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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  November 11, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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nth, no-interest financing. with havertys, your home can be perfect, even when life isn't. mom...have you seen my iguana? the veterans day preview is on now at havertys. life looks good. abc 7 news at noon on your side. jummy: right off the top this noon 7 salutes our troops on this veterans day. this was the scene about an hour ago in arlington national cemetery as president obama participated in the laying of the wreath ceremony it is an annual tradition that honors military veterans past and present who risked their lives for our country.
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in the state dining room in honor of their service. 7 salutes our troops this veterans day. we continue our coverage right now with john gonzalez who was at reagan national airport as a group of veterans left on a special trip. john: for many of them their injuries are new, wounds still fresh and lives this is a chance to remember they can still have fun while dealing with the new reality. >> it shows the support for the troops. that they care and they want to show they care. >> 70 service members and families going to las vegas on salute to the troops. filled with pomp and circumstances at reagan national
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accessible. john: volunteers greeted them with smiles and applause and gratitude. this will be the eighth time the u.s.o. partnered with american airlines and the m.g.m. to make the trip a reality. for many of these wounded and recovering service members, it will be the first trip since leaving the hospital. >> i was in afghanistan. investigating, looking i.e.d.'s and stepped on it and was blown up. >> you meet old friends and new warriors. john: leslie smith who is legally blind and amputee is thrilled to be traveling with her four-legged war buddies. he is my service doug. we have been together seven years. he helps me get around. he is my hero. jummy: we want to continue to salute our service members on this veterans day.
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or tweet us with the hash tag gmw vets. the anger over donald trump winning the presidential election is not dying down just yet. there was another night of protests and in some cases it got out of hand. we will have more in a moment but right now we begin in northwest washington outside the trump international motel where we are seeing a very different scene play out. there are some demonstrators here outside the trump hotel but the big story this noon is that this hotel is now becoming a tourist destination. people from all over the world continue to come here and just take picture with the sign whether a family photo or selfie. they say it is worth a lot of likes on facebook. we have been here since 4:00 a.m. and it has been a constant stream of people.
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the last couple of days. it was private security and now it appears d.c. police are in charge securing the hotel on pennsylvania avenue. right now there are about two dozen d.c. police officers all around the hotel and on pennsylvania avenue on foot and in cars and on horses. back to the demonstrators, they have been here for the last hour or so. nothing like what we saw yesterday. you can see just landful of them and -- english some spanish. this says i don't believe in borders. we caught up with some to see what brought them out and those people who are coming to tack photos. let's listen. >> this is what i got and i'm grateful and i'm glad that we have this army to show that he will not be elected in four more years. we are the future and we will vote him out of office no matter
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building? >> just saw his name and thought we would take a picture of it. >> we have seen it opened only a few days ago and i said where is the trump hotel and we are here. sam: everything remains calm. people cheery and happy it take a picture. i checked with the d.c. police and they say they will be out here for the foreseeable until somebody else will take over the security of the hotel. back to you. >> all protesters you are under arrest. remain where you are until you receive further orders. jummy: for a second straight night rallies against the election of donald trump took place across the country the worst may have been in portland where people used tear gas it break up the crowd.
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wind shields. some 30 were arrested. president-elect donald trump is taking note of the protests. this morning he tweeted love the fact small groups of protesters last night have passion for our great country. we have call come together and be proud after he tweeted saying the protesters are unfair and being incited by the media. the election of donald trump seems to be having an impact on president obama's affordable ca a sign-ups have skyrocketed. trump has vowed to dismantle the program. more than 100,000 signed up wednesday alone. the last day to enroll or change plans is january 1 is december 15. make sure you stay with abc 7 for continuing coverage of donald trump's transition to the whoulgs. later you will hear from warren buffet and what he says the impact trump will have on the
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a few clouds but otherwise a pretty typical fall day. but get ready for a drop tomorrow chief meteorologist doug hill is here with a look. doug: there are gust winds coming to knock leaves off the tree. it is because of successive cold confronts and leaves are drying and you see lots of falling leaves. tempat national airport and they will turn cooler later and colder tonight as the winds continue to ramp up. gusts reported 25 miles an hour at reagan national airport an 33-mile-per-hour gusts in hagerstown. they will continue to increase. our forecast today we could hit 67 in the city partly sunny and gusty with gusts up to 30 or higher this afternoon and tonight. then colder air comes in once
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terrains northwest and lower lakes but i don't think that will amount to much but we will see the temperatures and winds really putting the chill in the air. fourth wind gusts will be close to 30 miles an hour and getting stronger during the evening. by early tomorrow morning the bulk of the wind should be out and we will settle into a breezy and cooler start it a weekend. we will check the numbers on the forecast in a few minutes. jummy: thank you, doug. coming up, donald trump have on wall street? warren buffet just gave less take and here what he had to say. wounded warrior gets a special present. i will have that story coming up. jummy: we have new information about a case of a puppy stolen from a d.c. home. what police are saying about it. >> this afternoon not seeing any major issues which is good.
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mostly green. quiet right. no crashes to worry about. 95 north between the beltway 20 minutes very easy ride and b.w. parkway great. you have to get to baltimore maybe heading out of town or to b.w.i. no issues. this is cherry hill road and we are in the 50's and 60's in most spots. 95 in virginia a little volume south cleared away an earlier crash near little reufr so some volume there but loosening up. that is a look at traffic.
