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tv   America This Morning  ABC  November 8, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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it is a mad dash to the finish line as we hit election day in america. >> both presidential candidates holding rallies well past midnight seeking support in swing states. >> well, i got to tell you, this is sure worth staying up for. >> the election is now. the election is now. can you believe it? >> hillary clinton is bringing out the star p ? living on a prayer ? >> and donald trump is battling until the very end. >> hillary clinton is the most corrupt person ever to seek the office of the presidency of the united states. >> after the name calling and wild twists it all ends today, election day. why early voting could be a major factor. where voter registration fraud is being investigated and the very first results already
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it is here. wow. good tuesday morning, everyone. election day 2016 finally here after a bruising and at times ugly year and a half of campaigning, the voters get the last word today. >> hillary clinton and donald trump held dueling rallies capping off a frenzied day of marathon campaigning and hit state after state making nine stops between them. >> the scene moments ago, hillary clinton arriving back home in new york state carolina by jon bon jovi and lady gaga who said clinton is unstoppable. >> but donald trump used his final pitch to reach out to working class voters in michigan and he promised to keep jobs from leaving the country. he also slammed clinton as a corrupt politician. and trump used his final pitch to reach out to voters in grand rapids, michigan, he's promising many things to voters, also, of course, taking advantage of any final opportunity he can to slam
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close. >> you can see many of the polls there that we're getting in from the battleground states. clinton has a slight four-point edge over trump and our final tracking poll of voters but trump is predicting a big win and calling clinton the face of failure. clinton is trying to strike a unifying tone asking voters to choose unity over division. >> elizabeth hur with the latest. >> reporter: kendis and diane, good morning to you. yes, it all comes down to this, for both clinton and trump today that is why they're leaving nothing to chance and campaigning to the very last minute. dueling rallies kicking off decision day in america. >> so, it's now officially tuesday, november 8th. >> i got to tell you, this is sure worth staying up for. >> reporter: just after midnight more famous friends joining hillary clinton at her final
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clinton, getting celebrity support from lady gaga to jon bon jovi and bruce springsteen in the crucial final hours. ? can't start a fire ? >> reporter: while donald trump made his closing arguments in michigan with running mate mike pence, arguing they don't need any big names to win pointing to his standing room only crowds. >> today is our independence day. >> reporter: election day voting officially kicked off at community of dixville notch, new hampshire. this morning, trumping clinton after crisscrossing the country are back in their home state of new york to cast their ballot. two of the least liked candidates in history now leaving everything to voters. >> we will make america safe again and we will make america great again.
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are not ahead of us if we reach for them together. >> reporter: and so millions may be headed to the polls today but both campaigns are focused on one number, that's 270. kendis and diane. >> another number to throw at you, four, that's how many votes hillary clinton received at dixville notch early this morning but mitt romney got a >> big number there is to start things off. >> elizabeth, thank you. but the numbers do mean a lot. a lot will be focused on them. that big one tweeg the 270. >> jon karl takes a look at where the candidates have their best chances to reaching that number. he's at abc's election headquarters in times square. jon. >> reporter: look what donald trump would have to do to win. he would have to carry every single one of the states that are remaining toss-up and watch what happens if he does that he
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hampshire, the second congressional district in maine and still short so that's why donald trump is looking up in the industrial midwest. looking at these bright blue states hoping to turn one of them red. >> all right, a big reason trump chose michigan to be that last stop in his campaign earlier in morning. >> tens of millions of americans won't be at polling places today because they've already voted. nearly 45 million ballots have been cast, 28 states are participation and so far there's been a drop-off among black voters in north carolina from the historic levels that supported president obama. now, turnout is higher among hispanics in florida, nevada as well as colorado. there are plenty of congressional races on the ballot. the entire house and third of the senate up for grabs. >> arlette saenz joins us with some of those races to watch. arlette. >> good morning. democrats will try to reclaim
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today's number to watch in the senate is five. democrats need to flip five seats in order to take control. there are seven races that are pure toss-ups where anything can happen. many of these toss-ups are in battleground states where donald trump and hillary clinton are neck and neck. republicans are defending their seats in north carolina, pennsylvania and new hampshire where republican senator kelly ayotte is running against maggie hassen. split ticket voters could be key in that missouri, the state's secretary of state jason kander is against roy blount. he is a military veteran who caught people's attention with an ad where he assembled a gun while blindfolded. in wisconsin we're seeing a senate rematch. ron johnson is facing off against russ feingold, a democratic senator he defeated back in 2010.
