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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  October 26, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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crying. charging documents said the nanny tried to use a baby bottle. when it duct work she pulled off the nipple and drained it in anita's mouth. >> she fed her one forcefully and followed up with the second one forcefully causing the baby not to breathe. richard: 20 minutes later oluremi oyindasola called anita's father who called 911 on the way to the house. >> i heard the baby's crying. but babies cry. i richard: the baby died of asphyxiation. the neighbors remember a happy, bubbly child say they are devastated. oluremi oyindasola is in jail facing murder and child abuse charges. even investigators are crappalling with -- grappling wh the case. richard reeve, abc7 news.
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a couple charged with child abuse. authorities are called to a days inn where they found a couple, sleeping infant and a 5-year-old girl. the girl had burn marks on her body. they found lighters, open bible and a phone playing religious music. alison: we have an update to a story we have been following all afternoon. an hour ago the 11-month-old baby in the backseat of a carjacked s.u.v. in baltimore was found safe. now police say the child was left in his car seat on a sidewalk in northeast baltimore. the suspect who stole the vehicle, though, is still on the loose in that car. last seen traveling in a white suzuki. larry: in vote 2016, police are investigating after someone took a sledgehammer to trump's star on the hollywood walk of fame this morning.
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hi wanted to remove the star to auction it off to raise money for some of the 11 women accusing the republican presidential nominee of sexual assault. the star was removed this afternoon for repairs. alison: trump started his day in d.c. for the official grand opening of the trump hotel. we have more on that at 5:30. by the way, today's democratic nominee hillary clinton's birthday. she spent it on the road larry: votetrak 2016 is also on the road tonight. this time brad bell is in clinton, maryland. i understand that you are there with a little history in hand. brad: as we travel around every town we visit has a story to tell. this building is a large part of the story of clinton. the surrat house and tavern. it was built in 1850 at what
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surrat, her son john hanged as coconspirators for john wilkes booth for the assassination of abraham lincoln. john wilkes booth came here after the assassination to pick up a gun he hidden as he made his escape to virginia. that is all in the past. certainly. we talk to people in the community today about the current presidential election. they are telling us about very modern we met j.c. williams as he painted the front of the bar he owns in clinton. he says to borrow a phrase this is the kind of place where everybody knows your name. >> my customers call it a black cheers. brad: like any other tavern owners he listen told their customers. >> they are concerned with somebody who is going to look out for them. make sure that the right folks are paying the right amount of taxes. that the little guy gets a break.
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a break. brad: 70-year-old clinton hardware is another fixture in town. >> the type of store you can come in and say hey, my toilet is leaking. what do i do? we help you. brad: second generation owner and life-long clinton residents david bellman says the future is the talk of his store too. >> my concerns are my viability going down the road and staying in business. whomever the best candidate for that is who i am for. brad: customer says as an immigrant from colombia, donald trump's rhetoric has hurt. >> a lot of immigrants we have come with a dream. he is trying to smash all the dreams. brad: ernie says he wonders if either candidate is thinking about him. >> i want to see things get better. brad: now coming up at 6:00, we visit a shopping center here in clinton.
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we have been doing and giving people an opportunity to sound off. we ask what would you say to the candidates if they were here before you? we have responses when we come back at 6:00. in clinton, brad bell, abc7 news. larry: thanks. tomorrow votetrak 2016 will be in virginia, woodbridge. alison: we have new developments tonight for the residents of two temple hills condo buildings. they are trying to navigate dark hallways now to gather q mccray is there live with a look at the help that some of them are getting today. they really need it. this is a tough situation. q: it is. but the community is really coming together here. look for yourself off in the distance. the salvation army is out here cooking meals for everybody. ping county prince george's county, the fire department is out here. the police department. as well as the social services. inside the building right now giving people money they need to move.
