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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  November 18, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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county putting a stop to protests for the students. jonathan: the efforts we have seen the strongest to ensure the students are not leaving the school grounds in the middle of the day. alison: we saw a renewed effort since a protest got under of hand. a trump supporter knocked to the ground on wednesday. michelle: brad bell is in upper marlboro with the prince george's county protest counter. brad? brad: we were following the was a twitter feed to say they wanted to do a wide-spread walkout. the police sources were telling us something was planned but it didn't happen. they wanted to keep students at school. here it goes tense. the student shot video inside the high school shows the moments that students tried to walk out today but were denied by the school administrators. two students yelling actually
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allegedly shoving the principal. atros the county, students had been using twitter to organize a widespread walk-out. the school c.e.o. maxwell alerted parents saying it could lead to personal well-being and saying those walked out will be marked unexcused. not everyone this group of student knocked to the national harbor. police and the security keeping a watchful eye until they moved on. school officials confirm to us when a student was injured in a protest in rockville earlier in week they decided in prince george's they could not let young people leave campus.
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dismissal here at wise and it went smoothly. i did speak to a number of the students involved in the protest, including the organizers and one of the girl taken away by an officer and what they had in mind was peaceful protest. it got out of hand. she said she didn't appreciate being pulled away by the school security office but she was taken to the principal's office and everybody calmed down and they went on with the school day. in upper marlboro, brad b alison: at 4:00, a stabbing investigation in downtown silver spring. the suspect is a praguenant woman. the victim -- a pregnant woman. the victim, a man, is expected to survive. as soon as we have more information we'll pass it along. jonathan: we continue to follow what is a family tragedy. four dead in a murder-suicide. abc7 has been monitoring the situation in stafford county since the time yesterday. investigators say the man of
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tonight we have new information about his background. stephen tschida is in stafford with the new information. stephen: when he disappeared, his wife amy pleaded for lance buckley's safe return. >> we love you so much. no matter what, i just want you to come home. stephen: buckley vanished and he told his family he was pursuing a few days later. then yesterday he called the stafford county sheriff department to report three murders. and a suicide. the caller hung up the phone. the investigators arrived to find amy buckley, and their daughters claire buckley and 18-month-old abigail buckley and the body of lance buckley. >> my baby is nine months.
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they didn't do anything. stephen: they were living in his parent's home in stafford county. clearly warning signs here. questions about what buckley was doing at howard university. whether he was pursuing that ph.d. another striking aspect of the case, the investigators believe it was lance buckley who placed the 911 call yesterday reporting the murder-suicide. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 jonathan: thank you. breaking news to tell you about. this is in san jose, california, at the airport. that is not snow. that is foam. a lot of it. they shot a lot of foam. seriously there is a fire -- clearly there is a fire by the hangar. you can get a better idea what i'm talking about. those are the hangars that you can see. warehouse. on the other side is where the planes park. they shot foam, you can see
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the foam so high it is up to a stop sign at one point. we saw video. no fire there. that is not the threat now. threat is how to clean -- there is the stop sign. you can see how high the foam is to knock down whatever fire out there. a couple of tankers in the picture. there was a concern they put a foam down. there is no concern now. everything is out. we will monitor the situation to let you know what we find out. michelle: now to a "7 on your side" health alert. update to a breaking news story abc7 first wednesday. the charles department of health is expanding the scope of the testing after a positive test at the high school. this comes after learning the infected person would frequently go to the educational center after school. the health department planned on testing 300 people next month. jonathan: get ready to skate
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doesn't give you that vibe but it is that time of year. the gallery ice rink opened this morning. alison: this is popular and a beautiful spot. so not far behind is christmas and tree lighting. we have one tonight. our stormwatch7's chief meteorologist doug hill is out in tysons tonight. he will flip the switch when the sun goes down. doug: i was here last year for the same event. we teamed one i heart radio to bring in early christmas season. music. it was cold. this time around is not so much. there is an ice rink today they can't use today. they were ready but water on the top. this weekend it will change. it won't change too much tonight. take a look at the forecast. it will be nice and clear. around 70 tonight. for tonight the temperatures will drop. 42 to 50 degrees. comfortable. to give you an idea what the weekend is like. snapshot here. fine. partly sunny. breezy.
