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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  November 11, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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at hhgregg. tonight, we take you inside trump tower. president-elect donald trump, building his cabinet. members of the trump family in on the decisions. the shakeup already. plus, will he not repeal obama america divided. the protesters, did they vote? messages of hate in schools across the country. letters going home after distu distdis disturbing scenes.
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the major city barely visible through the smoke. nearly three dozen fires burning. good evening, it's great to have you with us on a friday night. what a week it's been in america. the election is over, but the next administration is just beginning. and this evening, we're on the inside, as we learn many of the names and faces who could be onboard in this the trucks filled with sand, a protective barrier. ivanka trump, her husband and brothers, all of them involved in shaping the next white house. and donald trump's tweets as president-elect. and on obama care, will it stay alive under president trump?
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armed police out front, the president-elect inside surrounded by his core team. his white house now taking shape. 24 hours ago, trump's visit to the obama white house, going off without a hitch. >> and i look forward to being with you many many more times in the future. thank you, sir. >> reporter: returning to his manhattan skyscraper, trump seemed pleased. "really good meeting," he tweeted. "great chemistry." but as night fell, the mood at trump tower growing dark. >> donald trump has got to go! >> reporter: on the sidewalk outside, and in cities around the country, protesters taking to the streets to denounce the president-elect. >> we reject the president-elect! >> reporter: trump keenly aware of it all. and at 9:19 p.m., firing off this angry tweet. "just had a very open and successful presidential election. now professional protesters, incited by the media, are protesting. very unfair!" but overnight, trump's tone
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just after 6:00 a.m., a very different message. "love the fact that the small groups of protesters last night have passion for our great country. we will all come together and be proud!" hours later, trump's inner circle starting to arrive. former campaign manager kellyanne conway now a senior advisor, meeting me inside. a lot of people said you weren't going to win. >> well, right, but they don't work here. and -- >> reporter: conway tellinge vice president-elect mike pence is now taking over the transition. replacing embattled new jersey governor chris christie, who will assume a lesser role. as for who will make up the trump cabinet conway is tight-lipped. >> there are a number of people being talked about for different jobs, ultimately, that's donald trump's decision. >> reporter: today, we're learning trump's children don jr., ivanka and eric will play a big role in that decision. all three now named to the transition team, helping to build their father's administration even as they prepare to take over the family
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during the campaign, they'd promised to keep a strict separation between the two. >> we'll act incredibly responsibly. this is so much bigger than another deal and we all recognize that. >> we're not going to be involved in government. >> reporter: but now we know the trump family will, in fact, be deeply involved in shaping the trump white house. creating the appearance, at least, of a conflict of interest with their business. ivanka trump's husband jared kushner now on the shortlist for whit ivanka leaving new york for washington? >> well jared and ivanka are brilliant and they're very successful. it's a very personal decision what people do and how they feel they can best serve in contexts of their own personal relationships, but at the same time it's difficult to resist that tug for almost anyone. >> reporter: among the big names in contention for top jobs, newt gingrich, rnc chairman reince priebus and former new york city mayor rudy giuliani, spotted at trump tower today. >> i have no expectation. all i do is give my advice. >> reporter: giuliani, a former federal prosecutor, certainly sounds interested in being
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knows the justice department better than me. >> and tom llamas with us live tonight. rudy giuliani is also under consideration for another top job? >> reporter: that's right. we hear he may also be considered for secretary of state. david? >> tom llamas, leading us off. thank you. president-elect trump, interview with "60 minutes." here's what he just said about obama care. >> let me ask you about obama care. when you replace it, are you going to make sure that people with preconditions are going to be covered? >> yes.
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keep it. >> let's get to mary bruce. first, signaling he may not repeal obama care entirely now? >> reporter: yes, he's walking back from an all-out repeal. open to keeping two of the most popular provisions, one that would allow children to stay on their parents' plans until they're 26 years old. the other that prevents providers from to those with pre-existing conditions. >> thank you. and tonight, more protests are under way. but there's a message being sent back tonight. did all the protesters turn out to vote? tonight, hillary clinton's lead in the popular vote continues to grow. but it will not change the outcome.