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deposit. but i also found out that people out here are going to get state assistance as well. in an hour and a half. state senator will be out hear to talk to the residents. he says he wants the power and the gas on immediately. he is working with the state attorney's office to make it happen. we now know that the complex owes $1 million in unpaid utility bills. the struggles continue, doz of family forced from their homes with nowhere to go. some got a moving truck. others turned to prince george's county for help. >> we are assisting with first months respect -- month's rent and security deposit and help them locate alternative housing. q: we told you pepco cut off power yesterday. now it's unsafe to live in. >> anytime you have a fire alarm that is disabled it's an
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q: moving out is easier said than done when there is no power and the emergency lights don't work anymore. the stairwells are literally pitch black. she climbed five flights in the dark to get to her apartment and her son. >> this is very dangerous. the electric company could have left the lights on to get this stuff out. q: the complex board of directors told us pepco is owed more than $oh 0,000 -- $400,000. it got that hi arrangements fell through time after time. money tied up in the bankruptcy filings. pepco didn't want to affect families and pulled the plug as a last resort. the current management team says pepco wants $105,000 to keep the lights on. money it just doesn't have. >> i know i did my best. i think the board of directors did their best. and we still are not giving up. q: a live look at people moving right now.
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will notice the department of the public works are bringing out the street lights here to keep the parking lot lit tonight. i asked why the county took so long to step up and help out here. they told me because this complex has been under so much litigation. when it happen their hands are tied. there is nothing they can do. this not an apartment complex. this is a condo complex. the rules change there. that is the latest tonight from temple hills. i'm q mccray. abc7 news. alison: great to see people cold night to have nowhere to go. larry: yeah, the timing could not be worse. the change in the temperatures. chief meteorologist doug hill is here with a check on how chilly it will get tonight. doug: not as cold as last night but still it's 40 degrees, 42 degrees in temple hills area. across part of prince george's county in the overnight hours. the clouds are helping a bit. southerly breeze. this is a live look at the montgomery county college in rockville. ad will of cloudiness.
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milder. we are in the 50's tonight. the sun goes down at 6:14. tomorrow morning's forecast lows range in the 40's. this morning we had the lows as low as 30 and 32 degrees. west and north of the city. frost and a freeze. elsewhere it's low to mid-40's. still low 40's showing up on the map tomorrow. 45 in prince george. 44 in fredericksburg. we have a tomorrowing. 57 at recess. 63 in the afternoon. bring rain gear for the afternoon. the high likelihood we will be dealing with the rain. stay on top of the rain by downloading the weather app. we will look at the weekend and the latest outlook at the halloween weather in nine minutes. larry: we will see you then. thanks. the weather forecast has major league baseball making changes to game two.
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than scheduled. first pitch is 7:08. alison: look at this. newborn babies at an ohio hospital became indian fans. five babies were dressed in the world series onesies when they were born on tuesday. it doesn't get any cuter than that. the indians of course did win the first game against the cubs. larry: alison: so cute! larry: perhaps a prophetic yearbook photo coming to life. the yearbook photo included caption chicago cubs 2016 world champs. you heard it here first. this was 1993. a cubs starter and two bench players weren't alive when he made the prediction. three others weren't old enough to walk. alison: are you convinced that is real? could that have been photo shopped? larry: i think it was almost like a joke.
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alison: that is crazy. larry: he says it came from a dream. okay. i'm dreaming i am winning $10 million next year. write that down. alison: we'll see what happens. coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- cutting cost. a look at arlingtons new plan after the $1 million bus stop fiasco. larry: finding out a way to conquer peanut allergies, particularly in kids. plus -- >> my wife is still shaken. larry: a burglar sneaking around as two kids sleep just feet away. >> soon the doors won't be opening at the two red line metro stations.