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the strong cold front will give us showers in the afternoon. the bottom will fall out on sunday. cold and in the 40's with the chinned chills in the 30's -- wind chills in the 30s. we have a cold front here. in the 5:00 hour, i will talk about that as well. right now we talk about people with cold weather. the upper midwest and are getting a prewinter blizzard. abc7's meteorologist brian van de graaff has the story. brian: winter is here. up to a foot in wyoming and colorado. much of it touching down at rush hour. the slick roads and the poor visibility leading to dangerous driving conditions. two people died on accidents i-70 in denver.
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this 15-car pileup caused by a mixture of snow and fleet. massive delays at denver international airport. >> delayed until 4:00. in wyoming, dozens of accidents on i-80. i'm stormwatch7 meteorologist brian van de graaff. jonathan: thank you for that. remember, you can always get the very latest on anything happening with our weather by downloading our weather app. it's on the website at it's a especially as we start to move in winter weather. michelle: a murder case abc7 followed for two years now. the man police say shot and killed 3-year-old knijah bibb in prince george's county two years ago has been found guilty of second-degree murder. 25-year-old davon wallace was convicted late last night. prosecutors say in 2014, wallace fired several shots at a home in landover after an argument.
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knijah. next, for wallace, sentencing and he faces up to 55 years in prison. alison: the florida ten dr. love will stay in jail for now. jeff goldberg has more on what is next for the 19-year-old. jeff: it was two months ago the man known as dr. love tried buying a $35,000 lexus at car dealership in stafford when some >> he is persuasive and a smooth talker. >> she called police on the 19-year-old malachi love morrison and he tried to use the name of his grand mother to cosign on the car loan. >> it's a lie. >> it's not a lie. >> love-robinson was arrested and charged with three identity fraud related crimes. he wasn't supposed to be in virginia as love-robinson was
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arrested arrested in west palm beech, florida. today in court the so-called "dr. love" and the defense attorney wavered preliminary hear something the case will move forward before anything happens in florida. >> like anyone else who is a thousand mile from home, they want to get back to if home turf as soon as they can. >> go to a gr january 3. so a trial may not happen for a few more months. he is held in jail without bond. in stafford county, virginia, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. jonathan: thanks. coming up next, an important announcement in the fight against zika. >> this is going well and a great transition. alison: the trump transition. lieutenant governor michaelflip part of the
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visit trump tower this weekend. michelle: a bank robber with a problem. the note to have you scratching your head. jonathan: you see the white stuff on the ground? that is not snow. we know the story. if you thought you were having a bad day. that is a foam malfunction inside the hangar. it started to shoot out and it didn't stop until it was four or five feet high. we'll get back out there after they finish out what caused
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he gets a lot of compliments. he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him.
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jonathan: three big names offered spots in the trump administration. there is some controversy. reporter: the day kicks off with a flurry of announcements from team trump. >> president-elect, a man of great number of men and women with qualityifications to come forward and serve the administration. i'm humbled to be a part of it. reporter: jeff sessions for attorney general. michaelflip for national security adviser and mike pompeo of kansas is director of the c.i.a. it comes throughouted with controversy. sessions, donald trump's first cabinet puck, could face a challenging confirmation in
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in 1986 he was dropped to be a judge over racially charged comments. some are criticizing the pick. flynn questioned by some for his relationship with russia, as well as comments from the book "field of fight" where he wrote, "i don't believe all cultures are morally equivalent." >> this is a guy unfiltered and in the mold of trump. shoot from the hip. >> another name tossed around is former rival mitt romney. they will meet in an attempt words in the past. >> we have a stiff like mitt romney. a total stiff. did he let us down? he is a loser. >> trump is a phony, a fraud. his promises are as worthless as a degree from trump university. reporter: trump university back in the headlines. the president elect appears ready to settle a lawsuit that alleged trump u. was a fraud from beginning to end. we are told that trump will not admit to wrongdoing and
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million. michelle: kanye west called out a previous president and now he is praising the next one. the wrapper told the crowd -- rapper told the crowd he didn't vote but if he did it would have been for donald trump. the comments greeted by boos. this isn't the first time he spoke about a president. in 2005 he said then president george w. bush didn't care about black people. alison: there is an update about the zika outbreak. world health organization is lifting the emergency declaration against the mosquito borne virus but it's still warning this is a significant and an enduring threat. zika has been a health threat for many months. jonathan: for months the tesla
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merge. they were making solar panels smaller to fit on roofs. but they are on the way build clean energy empire. he was the c.e.o. of tesla and will be the largest shareholder. the deal could close in a matter of days. daily fantasy sports players notice a big change. fan duel and draft kings reached operations. the two companies have been mired in legal disputes whether they are fantasy sports or gambling sites. michelle: there is a serial bank robber in the boston area and the f.b.i. is on the hunt for spelling bee bandit. there is a typo in every demand letter.
