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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  October 24, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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victorious life church, pastor terry millender invites people to attend sunday services. >> come with us and meet with god. jeff: but according to a federal criminal indictment, millender, his wife brenda and grenetta wells schemed members of the church out of $1.2 million. authorities say that the defendants created m.e.m.g., a company they claimed was helping small business growth in poor developing countries. court documents allege that the trio recruite by emphasizing the christian mission and promising guaranteed rates of return. more than 50 people got involved transferring tens of thousands of dollars to m.e.m.g. thinking they were doing good. but authorities say it was false and fraudulent. the millender and the wells allegedly spending the money on risky trades in the financial markets and toward the purchase of $1.75 million home in springfield. when investigators didn't get
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defendants allegedly blamed several factors including the financial crisis. the person serving as the c.o.o. grenetta wells, according to authorities had already been convicted in a previous ponzi scheme involving around $1 million. this afternoon, all three defendants made their first appearance in front of a federal judge in alexandria. if convicted all could face 20 years in prison. jeff goldberg, abc7 news. larry: thank you. the man featured in "serial" podcast is asking to be released from prison. the lawyer for adnan syed said he faces no danger to society. he was convicted of strangling his girlfriend who was granted a new trial because his attorney at the time failed to cross examine expert witness. alison: opening statements started 30 minutes ago in the trial of a man accused of murdering his estranged wife
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stabbing bonnie black to death and leading her body in the home for the then 3 and 5-year-old children to find. the trial continues tomorrow. larry: tonight, the neighbors are demanding change after a car hit a man as he crossed georgia avenue. this took place in the intersection of regina drive and aspen hill in an area witnesses say does not have a crosswalk. richard reeve is live there tonight with more on what happened and what we know about the man ki richard: the victim is grossman. he was coming across the avenue for a medical appointment. this shows where the belongs were scattered. that is how tough the impact was. including right here, his cane. for hours police investigated the cry slept crash.
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>> i saw the figure flying and i thought she had blown her tire. >> she was feet away. she ran over to comfort at student witness. >> started to say he is dead. he is dead. that is when i looked over and i realized it wasn't a tire. that was a man. >> police identified th he was in the middle lane of northbound georgia when the toys for tots driven by a 32-year-old hyattsville woman struck him. >> the mother nicole showed us the road marketings. the belongs were strewn across, including his cane. >> they need a crosswalk or a signal light or something.
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there are no streetlights an no crosswalk. >> they cross the street every day to catch the bus with kids, too. >> this is dangerous. i'm shooken up. richard: the drive did stay on the scene. the accident reconstruction investigators will look into this. we contacted the lawmaker here, for the county council who says her office is looking into thi richard reeve, abc7 news. alison: thank you. we have new information about the ongoing fallout from hurricane matthew in haiti. haiti's government and several international aid organizations say the country has 1.4 million people in need of food assistance. more than half of those are said to be dire need.
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don't know the full toll that the hurricane took on the nation. part of it are still not accessible. meanwhile in the arizona, we are starting to see the weather that feels like fall. that will bring chances of going below freezing. chief meteorologist doug hill shows where we go from here. is it happening tonight? doug: it happens west of 81. western fringes of the viewing area. the indication that the seasons are changing and it's only a matter we get a frost or freeze in the metro area. look at this. looking live at national harbor. the capital wheel. delightful afternoon. temperatures climb from the 60 to the 70. 69 degrees at reagan national airport. it's milder than average. pleasant evening. later tonight the temperatures drop and the winds diminish. as the winds diminish, it is between 39 and 45 degrees by early tomorrow morning. here are the areas we are
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grant, hardy, shenandoah and paige county. some of the deeper valleys and the higher elevations a freeze warning tomorrow. we have a nice day but the temperatures will remain below average. plenty of sunshine. highs of 59 degrees. coming up in ten minutes we take a close look at the extended outlook including the weekend forecast. larry: talk to you soon. 15 days until election day. more than 6.5 million votes have been cast. hillary cli new hampshire today with senator elizabeth warren. later this week, the democratic nominee will hold her first joint campaign event with the first lady michelle obama. trump is spending the second straight day in florida. presidential tracking poll shows the republican nominee trailing clinton by 12 points nationally. early in absentee voting is underway in d.c. and virginia with the maryland joining at the end of the week. as q mccray reports the state is likely to see a big early
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opinions known. q: since early voting started in d.c., it's been nonstop at judiciary square. this was the line on saturday. thick and around the building. things are calmer now but still busy. >> there were more people coming to vote than i expected. that is a good thing. >> there was a couple of minute wait as everyone went in. but there is a lot of staff. q: poll workers have been signing people in at a record pace. 3,800 over the weekend alone. >> this is in 2010 we had maybe 2100 voters on the opening day of the early voting but we broke the record on saturday with 2,500 voters who came to vote. q: that is a 19% increase. virginia is seeing a hike, too, compared to 2012. up 23% since early voting started. the largest increase is in northern virginia where early voting is up 63%. in maryland, early voting
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they are getting prepared. these are the electronic poll books. this is what they use to make sure the voters registered. prince george's county expecting big early voting numbers. >> we are expecting that. we are just asking voters to be patient. everyone who is in line at 8:00 p.m. will have an opportunity to vote. alison: -- it hired 500 alison: we are on a mission to hear from voters across the area in the runup to the election. today votetrak 2016 made its way to cambridge on maryland's eastern shore. beautiful area. brad bell has what he is hearing from voters. >> this is character of what is going on.