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jummy: the dow is down 18 points the market trying to rally after the win by donald trump but stumbled this morning. it has been down all morning after closing yesterday at a record high. before election the last time stocks went up after election day was 2004 when president george w. bush was re-elected. many investors have expressed concern a trump win would be bad for now warren buffet gives his take. he says he's optimistic about america right now. >> the stock market will be higher 10, 20, 30 years from now than it would have been with hillary and will be with trump. >> so all the predictions that the market will tank -- >> they are silly. jummy: buffet satisfies he thinks trump is a good businessman though his strong
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we have video out of iraq in the fight over mosul the minister showing iraqi troops in neighborhoods in eastern mosul cleanse being the area of isis elements. there are reports that one of the isis senior commanders was killed in the fighting. >> we have come together to express our profound gratitude for the sacrifices and at home, and at outposts around the world. jummy: throughout the country veterans are being honored for service and here in our area one service member is getting a life changing gift. suzanne kennedy is in chef chase. >> this is a necessity for luis avila who was injured in
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he lost a leg and is in a wheelchair. his home is the start of a new home. >> we have called this the road to freedom. this home will restore his independence, your pride, your mobility and your safety. suzanne: it is one of 52 smart homes built by the gary sinise foundation's the rise program offers them a forever >> this house was designed specifically for them and by them with our architects and designers. everything in here is put here and placed here specifically for luiz to take better care of himself. suzanne:it has state of the art technology. here at the bed there is a lift to help captain avila get from his bed in the morning or any time during the day all the way
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this entire house can be controlled by touching an ipad. in the kitchen all of the appliances are at his level making it easier to prepare meals from a wheelchair. it was dedicated with hundreds of dignitaries. he, his wife and three children move in next week. jummy: on this veterans day a popular stop is thvi veterans memorial for years visitors have left keepsakes to honor the more than 58,000 names inscribed. they are picked up every night and stored in a warehouse in maryland. tonight at 11:00 we go on an exclusive tour of the facility and highlight some of the most awe-inspiring objects. they help veterans and family members of the fallen heal from a painful past.
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behind" airs tonight at 11. on this veterans day many restaurant chains are offering free meals and deals. green turtle, bob evans and applebee and chilies offering free meals. red locks terror and long loren free appetizer or dessert and out back or ruby tuesday and ihops they can eat free one our favorite veterans. doug hill. doug: it was my honor to serve this country, air force. my son was there and my wife. we are an air force family. so nothing big weather-wise it will be cold and windy but it should diminish and weekend looking pretty good.
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from the sky and national institute of standards of technology in gaithersburg 57 and beautiful sunrise and we saw a few clouds in advance of the front that is passing across from north to south across the viewing area right now. we will continue to see kinds of this back and forth as clouds and sunshine and temperatures may go up another degree. 62 in college park and 64 ashburn and 62 dale city. 62 future wind chills pretty impressive. with the temperature mild we are not seeing much drop from the winds. but through the afternoon into the night it will feel colder than the air because of the effect of strong winds and overnight to tomorrow morning you will really feel it the combination by 7:30 a.m. it will feel like 313 baltimore and 32 manassas.
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washington. we have a big change in temperatures. mid 60's now and we will drop to 3 to 40 degrees -- 30 to 40 overnight and winds gusting 25 to 30 miles an hour. as we gets overnight the gusts will come down. it will be breezy tomorrow but not the level we will see this afternoon and evening. as far as the weather tomorrow morning in manassas for the veterans parade it looks wonderful. plenty of sun chilly at 10:00 a.m. it starts at 11:00 so still in the 40's by early afternoon into the lower 50's at best. it will be a sunny and very chilly day. redskins are back in action after the bye week and host the vikings at fedex, kickoff 1:00 sunday and weather will be ideal. if you are in the direct shin it will be -- direct sunshine it will be comfortable about 60.
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sweet. but cold air will river and temperatures into the 30's and tomorrow 48 to 52 the range. chilliest day with sunshine. sunday 60 and monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday upper 50's to 60. partly cloudy and keeping an eye on something that might produce a the reason that is important is that is the night of the big surgeon moon and we will continue it -- super moon. jummy: we won't see another until like 2030. doug: 2034. i will be in the old meteorologist home by then. jummy: hopefully we will see it monday. we want to update a story we brought yesterday. d.c. police say a dog was stolen
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you see a man walking on elmira street in southwest and seconds later he reaches over and picks up the dog and walks off. police have not said if anyone was arrested but we though it has been reunited with the owner. coming up at noon why nfl commissioner roger goodell says the election of donald trump is going to make his job a lot harder. and we want to continue to marine sergeant leonard newton for his service.
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the loss of leonard cohen known for hallelujah. it spawned dozens covers from the biggest names including willie nelson. his 14th studio album was leased last month. the family says he deed peacefully at his los angeles home. we are on your side as a securely alert millions of monoxide alarms are being recalled. it is for kiddie nighthawk which are sold on they can stop chirping after seven years even if the battery is replaced leaving you to believe it is working. you should contact them for a free replacement. and roger goodell says president-elect donald trump has made his job harder saying that trump's past comments about
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attempts to curb domestic violence more difficult. he didn't go into why that would be case. goodell says the election cycle is challenging his home life. he is struggling to explain the victory to his wife and twin daughters. coming up after break we'll
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jummy: there it is madame tousseau preparing a wax figure
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donald trump. they have finished the head and now turning to perfecting his famous hairstyle. she said she will use hair from the belly of a yak. it is aiming to have it ready for donald trump's inauguration in january. these are not wax figures. another cool manikin challenge. cleveland cavaliers celebrating the nba championship and decided to take part i and there is lebron james and first lady michelle obama. then j.r. smith and the rest of the crew taking on the wizards tonight. doug: sunshine and breezy this afternoon and chilly weekend. it will be fine. we will give you more numbers to go by for the weekend at 4:00. jummy: thank you for joining us.
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