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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  October 27, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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no severe injuries we understand at this time. the aboutcity scene. -- active scene. at this time it doesn't appear that anyone was severely injured. reporting live, abc7 news, stephen tschida. maureen: thank you. new at 6:00, two children and prince william county have come forward telling police they are victims of sexual assault. the two crimes and the victims share things in common. as we report they attend the same school. and video warned children about sexual predators. >> sometimes when you really trust, someone will violate the trust. >> educational videos shown in the prince william county school to help give students a voice to report sexual abuse. 28-year-old mark stone of manassas is now facing rape charges after police say he
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9-year-old girl. the victim came forward after watching this video about inappropriate touching. >> there is a line between what is appropriate and not appropriate. >> police say a 10-year-old girl from the same school came forward accusing a 137-year-old of sexual assaulting her. with the internet and social media the school counseler lores tell us it's an important forward and ask further questions. >> the video is shown to each grade in the elementary school from kindergarten to fifth grade. >> the three steps we help them remember when they leave is to say no. tell someone. it's never their vault. >> make me feel horrible. >> they help the kids identify different sexual abuse and how
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the county wide program updated overthe years and it's having an impact. >> we are able to do something. make sure they feel as though they have a voice. >> in manassas, ryan hughes, abc7 news. jonathan: we have an update on the lead story from yesterday. maryland parole board denied parole of the man convicted of the murder of board. he spent seven years in prison after d.n.a. connected him to the horrible crime. he had received a weaker sentence as part of a plea deal and clerical mistake during his arrest. fairfax county police looking for the two men who abducted and sexual assaulted a woman last night. this began at a restaurant in the 5800 block of columbia pike in falls church where the victim met the two men. the woman says they sexually assaulted her at gunpoint
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phone and forced her out of the van in arlington. the police need your help in this case. maureen: a rainy day across the area. >> we have rain for the moment. there is a line to the west. this is in laurel maryland. this is a fun chance for the shower later tonight. most are saying north of washington. on the lower part of the screen. moving to southern maryland. this is from martins to california. this is moving east. a chance later tonight at 9:00, 10:00 with the light showers when the front
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shower. by downloading the stormwatch7 app. download it on the app store or google play. we will check the weekend and halloween weather in ten minutes. maureen: thank you. now to vote 2016. early voting is underway in maryland. this is a scene at the prince george's sports and learning complex. hundreds waited in long lines for the early voting. locations through next thursday. for a list of polling places go to >> half of americans are concerned about the violence of the elections on election day. we took the concerns to the local election leaders. jeff: the closer we get to
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>> i am nervous. >> from woodbridge, concerned the retrick of the campaign could lead to violence november 8. >> we have passionate people out there. so i am nervous someone will do something. >> according to a new poll, 61% are somewhat concerned about the possibility of violence at >> coordinating the officials to create a security plan and remain confident that it will be safe and efficient. >> fairfax county, absentee voting is smooth. numbers are up 60%. with four years ago.
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registrar of voter in fairfax county. they have the other counties in virginia and d.c. and maryland, say it's not connected to a computer network. fears of rigged elections are not based in fact. >> it's a paper ballot. it's theirs answer marked by them. in terms of hacking you can't hack a piece of paper. >> heists that is a guarantee. in fairfax county, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. votetrak 2016 has been on the road giving voters a soapbox to weigh in on the action. today votetrak 2016 stopped in woodbridge and occoquan. >> i would welcome president trump. he seems honest.