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over from harvesting crabs to harvesting oysters. we did bring votetrak 2016 to town today. we found as we have in the travels elsewhere people very eager to share the feelings. their waters sustained the town for centuries. they still rely on the chop tanks and the chesapeake for the livelihood. today as they with a pleasure boat. they told us the election seems damaged, too. >> with her, she is on -- [inaudible] and he is a loose cannon. it's a mess. brad: they are at the mercy of the wind and waves and government regulation. they feel forgotten. >> it sounds good till they get in there. then the promises they make we
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matter who we put in office. it don't matter who goes in there. brad: we meet life-long resident joe saunders who says because of his life experiences he sympathizes with hillary clinton. >> i think she has been through a lot. she is going through a lot. >> at the town wharf we meet retiree dan who moved from laurel 20 years ago and volunteers to maintain historic sailing craft. >> this has to be the worst display of bad manners i have ever seen. i am well over 70. i have seen a lot of elections. you almost don't want to watch this onem brad: this area is strongly in report of the republican governor larry hogan. you see a lot of trump signs here but when you talk to people you get a diversity of
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the historic town and find out what people are saying. we are hearing diversity of the opinion. a lot of people are saying they still don't know who they will vote for. in cambridge, brad bell, abc7 news. alison: tomorrow, brad and votetrak 2016 will head into the district. follow his progress and join the conversation using #votetrak2016. larry: fairfax county voters have a chance tonight to get answers about a question down ballot novem host a forum on the meals tax. they want voters to approve tax on prepared food and beverages that could go as high as 4% of the cost of the meal. it starts at 7:00 in south lakes high school in reston. alison: still ahead here at 5:00. new breakthroughs in the fight against sudden infant death syndrome or s.i.d.s. the new recommendation anyone who cares for a field needs to
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after police say he shot a police officer. but he is documented his run from the law on facebook. something in his medical history is giving police more cause for concern. >> a transportation project calling for the additional use of this. easy pass. when and how you can weigh in on new proposed toll lanes coming up. alison: first, we have new information on the devastating tour bus crash. what happened on the roadway shortly before the
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woman: barbara comstock is too right-wing to represent me. man: or me. woman: or me. woman: barbara comstock would overturn roe vs. wade. barbara comstock: i think roe vs. wade should be overturned. woman: barbara comstock voted to defund planned parenthood... man: five times. woman: barbara comstock is against marriage equality. man: she even voted to let federal contractors discriminate
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woman: barbara comstock. too right-wing for northern virginia. narrator: house majority pac
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>> tonight commuters will get the first chance to get answers to the project to convert i-395 h.o.v. lane into express lanes. now our transportation reporter brianne carter joins
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with what we know so far about the changes on the way. brianne: the change will require this. an easy pass for folks who will be using the new lanes. take a live look here. you can see the closest southbounds lanes are the h.o.v. lanes. this project would extend the 395 express lanes for eight miles near edsall to arlington. the two existing h.o.v. lanes would be c will be added. now we understand the improvements primarily will be built along the existing footprint of the kristing h.o.v. lane -- existing h.o.v. lane. it's not just within the lane that the commonwealth is looking at to try to ease congestion. >> another added improvement is we are investing $5 million at the pentagon and
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to include a new bus route for them, new loop for people that slug to the pentagon. brianne: they will be dynamic and change with the traffic. but the plan is going to highlight the jurisdiction and there are a lot of people weighing in on the issue. at 6:00 we hear from both sides. also we tell you about the timeline for the project. reporting live, brianne carter, abc7 news. work is underway at the other end of the express lane to extend them further to stafford county. vdot selected a contractor widen courthouse road at 140 at i-5th. the next stop added to the express lane. work to widen the road and change the intersection on i-95 begins next summer. it is expected to be completed in 20230.
