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tv   World News Now  ABC  November 15, 2016 3:30am-4:00am EST

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. this morning on "world news now," keeping it positive. president obama opening the first news conference since the election and what he told our martha raddit zirks. we'll take you inside the courtroom as the verdict was read. >> new this half hour, new developments in the case of dassi made famous in "making a murderer." >> confessing to helping his uncle rape and murder a photographer a decade ago. now why a judge released him from prison. the clock ticks to the season finale. which couple got the boot from the dance floor in last night's semifinals.
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from abc news, this is "world news now." >> i like when they do the tango. i don't know what i just did. it was nothing resembling a move from the tango. >> more like sunday night fever. >> let it go. >> that's in the skinny, but first, president obama who is on his final foreign trip before leaving office. >> left for europe last night since the election. he arrived in greece this mor morning, the first leg of the trip that also takes him to germany and peru to highlight a commitment to the a strong and integrated europe, transatlantic solidarity, and asia pacific partners. he may sit down with putin to discuss syria as they will be in p peru, but during the news conference yesterday, the attention was focused on donald trump.
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instead, to alleviate concerns. abc's martha radditz with more. >> reporter: president obama opening up about what happened before this moment. >> thank you, everybody. >> reporter: rolling back the curtain on the 90 minute one-on-one meeting with president-elect donald trump. given harsh words you had about mr. trump calling him temperamentally unfit to be commander in chief, did anything surprise you about president- >> well, we had a very polite conversation, and that didn't surprise me to some degree because i think that he is, obviously, a gregarious person. i also think he's coming to this office with fewer set hard and
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arriving with. i don't think he is ideological. ultimately, he's pragmatic in that way. and that can serve him well. >> reporter: mr. president, you had talked specifically about his temperament. do you still have any concern about his temperament? >> i think what'll happen with the president-elect is there's going to be certain elements of his temperament that will not recognizes them and corrects them because when you're a candidate and you say something that is inaccurate or controversial, there's less impact than it does when you're president of the united states. i think he recognizes that this is different. >> reporter: president obama also side that in that meeting
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trump, quote, expressed interest in maintaining our core strategic relationship that he is committed to nato. abc news, the white house. and donald trump is expected to announce more appointments for his administration this week, but his aides are not saying which positions will be filled first. trump's decision to make former breitbart steve bannon, his chief strategist is criticism because of his alt right ties, but some are predicting there's going to be fireworks in the west wing. >> i think that this is set up and trump has done this deliberately to pit them against one another, and in the long run, something's going to give, and one of them's not going to be there. >> there is a report that trump asked for security clearances for his adult children, and that's also raising concerns, but his team has denied the
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streets of seattle to protest trump's election. students say they are concerned about trump's stance on immigration and religion going forward. now, three non-students were arrested, but the protest remained northeastly peaceful. students in denver, l.a., and oakland walked out of class in protest. overseas to the fight against isis. the united nations said more than 54,000 people fled their homes as fighting rages on between isis forces and iraqi military units. meanwhile, a top donald trump's election as a propaganda tool. that commander claims trump's campaign rhetoric against muslims help isis recruit thousands of new fighters. in minnesota, the first sentences have been handed down to suspects who pled guilty to terrorism charges. the three men who learned their fate yesterday were part of a group from minnesota's large smoel ya community who were proximate resulted for trying to join isis. sentences range from time served to ten years in prison.