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>> he says he will fix the economy in a real way. how? >> i will vote for trump. i don't appreciate what hillary has done throughout her tenure with the government at all. as a female trump has my vote. maureen: tomorrow, votetrak 2016, you can keep up with the progress and enjoy the conversation using the #votetrak2 bullying is getting in the way of safety at the metro. workers say the passengers could pay the price. maureen: next, sentencing for the drunk driver who killed a montgomery county police officer. why the driver says it isn't
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jonathan: a judge handed down the maximum se a montgomery county police officer. luis reluzco will spend the next ten years of his life in prison. after sentencing, reluzco did apologize to the family of officer noah leotta. the young officer had just pulled over a different suspected drunk driver when reluzco's car slammed into him. reluzco was drunk and had been taking drugs. he told the court today no sentence makes up for what he did. and the reckless chances he took for over 30 years. officer leotta's father said
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>> now he is going to have a chance to do something about it. we heard his words. he weared what he said. he -- he heard what he said. he wants to change his life. i pray he does. jonathan: as a result of the tragedy change has already come to maryland. noah leotta's death inspired noah's law. that requires anyone convicted of drunk driving to install ignition interlock system in the car. so if the driver has alcohol on the won't start. jonathan: a woman and her 4-year-old daughter are dead following a house fire in culpeper. maureen: it began last night near the center of culpeper. they report a faulty dryer caused the fire. firefighters tried to revive the girl but they were not able the do so. she an her mother were pronounced dead on the scene. two firefighters were hurt. jonathan: coming up next for
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say pulleying could put the system's -- bullying could put the system passengers at risk. maureen: stormwatch7 chief meteorologist doug hill is back with a weekend forecast. what you can expect for halloween. robert: i'm robert burton. coming up in sports wizards kick off the season in atlanta. what john wall is telling the critics. good news for the redskins when they head to london to
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maureen: says better coordination is needed and as brianne carter tells us this comes amidst an investigation how a train almost struck track inspectors. brianne: metro chief safety officers says new safety inspectors and training are going in place after a train operator violated speed restrictions for the federal inspectors on the track. the metro chief safety officer says it happened at a blind spot on the track but added
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breakdown. projections were lacking. today we learn it wasn't the only incident that day on that stretch. >> prior to the event another train and operator were removed from service violation of the speed restrictions. >> this comes as the union employees told the metro board they feel they are being rushed through training. >> they rush us through training. if we were able to get an actual class. sometimes all we have is a p.d.f. document or paper. >> at times they feel bullied by management claimi are pressured to put unsafe tracks back in service. some workers say they don't feel safe while they are out doing the work on the track. >> the time has come to front line. >> general manager paul wiedefeld disagreed that metro was prioritizing service over safety pointing to months of the speed restrictions and the ongoing repairs in rush hour. >> they see missing passengers. historically they said we'll do it later. we are saying no, we are doing
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in there to fix it out. brianne: local 689 are partnering with the other unions to represent employees what they call safety solidarity surge. they will be working with the employees to make sure they are adhering to the standard operating procedure. in northwest washington, brianne carter, abc7 news. maureen: we have breaking news right now about metro. it has to do with the digital sign outage. computer glitch has shut down the signs on the platform that tell you when the next train will arrive. entire metro system. metro has not said how long it will take to repair this. jonathan: take a look at this. d.c. fire e.m.s. sharing this video with us of an injured construction worker being rescued in northwest washington. talk about a tricky rescue here. the man was working underground at the "washington post" building. the worker's injuries are not believed to be too serious. but a technical rescue.
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maureen: when you use a smartphone, everyone can find you instantly. but what if you call 911? >> what is your emergency? >> that puts you here. 47-25. we are here. >> so at least what? a quarter mile away? >> abc7's senior investigator lisa fletcher went to a 911 call center to see if dispatchers could find you in she discovered it depends on your phone carrier. she tells us that in a special report 911 fatal flaw tonight on abc7 news at 11:00. jonathan: that is scary considering everybody is using the cell phone these days. talk about the weather. doug: quiet at the moment. we have one more line of showers to keep an eye on from the northern suburbs. then the skies will clear and we are in good shape. maureen: then halloween.
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let's look to the north east where there are breaks in the overcast. to the norse west there is rain -- northwest there is rain coming in. this is associated with a cold front that will come through the region this evening. most of the steady rain should stay north of the washington metro. other showers possibilities. overnight, couple of hours or a possibility. right now the best chance we think will stay north of the metro region. the forecast as we head through t the rain will come to an end. around midnight. you will see a noticeable shift to the winds, 10 to 15 miles per hour. that will bring cooler and drier air. not freezing cold. 44 to 52 degrees. skies will be clearing. you should wake up to clear skies in the morning. jackets at the bus stop and other places, 50 in if city. cooler in the suburbs. 56 at midday. 60 with sunshine.