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robbery. but missing a b. spells it r-o-b-e-r-y. the reward to help find him is $1,000. jonathan: that is t-h-o-u-s-a-n-d. he is not a genius. he is robbing banks. it's friday. everybody wants to get home. jamie: the other option is people are going to start that thanksgiving week early. go ahead and head out there. watch for disabled vehicle if you are heading inbound on d.c. 295. outbound that is a solid red line that is typical backup. on the bridge 18 miles per hour. outbound we have a lot of volume. the h.o.v. is clear and moving well but the main lanes are
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there is very heavy traffic on the beltway. you can see the inner loop is a sluggish ride. the outbound route, heavy traffic approaching 301. back to you. jonathan: thank you. whether you like it or not the holiday sea weren't they decking out for christmas long before halloween? michelle: feels like it. like august. if the turning leaves and the cold nights are not a sign, you can't miss it if you hit to department stores. alison: they are gearing up. we have tree lightings. doug hill is live in tysons. it will look a lot like christmas. but it may not feel like it.
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this is the warmest and the nicest november 18 we have here. but it will change dramatically. steve is going to tell us the details of that. we are arm around 70. but we will drop in the 50's. low 50's and that is it. it's a pleasant and a mild night with the clear skies. coming up at 5:00, i have the storm watch 7 forecast. for the snowfall for the upcoming season. at the the tree here at the plaza at the tysons corner center. let's get the frosty details. big change coming. what are you looking at? steve: a big change on the way. if you are enjoying the saturday morning it's 40's but
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the highs make it to the middle to the upper 60's. with the added clouds we will see a good chance for a few showers followed by a cold front. a strong cold front at that. the future cast for the storm watch 7. whatever you have planned outdoors. this is the cold front. around 3:00 to 4:00 in the afternoon, it will rumble in from the west. ahead of it the winds out of northwest. that is going to usher in the colder air for tomorrow night. into the day on sunday. how cold? look at the future cast with the wind chill. feeling good. noontime is the knower to middle 60's. by 8:00, 9:00 tomorrow, it feels like the temperatures will fall from 30 to 35
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gusts could be 40 miles per hour for tomorrow night and into the day on sunday. it will be a cold game for the redskins. no snow across the metro. moving in the afternoon, we could look at the snow across maryland. two inches may fall with the higher amount to the west of us. further to the north. the ten-day outlook from storm good travel weather on tuesday. 50 degrees. a few showers in the day on wednesday but nothing to cause delays. mid-50's on thursday for thanksgiving. black friday is looking good for shoppers. around 50. alison: sounds good. thank you. buckingham palace getting upgrade. they will spend $458 million to refurbish the home of queen elizabeth. construction is expected to
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michelle: must be more than wiring. that price tag. jonathan: doing the living room and they are spending $10,000 on that. michelle: can you imagine? jonathan: no, i can't. all right. coming up for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- who is really suffering the witnesses of the v.w. emissions scandal? you won't believe how many jobs are being eliminated because of it. that is coming up. horace: i'm horace holmes. if you have a home improvement project or major deals to pay for, coming up we have the thing for you. folks from the consumers checkbook to elteach you how to be a smart shopper. they are here to answer your calls. we'll be here to talk at it more. jonathan: one more time. back out to the knuckle head file of the day. remember the folk in claire? this guy decided to drive through it.
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it has chemicals in it. you have a bath in your future. they have a whole hangar where something malfunction and the hang gar filled one four to five feet of phone.