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missed? here's gio benitez. >> reporter: tonight, messages written in chalk, like always with her. you inspire me, and thank you hrc. clinton won the popular vote, and that's what's driving the protests. but about the protests around the country, tonight, there are questions. did all of those protesters vote? >> if y'all wanted her badly, you should have had that before tonight. and that's how it goes. >> reporter: and the white working class, where clinton fell short. many of the same voters bill clinton once won over, a group whose support grew when she was secretary of state.
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in office. >> reporter: it was the election outcome michael moore had been predicting for months. today, pointing to michigan, a state still not called. >> i voted for her. i'm for her. 90,000 michigan voters voted for every office on both sides of the ballot, and refused to vote for they knew that was wrong. but they were not going to participate in this, what they saw as a system. >> yeah. >> that had left them forgotten and at bay. >> reporter: some of the same voters bernie sanders courted. now saying trump must keep his promise. >> what we have to demand, mr. trump keep the promises that he
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>> reporter: elizabeth warren was asked if she spoke to hillary clinton. >> it's hard. she worked hard. she has had 25 years of public service, longer. that has been the defining feature of her life. and this is hard. >> reporter: tonight, lebron james, who stood on that stage with hillary clinton just five days ago, now with a message about moving forward and healing. he's the guy, and we all have to figure a way that we can make america as great as it can be. >> reporter: with the growing popular vote, there's an online petition asking the electoral college to vote for clinton. that's unlikely. the democrats will be looking at why they lost the white working-class vote. >> thank you. and this evening, there are
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sending urgent letters home, after disturbing scenes in cafeterias and halls. students targeted over which side their family was on. here's linsey davis. >> reporter: a dramatic scene at this high school in nebraska, where hundreds of students walked out to protest president donald trump. how to handle it. >> scared, confused, betrayed, disconnected from the vision of this country. >> reporter: teachers recount emotional talks with students after racist happenings on campuses. in this school in pennsylvania,
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in an interview today, when asked if he thought his rhetoric had gone too far, trump responded, no, i won. this video captures a trump supporter being attacked by another student. >> she said, you hate mexicans. >> reporter: and at the university of pennsylvania, an investigation into why black students were added account sending pictures of lynchings. so many schools sending out letters trying to calm their communities. one saying, we can create a respectful and supportive culture. david? >> linsey davis, thank you. and a special "20/20" tonight, the making of a president.
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we'll see you later for that. in the meantime to other news. in new jersey, disturbing images of a police officer trying to stop a suspect. he pulls away, draling the officer. here's eva pilgrim. >> reporter: tonight, newly released dash cam video, showing the instant a routine traffic stop goes horribly wro it slams into a parked car. the suspect, 38-year-old edmond brown, was pulled over last month for driving with a handicap placard in his windshield. the officer draws his gun, tells brown to get on the ground, but then, he tries to run. in the scuffle, the gun fires. >> you shot me! >> no, i didn't. >> reporter: that officer seemingly unaware his gun went off. >> i think this officer showed amazing restraint. he was professional, and the guy didn't obey him. >> reporter: brown now facing
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of a weapon. his attorney says they will conduct their own investigation. david? >> eva, thank you. next tonight, several governors declaring states of emergency to battle extreme drought and wildfires. 37 wildfires burning from alabama to kentucky. smoke obscuring the skyline of atlanta tonight. and investigators suspect number of the fires have been set by arsonists. here's steve osunsami. >> reporter: in the mountains of north carolina and tennessee tonight, the wildfires are forcing families from their homes. >> this smoke stretches out for miles. >> reporter: some are refusing to leave. >> you know, that's my house. i'm not going to leave it. >> reporter: authorities fighting the fires across seven states are literally praying for rain. in large parts of this region, it hasn't rained for nearly two months, and the forecast for the next week isn't promising.