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jacket ordered throughout the day. this is the last weekend of october and first of november, we start to think about the more serious cold weather developing. preview of winter. we don't see it in the forecast. what we see is a breezy day tomorrow and 60. but saturday, mostly sunny. and 70 degrees. that is delightful. on sunday, 74. clouds increase through the day. in the morning, four running of the marine corps marathon, the skies should be mid-to-the upper 50's at the beginning of the race. climbing later. should be comfortable. to halloween, afternoon hours it's partly cloudy. high of 62. zero chance of rain. we get to tuesday and then wednesday we start a warm-up. 68 on tuesday. 74 on wisconsin. 66 on thursday. tonight is a special treat we invited the dancing mummy in to give us a specific forecast for halloween!
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from robert burton's dancing style. jonathan: oh, no, he has the moves. robert: stop it. i'm insulted. doug: he is right there. 54 for 8:00 p.m. the parents are eating the candy and the kids will all have tummy aches. maureen: that mummy shows up amy door i am not opening it. robert: what if i show up dancing like that? jonathan: no treats. robert: no candy for me that? robert: i don't know. the mummy didn't steal the dance moves from me. i'm much better than that. can d.c. united break the so-called d.c. sports curse? that is tonight. erin hawksworth sets the scene
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john delaney: this was my dad's pickup - he was a union electrician. i grew up working on his jobsites where he taught me the value of hard work and teamwork. right here in maryland and created thousands of jobs. in congress, i work across party lines - from rebuilding roads to creating jobs and to strengthening social security. roll up your sleeves and work with others. that's what my dad did, and it's what i'll keep doing in congress.
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robert: it's playoff time for d.c. united. the team that has hoisted up a cup or two, or three. tonight is the first step to become champions once more. erin hawksworth is live to get us ready for this one. what is it like out there? erin: pretty awesome, rob. we are live outside r.f.k. with the fans. it's win or go home for d.c.
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united fans is how loyal, how passionate they are. take a look. they are out here rain or shine. this is a group that is out here grilling with the awesome spread. it's a big deal. if d.c. united does not win they have to go home. but 11 of 13 home teams have wo favors united, with if home field advantage -- with the home field advantage. robert: sounds good to me. 11 out of 13. i love the odds. more football. everyone gets to travel to london with the redskins, josh norman and reed. that doesn't mean they will suit up. the team leaves tonight for a sunday matchup against the bengals. a must win. if they lose they will back at the .500 mark heading to the bye week. don't want that. in hoops the wizards kick off their season against the hawks.
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a lot of experts don't have the wizards making any noise this season. just sleeping on these guys. what does john wall say about this? >> sleeping. it's nothing new. we made our playoff run and keep doing it. give us more motivation. robert: all right. sticking with hoops a familiar face to the d.m.s. juan dickson has been hired as the new u.d.c. women's basketball coach. we hung out this morning after practi a huge part of that 2002 national title team. fun talking with him. had a great conversation. jonathan: good to see him back. maureen: you haven't gone to london with the team. robert: they'll miss me. doug: steve has the latest word at 11:00 on the weather. maureen: "world news tonight"
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tonight, breaking news. the new polls just out. as michelle obama joins hillary clinton for the first time on the trail. what they reveal about each other. just as wikileaks reveals major questions about millions made by bill clinton. and donald trump tonight, appearing to surprise even melania. the new video tonight. the de the dramatic rescue. the major storm hitting. snow, ice, freezing rain from d.c. to philly to new york. the college student accused of sexual assault, and tonight, the list of women. what was allegedly discovered in the book next to his bed. diane sawyer is here tonight. isis in america. one-on-one with the college grad, the star student behind bars. his stunning answer, what drew him to isis. and made in america is back. come with me to the statue of


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