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horace: live in the help center. 703-236-9220 is the number to call. we're with the folks from consumers checkbook. we teamed up with them for smart shoppers week. if you have a major project at home, these folks are here to help answer questions. you need an electrician or someone to do renovation in your house, take down a tree. even dog teeth cleaning. we helped a viewer with that earlier in the week. give them a call at 703-236-9220. they shop the services for you. they can help you get the best we will be here from now until 6:30 to answer your phone calls. 703-236-9220. call right now. michelle: never pay full price. that is my motto. up next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- the future of weather forecasting. we show you the satellite about to launch to help the stormwatch7 weather team when it comes to giving you vital
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in northwest washington where today thanksgiving came early for dozens of d.c. school students. coming up, a day of gratitude. junior cadets. alison: when i join you tonight at 5:00, -- >> you want to do was sell shoes. last thing on his mind is getting shot at. hear his story coming up on abc7 news. jonathan: now the "good morning washington" crew has a preview of what is coming up on monday. >> thanks, washington" is security i.d. day. the security chip on your credit card is supposed to protect you from hackers but the "7 on your side" investigators how safe from identity theft your card is. >> then the happy holiday hour. seven lucky winners will get $100 turkey bucks each. in time for thanksgiving. >> stay with us for traffic and weather every ten minutes at 4:24 a.m. on "good morning
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. michelle: abc7 is tracking one
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look at that. significant parts of the midwest and the great plains under the blizzard and the winter storm warnings. this is alexandria, minnesota that is. not alexandria, v.a. you feel the cold looking at the pictures. i'm so happy we are not going to see the snow. i know we will see cold temperatures but we have no shoveling or any of that headache. steve: when you see the video like that, you realize they are used to that. it the year and what they expect. it's just the beginning for them. i don't know if i'm ready for that. they have the big trucks. goodness. let's talk about what going on around here. mild evil considering the time of year but we have the thanksgiving day parade in siller spring. it will be chilly with the temperatures in the upper 40's to 50 degrees.
4:33 pm
don't be fooled. you move through the day. look for the clouds to increase. by late afternoon. here is the temperature trend. 67, 68 degrees for a high tomorrow. then the cold front moves on through. middle 40's on saturday. excuse me on sunday and monday. with the wind chill factors eight to ten degrees cooler than that. back in the 50's by tuesday and wednesday. if you have travel plans, tuesday is fine. wednesday we may scattered showers. thanksgiving day is perfect. friday, black friday, great for shopping. temperatures that will generally be around 50 degrees. keep that trend going the following weekend where it will be dry and quiet. so unsettled, i should say settled weather period across the midatlantic. good news for us but not further north and west you go. there is a big, big rocket launch that is coming up tomorrow morning in florida where the temperatures will be near 80.
4:34 pm
stormwatch7. josh knight has more. >> the most technical plane to fly in for weather. >> it will be overlooking us to give us the comes you information. >> it is loaded on top of the rocket taken to orbit. greg is the program director. >> it's a primary intent we have the imageer and like a washer and a dryer combination. >> this is a game changer for meteorologists and the forecast we deliver. especially for severe weather. >> it's like you are there with the video camera watching
4:35 pm
it's like going from black and white television to h.d. tv. >> it will take pictures of lightning 200 times per second. >> what will help us is where the storm is most intense. and if a tornado will form in the severe thunderstorm as well. >> with the great data, you will be able to put it out there and people will have more confidence in them and react better. josh knight. jonathan: something we are just getting in the newsroom. donald trump agreed to pay $25 million to settle three lawsuits over the university. the deal was just announced. we will have more information as we get it in the newsroom at 5:00. michelle: "7 on your side" helping you find the best deals. volunteers from consumer checkbook are here to answer your questions about
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reach the "7 on your side" help center right now through 6:30 tonight. more fallout for volkswagen from last year's emissions cheating scandal. the auto maker announced it will cut 30,000 jobs. the cuts will be in germany where the auto maker is based. the 501(c)(3) has paid tens of billions of dollars -- volkswagen paid tens of thousands in fines. jonathan: it's heart stopping when you get pulled over out on the road. what started as a routine traffic stop holiday surprise in texas. >> we stopped you this afternoon because you're not wearing your safety belt. jonathan: but instead, the police in fort worth are handing out turkeys for those pulled over for small traffic violations. one man was pulled over on the way to the hospital to pick up his wife. >> she had knee surgery.
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[laughter] jonathan: in all, officers gave away 25 turkeys. that is good will right there. michelle: he might be ordering take out. i'm just saying. jonathan: you would twon't she love to cook? gets home from the hospital and appreciates cooking. michelle: washington, thanksgiving came a weak early for dozens of students. >> these junior cadets sent home with a turkey dinner. >> they went to five elementary schools across the district. >> so excited. >> officers made a special delivery to the fifth graders in the d.c. junior cadet program. >> great opportunity to help the community to give back to the community. >> each child is going home with a 20-pound turkey.