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sentenced today and tomorrow. zplm dozens of wildfires in the south destroyed 80,000 acres. officials describe the blazes there as california-style wildfires. fighting the fires is costing millions of dollars, and the governor warns the largest, hearty rock fire, may not be put out until march. south of there, smoke from the fires in northern georgia can be seen as far south as macon and for all groups. this smokey haze is expected to stay in the atlanta area and north georgia throughout thursday. the city's about 80 miles south of the rough ridge fire, the largest blaze in the south. also in georgia in atlanta, a dad could spend the rest of his life in prison after being convictsed of murdering his own son. jurors found justin ross harris get of all counts of leaving a child in a a hot car. his attorneys say they'll
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of stressed out parents watching the trial, something uncomfortably relatable to the claim he accident hi left his son in the hot suv where 22 month old cooper harris died in 2014. >> we find the man guilty. >> reporter: a jury in georgia sides with parents who never understand how this father forgot his son. harris sat stone faced as he was convicted of murder, cruelty to children and other charges likely going to they dlikt for more than three days and asked for this police station video where he and his now wife were going over the story. she told jurors she, too, believe harris forgot to drop the son off today care. >> he must have forgot. >> reporter: workers at the day care thought harris was a good dad, but it was not enough. >> problem for justin ross harris is that he came across as
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>> reporter: prosecutors argue that harris led a double life andmented to live child free. he'll be sentenced december 5th, and lawyers are already talking about an appeal. abc news, atlanta. two flight attenadapts recover from injuries after their pilot swerved from what appeared to be a drone. it happened at toronto's airport yesterday morning. no passengers injured, but already this year, drone sightings up 40% compared to all of last year. delta airline has a statement of the art system to keep tags on baggage. it keeps chips in the tags that are scanned. handlers see a red light if the bag is on the wrong plane. it costs a plane $100 to find just one missing piece of luggage. so many tributes to gwen ifill who passed away. a former reporter frustrate new york times and washington post
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1990s working for nbc and pbs receiving fame for an anchor for "washington week" and "news hour" and was a moderator of the debate this spring between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. however, she missed election night coverage because of her health. ifill died of complications of uterine cancer at the age of 61. >> she will be missed. all right, coming up, our first peek at beauty and the beast, first official trailer released for disney's live action remake of the animated classic. we'll check it out in the skinny. >> freeing a murder. new development in the case made famous on the netflix documentary, "making a murderer," and why the federal judge ordered release of a map serving a life sentence, but first, here's a look at today's forecast. "world news now" weather
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new developments this morning in the case made famous by netflix "making a >> brandon confessed to helping rape and kyl a woman a decade ago when he was a teenager, but now a federal judge ordered his release from prison pending appeal of his murder conviction. >> reporter: release on hold for a few days. he was just 16 years old when prosecutors say he helped his uncle sexual assault, murder, and mutilate the corpse of a freelance photographer back in
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correctional facility, but the netflix series "making a murderer" energized the appeal, making this emotional plea in a letter reread as parts of the documentary. >> i am innocent of the rape and murder. please help me if you can. >> reporter: this summer a federal judge in milwaukee said was confession was coerced and unconstitutional. >> be honest, you >> yeah. >> you went in the trailer? >> yeah. >> reporter: that same judge ordered the supervised release from prison, a decision the state attorney general immediately repealed. it's not clear how quickly he'll be released, but faces a new deadline today to provide details about where he will live. >> amazing what the documentary has been able to accomplish. got criticism for being one-sided, but the cases are
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that documentary. 19 million people, and not sure how they feel about this possible release, but definitely started a conversation that was not happening before. >> absolutely. >> especially watching the longer footage of the confession, easy to understand why questions are raised around his case. >> yes. when we come back, switching gears and talking about "dancing with the stars," one more week left, so who gets to >> what we didn't know before about gq's new man of the year, ryan reynolds. the skinny's next.
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it is a tuesday so we start the skinny with last night -- i think you're off the fake drumming? >> the cheer dance, yes. dancing with the stars. >> nobody looked at anything that looked like that. >> no. >> there were a lot of perfect scores, though, two sets of dance, james back with his original partner after she was sidelined by her scary knee injury. the tango scored them 29 out of 30. >> doing the most impressive hand stand at the end of the
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shocking. >> that you're going to demonstrate later, right? >> hopefully we have the video to show it. look at that. >> oh, wow. held it. >> he held it. >> ten. >> wow. he won the mannequin challenge right there. >> good point. >> they were great, fantastic. last night's emotional highlight came from hernandez after a perfect score after dancing through tears days after the death of her grandmother. ? oh, e and jana had a pepto pink costume dancing their way to a 28 out of 30. >> what do you think of the outfits? >> i really like the outfits, but they had two little mistakes in the routine, and that docked two points. >> started out rough and smoothed it out, but the judges mentioned she's come a long way, and she really has. >> oh, yeah.