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get ready. alison: doug is here to talk about the weather. he says overnight tonight will get really cold. doug: really chilly. the winds will die down some. upper 30's to 40's around most areas by morning. i want to start the camera with a time lapsed look at camera on idaho and northwest washington off wisconsin after. gorgeous. 63 degrees right now. through the day, a few passing clouds and a c came through. you see the clouds change direction because the winds turn north. the net result is a beautiful monday. temperatures approaching 70 in some spots. and this is a picture from doug. this is the third week of the five weeks. send us pictures of fall color. enter at and tell us where you took the picture.
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storm watch 7 team will pick a winner for the week. the next morning, friday on "good morning washington" starting at 4:24 a.m. we announce the winner and show the picture on the air and send you neat stuff from the weather center. this evening, the winds will diminish a bit. mild for an hour or two. 58 by 8:00. then it will drop to 40's in many areas. 42 in manassas. 46 forecasting? the brentwood neighborhood of northwest in the city. tomorrow morning at the bus stop. kids need to bunding up. -- bundle up. 345. there are places that are colder. 54 at recess. need a jacket or a sweater. it's breezy throughout the day but gorgeous skies again. we jump ahead through tomorrow night to wednesday morning when it will be even colder.
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38 degrees wednesday morning at joint base andrews and leesburg. 34 in frederick. 36 in manassas. the chill will continue. moderate temperatures later in the week briefly. and then temperatures will fall again. this is for, as far as the watching and the advisory goes this is a freeze watch. in effect late tonight and wednesday and getting closer. this is definitely going to be a chill in the air going forward. look at the numbers side-by-side. the average high is 66. 59 tomorrow. cooler day, 56 on wednesday. another frontal system will come through to give us a chance of showers and cloudiness on thursday. highs in the upper 50's. it's milder on saturday.
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cold front. halloween this s this weekend. sunday morning is 7:55. marine corps marathon the skies should be clear and the temperatures in the low 50's. temperature wise looks nice. >> that is what runners love. >> exactly. we'll take it. >> thank you. still ahead the next breakthrough in the fight against s.i.d.s. the simple change parents could make that doctors believe could make all the difference. >> the man on police goes live on facebook. he is already accused of shooting police officers. and why he could be a risk to others even without being armed or violent. larry: tonight, abc7 is taking an up close look at the opioid epidemic. at 7:00, join michelle marsh with a panel for a town hall focused on finding ways to
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woman: barbara comstock is too right-wing to represent me. woman: or me. woman: barbara comstock would overturn roe vs. wade. barbara comstock: i think roe vs. wade should be overturned. woman: barbara comstock. man: too right-wing for northern virginia. narrator: house majority pac
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woman: barbara comstock is too right-wing. woman: barbara comstock is against marriage equality. man: she even voted to allow federal contractors to discriminate against gay employees. woman: barbara comstock. too right-wing for northern virginia.
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larry: police and federal authorities are looking for an a man that escaped police and documented the escape on facebook. elizabeth hur has more. elizabeth: he live streamed the getaway seen on facebook.
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responsible for shooting at least five people. leaving two dead and two police officers wounded. >> two gunshot victims. i have to officers. >> the shovessers shot in the foot and leg responding to the reports of a shooting sunday night in oklahoma. >> a man came out with an a.k.-47 and opened fire. they r suspect managed to flee the scene after stealing a police car. >> came to the mobile home park. he carjacked a laid did and injured her. >> then another call for help believed to be the fifth victim shot in an attempted car jacking.
