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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  November 4, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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announcer: now "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. jonathan: we begin this afternoon at 4:00, with a verdict in the u.v.a. "rolling stone" student. michelle: it is how nicole eramo was portrayed in a piece. alison: "rolling stone" retracted the article, of course. kevin lewis has the jury decision today. kevin? kevin: the long-awaited decision following more than 20 hours of deliberation that spanned three days. victim nicole eramo reportedly broke verdict was read this afternoon. the jury saying the 9,000-word article titled "a rape on campus" was published despite serious concerns that the primary source made questionable claims. this case now moves to the damage phase. attorneys will soon meet with the judge to set dates. eramo is asking for $7.5 million. "rolling stone" saying in a written statement today it made journalistic mistakes
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making again. back to you michelle: thank you. we're four days away from election day but now a terror threat. jonathan: states are targeted but there are no specifics. jeff: the information warns al-qaeda planning pre-election day attacks monday in new york, texas, virginia. why these states are the ones mentioned information on virginia. it is home to the pentagon, quantico and major military installations in the hampton roads areas but none of those locations are listed as a threat. the statement from the f.b.i. on the threat. the counterterrorism and the homeland communities are vigilant and well postured to defend against attacks in the united states. federal officials will continue to work closely with law enforcement and
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disrupt any potential threats to public safety. jeff goldberg, abc7 news. jonathan: our chief political correspondent scott thuman has been working the story. this is interesting because of the timing of this. do we know more specifics and why the timing? scott: we don't know specifics. they say the threat was vague. people i talk to within the f.b.i. are saying very little about it. however, important to note that this is not completely a surprise. we see the threats take ple event or remembrance of 9/11 type of date on the calendar. this one there is going to already be part of the j.t.t.f., the joint terrorism task force sending out its crews, making sure the command centers are ready and that all the intelligence that is at that federal level is shared with the state and the locals. they have already done that in this particular case but they had a feeling prior to election day, especially one that is focused on as this there would be some sort of threat or alleged threat.
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out to the folks at home we get hundreds of threats. this nation gets hundreds of threats every day or every year it seems but normally they don't come out and tell people listen, we have three states. we want to let you know there is the possibility of a threat. what made it rise to the level of letting people know? scott: i asked if we saw this exact type of threat four years ago for the 23012 election or prior to that because those were polarizing times. there was nothing that someone could tell me immediately exactly parallel to this rt then again the information out there among the people i am talking to in the f.b.i. is limited. so we have to look at it and say we knew this might come down the pipeline. be vigilant. this is a polarizing election and it's not a complete shock to people when you have the secret service attached to candidates early on that who knew what would happen? the biggest concern is homegrown terrorism, lone wolf attackers. that is always the con season of the f.b.i. jonathan: thank you very much
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beefed up security. don't worry or panic. just go out and vote and understand there will be an additional layer of security around you. alison: there is still campaigning to do. donald trump and hillary clinton and their surrogates are crisscrossing the swing states today. donald trump hitting a trio of them today. earlier he was in new hampshire. right now he is in wilmington, ohio. as he is on the move going to hershey, pennsylvania, for a rally this everything. democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton was already will there in pennsylvania. she is in pittsburgh gathering supporters and urging them to vote on tuesday. the former secretary of state tonight is hosting a get out the vote rally in detroit. michelle: gold star father khan thrust in the spotlight
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convention. not just his words but for how trump reacted. he is now a top clinton surrogate. we go to his campaign rallies in virginia today. richard: signs of the times, right? the tenth congressional race in virginia one of the hottest going on right now. days before election day. now a new campaign tactic khan is hitting the trail. you may remember he became a household name criticized donald trump for his proposal to ban muslim immigrants. you remember the image of khan holding up the constitution at the democratic convention? it was back in 2004 that khan's son captain humayun khan killed in iraq by a car bomb. trump got heat from democrats and republicans for statements
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business practices. when asked about the sacrifices of the military members. he sings said he has the utmost respect for gold star families. khan supports hillary clinton and bennett but pushing back against the politics of hate. >> i'm so proud that united states has come through to show positive values, richard: we reached out multiple times to get comstock's campaign for their take but they did not get back to us. coming up you hear what the other politicians and the muslim community think of that. in leesburg, richard reeve, abc7 news. jonathan: we have today, the weekend and monday. four days left until the election. we have been sending our votetrak 2016 hummer across the area. today we have in college park,
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mater. how is the u.m.d. crowd handling the election? what are they saying about it? brad: this is great to be back on campus. we were at u.v.a. early in the travels. today we did something different. we set up the little polling device. clinton, trump, johnson, stein. you can see how the votes are broken down her >> yea! democracy. brad: most every student offered an opportunity to weigh in makes a mark on the unofficial, unscientific terp tally. >> i'm voting for clinton. brad: votes for clinton outpage votes for trump, not a surprise on a college campus where politics skews left. but they're more anti-trump than pro clinton. >> nothing on this earth could make me do something to put
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not so much for hillary but no trump. >> trump is anti-immigrant. >> if i vote for trump i might not be able to get married some day because of my sexuality. brad: we put the camera away and voting becomes anonymous, trump gets mark on the terp tally. and backing th voters may not admit it publicly. we had a fair number that were undecided or they won't vote at all. >> no candidate is appealing to me. brad: well, you can see people still voting this afternoon. vote for bernie sanders. the first one on the board today. we had a few people that would like none of the above. so when we come back at 5:00, we talked to the students about how engaged they are. there is talk that millennials are not engaged.