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long does she have on the show? >> here she is in the semifinals. >> earning two perfect scores, but it was not enough to keep them from getting the boot. >> oh. >> i feel like i've done so much throughout the competition, and i feel like i'm not sad. i feel like, you know, it is a competition, only one person's going to win, and so, eventually, everyone's going home, and i'm just really grateful we made it this far. >> and to lead off the night, good. >> very, very impressive. four couples head into next week's two-night finale. >> can you tell who kendis is rooting for? do you have a favorite in the race? >> no. the exciting thing. >> oh? >> you know about "dancing with the stars" ending -- >> jazz hands. this will be big. >> you know what it means next mondays? >> bachelor? >> bachelor. >> oh, jack!
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>> you ready? his entire head went up, the radar went off. >> how excited he gets for bachelor in paradise. his eyes are still recovering. >> speaking of excited, i'm excited for "beauty and the beast", and today we have a look at the trailer. >> parent company disney released the first official trailer of the live action remake of the animated classic, so check it out. >> papa! >> you must leave here. this castle is alive! >> who's there? >> do you wish to take your father's place? >> come into the light. >> beauty and the beast hits theater next year on st. patrick's day. next, stunning admission by the newly crowned gq man of the year. >> opening up to the magazine saying he had what he called a little bit of a nervous
3:51 am
pool" being diagnosed with anxiety. >> but revealed a playful side with the mock interview by the resentful twin brother he left behind. >> so, gq man of the year, that's a big honor. i can't think of anything more worthy. >> yeah, well, it's -- >> hey, jake. >> what's he doing here? >> no. what are you doing he >> good question many of asking. what's ryan reynold's favorite? he loves "dead pool" with his last beating heart. >> van wilder, come on. >> who's that? >> remember how the simpsons predicted trump would be president? >> now they are admitting it subs to be right. in the opening credit, bart is seen writing "being right sucks"
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>> oh, no fun. the episode aired in 2000, and the writer said the prediction was not a prediction.
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? ? >> the magic man, david blaine, testing limits of his mind and body for years now, raising the bar to, at times, unbelievable he's been suspended in air, encased in ice, but now he's promising to top that tonight right here on abc. here's abc's juju chang. >> wow, you swallowed it? >> he did. >> reporter: you appear to swallow everyone's wedding rings, people are screaming, freaking out, and running out of the room. >> well, the idea for that actually gp with the classic
3:56 am
tell together, but i wanted to make it something that would get the reactions like you're talking about. >> reporter: freak people out. we saw it in realtime on "ellen." blaine transferring his sword swallowing skills taking a wire hanger to go after the ring. >> david, that was amazing. >> reporter: working on the new show-stopper for the latest special, pulling the trigger on himself on a rifle aimed face. >> laser on. >> they say you have a death wish. >> it's the opposite of death wish. there's so many legendary stories of bullet catches, i wanted to do a version of it, but a different version. >> reporter: you are mindful of what kids are thinking when they watch you, and you are shooting yourself in the face. >> yeah. i do not want kids to do it. there's a magic history, and i hire the best consultants and study what's been done, but like i said, there's a lot of work
3:57 am
want anybody to do anything similar, obviously. >> reporter: blaine wants to set a good example for his nearly 6-year-old daughter, dessa. you don't take undue risks because you were quoted saying -- >> right, exactly. i have a daughter. the last thing i want to do is not be there for her. >> reporter: for nightline, juju chang in new york. >> thanks for the great report. see the full prime time special tonight right here on abc. >> i know. but it's great, and, again, important to reiterate, it's illusion. do not try it at home. >> sort of like this magic trick. one becomes two. >> going to put it back together now? >> no, it's amazing enough you had one sheet of paper and it's now two. >> can someone make me
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making news in america this morning, air force one touching down overnight before his final trip overseas, president obama answering questions about the election. what he's saying about the president-elect and hinting at what hillary clinton could have done better. as trump's team takes shape there's controversy surround one of his picks, the top adviser anti-semitic but the position rudy giuliani is now seen as a favorite to get. we have the details. raging wildfires in several states. millions of dollars in damages and the smoke as seen from space. and a giant sinkhole creeps a little too close to this home. and good tuesday morning.


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