4:38 pm
>> they visit with the junior cadets to create the positive impressions and encouraging careers in law enforcement. >> this is a foundation of community policing. young people building rapport with officers. >> many of the children are in challenged neighborhoods. >> a huge contribution to the family. >> joy and the happiness. >> while the kids might take for granted a bag full of groceries, gratitude for this meal is evident on smiling faces. in northwest washington, mike carter-conneen, abc7 news. michelle: still ahead at 4:00, marilyn monroe looks like a million bucks when she wore the dress wishing j.f.k. a happy birthday. you won't believe the winning bid at auction. and who is taking it home.
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don't mind the cold weather on the way. there is plenty to do. "good morning washington's" kidd o'shea has the weekend kickoff up next. michelle: next week on monday, a special "7 on your side" event. secure i.d. day. our "7 on your side" team has reports in every newscast to avoid being a victim of i.d. theft. we invite you to the data destruction event in falls church where you can bring your go to for details and join us on monday for great advice to keep the finances
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break out the jean jackets, overall and shorts ands maybe wear them at the same time. the double denim bar crawl tomorrow. raise money for a good cause. i'm kind of already ready. thunderstorm is the montgomery county thanksgiving parade. fenton street in downtown silver spring, south on georgia avenue to silver spring avenue. hosted by our own jewell and brian van de graaff. watch it live on newschannel8. many of you know the comedian heather mcdonald's.
4:43 pm
i can scoop where she dishes on the celebrity gossip. she has a show tomorrow night you won't want to miss. whatever you do this weekend i hope you do something to make you happy. i'm "good morning washington's" kidd o'shea. see you monday when you wake up. have a great weekend. michelle: coming up on abc7 -- >> the mayors in d.c. and paris, france, answer questions from elementary school students.
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horace: horace holmes. if you have a home improvement project, lay tiles or build a deck or an addition or you need veterinarian help or the dental help yourself. 703-236-9220. consumer checkbook do this for a living. they compare the best prices for the best services. they can help you out. they are here to answer your questions. 703-236-9220. we are in the help center from
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jonathan: we'll get somebody down there to prepare the microphone. michelle: for a discount. jonathan: things took a less serious note when the paris mayor, d.c. mayor muriel bowser put the cooking skills to the test and talked to the future with a group of middle school students. ryan hughes has what's on the menu. ryan: it's a meeting of the mayors. muriel bowser welcome paris mayor ann hidalgo to d.c. and tro near the capitol, she is cooking creping and teaching the technique to seven substitutes. >> i want a nice ribbon consistency. >> one-by-one the students take a try to turn the batter and mayor bowser appears to be a natural. >> i'm impressed, too. while coding the crepes in powder, they are also fielding
4:48 pm
else from the country and it was fun. >> the mayors talked about food, of course, but they also discussed the importance of the international travel with the students and climate change. >> the brightwood students have taken french in school and we want them to think about the different cities around the world they can visit to enhance their educational experience. >> mayor hidalgo is in d.c. to receive the diplomat of the year award. she has been elected the new leadership group. >> the most important issue of the century is climbed change. >> they are -- of the century is climate change. they are taking time for a selfie with the students. michelle: a dress sold for $5 million.
4:49 pm
the marilyn monroe was wearing singing to mr. president. it was so tight she had to be sewn into it. with the famous berth day -- birthday dress and a famous birthday. mickey mouse! the global acon synonymous with the brand that walt disney built. michelle: mickey mouse had the debut on this day in 1928 in the animated short steam boat willie. which was shown at colony theater in new york city. walt disney it was voice behind mickey's squeaks. the first time an animation and sound were synchronized. jonathan: i loved mickey mouse. michelle: me, too. who doesn't?
4:50 pm
think you are the coolest guy ever. michelle: sourceer mickey. let's talk about the weather. feels like florida today. steve: it's so nice. we were looking at the current temperatures in the weather center. i want to share them with everyone. we don't see this. we are past the middle of november with the temperatures in the lower 70's. some areas, leesburg now at 72. same at b.w.i. marshall. we hit 70 at the reagan national airport. ho nice weather. take your dog out for a walk. or going for a jog. the temperatures will fall in the 60's. any outdoor plans or dining or grabbing a drink, it looks fantastic. but don't get used to it. tomorrow, chance of showers. start off beautiful. the cold front moves through.
