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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  November 14, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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he did the day after being sworn into office. jonathan: trump promised millions of deportations once put in office. the president-elect now reiterated the pledge in the first television interview since winning the white house. we sent kevin lewis to find out how feasible is it to report the population half the size of the d.m.v. kevin: president-elect trump declaring plans to send up to 3 million illegal im >> i think the impact could be great for a lot of people. kevin: he practices immigration law and many of his clients are petrified. >> is he going to do what he promised to do? it's tough to advise clients one way or another. we don't know. kevin: according to federal data, president obama nicknamed by some in the immigrant community as "the deporter in chief" ousted 2.5
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u.s. president and half a million more than george w. bush. trump's proposal would set a new record. >> you are safe in chicago. you are secure in chicago. kevin: today chicago's mayor told illegals they are welcome in his city. but takoma park wrote online we have to interest or criminals. >> they are criminals. 2 million people is a lot of people to deport. kevin: but on "face the nation" newt gingrich underscored his plan. but funding and due process will be two hurdles for mr. trump. >> the idea that immigration, you come arrest somebody and put them on a plane the next day is rare. kevin: in wheaton, i'm kevin
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maureen: president-elect trump's plan for a wall with mexico could meet resistance from his party. there are other ways to secure the wall. some say using drones and mcconnell is also skeptical about building a brick and mortar wall. an estimated 1,000 students walked out of the school to protest they marched eight miles. on the way they stopped at westfield wheat wheat mall and veterans plaza. school officials say they gave the students permission to protest but said they were supposed to stay on campus. those who left campus will be given unexcusedded absence. jonathan: presidential inaugurations are time for celebration and demonstrations. tens of thousands are expected to take part in a woman's march on washington. that is scheduled for january 21 at the lincoln memorial.
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in. those planning to take part say the goal is simple. >> women matter. we should be cared about. >> my aunt, my sister out marching and showing that we are strong americans. and that we look to be more important to this country in the future. larry: more than 73,000 people have gone on facebook to say they will attend. 165,000 people said they are interested in participating. maureen: a powerful voice in broadcasting news and journalism has gone "pbs newshour" co-host gwen ifill died after a battle with cancer. ifill spent more than 20 years in television news after a career in newspapers including the "washington post" and the "new york times." she moderated both the 2004 and the 2008 vice presidential debates and covered congress for nbc news. she joined the nightly news hour program.
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today for providing a great service to the nation. president obama: i always appreciated gwen ifill when i was at the receiving end of a tough and thorough interview. she informed today's citizens and she inspired tomorrow's journalists. maureen: executive producer as the "newshour" remembered her as standard bearer for courage and mentor to journalists. i'll add a personal note. she was an inspiration to journalists across the globe. gwen ifill was 61 years old. jonathan: take a quick look. some are dealing with the rain. chief meteorologist doug hill is tracking all of it for us. doug: to the east. and you can see the area of
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not to make up the rainfall deficit but it is a start. the d.c. metro is not part of the action. we will see the areas of the rain slowly drift and we will see areas of rain and lingering overnight through the early morning hours but after that, it will clear out through the day. the outlook overnight is for a cloudy sky. light rain. look at temperatures. 45 degrees for the average tomorrow morning with a chance of the the morning shower and back to sunshine in the afternoon. that is the latest. back to you. still ahead -- >> almost $13,000. maureen: the phone app that cost a local family thousands of dollars. what it took to get that money back. and how you can avoid becoming a victim. jonathan: plus, the new changes that just took effect at the arlington national tem sar that will e -- national cemetery that will affect anyone going to visit. maureen: a driver indicted and what a witness reportedly saw
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jonathan: criminal charges have been filed for the loudoun county driver who hit a mother and small child while they were in a crosswalk killing the 5-month-old boy. 45-year-old john miller now charged with involuntary
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driving. witnesses did report seeing miller with a phone in his hands moments before he turned hitting mindy and tristan schulz as they were crossing the street. our efforts to speak with miller have been unsuccessful so far. >> the loudoun county sheriff's office charged a restaurant worker sexual sexualy assaulting two young girls. they say luis ore attacked the girls in a restroom at elevation burger in ashburn. both victims were under the age of 1 sex offender. he is being held without bond. jonathan: if you are heading to arlington national cemetery, new security measures are in place for the cemetery. family members of the grave site passes can still drive on the grounds but you need to show i.d. first. pedestrian access is limited to four locations including the main entrance at the welcome center. other security measures will be phased in, over the next few weeks. >> we want to profide a safe environment for the visitors,
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funeral services here. jonathan: bags will be screened at welcome center. express lines will be available for disabled and those not carrying bags. maureen: wmata wants public comments for plans on a major redevelopment around the new carrollton metro station. proposal calls for an office building and multifamily residential building. the tradeoff would be a reduction in commuter parking. 650 parking places would be replaced by 100 to 300 spaces in a the project still needs green light from the metro board of directors. jonathan: new at 6:00 -- >> crying, i was break out in hives. i had anxiety attacks. jonathan: you might, too. a mother learns her son racked up $13,000 credit card bill on a gaming app that he was messing around with on the phone. "7 on your side" stepped in to help her clear the bill and how to avoid a similar situation.