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he has prior run-ins with authorities. he has recently released from jail on accusation of child sexual assault. police consider vance armed and dangerous. for two people killed they have been identified as the suspect's relatives. elizabeth hur, abc news, new york. alison: just ahead at 5:00 -- >> my dad is a carpenter. he works on houses and always helping people. he used to work at the was. we are dumbfounded. >> that is unacceptable. he was a good person. he would help out with anything. >> a murder investigation that has the victim's family and the police baffled. the search for answers ahead. larry: plus the new change doctors say parents can make to reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome.
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stop tour. the states seeing the big focus in the final two weeks
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. larry: tonight we are going
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battleground states or more accurately on the rail. abc7's political consultant scott thuman is on a train on the way to a state that is vital to the victory. scott: we are in philadelphia. quite a fight here for the election. this is a preview of our own version of whistle stop tour harkening back to candidates used to crisscross the country campaigning on the back of a train. the city of brotherly love philadelphia will be the starting point for the east coast swing. and the state where hillary clintonned donald trump may have well been residents. they have been neck in neck for months. look at where we will take you. starting in pennsylvania with the stops in the purple virginia. hotly contested north carolina
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georgia. finally florida. a state that may surpass them all with spending and the candidates vists with the 29 electoral votes up for grabs and history of election mayhem. along the way we will tell you what could make or break the candidacies and difficulties of how the votes are cast and now they compare now to four years ago. there is a reason we and the candidates are spending so much time in them. they are target rich. totaling 93 of the we hope you will catch all of coverage aboard the train as we bring you beyond the podium. larry: today could be a critical day. election day isn't for two weeks because early voting starts now. right? scott: a great point.
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begun. 15 days out. there are 36 plus the district of columbia with some version of early voting. why is that significant? there are estimates you could have 40% of the votes cast this time around be some version of the early voting. before november 8. compare to the 2000 where there were only 15-16% of votes cast early then. who it benefits, a lot of differing analysis on that. alison: okay. virginia taxi driver accuse of trying to help a friend join the islamic state and pleaded got the charges. mahmoud elhassan was arrested in january in a government sting operation when he admittedly drove his friend to the airport to fly to syria. elhassan pleaded guilty to one terror-related charge but could still face trial on another. quite a scare at the richmond international airport over the weekend.
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discovered in a checked bag on saturday. x-ray images picked them up. t.s.a. explosive experts raced to the check baggage room and they discovered they were all props for a live action role-playing game. the owner of the bag was detained for questioning and then released. larry: eight months after making the announcement the washington humane society and the washington animal rescue league merged as one. together they form humane rescue al chose after considering a thousand options. the two former rival organizations are finally reaping the benefit of the merger after years of competing for the same dollars. >> in the first year we are saving $1 million. >> they are expanding and hiring a new medical director and others to make washington the only miles per hour city
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services provided by one organization. alison: now to a "7 on your side" health matters report. the top pediatrician are setting guidelines to prevent sudden infant death syndrome or s.i.d.s. despite the significant decline since the 1990's, the rates are remaining constant since then. recommendations are more skin to skin time and child. breastfeeding appears to protect against s.i.d.s. they emphasize the infant sleep surface has to be firm with no padding on or around them. they caution against sleeping next to or while holding the baby. >> just ahead at 5:00. a man killed inside his own home. found by his own children.
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baffleed. q: have you seen this man? he is wanted for a stabbing next. larry: tonight at 6:00, dealing with the massive cyber attacks friday in the u.s.. what the head of homeland
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steve: we are inching our way closer to halloween -- closer to ha halloween hustle is a cool start for saturday morning with 60 degrees. a mix of sun and clouds in the afternoon. marine corps marathon bright and early on sunday morning. around 60 for the high. breezy at times but at least it will be dry out there. the trick or treat forecast, mainly clear.