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alison: we are covering metro tonight. this the last day of the ninth safetrack surge. but don't get comfortable. surgetrack 10 is around the corner. this starts saturday between the fort totten and the noma-gallaudet university stations. as the transportation reporter brianne carter tells us, the impacts will be felt throughout the entire red line. >> surge 10 has one of the
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the surges we have done and will do. brianne: commuting changes are coming. for every red line rider. >> i guess i'll be walking. >> as metro gets ready to shut down the tracks between the fort totten and the noma-gallaudet station. for nearly a month. >> two stations will be closed. brianne: he says he will do what he did last month when the road island station was closed -- rhode island station was closed f why not single track and run trains on one track for two weeks and then move to the other track for an additional two weeks single trackk instead? today, metro general manager said the work of the surge is too complex. >> we can't wait to get in to do this work any longer. it would take months if not years. brianne: they work to rebuild the track, address the power cable and the structural issues at the road island
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alternatives. >> we are distributing a limited number of the free marc train round trip tickets to encourage new riders. the track repairs come as metro continues to weigh other system changes. today the g.m. was once again asked by potential fare hikes. >> the costs do go up. it has been three years. inflation alone, with any business you deal with the issues. this is not something we want to do. we have to be careful of it. >> in northeas brianne carter, abc7 news. alison: remindser for you to -- reminder for you to stay a step ahead of alerts with abc7 news. larry: arlington county has a less expensive alternative to the $is million bus stop. remember they were raked over the coals for the cost of this stop. but according to "washington post" 23 new stops will have flatter roof and taller wind
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the county board unanimously approved the plan last night. alison: construction is underway to repave pennsylvania avenue. it started last night and it should run between november between third and 15th street northwest. crews will be working between 8:30 in the morning and 4:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. and then 6:00 a.m. on weekdays. they will be out there between 7:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. on weekends. it includes path and milling and paving. larry: there are always things happening. alison: yeah. we need good weather for most of the things. you can't always have it. doug: tomorrow we have a chance between noon and 1:00 and 8:00 of rain. maybe not heavy but it could be steady at times. that is the window. weather looks good going into the weekend. let's get started here. a beautiful image from the
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the bright gold colors. this is near the end of the third week here of the fall foliage contest. just send your fall photos to look at this one. from andy. a beautiful shot. a nice composition there. fall written all over it. we enjoy the beautiful pictures. how this works is thursday evening the storm watch weather team will go through and cho they are all beautiful. somebody has to be picked. we will announce it on "good morning washington" on the next friday morning. so this friday starting at 4:24 a.m. we have fun to celebrate the change of seasons. the foal foliage contest at here we go with numbers. overnight this morning. burr! we had the first freeze and frost of many areas. win chest irwas 32. same in luray and culpeper.
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41 in the district. 32 in baltimore. 30 in frederick. tonight is not as cold. change in the wind direction. more cloud cover. we will be in the 38 to the 46 degree range with the clouds. cool but no frost or freeze tonight. we will see a warmup tomorrow briefly. a warm front that is complicated weather conditions for cleveland in game two. they start an hour early. so there is a window there, they might get the game in with the showers and fingers cross everything will work out. for our area tomorrow we see sunshine through the morning. cloudy by midday. we have a little cloudyest in and more through the midday. we are thinking noon to 2:00. western suburbs get rain first.