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opinions on campus. that is at 5:00, university of maryland, brad bell, abc7 news. jonathan: thanks. don't miss an update from brad and the entire vote 2016 team on tuesday night. we are all here. it's an exciting night and a long one at that. abc7 will have live election coverage from new york at the trump the clinton headquarters down to the key local races across the d.m.v. we have nonstop coverage right here on abc7 and on our sister station newschannel8. when the polls close through the calling of the key we have you covered. breaking news, horrible out of new york city. two police officers have been shot. we're told one of them might not make it. these are live pictures you are looking at from the area. the helicopters hovering over the area. the top of the picture, there are people gathered around there. that is where it's cordoned off to start investigating the scene. we understand that the person responsible for the shooting
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your screen. as soon as we get more information in the newsroom about what happened, two officers shot. one in rough shape. we will have updates when we get them. alison: moving on. new jersey prosecutors are celebrating guilty verdicts vern the bridge gate scandal for staff members in chris christie's administration found guilty for the roles in slowing the traffic on george wash there. a jury found it was done on purpose to get back at political rival. christie denies knowledge but the staff members testified otherwise. back here locally, a short time ago officials at the prince george's hospital center provided update on the neonatal intensive care unit. it's closed for a second time in a matter of months after the deadly bacteria was found
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sam ford has the developments. sam: well, alison, we heard here at the hospital that the experts from the center for disease control in atlanta arrived at the hospital this afternoon. to try to find out where this pseudomonas is coming from. they admit they have been baffled. two days ago they shut down tested positive for pseudomonas. this was the same bacterium that caused the hospital to shut down in august and send the premies to children's hospital in d.c. after two infants died. it reopened a month ago today. after thorough cleaning and tuesday shut down a second
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afternoon. >> it can be transmitted from hospital equipment and people who have not cleaned their hands efficiently. due to the vast opportunities for pseudomonas to reach a patient it's important to identify every possible source. sam: two babies tested positive. one is suffering from the infection and the other baby is not. reporting live from abc7 news. jonathan: thank you. coming up next at 4:00, more weapons at the school. the alarming spike and the silence. "7 on your side" with an investigation. alison: next today at 4:00, singer takes a private battle public and what he is asking the fans after announcing his 3-year-old son is diagnosed
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yammer chicago is celebrating if sometime. a trip to windy city coming up. doug: we a good look at what the weekend is like. we are over dickerson, maryland. beautiful fall color. it will hit the peak this weekend and the weather could not be better. our complete forecast in eight minutes on "abc7 news at
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jonathan: new pictures and information from the ntsb at the plane fire at the chicago o'hare airport a week ago today. one part of the engine, on the right side of the screen, that is a big one. it broke off and blasted away. flying through the wing over the body of the plane into a u.p.s. warehouse nearby. it really launch. the pilots were able to stop the plane down the runway. ready for they are looking into what caused a near catastrophic failure. michelle: update on the pipeline explosion in alabama that caused the gas prices to go up. the company that operates the pipeline says it plans to restart the line on sunday. it was shut down since monday
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investigation uncovers large increase in the number of students taking weapons to school. on tuesday 4-year-old at a preschool in d.c. found with a semi-automatic pistol in his backpack. the child's father was in court where a judge denied his bail saying there is reason to believe the father knew the gun was there. fightenning stories like this led chris papst to spend months compiling data from the largest district and discovered a parents aren't being told. >> three schools in culpeper county as word spread of a lockdown and a student with a gun. chris: the call no parents wants to get. >> juvenile been arrested. chris: a weapon found at a school. >> they gave specific clear details of how or what he would do with the weapon. >> i'm getting shot five times
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chris: students taking weapons to school. knives, any type of gun. it's on the rise in the area. "7 on your side" obtained information from the largest district in the region and found just about all of them have seen a spike in the students bringing weapons to school. montgomery county seen 6% increase. in prince george's, 8%. fairfax county seen 31% increase in two the district with the largest increase is alexandria where it doubled doubled from 14 incis in 2015 to 28 last school year. >> there are variables that could impact the increase.
