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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  November 17, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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announcer: now, abc 7 news at noon. on your side. jummy: right off the top, a frightening ordeal for a woman in frederick county. she was seriously hurt after being attacked by a bear. suffering a broken arm and needing 80 stitches. four hours, the bear remained loose. our suzanne kennedy picks up the
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last night as 9:30 in this driveway on iron gate lane in frederick. the woman who was a tax lives in this house. her son-in-law said he heard a dog barking mad he came upon a bear. rex it is not a bear that was laying in wait. we can tell she went down a dark driveway with a dog, off and she reacted to what she believed to be a threat. suzanne: authorities said they could hear the bear in the background while she was on the line. the victim was taken to a hagerstown hospital. her son-in-law says they are grateful she is ok. >> we are happy. grandma is ok. everyone is ok. it is a good thing. but it is tough because we are
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bears. they are dangerous and we understand. suzanne: the bear is believed to have three cubs in the area. abc 7 news. jummy: scary stuff. let's look outside for a look at the forecast. temperatures going on a roller coaster ride. we have a look at our forecast. doug: just like a roller coaster, it goes up and then it goes down. midday temperatures are perfect. clear skies and sunshine. out and about, it will be just fine around the area. the forecast today calls for 61 degrees for the high. tomorrow, look at this. 68 degrees. a nice end to the work week. a moment ago, as we mentioned, the first big winter storm with
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snow and blizzard warnings and winter weather advisory's is spreading out. what is interesting is that the storm system will head to canada. it won't affect us. but this is the mechanism that could push in here with rain showers. and then the cold air comes in. we have a change in seasons coming up in 12 minutes. maybe 13 minutes. i don't know. jummy: let's say 12 minutes. donald trump meetings today from trump tower. reports of internal conflict plagued the scene. they say everything is going smoothly. meanwhile, we hear from hillary clinton for the first time publicly since her concession speech. maggie has the latest. >> it has been a busy and emotional 24 hours in washington. we heard a heartfelt speech from hillary clinton and continue to track developments from donald
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busy day for team trump. mike pence stopped by the hill. >> we are excited about moving the agenda forward. >> hosting more meetings with contenders and personally greeting his first foreign leader. prime minister abbe. he tweets that his team is doing a fantastic job that sources tell abc seven news that it is full of disarray. reports have jerod kushner taking a formal role. the locality of the move has been questioned. kellyanne conway says jerod kushner will remain involved. >> incredibly important to our campaign effort and the election and trusted advisor. >> the other day headache is the choice of stephen bannon.
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right and white nationalists. >> a president of the united states should not have a racist at his side. unacceptable. >> as donald trump vets his future cabinet, hillary clinton returned to the public stage. hillary clinton: i will admit that coming here tonight wasn't the easiest inc. for me. >> thousands of supporters are still protesting the results of the election. hillary clinton: stay engaged on every level. america needs you. >> clinton's lead in the popular vote continues to grow. she is on track to receive the second-most votes in any presidential election behind only president obama. jummy: meanwhile, breaking news involving the director of the national intelligence. he submitted his resignation to president obama. he made this revelation during a
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he will stay on until the end of obama's term. and all this week we have seen students at schools across montgomery county stage walkouts in protest of donald trump's presidential victory. now, the county school superintendent has sent out a warning to stay in class or else. john: school officials are not ready to call this truancy yet that they are ordering students here in montgomery county to stop the protests and stay in classes or actions. this after three consecutive days of walkouts, protests, demonstrations in maryland and d.c.. yesterday, a montgomery county sophomore in rockville was attacked for being a trump supporter. he was knocked to the ground. punched and kicked. he suffered a head injury. police saying they have identified the juvenile assailant facing second-degree
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is enough. >> m child protective services supports everyone's rights to assemble and express themselves, this has generated valid concerns regarding the security of our students outside of our schools. when students are threatened or injured as part of a protest, it raises serious safety issues which require us to rethink the situation. john: hundreds if not thousands absences during the rallies. the superintendent also condemned the postelection vandalism at schools around the county saying they will not tolerate hate-based messages or behavior. in rockville, i am john gonzalez. jummy: a member of the secret service is recovering after being hit by a vehicle near the white house while on bike patrol. we are at the scene with the story.
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9:00 this morning. you can see the investigation is still going on behind me. what we understand is that a bicycle officer, secret service officer was struck here. the vehicle there was the striking vehicle. the officer was rushed to a nearby hospital. no definitive word on his condition at this point. earlier we were told serious but that is not clear at this point. the 17th street remains closed between cons way up to f street, inconveniencing a lot of commuters through the heart of d.c.. we will remain on the story and will be bringing you an update on the investigation and the condition of the secret service officer later in the day. jummy: today, a new call for action is being made to help solve the murder of a teenager in prince george's county. and has been nearly a month since the teenager was found
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at 1:00 this afternoon, her mother will be there to make a plea to the public for help. a $25,000 reward is being offered. and we are following new information about hotel robberies in prince william county. police hope this video will help them find this men. the robberies happened early in the morning hours on september 27. police believe the same suspects are responsible for both crimes. one happened in a triangle and the other one man displayed a gun. remember, seven is on your side helping your family fight back against crime. stay aware of the latest crimes near where you live and where you work. coming up, the latest on a worker who got trapped in a trench for hours. what we are learning today about his condition. plus, why uber is threatening to
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of people are fans of the dell but she wasn't liking something she saw in the audience during her concert this week. jamie: we do have a few minor issues. we start off with traffic on the beltway. on the inner loop, some volume. we do have activity on the left shoulder. with the activity, you see a sluggish ride. in the 20's as you head north from tysons and towards the american legion bridge. we have roadwork this day on the clara barton parkway in band. all lanes are completely blocked at the glen echo turnaround. the day virtue until 3:00 this afternoon so use macarthur boulevard as the alternate. the big picture look is not terrible. mostly in the green. d.c., a few rolling road projects on kenilworth avenue and the same thing on the third
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at noon. on your side. recovering from injuries that happened after being trapped in a trench. the man was discovered near greenbelt lake yesterday afternoon. county fire spokespeople say the 50-year-old victim suffered nonlife threatening injuries and was trapped chest deep in a 12 foot trench for at least five hours as workers came to his rescue. uber and the state of maryland are in a battle over background checks.