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it should get out of here tomorrow night when high pressure rebuilds over the area on friday. a lot of sunshine, gusty winds and cooler temperatures. the weekend will go the other way. warm this up and check out mostly sunny. 70 on saturday and 70 on sunday. it will be for halloween. then we begin a warm-up. could the 70's be back in the forecast? alison: look at that. larry: we'll take that. alison: nice treat. not a trick. larry: thanks. local chef took to campaign trail in florida. ja while presidential history is hitting the auction block. >> the grounds of the secret
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receiveed a service medal. that's coming up. alison: later, you may have heard the story. a mother and a son go fishing but only he returns. the new bizarre twist in this story still ahead. larry: a look at what is coming up tonight on abc7. followed by the abc7 news at
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larry: she has been a member of the senate since 1987 but her career in public service goes beyond that. amy aubert shows that barbara mikulski was honored today for her commitment to the department of homeland security and keeping america safe. amy: senator barbara mikulski receiving the distinguished public service medal recognizing her commitment to the department of homeland security and the efforts to this is about we. it's about we, the people. i feel that as your united states senator i'm still a social worker but a social worker with power. amy: the senator spoke of her commitment in front of a crowd of secret service personnel and trainees. >> i'm not going to do a laundry list of dollars and cents. i want you to know every day i thought about you. >> this happened on site at
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going to come. i am going to come to the secret service training school because it says it all about what goes on under the mission of the department of homeland security. >> before the event, senator mikulski toured the ground and got to watch a training exercise. >> u.s. department of homeland security secretary johnson calls senator mikulski an outstanding champion. >> whether it is ensuring that we get adequate funding for mission, whether it's that our people are paid properly. she has been a real champion. >> the medal that i receive is not for me. it's behind all of the people who helped me be me. amy: in laurel, amy aubert, abc7 news. alison: i love she thinks she is still a social worker but one for power now. for many years. larry: we will misher on capitol hill. alison: no question. still ahead on "abc7 news at
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you will hear about the dispute that is hitting a bit of a sour note. larry: that is coming up. plus a burglary sulking around as kids sleep. what the people who own the house say about the video. alison: but first, the abc7 whistle stop train tour rolls into georgia. we will check in with political correspondent scott thuman 13 days before the
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alison: he and his family cut the ribbon at the d.c. hotel bearing his name. in an interview with george his decision. >> i can't take one hour off to cut a ribbon at one of the great hotels in the world? i'm entitled. alison: the hotel had its unofficial opening last month. for a look inside the hotel go to in florida, meanwhile, a would-be chef at that trump hotel was out campaigning for
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warmed up the crowd before clinton took the stage. the chef backed out of a restaurant at trump hotel because of his comments about immigrants. they have each sued other. larry: abc7's whistle stop tour is north of florida. in georgia where we find the chief political correspondent scott thuman who is there to take us beyond the podium. scott? scott: hi, lar georgia, tonight, a city rich with history and a state that is historically republican red. at the moment solid showing from both parties via early voting. before we get to that we came here through one of the closest contests in the country. north carolina. night time in rocky mountain, north carolina. a town with a household income of $37,000 and scarred by the
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expectations of whichever candidates win. >> future for my son. >> alexis sanders says her vote will go to whoever can clean up the streets. >> the whole black lives matter movement. the young guys that are shot and killed. i don't want my son to be next. >> work is scarce. >> bill clinton made it part of h wife on tuesday. >> president clinton was a good president when he was in office. he brought money in the economy. if trump gets it we might see the same as far as jobs go. >> on the train and headed south to savannah, georgia, a state teetering in trump's favor. by early monday on wednesday. half a million had early voting. the picturesque street and the
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suffering. >> they want to cut funding. i can't imagine it will help the underclass. it's helped but the fact we have 50% poverty here. >> a restaurant cook here, holds optimism that others may find illusive. >> would you be contented or upset either way? >> i wouldn't be upset. >> no matter who won? >> i wouldn't be up is jet. not at all. >> even though you lean hillary, you wouldn't be angry if tru >> no. >> next off we will continue to head south. we are going to what some believe is perhaps the largest trophy of those swing states still considered up for grabs. florida. we hope you continue to watch your coverage as we make the whistle stop tour. larry: donald trump is not doing any more g.o.p. fundraising the rest of the way. what does it mean for the local and the congressional
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scott: well, what it could mean if you look at it in a rosy lens is that you are going to have more money that will be reallocated. essentially numbered to the races. if you are not putting money in the bank of the presidential candidate you are going down ballot. a lot of people worry that trump is polarizing they will suffer as a result. they want to see the cash. now it looks like they are getting some of it. at the same tame he is not bringing in them. so they have to do a little on their own. the senate committee are pulling in big numbers. larry: enjoy savannah and the salt water taffy there down the street. alison: several pieces of the presidential history went on the auction block this afternoon. the items included george washington draft of the first inaugural address. another document hand