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>> no. it's important to maintain the confidentiality. >> prince george's county were also not alerted when there was a 19% strike in 2015. >> that is not a particular reason for awill remember. >> with 86,000 students, phil with pwcs says 108 incidents despite the increase is not worrisome. johnson makes the same argument. >> the num alarming. >> i think they are alarming. anytime a young person risks their safety by engaging in the violent behavior it's concerning. >> david murphy says we don't know if the number of kids take weapons to school is high or low because no one collects the school when data nationally. that "7 on your side" collected locally. why not? >> i don't have the answer for that.
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surprised we don't have the comprehensive national data we would like. alison: d.c. public schools was the on was the only district that did not give us the numbers. they did give us written statements that you can find online. click on thelich for the story. abc7 is on traffic watch this friday. jamie sullivan has a look at it. jamie: it's slow now. 95 to northbound. accident activity moved to the shoulder. this is the fairfax county
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stadium armory to the eastern market while they are dealing with a medical emergency at the potomac avenue. watch out for a crash heading outbound new york avenue. right at the first street northeast. with the two lanes blocked we are already going to start to see the heavy volume building. the same outbound kenilworth avenue. heavy now. traveling then in the northwest corner. lots of congestion. no crashes here from virginia and maryland but a slow afternoon. michelle: thank you. jonathan: a nice day. alison: look at the beautiful shot for us. doug: this is live. drone trak 7 over western montgomery county. can we take it full screen? that is a live look if you fly above the tree tops. this is peak color this
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crystal clear skies. good stuff. michelle: you don't have to travel far to see it. jonathan: on the washington parkway, it was gorgeous. doug: prince william national forest is unbelievably beautiful now. a lot of free places to go to enjoy fall color. or sit on your sofa and watch drone trak 7. more and more people do it every day. beautiful weather. clear skies. temperatures fall off after sunset in the 50's. by tomorrow morning, it's 35 to 45 degrees with a light skies. the weekend is beautiful. mid-60's both days. another reminder tomorrow night we will fall back to the eastern standard time. there are folks will wait until 2:00 just to follow the rules. turn it back tomorrow night. change the smoke detector batteries and carbon monoxide
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and in bring we go to other way. 7:40 sunset record and times 6:03. 6:41 sunrise sunday. 5:02 sunset on monday. monday driving to and from work is different. seven-day forecast is sweet. we have sunny days in a row with no rain. this is beautiful but we are lacking election day on tuesday, you election day on tuesday, you could isn't for better weather here. i'll be back and then steve rudin will be back with the events coming up in a few minutes. jonathan: thank you.
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4:00" -- there may not be baseball at nats park but there good reason to go there. what it takes to get the unlimit craft beer taste at the ballpark up next. michelle: that is a fraction of the 5 million cub fans who turned out for the world series parade. 100 years in the making. we will give you a view from the ground ahead. jonathan: a sea of i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of r wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember."