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in a dead heat. as for house republicans trying to defend their biggest majority in nearly 90 years. democrats are eyeing 30 seats to take control. diane and kendis. >> many admit it's probably not going to happen that they'll be able to overcome that majority there. arlette, thank you. election day is just getting started. we'll, of course, have complete coverage tonight but still ahead in this half hour live reports from both the clinton and trump headquarters in new york. >> and also still ahead, the day. plus, even before the polls open, the markets are reacting. see what will happen on wall street today and why yesterday was the best day in eight months. new this morning a massive sinkhole swallowing everything around. we'll tell you where this took
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you bet on me all those years ago and i will always be grateful for the privilege you gave me to serve. >> of course, president obama in his philadelphia last night and last rally of his presidency. in a nearly 20 minute speech in front of 33 thousand people he seemingly passed the baton to clinton in hopes she'll be be out in force today. 5,000 officers being deployed to secure midtown manhattan. >> both hillary clinton and donald trump are holding election night events in the area. just a few blocks from each other and that's about the number of cops that would be used for new year's eve or times square or a visit by the pope to show you how serious they're taking it. >> investigators in indiana are looking into alleged cases of voter registration fraud.
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party either made up information or forged signatures on voter registration forms in several indiana counties. no charges have been filed so far. in the meantime, voting monitors from the justice department will be on the job today in 28 states. they'll be watching polling places trying to guard against intimidation and disruptions. but there will be fewer of them today than four years ago. that's because of a supreme court ruling which limits the deployment of observers in jurisdiction with a history of stock markets across asia posted mostly narrow gains overnight in their final trading sessions before the election. that followed wall street's best day for eight months. investors powered a rally ending a nine-session losing streak. gains of more than 2% and rebecca jarvis looks ahead. >> reporter: wall street sees clinton as the stat us it quo candidate and basically know what to expect from her.
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that type of uncertainty. they like to know what exactly they're betting on which is why major banks are predicting with a trump win that stocks would automatically fall whereas with a clinton win stocks would stabilize or even rally. >> and one reason being credited for that rally was fbi director james comey. you saw hi photograph there. he made that statement that renewed the investigation of her e-mails and said that they found no evidence warrantin coming up, election day in america. our live team coverage continuing from trump and clinton's headquarters. plus, the incredible moment a scuba diver was found after 18 hours at sea. ? and off you go, ? ? ? and off you go, ?
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both candidates will be watching the results come in from their different victory parties here in new york. >> they'll be a few blocks away from one another. clinton at theafter visit center, the convention center and trump's party at the hilton midtown hotel and you can see the abc news election headquarters in times square right there in the middle. we have team coverage on both candidate, kenneth moton at the clinton headquarters but we begin with adrienne bankert over at >> reporter: early tuesday morning election day donald trump wrapping a campaign blitz. >> so it's now officially tuesday, november 8th. >> reporter: rallying his supporters in grand rapids, michigan. >> today is our independence day. today the american working class is going to strike back finally. >> reporter: the republican
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marathon day of eight states in 24 hours including florida and new hampshire. long lines of supporters waiting overnight to see him. >> we're winning ohio. we're winning iowa. we're winning, we think, new hampshire. >> reporter: donald trump returning to new york to vote at 10:00 a.m. >> all right. adrienne, thank you. just a short distance away the clinton camp has set up shop under the glass ceiling of the javits center. >> clint history tonight and shatter that glass symbolically. kenneth moton is there. >> reporter: a woman on the cusp of history standing with this nation's first black president in front of thousands in the birth place of the nation, philadelphia. >> i will be a president for all americans. >> reporter: this unprecedented image, the clintons and the obamas united. >> i'm asking you to work as hard as you can this one last
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americans, this fighter, this stateswoman. >> reporter: overnight clinton received some star-studded help from the boss, bruce springsteen, jon bon jovi and lady gaga who made her way to north carolina where clinton made her closing argument. >> love trumps hate. thank you. let's go, north carolina. god bless you. >> our thanks to kenneth moton. stay with abc news for all the election results. our political team will be here all night starting at 4:00 a.m. eastern time. now to our other top story. a third body has been discovered on property owned by suspected serial killer todd kohlhepp. the real estate agent held without bond after confessing to four murders back in 2003. investigators say it'll be back on his property though the effort scaled back. prosecutors say kohlhepp has been cooperating with the investigation. and right on the heels of its massive recall samsung has a
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korean prosecutors raided the company's headquarters this morning as part of an investigation into political corruption. samsung is accused of giving money to the daughter of a close friend of south korea's president. that friend is accused of improperly influencing government affairs. two more incredible stories from overseas. an australian diver recovering from mild hypothermia but this is after he was lost at sea for 18 hours. rescuers said it was like finding a needle in a haystack had they spotted the man. he was on a solo dive trip and without his personal device when strong currents separated him from his boat. he was found, get this, about 30 miles from where he had first entered that water. new video shows a huge sinkhole opening up in japan. the sinkhole caused by ruptured undergroundwater main, nearby buildings including a 7-eleven were evacuated as officials feared the hole could widen and take the neighborhood with it. >> scary stuff. up next in "the pulse," the