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fingerprinting for criminal background checks. uber wants to use its own background system. saying fingerprinting causes unnecessary hurdles. they are threatening to stop doing business altogether in maryland. hearings on this matter are set to begin today in front of the public service commission and a decision is expected by mid-december. and a health alert in maryland. teachers at a la plata high school may have been exposed to tuberculosis. this comes after one person is confirmed to have the disease. sam sweeney is there with the latest. sam: we have learned that at least 300 students and staff members here at la plata high school in charlestown to will be tested for tuberculosis. the school district and the health department are working to see if it even more people may have been exposed.
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say if it is a student or staff member infected. trials county health department says generally it is spread through sneezing and coughing and it must be prolonged exposure. you don't contract the disease by sharing utensils or simply being in the cafeteria together. anyone who may be at risk will receive a letter by mail and e-mail and will be tested on december 5. you don't receive a letter, you don't need to be tested. tuberculosis is easily curable with antibiotics. anyone with concerns for a student or family member, you are asked to contact the charles county health department. i am sam sweeney. back to you. jummy: lebron james is making a donation fit for a king. he is contributing it $2.5
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ali exhibit at the national museum of african american history and colts are. it chronicles the career of the boxer who transcended sports. among the items shown will be his training robe. it was there he shed his given name of caches clay and adopted the name of muhammad ali. and this man's mother must never have told him not to play with his food. take a look at this photo. literally diving into his mail. us the highest jump. he dunked his biscuit into a mug. the resident is now in the record books. doug: brilliant. brilliant. jummy: smashing. doug: that is pretty cool. we are still on a roll trip going up and down for the next
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fact that the first big winter storm is starting to roll out out west -- it won't impact as but sunday, you mail have to drive a few hours to see snowflakes. first, a time lapse from madison trust elementary school in ashburn. one of the newer sites on our network. a beautiful sunrise. fall color is left but the wind and dryness of the leaves, it won't be long before we have sticks tou but absolutely gorgeous as we speak. that will continue through thursday. midday temperatures in 50's and 60's. 50 seven in waldorf. 58 in springfield. aspen hill at 56 degrees. as we go through the afternoon, sunshine continues with temperatures climbing. high temperatures will arrive at 2:00.
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light wind around the area. temperatures will drop tonight but it won't be bitterly cold. temperatures hike tomorrow with the wind to the southwest. so unseasonably warm air on tomorrow and saturday. then we look ahead to the weekend. we are still on track to have partly sunny skies through a good portion of saturday. anytime after 2:00 or 3:00, a cold front associated with the storm out west will comelo sunday, cold air rushes in. partly cloudy with windy and high temperatures at 46 degrees. 800 feet up in the clouds or higher there could be snow flurries falling out of this to make their way to the ground. it won't be a big deal but it could officially be the first snowflakes for us. to see real snowflakes, you
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inch of snow in pittsburgh. in the mountains, 2.7 inches. more snow to the west. so will be the first taste of winter. we will get gusty wind and cooler temperatures so it lets get out your notepad and check out the next 10 days. 61 today. 68 tomorrow and gorgeous. pleasant saturday and till the front comes through in the afternoon. windy and cold is high temperatures of 46 degrees. chilly on monday. tuesday and wednesday, warm it up a little bit. the low average by a few degrees. we look at the shower threat on thanksgiving. wednesday is a big travel day going over the river and through the woods. or down 395. thanksgiving day, partly cloudy and 56 and cool through the end of next week.
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plan. things will change. but we do try our best to make your plans outside. jummy: thank you. amazon is offering x-ray vision. you can see what is inside a package without opening the box. ios users can scan the barcode using the amazon camera mobile app. everything inside is displayed on your screen but you can only see things if you orderhe it won't work on random packages on your neighbor's doorstep. don't do that. coming up, which car booster seat is the safest for children.
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consumer alert about children's booster seats. just released is the latest ratings and for the most part, parents should feel pretty good about what they are buying. 48 out of 53 earned the highest possible rating. only two seats were not recommended. when the institute began racing booster seats, only a quarter of the seats earned the hi a nationwide recall because of possible salmonella contamination. how to ask grated parmesan and imported italian romano cheese. no illnesses have been reported. they are in vacuum sealed glass jars. best buy dates are through november 12-november 12, 2018. the team is taking on new home
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jummy: apparently singer adele is not a big fan of baths. a batch started flying around and she started freaking out. eventually she was able to go on with the show. maybe it was just batman? doug: beautiful weather and even warmer tomorrow. we will talk about the weekend and beyond today at 4:00.
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>> welcome to whiz kids week. all this week, we're playing with some fantastic young students who are already thinking about college, and they would love to win a bundle of cash today to stick it in that college fund. don't move. it's all happening right now on "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic musical] ? ? hey, everybody. it's whiz kids week here on "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] and today's whiz kid-- dreaming of becoming a professional race car driver, but not before he gets his engineering degree. from cornelius, north carolina, please welcome 12-year-old tyler letarte. [cheers and applause] tyler, how you doing, bud? >> good, sweet. >> good to see you. come on over.


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