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notes by j.f.k. for campaign speech. no word which items sold and how much people pay for them. new developments today in the saga of a mother missing at sea. today nathan carmen held a private memorial service for his mother linda but his mother's three sisters refuse to attend. nearly a month after nathan went fishing with his mother and she did not return. nathan was found a week later. he was a suspect in his grandfather's death three years ago. his grandfather left more than 42 million dollars. to his mother. a mother in west virginia was arrested after a heroin overdose caused her to crash her car with her 2-year-old son in the backseat. it happened tuesday. they were near wendy's drive-through. kristen told police she had
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the crash. police found a needle, filters an marijuana in the car. she is charged with midfield midfield -- child neglect. >> police in new hampshire are trying to figure out how prescription drugs ended up in a gumball machine in pizza restaurant. a mother was with her son when they got prescription pills. the police are trying to review the surveillance tape to see if it was tampered with. they are told the medication was not life threatening. alison: wo in florida. take a look at surveillance video of a burglar. he is making his way behind a house. two children are sleeping in the room. on the couch. while he looks around. >> he was right there. he never opened the door. alison: my goodness. 10 and 13-year-old kids there. they didn't wake up. but the burglar did steal one
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house standing with a gun aimed inside. look right there. al says since it happened he installed new locks and he plans to add more lights outside. larry: that would be hard to sleep. alison: wouldn't it? larry: every creek, anything. you wonder. i can't imagine seeing someone inside while you were sleeping. alison: and your kids. terrifying video. >> glad everyone is safe. most important thing. coming up on "abc7 news at 5:00" -- promising battling peanut allergies. mike: i'm mike carter-conneen where today they are celebrating the transition. alison: and coming up a mother's plea for justice. her 14-year-old daughter raped and murdered. technicality years ago that could allow the man convicted
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after only seven years in
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steve: i'm abc7's steve rudin. behind me dogs getting ready for the costume extravaganza put on by the animal welfare league of alexandria. a lot of fun here. if you have a down. a lot to look it at. great food and drinks to enjoy. let's talk about the upcoming weekend. the halloween hustlal on saturday. temperatures will be in the mid-50s mid-morning. by late morning, make it to the upper 60's. we head through the day on sunday. it will be a warm dare for the marine corps marathon. 58 at 7:00. near 70 toward the end of the race. be careful if you are a runner. the warm temperatures my understanding not very good.
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temperatures remain above average for the weekend. brief cool down on monday. near 70 wednesday.
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larry: "7 on your side" tonight with health matters. a new study suggests having your child screened for high cholesterol could benefit you
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a disorder and a small portion of children tested positive the test led to several parents receiving treatment they otherwise would not have. alison: staying with health news now. you know an estimated $15 million americans have food allergies. about 3 million of those deal with peanuts. in fact, according to the group food allergy research and education, the number of the children living with the peanut allergies doubled from 1997 to 2008. now there could be hope on horizon. michelle marsh is here to explain. a lot of parents will want to hear about this. michelle: absolutely. this affects so many people. the national institute of health funded a study to find out if people could wear a patch to treat the allergy. so far it seems to work. researchers were assigned 374 volunteers allergic to peanuts
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they were each given a patch. some released a high dose of the peanut protein, 250 micrograms. others had the low dose patch of 100 micrograms. the third group had a placebo. 46% of the low-dose group and 348% of the high-dose --48% of to eat ten times more of the peanut protein before the study started. it's not yet approved by the food and the drug administration but we will let you know as we hear more about the tests. larry: thanks. still ahead on "abc7 news at 5:00". >> bethesda nightclub in a squabble for maryland casino over one word.
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alison: reach up for the sunshine with "good morning washington." we are giving away tickets to
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harbor on new year's eve. watch tomorrow at 4:24. i'm sure larry you will be. larry: dark and early. as we say. alison: will you be at the concert? larry: i would love to. in the breaks for "good morning washington" i'm always singing the songs. a little "reflex." "save a payer." alison: i loved them. "rio." larry: it goes on and on. alison: what is in a name. that is a good question. a lot when it comes to business and money. larry: as reporter kevin lewis tells us the owr taking issue with a local music club choice for a new name. kevin: since opening in 2013, the bethesda blues and jazz supper club entertained nearly 250,000 people. despite the name, the venue has come to welcome a variety of acts including comedy, country, latin and mo town.