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light jacket. maybe over costumes that aren't as thick but overall a nice trick-or-treat forecast a week from tonight. stay with us. week from tonight. stay with us. northern virginia, on the issues, barbara comstock and donald trump are the same. and reject any comprehensive immigration reform. both oppose background checks that keep guns from suspected terrorists. and comstock-trump were prepared to shut down the government just for politics. time for luann bennett: comprehensive immigration reform now. common sense gun safety laws. bennett tells congress: do your job. i'm luann bennett
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q: welcome to the "7 on your
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we have five fugitives on our wall. two are new. one of those is wanted for assault with a dangerous weapon. d.c. metropolitan police department alleges harold scales randomly stabbed a pedestrian late at night. the m.p.d. is searching for sedona whitfield for aggravated assault while armed. prince william county police say emani is wanted for strangulation, abduction and the assault and battery. arlington county police are searching for malicious wounding and sadeed for fraud. let's put the wall of justice in motion. tonight the spotlight is on whitfield. >> the metropolitan police are searching for whitfield saf she and accomplice shot a woman in d.c. >> she is wanted for aggravated assault. the victim is another female left at the rear of an apartment building suffering from the multiple gunshot wounds. we need the public's help to
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dangerous suspect. q: she is 26 years old 5. '1", 205 pounds. >> if you have information on her, call the police department. "7 on your side" fighting back against crime. i'm q mccray. larry: a routine ride-along in california turned into a scene from a kevin hart film but this is no joke. >> shots >> the shots were fired at the police cruiser with a civilian woman in the passenger seat. they tried to pull the car over but they sped off and began shooting. they gave chase until the bullets disabled the vehicle. no one was hurt in the ride-along. alison: imagine how terrifying. larry: i can't imagine. this is neat. this is serious.
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still to come at 5:00, getting your girl scout cookie fix for breakfast. we tell you about a plan to make girl scout cookies into a cereal and which flavors get the treatment. >> police are on the scene outside where a home
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larry: d.c. bureau chief sam ford spoke to the young women and is live in washington with the interview you will see only on 7. sam? zapat the young women are devastated by their father's death. one of them found their father. we are outside the apartment in southeast washington where the man who was a home improvement contractor, occasional funeral home worker found murdered in his apartment.
5:45 pm
sitting outside apartment 302. the door seal and the officers on watch in the hallway outside the apartment as they have been since early yesterday morning. 56-year-old hamza mccrae found shot to death. the body discovered by his eldest daughter and drove here when he didn't answer the calls or texts. >> i was scared. aer isable feeling. not to reach your -- it's a terrible feeling. not nobody could reach him. sam: she has keys to the apartment. she went in and found him lying in the open door of the refrigerator. >> he was just slumped over in the kitchen. shot >> devastating for her and her sister. they haven't a clue. >> a coward did it. shot him so easily he couldn't defend himself. there was no option to do anything.
5:46 pm
you don't know. neighbors knew him as a great guy. >> if you asked him for something, you got it. this is the kind of man he was. >> the family wants the case solved. >> we need to know what happened. this is our dad. our real father, this is a problem. >> as we say there are his officers that are still up there outside that apartment. the only thing the police will tell us is it involves gathering of evidence so they are keeping the apartment sealed and watched. reporting live, sam ford, abc7 news. larry: here is what we are working out. the fallout from the massive cyber attacks and what homeland security says it has done to take care of the problem. wait until you hear the explosive allegations made against subway. they come from the ex-wife of
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time for a check of the roads. eric smith is on traffic watch. >> this is a tough one. there are plenty of delays. look at the live picture here. this is heavy for both directions. the main d centreville. the same story will continue south of that near the legion bridge. the delays come at this spot. across the top side, the interloop is heavy past connecticut avenue. this is 395 northbound.
5:48 pm
this is still a tough ride. southbound side on duke street is still tough. 95 south is slow in through the occoquan in woodbridge. that is all from the traffic center. for now, back to you. alison: consumer alert. buick is the first to crack the top three on the annual reliability list. lexus and toys for tots ranked first and second -- lexus and toyota were first and second. buick had the conservative approach for the new technology and audi and kia round out the top five. bottom of the list are fiat brands including dodge and chrysler. larry: okay.
5:49 pm
breakfast without feeling guilty. in january girl scout cookie cheryl will hit store shelves. they introducing thin mint or caramel crunch. get ready. alison: doesn't that sound good? >> it looks amazing. alison: i like sweet stuff for breakfast. larry: me, too. should we get a box and share it? doug: yeah. never hear the word no to a treat in the weather center. beautiful conditions. it's cool out there now with the mostly clear skies. 69 degrees at reagan national the winds are
5:50 pm
as far as what will happen overnight it's mostly clear. sunset at 6:17. overnight it will be cold. the winds will be lighter. tomorrow morning the area in light blue under a frost advisory. there is a freeze warning in effect tonight. over the next few days we will enjoy the classic autumn weather. a lot of sunshine tomorrow. breeze at times. 59 for a high. wednesday, mostly sunny. cooler, 56 degrees. an approaching front could bring afternoon showers on thursday. otherwise partly cloudy. we warm up on thursday.