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>> speaking of scary stuff, and an american couple shows off their true love for christmas to make us recover from that snake
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certain cities 45% off rides to their polling place, though they'll have to pay full price for the return trip. >> wow. 7-eleven is giving away coffee. you'll have to download the app but i don't even think you have to vote to get that. just free coffee to celebrate election day. >> you can get a gallon of ice tea at white castle when you get a pack of 30 sliders. >> if you have more of a sweet tooth krispy kreme participating locations are offering free doughnuts but with that you have to show your i voted sticker so make sure you vote sticker. >> one way you can just visit different krispy kremes and show them the same i voted sticker. >> we thought about it. maybe this imimagine sums up a lot of the mood. a house on the market in a divorce sale. >> so right there on the lawn as well as a sign supporting trump and pence and another for clinton and kaine, have no fear, america, hopefully it's all over tonight. and by over we mean possibly
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>> we hope it all ends peacefully, the election and divorce. passengers on board a flight in mexico didn't have such great luck. real-life snake on a plane scenario. yeah. not as cute as that one. check it out. five-foot snake slithered out of an overhead bin and then it actually -- >> wait for it. >> wait for it. >> ah. it actually falls on to the seats. >> so that prompted an emergency landing. remove the reptile, hitchhiker. the man who took this video called it, quote, a unique experience. i would imagine once they resumed the flight it was free shots for everybody. wouldn't you say? get off. creeped out by that. >> snakes. all right. so there is -- let's get to warm thoughts. a jolly couple from omaha,
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they met back in 2009 when santa was working on a part-time gig at nursing homes and holiday parties. and they say the name change is just all about bringing joy to the people. >> when they started the whole thing, they were actually not -- their hair wasn't salt and pepper at all. >> no, they aged a lot in seven donald trump address thousands of supporters late into the night.
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america elects it's next president. good morning washington has complete vote 2016 coverage coming up. good morning washington. toss to eileen - dry election day (cold morning, warmer afternoon) - showers tomorrow - coldest air of the season saturday freeze warning in effect until 8am in prince william, stafford, and spotsylvania counties. frost advisory dmv (d.c., fairfax, montgomery) and counties east of i-95. today: mostly sunny. high clouds late. cold morning, warmer afternoon. highs: 67-71 winds: sw 5 mph tonight: mostly cloudy. few showers by dawn. lows: 47-53 winds: sw 5 mph wednesday: mostly cloudy with a chance of showers, especially early. cooler and breezy. some clearing late. highs: 56-62 winds: nw 10-15 g 30
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analysts will be checking them against the latest poll numbers. at least a half-dozen national polls came out thursday -- and all showed hillary clinton leading donald trump. clinton's widest lead is six-points in the final monmouth and n-b-c news polls of the campaign. clinton has a four-point lead in polls from a-b-c news, c-b-s and fox news. her smallest lead is 3-points in the final bloomberg poll before the election. it's far too soon to say who will win countless races across the country. but here's one thing we do know-- security at the polls will be tight. 500 workers from the justice department will deploy to 67 counties and cities nationwide. that includes prince william and fairfax county. the goal is to monitor the situation -and keep everyone safe. it comes after an unspecified terror threat that included the states of virginia, new york, and texas. and in one of the nation's biggest battle ground
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in record numbers. according to florida election officials-- nearly 6 and a half million people have already cast their ballots. that is a new state record. florida officials say almost half of it's registered voters cast early ballots. of that number-- about 33-thousand more democrats than republicans voted. 1.point.6 million early voters had no party affiliation. in another battleground state-- donald trump's daughters made a last minute push for their father in virginia. ivanka and tiffany trump were in manassas monday for a town hall. supporters - and said they're confident he'll win today. virginia is a swing state, but polls show it leaning democratic. in other news. 2 construction workers are recovering this morning after falling from scaffolding in montgomery county. it happened monday on blueridge avenue in wheaton. police say the scaffolding collapsed-- dropping the men more than 15 feet onto a lower level. the two were rushed to the hospital with serious injuries but there is still no word on their condition. the exact cause of
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a celebrity couple take a big step forward on the road to divorce. angelina jolie and brad pitt have reached a custody agreement regarding their six children. representatives for the actors say jolie will continue to have sole custody of the children, and brad pitt will maintain "therapeutic visits". jolie filed for divorce in september citing irreconcilable differences. it's xx and we're just getting started. the campaigns are over-- now voters get ready to pick their next president. the first polls open in virginia in less than 2 hours. our reporters are fanning out as we speak-- as the nation prepares to vote. we have complete vote 2016 coverage coming up.
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- dry election day (cold morning, warmer afternoon) - showers tomorrow - coldest air of the season saturday freeze warning in effect until 8am in prince william, stafford, and spotsylvania counties. frost advisory in effect until 8am for the dmv (d.c., fairfax, east of i-95. today: mostly sunny. high clouds late. cold morning, warmer afternoon. highs: 67-71 winds: sw 5 mph tonight: mostly cloudy. few showers by dawn. lows: 47-53 winds: sw 5 mph wednesday: mostly cloudy with a chance of showers, especially early. cooler and breezy. some clearing late. highs: 56-62 winds: nw 10-15 g 30


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