barnd reports that with enrollment starting a week before the election obamacare is getting political traction or so it seems. jeff: they warn 1.5 million americans could lose health insurance under the coming months as more are abandoning the program offering additional coverage outside the obamacare act. >> this is where we are coming to the point in a year or two where congress will have to intervene to fix it. >> recently, aetna, united health group and other carriers bailed out of the a.c.a., giving middle incomers and self-employed and the small business owners less choices for insurance and certainly higher premiums. >> those people are getting
4:50 pm
lack of choice. they don't have recourse. they have to pay the full freight. that is who is getting killed in this. >> recent poll from the kaiser family foundation show most american adults have an unfavorable opinion about the affordable care about. 47 to 44%. in florida last week, president obama celebrated the anniversary of an a.c.a. with a speech, jokingly comparing it to the galaxy note 7. the smart phone known to explode and catch fire. me presidential candidate mike pence bounced on. >> he says when one of the company comes out with a smartphone and it has a few bugs, what do they do? they fix it or upgrade it unless it catches fire and then they pull it off the market. jeff: 40% of the people in the program have a safety net of subsidized coverage. but analysts say it is leaving the other 60%, taxpayers footing the bill on financial life support. >> we are in danger of the
4:51 pm
too big. jeff: something the next president and congress will have to address. jeff barnd, abc7 news. michelle: times are changing when it comes to what children want to dress up as. superheros are the number one costume choice. it's the first time in 11 years princesses haven't been at the top of the list. other popular costumes, animals, or "star wars." americans are expected to spend more than $3 billion on costumes. jonathan: wow! michelle: then you think about the dog costumes. jonathan: what is gus going as this year? steve: a dinosaur. he hates it. my goodness. michelle: shocker there. jonathan: putting boots on bo, no, that won't fly. steve: gets the boots and everything.
4:52 pm
the bad news we have showers on the way. but not for the end of the week. look at the live camera. from weather bug, hyatt regency. forecast for this evening is in the 50's. mainly clear skies. a little bit chilly out there and breezy at times. don't forget we have a frost advisory off to west of us. grant, hardy, shenandoah and page county. nothing for t fine. tomorrow upper 50's to around 60. a little below average. speaking of the fall color change. we have moderate color across much of the area. give it a few days until the upcoming weekend. it will look really nice. the daytime high, upper 50's. middle 50's on wednesday. a chance for showers on thursday. the weekend may go to the pumpkin patch to get the
4:53 pm
weekend. middle 60's on saturday. sunday is 61 degrees. here is the storm watch 7 halloween forecast. one week from tonight we are calling for mainly clear skies. temperatures in the 50's. if your house is decked out for halloween, send us a picture at i hope to see your pictures. let's check on traffic on monday afternoon with eric smith. eric: thank you, stee. there today. plenty of delays around the capital beltway. we will take a look at those at river road. just below the 270 spur. a solid mess for both directions at this time. to the legion bridge, this is the outer loop to virginia. both ways are struggle. inner loop across the top side not as heavy past connecticut avenue heading to silver spring.
4:54 pm
southwest freeway slow westbound while 395 north is clear across the 14th street bridge. back to you. jonathan: the three things to consider before buying a new iphone. the 7, not perfect. we show you what is bugging
4:55 pm
fios is not cable. we're wired differently.
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as promised, to install fios and set up the wi-fi that janet, jamie, jenny, jemma and jasmine need on their birthday. thank you. for all their new devices. you can't break me. you want a piece of cake? switching to fios is easier than ever. this is your last chance to get 100meg internet, plus tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. hurry, our best offer ever ends soon.
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john: iphone mystery. why are so many people in the d.c. area with new iphones reporting glitches from increased data use to dropped calls? some experts are blaming apple. some are blaming the carriers. others blame the users for way they set up the phone. there is no bend gate or antenna gate with the apple iphone 7 but many users have stuff they don't love. >> i like so it so far. the home butt to doesn't go it's different. >> there are buzz with the phones. >> they make a hissing noise. >> they are reporting problem with a few phones including the phones stuck in airplane mode. unable to rejoin the network. the ear buds disabling the volume control. consumer report magazine put the iphone 7 to the test and while it has no major flaws some of the improvements may not be as good as claimed.
4:58 pm
ear bud jack does not result in better sound. the biggest complaint some verizon customers complaining of dropped calls. >> i will be using it and all of a sudden no service. >> adam said he would be in the middle of his phone call to his wife or father and the call would drop. >> 30 seconds, 45 seconds then it would come backup. >> he said his old iphone 6 never had the issue, even driving on the same roads. tech blogs report hundred of similar complaints. apple and verizon are not is working on a software fix for this and other issues. adam hopes it happens soon. if you have iphone issues start by rebooting it and then check the settings. if none of that works check with the carrier so you don't waste your money. i'm john matarese, abc7 news. alison: tonight, a local pastor and his wife under arrest accused of conning the congregation with $1 million investment scheme. a woman on a ride-along get
4:59 pm
danger -- get asterfying introduction to police work. and girl scout cookies for breakfast? that is coming up. first tonight, a church pastor and his wife arrested accused of running a million dollar fraud against their own congregation. they just faced a judge. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg joins us from alexandria. the husband and the wife here aren't the only ones facing charges, jeff: that is right. the person serving as the c.o.o. of this organization is also behind bars. you might be asking what are we doing standing in a strip mall here in alexandria? the address listed for the congregation is a p.o. box at the u.p.s. store off duke street and the church was holding services at west potomac high school off route one. authorities say dozens of members of the church are out
5:00 pm
victorious life church, pastor terry millender invites people to attend sunday services. >> come with us and meet with god. jeff: but according to a federal criminal indictment, millender, his wife brenda and grenetta wells schemed members of the church out of $1.2 million. authorities say that the defendants created m.e.m.g., a company they claimed was helping small business growth in poor developing countries. court documents allege that the trio recruite by emphasizing the christian mission and promising guaranteed rates of return. more than 50 people got involved transferring tens of thousands of dollars to m.e.m.g. thinking they were doing good. but authorities say it was false and fraudulent. the millender and the wells allegedly spending the money on risky trades in the financial markets and toward the purchase of $1.75 million home in springfield. when investigators didn't get


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