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in size. >> the smoke almost blocks out the sun. you know, it's so bad. >> reporter: families as far south as atlanta can see and smell the smoke right outside their homes. and now authorities think the fires are getting help from arsonists. in kentucky, they've already arrested two people. police here in georgia are looking for a suspect, setting fires, who they say is driving a dark blue suv. david? >> thank you. and in cemetery, president obama honoring more american service people at the tomb of the unknowns. we'll have much more on one extraordinary veteran coming up tonight. also ahead, the extreme cold moving in. how to save hundreds on your heating bill.
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the life you've been missing. get a free sample at next tonight here, very cold air moving in across much of the country this week three simple ways to save on your heating bill. saving one family up to $100 a month. >> reporter: tonight, home heating bills are going up. but expert scott fischer says with small changes most of us can save up to 40%. how many mistakes are people making? >> most people could be saving a significant amount of money. >> reporter: today's challenge, help the friedmans of ridgewood, new jersey. you have a beautiful home. >> thank you. >> reporter: now we're going to save you some money.
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20-mile-per-hour winds. scott's team showing us where the cold air is seeping in. >> the darker colors are colder. >> reporter: spotting problems in virtually every room, even the light fixtures. >> one of the simple things you can do is pick up an l.e.d. kit. it screws right into the socket there. >> seems like an easy fix. >> it is. >> reporter: next up, re-sealing windows. >> just run a bead of caulk along the molding there. bill down from $420. >> i think we can get that down somewhere maybe $350, maybe even $320. >> that'd be great! >> awesome. >> reporter: rebecca jarvis, abc news, ridgewood, new jersey. >> love the tips, rebecca, thank you. when we come back, we remember two big names we've lost in music and acting. and what this man was stealing, that is now on the rise.
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a real estate broker allegededly stealing painkillers from the home he's selling. police were waiting when he returned. two passings to note tonight. actor robert vaughn has died. his credits include more than 200 tv and movie titles. he was best known for his role in the hit spy drama "the man from u.n.c.l.e." robert vaughn was 83. and legendary singer, songwriter, and poet leonard ? hallelujah hallelujah ? >> he was best known that song "hallelujah," and often wrote songs for other artists. leonard cohen was 82. his count -- contributions, countless. when we come back, the
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finally tonight here, our person of the week. as we honor all of our veterans, the men and women who have served this country. tonight, the man who calls himself the luckiest man in the world.
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wish. all those years later, a wish come true. sergeant freddy simon joined the army just six days after graduating from high school. june, 1943, during world war ii. leaving his kansas family farm, and his family, right there in the middle between mom and dad. basic training at ft. riley, first cavalry division. freddy was a rifleman who helped liberate parts of the pacific rim. awarded the bronze star. >> it is a day of hope for all the islanders. >> reporter: and the purple heart, too. >> a japanese artillery shell i lost several good buddies, but i survived. i just went to the medics and then i went back into combat. coming home was about the best thing in the world. >> reporter: settling in wichita, earning an accounting degree. building a family but putting one dream on hold. he always wanted to open a burger shop. >> yes, it was a lifelong dream just to have my own restaurant.
6:58 pm
dream come true. >> he just kept desiring to open a burger joint. >> reporter: planning it themselves. and then approaching their father, and telling him it will be called freddy's. >> i thought it was wonderful because they named it after me. >> reporter: freddy now goes table to table every day checking in on his customers, many of them veterans too. now 91, freddy seeing the business boom, more than 100 restaurants in 30 states. >> i don't believe he's had any enemies since the war. i think he's only made friends >> reporter: and freddy tonight, grateful. >> that's >> and we're lucky for his service. we honor freddy and all of the service members. good night. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. that means incredibly fast 150 g internet for the holidays. in the 3.7 seconds it takes we're wired differently.
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