5:51 pm
warmer to saturday. another front will give us showers and then we settle in beautiful fall weather for sunday and monday. alison: thank you. larry: erin has sports. oh, well. erin: yeah. not victory monday. redskins fans can take a big sigh of relief after one of the best players trent williams injured his knee yesterday. head coach today revealed meanwhile, the cornerback josh norman is in the league concussion protocol and he will visit independent neurologist on thursday to determine his eligible for sunday. one thing is for certain, jay gruden is anxious to get the
5:52 pm
game. we have to get the taste out of our mouth. strap up for a team i know well. it will be fun to play against them. no matter where it is, when it is, we look forward to the challenge. erin: redskins have the day off to rest up before they head across the pond on thursday. that didn't stop some players from spreading warmth around the community. this story is warm and this is safety fuller among those called to coat duty. >> take jackets, weather getting cold out here. to help fit students with winter coats at the macy's at tysons. >> some of the guys can be heart breakers. if you get them in the right jacket they take over the
5:53 pm
>> some of them, including little genesis showed off their moves. >> dance party. i was having fun. >> you are a good answer. >> thank you. >> mom happened to be there to see it all. >> this is a wonderful experience. >> how cute is she? she has a styling jacket and dance moves. she loves the new coat. well done by the redskins. what a way to shake off a loss to give back to the community. >> their will never forget. >> she will probably save
5:54 pm
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? ? ee-e-e-oh-mum-oh-weh ? ? hush my darling... ? ? don't fear my darling... ? ? the lion sleeps tonight. ? [snoring.] ? hush my darling... ? [snoring.] ? don't fear my darling... ?
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[snoring.] take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. finding out that your husband and the father of your children is a child predator
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involves him involving schools on a regular basis is devastating. alison: that is the ex-wife of disgraced former subway pitch man jared fogle. now she is suing the sandwich chain. she claims that the top subway executives knew of fogle's pedophilia as early as 2004. and should have notified authority. she divorced fogle after he is pleaded guilty to child pornography and having sex with minors. >> i filed t questions that some day my children will ask me. and that i imagine the families of the 14 victims are asking. questions to which i have no other way to get answers. questions like what did subway know? when did they know it? what investigations did they conduct? do they ever notify the authorities? alison: she says she and the couple's two children suffered emotional distress because
5:58 pm
she married him in 2010. a one-time rising star in the democratic party is now headed to prison. today, former pennsylvania attorney general kathleen cane sentenced to 10 to 23 months and convicted of illegally disclosing details from a grand jury investigation to embarrass a rival and then lied about it underneath. lawmakers are blasting the pentagon today for forcing thousands of national gu paid re-enlistment bonuses from a decade ago. they were paid to 10,000 guardsmen from california to re-enlist in the wars in iraq and afghanistan. however, the amounts were later deemed excessive. some service members say they had to refinance their house to repay this money. house majority leader kevin mccarthy calls the pentagon's demands disgraceful.
5:59 pm
the race for the white house is now a sprint toward election day. poll numbers shows donald trump has catching up to do. coming up tonight, dealing with the massive cyber attacks friday in the u.s. what the head of homeland security says his department did that same day. announcer: now "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. michelle: more than two weeks candidates race around the country to pickup as much support as they can in the battle ground states. jonathan: the stretch run is likely taking on an extra sense of urgency for donald trump's came -- campaign. the first poll is out that shows hillary clinton with a 12-point lead over trump. we are joined now live from northwest washington with maggie ruly. despite the numbers because the pulls depend who you check with, he is up, she is up.
6:00 pm
favorable picture for himself. reporter: you are right. both candidates fighting hard with two weeks until election day. both in key swing states to collect as many votes as possible. the campaigns are out fighting in full force today. clinton camp leaning on friend senator elizabeth warren to go after trump. >> on november 8, we nasty women are going to march our votes to get -- nasty votes to get you out of our lives forever! fans >> secretary clinton: she gets under his thin skin like nobody else. >> a confident clinton building up democrats. like governor in a neg and neck race with kelly ayotte for a seat in the senate. >> what i love about maggie she is independent and knows how to find common ground and


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