5:47 pm
to something more reflective of what we represent. >> he and the 60 staffers settle rebranding on bethesda live. but shortly thereafter the owner of the maryland live casino sent brown a cease and desist letter claiming it has exclusive rights to the word "live." >> i thought it's a shame. i thought it was bullying and we were not going to be competitive to them and they were overstepping their bounds. a common phrase used by a number of companies nationwide and not to mention the hit tv show "saturday night live." the supper club enlisted the help of an attorney believing it is standing on sound legal ground. >> i didn't think anybody could copyright a verb. we will find out. hopefully we can do it without going through the courts. kevin: today we contacted the
5:48 pm
but we haven't heard back. kevin lewis, abc7 news. larry: time for a check of the roads. erik smith on traffic watch. erik: it has been a tough ride today. starting out with a look at 66. we can see the delays on camera here. this is jam packed from the beltway westbound past centreville. the entire ride will be a slow one. stretching to the beltway. both inner and the outer loop traffic remains heavy right now. there are no accidents leading to this is all just volume and slow traffic. so it will be there for a whale as well. we will take a look at the delays to pass old dominion with the camera here as well. part of the inner loop delay out of tysons. jam packed. in d.c. and the district, extra volume on the freeway and the d.c. 295 down to 9 miles per hour. as an average. the traffic is crawling by. we look at cameras here. a live look at ripper road for
5:49 pm
way you go. 95 southbound in virginia is crawling. past route 23 for the southbound ride to wood bridge. this is where the lanes narrow down. a bottleneck southbound below springfield with the solid delays as well. that is all from the traffic center for today. back to the desk. alison: thanks. i don't know if you have had the pleasure to sea -- see the lunch box weathers doug does during the school year. they are fun. larry: i don't think have. doug: out to see the school kids once or twice a week in the school year. it's fun. they get to see the expermits. this morning the storm watch weather team visited elementary school in woodbridge for a lunch box weather program. they had science experiments that they did. they showed how weather works. also showed a special brand new video we put together behind the scenes at the weather center. how we do the weather. one of the favorite times for the kids is take them outside
5:50 pm
that is fun to see the gadgets and the gear. kid cam was run by priscilla. we have a weather question from immanual. >> hi. my question is what do meteorologists worry about the most with the weather? doug: tornadoe populated area that is the biggest fear. we can show you pictures where it has happened. they are famous and probably old for you. they happened before you were born. but in 2002 there was a tornado -- or in 2001, this was in college park and it was seen in washington before it became stronger moving northwest to college park maryland. a famous tornado that killed several people and caused damage. e.f.-4. a strong tornado.
5:51 pm
plata, maryland. there are different weather hazards but for the meteorologist here we are afraid of a tornado hitting dancely populated area. it -- hitting densely populated area. it happens seldom in your area but happens in other part of the country. we look forward to the next lunch box weather visit later this week or next week. alison: we love it. they have great questions. doug: smart kids. they want to learn. larry: they are. we are saying that is a really good question right there. even if meteorologists are scared they stay very calm. doug: at least on the surface. alison: thank you, doug. larry: robert with sports. redskins taken off yet? robert: they should if they haven't already but a must win in london. big trip. the bengals in london. players might stay back because of injury. matt jones the running back didn't practice today.
5:52 pm
but-juror norman if he hasn't -- but josh norman if they are not cleared by the doctors they may not travel. >> queen elizabeth, buckingham palace. erin: in 24 hours the redskins will depart to london. >> i'm excited. mom and dad are going over. i want to have fish and chips and a cold beer with my dad. tourist it up. >> i got a few spots. erin: there is one thing the players have been told not to do in england. >> they can't do nothing for us so we have to stay out of trouble. erin: they do realize this is a business trip where they will face cincinnati sunday at the iconic wembley stadium. >> it's exciting. it's a great place. a great tradition. it's a long trip. it will be historical for the players. something they will remember. which is cool. erin: for some it will be the first trip to eng lands.