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admission is $45 for unlimitting tastings with food sold separately from a number of food trucks. up limited tastings is pretty good. the hot cider hu running in the 5k, 10k or 15k. walk the red. it's hockey fights cancer night. there is a lot going on. have a fabulous weekend. whatever you do, do something to make you happen. michelle: still ahead at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- the entire harbor university men's soccer team suspended
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the shocking comments ahead. >> next at 4:00, a disturbing find in south carolina. a day after a woman found chained inside a storage container. what they reveal next. jonathan: coming up at 5:00. >> a speed camera. if you hate them you will love the next i-team investigation. i'm scott taylor in college
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. michelle: a developing story out of south carolina. new details in the case of a woman found chained in a meta disappeared two months ago. justin hinton from the sister station wlos is live in spartanburg county, for what we found out in court and the new search happening now. what are they looking for, justin? reporter: the sheriff just confirmed they did find one body here today. that is in addition to the woman who was found alive yesterday. we have very limited details on this body. they don't know who it is. they don't know if it's a man
4:32 pm
been here but it was found in a shallow grave. the investigation is far from over. the tell-tale sign of something bad drove friday afternoon to join the sea of investigators trying to piece together what happened on this nearly 100-acre property in spartanburg county. the owner first charged with kidnapping after investigators found kala brown missing since august chained up inside a storage container on kohlhepper's property. by air, land, horse, the search continues for the possibility of four others buried here as brown told investigators. cadaver dogs signaling remains of some sort have been found. >> it's unsettling to know it's going on in your front yard. reporter: one of the reasons they want to talk to johnny. a mystery to them and to him
4:33 pm
few times. now instead of a play ground this is a potential burial ground, for one survivor who could have the answers that they need. >> i'm glad she was alive when they found her. maybe she can shed light on what is going on. reporter: it appears that she is doing that. we learned in court today that brown said she saw kohlhepp shoot her boyfriend the same time she did as well. bond has not been set in this case. but we know from the solicitor he says he is confident a murder warrant is coming. at least one murder warrant. reporting live in spartanburg county, justin hinton, back to you. alison: thank you. back at home, a d.c. superior court judge stayed his order to release the man accused of shooting two d.c. school officials. justin headspeth was due to report to a halfway house but
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headspeth is accused of firing 11 shots at the administrators as they were digging out a snow bank. families were furious at the initial decision. another hearing on headspeth's status will take place later this month. well, time to talk more about the weather. doug is back. i just love this view from drone trak 7. we have been waiting for the fall colors. doug: they are beautiful. this is peak weekend. crystal skies all weekend. prime time and prime weather to see the fall colors. here on my wish lis high resolution camera. travel the country. have the virtual reality goggles so you can launch it. then in v.r. see what it is seeing. i don't know. i'm sure the technology exists. something i have been thinking. it's beautiful. michelle: gorgeous. doug: a different view from the drone up above. it's, well, let me give you the weather. i love looking at the images. it's spectacular. this is a time lapse for you
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d.c. 58 degrees. a few high clouds on the horizon. the sun came out. sunny and a beautiful day. it's 58 now. we will stay crystal clear through the evening with the temperatures in the 50's this evening. in the overnight, they will fall more. probably 30's across the area. upper 30's in the north and the western superbs. 40 in aspen hill. 37 by early in the morning in manassas. our next seven days looks good to me. plenty of sunshine all week long. high of 65 to 67. friendly but sometimes annoying reminder to turn the clocks back an hour before you go to bed tomorrow. blah, blah, blah. sunshine all day on monday and 62. election day, it couldn't get better weather wise. temperatures in the mid-to-the upper 60's. light winds and sunshine all day. dry and warm weather continues through all of next week. steve will be back and he will focus on the weekend in 14 minutes. back to you. michelle: ahh.
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alison: meanwhile the celebration continues in chicago. incredible scene. take a look at this. downtown for the cubs championship parade. michelle: by land or by water. any way you want to celebrate the huge win. you have to wait 108 years to celebrate you might as well go big. fans sprinted to the stage in grant park, the chicago river was dyed cubby blue. it was awesome to be out there. lindsey mastis joins us with the likes and the shares of what must have been an amazing time to be there yourself at the least look at it on social media. then you get a viewpoint from being there. it's a family aware. i notice a lot of kids out having the unexcused absences from school. but the parade, let's say there is a lot of w's. a lot of people wanting to fly the flag. this is neat, too. here is a video that basically shows the snapchat overlay for the world series champions.