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this. we are in for another cool night. the seven-day forecast. erin: the redskins may have won but they didn't score many touchdowns. and why gruden is not too
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jonathan: if you contact a company t maureen: but what if you find out one of your children ran up the charges and you are on the hook for the bill. horace holmes explains how this happened to one of our viewers. he has an important warning for parents and vital information to prevent this from happening to you. horace: aaron is a normal 11-year-old boys and like most 11-year-old boys -- >> giant boulder. number one strategy of the game. horace holmes he loves video games.
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download the free game app she didn't know it would wind up caused her to debt -- >> depressed. i had crying jags, i was breaking out in hives, i had anxiety attacks. horace: this simple game landed her with a whopping bill. >> almost $13,000. horace: it started on a weekend at home when aaron was recovering from a cold. >> they let him go on the tablet. said that's all right. they got a call from the credit card provider asking if they charged hundreds of dollars to a google play account. she told them no and the card company wiped out the charges so she figured the company -- >> would block further charges from google but they didn't. horace: without her knowledge, aaron opened her own google account and in the next three or four days he played crash royal and bought fantasy treasure. >> you buy gems for different
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on his mom's credit card. >> they don't know the difference between real money and the fantasy money. horace: she didn't know about the $13,000 of charges until the credit card company called again. >> they were going to reverse the charges and i thought that was great. then they changed their mind. >> they later received a letter from the card company stating maryland laws states parents are responsible for actions of custody. >> it's easy for them to make decisions without knowing what they are doing. horace: she works to inform the parents on issues with the internet games and media aimed at kids. she said parents can request refunds in cases like hers but there is no assurance you get the money back in full.
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they are not responsible for charges made by the children but her initial appeals to google went nowhere. she contacted "7 on your side" and we contacted google who said as a one-time only courtesy we provided a row fund to miss blair. >> i was appreciatetive. horace: the debt wiped out and lessons learned. another >> i shouldn't have asked for a credit card in the first place. it's just a game. you don't need -- we don't know what to say. >> the rule now is that there are no electronics in the house. there is no electronic usage unless it's needed for homework. horace: that is great advice for parents and other ideas to pass along. teach your children the difference between fantasy and the real money purchases. put a pass code on your phone and tablet and don't share it with your children. the best defense against unauthorizedded purchases from the children is to block their ability to make the charge.
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maureen: thank you. good information. the "7 on your side" team may be able to help you with a problem. contact us by calling the "7 on your side" hotline or e-mail jonathan: love her fix. they are all doing puzzles. our parents would say go out and play baseball or football. don't stay inside. go play. maureen: if it rains you should stay inside. jonathan: then you get if mud ball going. doug: not at my place you don't be. outside. watching the rain all day long. it's not getting to the d.c. metro. maureen: we need it. doug: we do. we might get a little bit but not much more than that. this is a time lapse from the prince william county in woodbridge. cloudy sky and blue skies this morning but the cloud overtook the sky from the south. it brought us threatening skies but very little in the way of rain as we speak. prince william county.