5:53 pm
>> i'm nervous. i probably shouldn't be. i should be excited. i am a little bit. erin: what does it that makes you nervous? >> my first time being out of the country. i never thought in a million years i'd make it in the nfl and now playing a game in london i'm excited. erin: i suspect the redskins will have a smashing time in london especially if they return victorious. at redskins park, erin hawksworth, abc7 sports. robert: that freaked me little bit. it's pretty good. alison: it was! robert: really good. alison: for serious. robert: she didn't smile. larry: no. alison: so funny, erin. robert: great. alison: she may be royalty. thank you, robert. robert: no problem. larry: my goodness. alison: the change of command that could bring new jobs and
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? ee-e-e-oh-mum-oh-weh ? ? hush my darling... ? ? don't fear my darling... ? ? the lion sleeps tonight. ? [snoring.] ? hush my darling... ? [snoring.] ? don't fear my darling... ? ? the lion sleeps tonight. ? [snoring.] take the roar out of snore.
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"is that credit karma again?" "just wanna see if my score wanna check yours?" "scores don't change that much. i haven't changed." "oh really?" "it's girls'night. ah huh." "they said business casual." "i love summer weddings!" "oh no." "yeah, maybe it is time. maybe i should check my credit score." "try credit karma. it's free." "oh woah. that's different."
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larry: after several years of working and waiting, columbia has ability to create walter reed development project. >> there was a homecoming of sorts for mayor muriel bowser. she started working on this in 2007 as a local a.n.c. commissioner and then four councilmember and today as mayor. she signed the paperwork to transfer it from the u.s. army to d.c. >> big city projects take a long time. it takes a lot of people to stay persistent. and committed to getting them done. >> neighbors are happy to see momentum. >> it's unused. >> much of the excitement is focused on a new grocery store. >> instead of going to silver spring we keep dollars in d.c. >> some were disappointed when
5:58 pm
coming here. they reiterated we have been unable to reach an agreement adding we are doubtful a deal will be truck. the developer is negotiating with another grocer with an announcement possible in six weeks. >> it's a name that will be well down and they are well known for being community orientedded. >> the past few years have been tough for the small business owners not far from walter reed. they moved to bethesda and much of disappeared overnight. the manager here says the lunch time sales dropped 50%. >> the day he left, we had a void. >> now there is hope. nearby businesses realize this will take time to bake in with the 18-month long demlation of the main hospital building set to start in summer 2017 making way for the retail and the house projected to open in 2020. in northwest washington, mike carter-conneen, abc7 news. alison: that is it for "abc7
5:59 pm
a mother's plea for justice. >> it's unimaginable that you could take my child's life and in six or seven years you could be back home with your family. >> the technicality that could have a man convicted of raping and murdering a teenager back on the streets. >> a project designed to relieve congestion but community leaders say it is cemetery. i'm jeff goldberg. details are coming up. alison: plus, metro warns this may be the most disruptive safetrack surge yet to where the next work zone begins this weekend and how long it is going to last. announcer: from abc7 news, this is a breaking news alert. jonathan: first at 6:00, incredible video to show you. this is from boston where the t taking folks home. smoke got in the tunnel.
6:00 pm
do people on the train acted immediately and started to kick out the side windows. jumping out of the trains. and racing out of the tunnel. again, this is video shot by one of the passengers in the process of evacuating that. you can see the person was actually shooting the video as they were going up the stairs. you can see how the smoke was filling up the tunnel. police were ascending to get people off the train as well. again, the massachusetts transportation authority say the smoke was from a motor that somehow overheated. we will contin anything should happen there. maureen? maureen: a mother is pleading for justice tonight for a daughter rained and murdered 20 years ago. the man convicted of killing 14-year-old niah owens is up for parole after seven years behind bars. this a story you will see only on 7. sam ford joins us from hyattsville. sam before you start, we have to give a warning to the viewers that some details of


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