4:37 pm
networks. another video to show you here as soon as it starts playing, this is all through downtown chicago. so as they are trying to get to the parade route you have people all over the place. traffic on the other side. people stopping the cars so they can stop and watch and waver as well. the crowds were huge. i wanted to show you this. this is one of the pictures taken by the cubs. look at the people down there. so many people showed up for this. this is a path from greatness. video showing the confetti, going all around and the buses go through downtown chicago. so many people showing up for this. definitely an exciting day in chicago. of course if you couldn't be there, the next best thing is look at it online. back to you. michelle: i'm so happy they had nice weather for the parade. it wouldn't be the same if it was raining. lindsey: absolutely not. confetti would haven't worked. alison: the kids were out of
4:38 pm
thank you. see you later. michelle: the remainder of the harvard men soccer season has been canceled after investigation into lewd social media postings about female athletes. players posted a scouting report, which would rate incoming freshmen on the ladies soccer team. the women were scored based on their looks. >> it's important for the school to uphold the values of gender equity and respect. i definitely do ag decision. >> i understand it's something to be frowned upon. but when you cancel an entire season, you punish the entire academic body. michelle: the lady soccer players published op ed in the school newspaper saying, "we are appalled that female athletes who are told to feel empowered and proud of their abilities are so regularly reduced to a physical appearance." next for us on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- an entire country's children
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which one and how much work the children do each week compared to other countries. stip ahead a "7 on your side" consumer alert. the million of the samsung washing machines being recalled. just how many models are affected when "abc7 news at
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michelle: in spain some parents are allowing the children to go on a homework strike and boycott assignments for a month. alison: the no to homework campaign aims to allow more family time between the family but some say it undermines the schools. spanish children teens get six and a half hours of home wok every week. in a study 40 other nations averaged five michelle: abandoning homework for an intermonth? alison: i know. coming up here at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- >> an eighth grade student says he might know the way to cure cancer. i'm amy aubert. i have that story coming up. >> but first, sex, politics and murder. the chandra levy case blown
4:43 pm
>> the dude i testified he committed homicide. >> are you sure? >> why wouldn't i be sure. >> meet the woman who recorded that and tries to close the book on one of d.c. darker
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michelle: one of d.c.'s most notorious murders is back in the spotlight. tonight "20/20" investigates the mystery surrounding chandra levy's debt and disappearance -- death and disappearance and her connection to gary the woman who blew the case wide open speaks out. here is a preview. >> the simple storage unit doesn't look like much. >> this is the place. >> but it was here that the mystery woman sprang a bizarre sting operation to blow the doors off one of the biggest scandals the nation's capital had ever seen. the chandra levy murder case. >> disappearance of a college student -- >> a story that captured the nation with a rivetting combination of sex, politics
4:47 pm
family. torpedoed the career of an aspiring congressman. >> was it a sexual relationship? >> now because of this woman it's unsolveed mystery once more. proller is speaking with "20/20" about her story that began this july when she ran into morales, the jailhouse snitch and the star witness in the levy case. >> where did you put >> behind the plastic bin. >> what did you think? >> i was intrigued of his involvement, what he knew. >> the dude i testified, he committed the homicide. >> are you sure? >> why wouldn't i be sure? >> people talk. they just brag about stuff. to make sure they look good. >> i don't know. i can't answer that. >> the light went off in your head. >> yeah. to me it didn't make sense. i ended up feeling like you made this up.
4:48 pm
the story tonight on "20/20" at 10:00 right here on abc7. michelle: thank you. a "7 on your side" consumer alert with the samsung recall but this time it's the washing machine. they recalled 3 million of the top-loading washing machines. there are hundred of reports that the machines blew up when operating at a high speed. at lea hurt. melissa says she was inches away from getting a serious injury. her 4-year-old son was right there. >> the washing machine just exploded. it sounded like a bomb went off in my ear. i remember covering my head and leaning over toward my son and screaming this scream. michelle: in all, there are 34 different model lines of the samsung top-loading washing machines sold since march 2011 until now.
4:49 pm
3-year-old son noah has cancer. he broke the news on facebook saying in part they are devastated by the news and are putting their careers on hold. the canadian singer did not reveal what kind of cancer his son has. he and his wife have a younger son elias. alison: devastating. a 13-year-old says he may have found a cure for cancer. michelle: that would be awesome news. the school for the student says that it all started from a seventh grade science projected. amy aubert shows us he is working to make his plan a reality. amy: alex goes about his day like any other student but he wants to find a cure for cancer. >> i want to help people with
4:50 pm
amy: he says after his grandfather passed away from cancer he wanted to work and find a cure. >> it's a terrible thing. amy: now he is taking a seventh grade science project to the next level. >> imagine that the one without the red is healthy cell and the one with the red are the cancer cell. amy: he is working to create organism to fight the cancer and says after presenting this idea this fall scientists are helping him along the way. >> this is part of the presentation he made to the baltimore underground science space. a project they tell me they are excited to get going. >> it can combine to the cell membrane and it can cause the cell to die. >> in the early steps of making his project a reality.