4:51 pm
direction. winds start to pick up on the northwest. gust upward of 40 miles per hour. the result is the temperatures that are only in the middle 40's for the sunday. wind chills in the middle 30's. even colder for the football game sunday night. the temperatures are in the upper 30's. during the halftime period. looking at 25 to 30 for wind chills. wind gust up to 25 to 30 miles r stormwatch7 ten-day outlook. to take us through thanksgiving. the showers develop on wednesday. it shouldn't cause a problem travel wise. lower 50's. thanksgiving day. 55 degrees. black friday on 50. the following weekend we have the temperatures from the lower to the middle 50's. but it's dry for those traveling back to the d.c. metro area. we talk about the travel on friday. a lot of people are getting out of town already. jamie sullivan? jamie: we are seeing volume.
4:52 pm
disabled vehicle. if you are heading inbound 295. with the left lane blocked. you can see the red line heading south building in. outbound northbound traffic slow as well. 395. in the 20's as you approach the 14th street bridge. you get lower than that. even outbound 395 is heavy. this is the outbound stretch. hov lane is moving well. up to speed. the big picture look slowing on the beltway. bottom stretch, the outer loop is heavy this is on the inner loop. you can see everyone is approaching. it's not blocking any of the lanes. move a little further north closer to the northwest corner. bumper to bumper on the inner loop. this is as you past by llewenville road. another slow spot is route 4, prince george's county. outbound to 301. a nice break after that. tracking slowing. not as many accidents.
4:53 pm
jonathan: thank you. for those of us on the road we know the annoyance of the red light cameras can ruin your day. are they lifesavers or ripoffs? more than 200 red light camera programs gone dark in the last few years. the communities are turning them off. movement doesn't make sense to this woman whose husband was killed by a red light runner two weeks before the daughter was born. >> for me it is prevention. it's when my husband was killed about trying to mind a way to move so other people didn't have to walk in my shoes. other little girls wouldn't have to be born without their dads. mom and dads weren't losing the kids to the intersection crashes. jonathan: tonight at 11:00, the "7 on your side" consumer investigator kimberly suiters weighs both sides of the toll on the red light running. michelle: next for us on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- meet our rising star who survived the massive
4:54 pm
>> there were buildings dropping. people panicking, screaming on the road. michelle: how this young man turned soccer into his salvation on a journey from the foothills of the himalayans to montgomery county.
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jonathan: this week, there was a deadly earthquake and scott abraham introduces to us a soccer star whose unexpected journey landed him at atkins mountain high school. >> he was never supposed to be a senior at watkins hill elementary school. >> there were buildings dropping. people panicking and screaming on the road. >> april 26, 2015, his hometown of kathmandu, nepal was devastated by a major earthquake. >> we were always wondering where the next move would be. >> the 18-year-old and his family moved to gaithersburg. >> out here we have six grids. >> that is when he joined the wolverines soccer team. >> it was evident he belonged here. >> soccer is part of the healing process. >> it moved my focus from what
4:58 pm
about. it helped me grow. >> you can tell it is difficult for him to talk about the earthquake experience. he saw death, destruction and devastation but it shaped who he is today. 18-month-old mature beyond his years. >> people can judge you. only you know what you have been through. it's changed me in many >> remaining focused on his future and remembering his past. i'm scott abraham with the rising star. announcer: "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. alison: he vanished without a trace a year and a half ago. now police that same stafford county man killed his wife and two small children before killing himself. stephen tschida has new
4:59 pm
investigation. stephen: the investigators now believe it was lance buckley who called 911 yesterday morning from this house to report a murder-suicide. a year and a half ago he went missing and at that time i talked to his mother and wife who head tearful appeal for his return. >> his family made desperate appeal for his return. >> come home, baby you are the love of my life. >> he told his family he was going to d.c. to pursue a ph.d. at howard university in microbiology. in may of 2015 he disappeared. his wife amy had just given birth to the couple's second daughter. his mother joined the call for buckley to come home. >> he has a lovely family, two beautiful daughters. >> he went missing and the
5:00 pm
a gun. he called 911 to report murder-suicide after killing his wife and little girls. the investigators arrived to find four bodies, including that of buckley. today the community expressed sadness, especially for the little girls 5 years and 17 months. >> they don't deserve it at live yet. horrible. stephen: buckley lived here with his parents. we just heard from howard university about 20 minutes


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