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346 in luray. 45 in fredericksburg. milder to the north and the metro where it is 53 degrees at reagan national. now on the live doppler and the weather center we have an area of rain that is in place southwest of the washington area all day. moderate downpours. the separate area of the showers on the shore. in response to the storm center but it's only 30 miles from the washington down to the leading neng stafford county. it -- leading edge in stafford county but it's not making way it's upper level system. we need the rain. we could get scattered rain throughout the evening but there is a coastal low and another disturbance that is pinwheeling in. there is a chance. this computer model suggests later in the night some of it will make it to the metro. just give us period of the light rain overnight to hang around in the morning and goes away. and out in the valley we will see the clearing skies in the mid-morning. i think we see sunshine in the afternoon. that will show up in the
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tomorrow. maybe early showers. cloudy skies. partly sunny. wednesday, sunshine. until we get the afternoon clouds. highs of 60. another frontal system comes in wednesday to give us cloud cover by the afternoon. we don't see rain with this system. thursday a mild day about 64. seven above the average high of 57. it gets warmer for thursday, friday, saturday. in the mid-to-upper 60's with sunshine. we sunshine. nice for most of the guy but a cold front, stronger one to give us shower and clouds late in the afternoon or the evening to turn cooler heading through the day on sunday. sunday if you have outdoor plans we are thinking we will be cloudy through the day. it might have an off and on showers to be gusty as well. 50. we will get to monday and back to work and the chilly air sets in. 59 begins the march -- 49 beginning a march toward thanksgiving day. we will try to take an early look at the thanksgiving
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the call yet. that is the latest. back to you. maureen: thank you. jonathan: let's talk about what happened yesterday. i was a big game. erin: it was. and a big win when they needed it. we will also talk about basketball. last year's game was an instant classic. coming up next, hear from georgetown head coach ahead of tomorrow night's matchup with maryland.
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erin: one bright spot during the redskins victory over the vikings sunday they scored a touchdown on the only trip to the red zone in the first half. but it was the third quarter where the redskins' red zone issue surfaced again and the team settled for field goals. the skins are the nfl's third worst team at tu opportunities into touchdowns. but today, head coach jay grude grude said settling for field goals isn't always a bad thing. coach gruden: there are sometimes going down there and kicking field goals isn't a bad thing in close games like yesterday. i'd rather do that than force an interception down there. kirk did an excellent job of not forcing a ball. he had one forced ball but other than that he was sound in the decision-making. getting down there and getting
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isn't the end of the world. erin: if you win, i have to say. last hour you heard of the terps ahead of the match-up with the hoyas at the verizon center tomorrow night. now time to focus on georgetown. last year's game was an instant classic. maryland coming away with a 75-71 victory in college park. georgetown has been waiting a year for the rematch. head coach talked to us late this afternoon. he knows the what is at stake tomorrow night. >> they understand. they know. this isn't, this isn't quite honestly, not just another game. our guys know and understand that. if you can't get worked up for this, you should do something else. erin: i love it. congratulations to the dodgers corey seiger. major league baseball announced he is the unanimous winner of the national look
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this season and blasted 26 home runs. he is also a finalist to beat out turner for the honest. now the winner of the american league award, that will be announced later tonight. we'll have those results at 11:00. jonathan: he got up to the plate and he looked 14. he is only 21 or 22. he is a young guy. congratulations to him. maureen: and you, you erin: nice segue! doug: the rain is south and west of the metro area. maybe a shower in the morning but sunshine in the afternoon tomorrow. sunshine, breezy on wednesday. beautiful on thursday. steve rudin will have more about the mild temperatures on the way. maureen: great. "world news tonight" with david muir up next.
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tonight, breaking news. inside trump tower. the trump white house now coming together. and the controversial choice. also, after that meeting in the oval office, president obama late today on what the meeting was like. and does he still believe mr. trump does not have the temperament to be president? also breaking, the verdict is in. the father charged with first intentionally leaving his toddler to die in a hot car. the states of emergency tonight. more than 40 fires burning in the east. and this evening, the american city where families are being told to wear masks. the major new guidelines tonight about the kind of drug millions of americans take to help prevent strokes and heart attacks. and gone too soon. paying tribute tonight to


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