4:51 pm
space once a week to work on it. where the team will help him along the way. amy aubert, abc7 news. steve: who is ready for the weekend? hours away. this everything looks nice out there. a little on the cool side for friday night football. temperatures in the 50's. mainly clear skies. the sun will set 5 minutes after 6:00. overnight 35 to 45. mainly clear skies. winds ease out of the northwest at 3 to 8. the weekend is looking really, really nice. daylight savings time begins early. it comes to an end early sunday. we fall back by one hour. come sunday the sun will set a few minutes after 5:00. a big difference there. across the bay 10k early sunday morning. the temperatures start off in the 40's. rebounding to the middle 60's.
4:52 pm
outlook. all eyes focus on election day temperatures starting off on the cool side in the upper 40's. but by 11:00 in the morning, we will be around 50. 67 by 4:00. most of the polls are closed by 8:00. we will stay in the 60's for the rest of next week. check on traffic with jamie sullivan. jamie: it's busy so far. northbound 95 in virginia in the clearing stages. we had a few lanes blocked near the fairfax county the car up on the flat bed. as far as the backup, 95 heading north. valueium. southbound is typical as you head to richmond. single tracking on the orange, blue, silver line. you will see the delays due to medical emergency at the potomac avenue. then we have an accident. this is harder to see because we have line glare out there. inner loop of the beltway before the george washington parkway. it will be taking out one of the lanes.
4:53 pm
to seeing will get heavier. unfortunately. that is a look at traffic. michelle? michelle: thank you. we have heard the reported link between the russians and wikileaks. beyond that it's widely believed that the kremlin is using cyber in the foreign policy arsenal. what or who is the next target? lisa fletcher digs in. lisa: i'm senior investigator lisa fletcher. what do you think of being hacked? you probably think of yo but that is child's play compared to the hacking services you can buy on the dark web. >> you can buy services to hack companies. this is a buy now button. medium, large job, website hacking, et cetera. i'll do anything for money. >> from dams to pipelines and the power grids, experts say the hackers for hire are capable to disrupt life as we
4:54 pm
alison: coming up next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- it's being dubbed grandparent scam. cons targeting the elderly. >> this is a guy who adores his grandchildren. he would give them an organ. alison: the call you have to question coming up next at alison: the call you have to question coming up next at "abc7 news at after all donald trump has said and done... she ate like a pig. and degrading. it just seems like he's invaded our lives. and he's the republican nominee for president. and now republican congresswoman comstock is trying to run away from trump? i mean, come on. look, we just can't vote for comstock or trump. house majority pac is responsible
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johnson: he answered the phone and his grandson said he was in car wreck but he needed money to pay for a fence and car he damaged. >> the owner of the property wanted $2,000. so he wouldn't press charges. >> so brett instructed glandpa to buy f cards. he did it. >> i got cards. he said give me the numbers. >> so he gave him $2,000. the only problem is the real brett had not been in any accident. he became another victim of the grand parents scam. in the years past scammers would ask the victim to via money on money grams but they can be traced and western union clerks now ask questions so gift cards, especially itune gift cards have become
4:58 pm
>> debbie says he is not dumb but the scam is slick. he wants the checkout clerks to be trained to spot a scam. >> warning to the consumers but to retailers. >> you may be witnessing a grandparent being conned. >> grocery store spokeswoman told us the cashiers are victim assisted fraud but sometimes they skip through. so warn the older parents and the grand parents so you don't waste your money. i'm john matarese. alison: tonight, law enforcement on high alert before election day after threats of terror in three states, including one of ours. speed camera, "7 on your side" found one that is truly crooked. hundreds of drivers are happy we did. >> i want them to have a winning attitude.
4:59 pm
>> gridiron mentor leading by example in the biggest challenge of his life. announcer: now "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. alison: thousands of drivers across our area get caught by them every year. the drivers love to hate the speed cameras as a money grab. but some drivers had questions about a camera located in college park. this is just south of the university of maryland's campus. well, thanks to "7 on your side" now are getting those tickets thrown out of court. investigators scott taylor joins us live to explain why. scott? scott: this is all about a misplaced sign and speed camera. now college park city has to refund $27,000. i got a tip on the source to
5:00 pm
maryland. they appeared to stick the drivers in a 25-mile-per-hour zone but it was focused on 35-mile-per-hour. five drivers disputed the ticket and college park dismissed the tickets citing the drivers might have been confused over the plaitment of an old 25-mile-per-hour speed limit sign. the new sign used to be here. there were drivers that were falsely ticketed. the speed camera was in the wrong spot. we determine it was accurate. we look and we review the citations issued after the new camera installed. >> we contacted the city and we started to ask questions. they were reviewing the other


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